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Selected News from Postalblog

Bush Administration Seeking Changes To FMLA Regulations


USPS to Add Surcharge for Express Mail Delivery on Sundays and Holidays


Big Pay Increases Approved For Top Postal Service Officers


Letter: Expeditor dies after on the job fall in Denver parking lot


Postal Workforce Stats At A Glance


USPS Retail Cost Cutting (PDF)


Postal Watchdog Files Complaint Over USPS Elimination of Bound Printed Matter Rate -


Former Postal Public Affairs VP Jaffer Starts Own Consulting Business


Former Postmaster Wins Hostile Workplace Lawsuit - But No Money


USPS Wants To Automate Road Tests


Postal Service Updates Its Transformation Plan


EEOC: Postal Worker Has Claim For One-Time Incident of Discriminatory Harassment


Postal Worker Fails to Convince Appeals Court to Overturn APWU-USPS Settlement


Appeals Court: Evidence of Disability for Disability Retirement


NALC’S Young: Good Cop/Bad Cop - Right Here In The USPS


Rollout of PostalPEOPLE Initiative Completed


Mail Handler Fired After Threatening Behavior Towards Co-Workers


Court Upholds Postal Supervisor’s Demotion For Altering Time-Keeping Records


USPS Los Angeles District Gets Approval From OPM to Offer Early Outs


NALC’s Young Urges Support For Harkin Amendment to Labor-HHS Bill


APWU: Casual Issues Disputed At National Level (PDF)


Arbitrator Issues Award in Rural Carriers Contract Case

 click here to read the award (PDF)   | A Short Comparison of USPS Contracts With APWU, NPMHU, NALC and NRLCA  |


PRC Requests Help In Developing Report on Universal Postal Service And Postal Monopoly


Postal Service’s Oldest Employee Still Going Strong At 93


OIG Recommends USPS Increase Postal Employee's Benefit Costs


Canadian Lottery Scheme Using Fake USPS Checks


APWU Questions and Answers on USPS Shared Services


Court To USPS: Retire Not Fire Postal Veteran With PTSD


Bogus USPS Early Out / Buyout Letter Making The Rounds


PMG Potter and USPS Executives Focus On 2008


USPS Threatening To Discipline Employees Over Failure to Pay Local Tax ??


Postal Worker Gets 2 Years for Stealing Over $400,000 In Money Orders


USPS Seeking Info On Automatic Vending Machine Manufacturing


Veterans Preference and the U.S. Postal Service


Supreme Court to Hear Postal Worker’s Retaliation Case


USPS Reports $5.4 Billion Deficit for FY 2007


Appeals Court Overturns Postal Worker’s Conviction for Theft


Fired Postal Worker Featured in Push to Expand Reservist Job Rights


USPS Workforce Size and Employment Categories, 1986-2006


Appeals Court Overturns Postal Worker’s Conviction for Theft


Fired Postal Worker Featured in Push to Expand Reservist Job Rights


USPS Responds to APWU Inquiry Regarding Absences of 3 Days or Less


Letter Carriers Ratify New 5-Year Contract


USPS Offering Cash Prizes in Automated Postal Center Sweepstakes


Postal Inspectors Sue USPS for Overtime Pay


APWU Questions USPS Medical Documentation Requirement for Absences of 3 Days or Less  


Arbitrator Awards $50,000 for Postal Inspectors Misconduct


USPS, Postmasters Reach Agreement on Pay Package


Notice: USPS Revised Rule for Conduct on Postal Property


Mail Handlers Awarded $13.8 Million for Casuals Violation


Company Tests Popcorn Vending Machine at NJ Postal Facility


"Kelly Girl" Arbitration Award to Cost USPS Nearly $20 Million


USPS BOG Chairman Gets Blue-Collar Name Tag


Postal Supervisor Fired For Rewarding Employees Non-Worked OT Loses Appeal


Court Excludes AMS Specialist Position From APWU Bargaining Unit


Flat Sequencing System (FSS) Strategy


USPS: Boston District's New Mystery Shopper Board Game


USPS Performance Scores at Record Levels


USPS Seeks Private Companies For New Priority Mail Care Package Program


Former USPS Contractor Nabbed in NJ Postmasters Scheme


Postal Employees Cry Foul Over Alleged USPS Privacy Violations


Photo: Semi-Automated Postal Robotic Delivery Vehicle


USPS Deployment of Automated Postal Centers Put On Hold


USPS Seeks Vendors for Postal Package Processing System


Video: USPS Infomercial


Postal Supervisor’s Retaliation Lawsuit Dismissed


Video: NALC Branch #709: Reno Picket Against Contracting Out


New CSRS, FERS Retirement System Goes Online in 2008


NALC, NRLCA Presidents Debunk PMG Letter Justifying Contracting Out Mail Delivery


PMG: USPS Strongly Opposes the 'Mail Delivery and Protection Act'


Photo: Postal Window Clerk and A Very Strange Mail Package


OSHA partnership helps reduce ergonomic injuries at USPS


USPS Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Website Launched


Court Affirms Enforcement of Unfair Labor Charges Against USPS


Senator Collins Introduces Postal Resolution Reaffirming Protections of Sealed Mail


NAPUS: Is Mail Service at Risk?


USPS Awards Contract to Protect Employee Personnel Records


NALC Young: It’s time to stop the ‘run amok’ OIG


Postal Service Awards $874.6 Million Contract for Flat Sequencing System


Unofficial Transcript of NALC Rap Session


Recent EEOC Decisions Involving Postal Employees


Postal Employees Know Your Rights  


Postal Worker Fired After Second Violation of USPS Zero Tolerance Policy


Postal Employees Should Think Twice Before Appealing Case to MSPB

Kenneth Jones vs. US Postal Service, illustrates why postal employees should think twice before appealing their discipline to the Merit Systems Protection Board. 


New Book: Beware of Cat: And Other Encounters of a Letter Carrier

Postal Worker Fired After Second Violation of USPS Zero Tolerance Policy

Bush Plan Would Cut Tax-Free Employer-Provided Health Insurance

MSPB Overturns Postal Worker’s Removal for $45,000 Stamp Stock Shortage

Postage Rate Hike in 2008?

Postal Service: ‘Intelligent Mail’ Fully Operational By 2009

Video: Signed, Sealed and Delivered-  Labor Struggle in the Post Office

USPS: New Postal Law-The Financial Impact

Can Bush Open Mail Without Warrant?

 Former Postal Worker Charged in FEHB Scheme to Defraud USPS and NALC

Un-Merry Christmas
Postal Service Terminates Disabled Iraq War Veteran for Unacceptable Attendance

Letter to the Editor - Mismanagement at Royal Oak Carrier Unit

FedEx and DOT at Stalemate in Dispute Over Disclosure of Postal Contract Data -

USPS, APWU Reach $5.3 Million Agreement in Anthrax Travel Grievance

 Postal Worker Fired for Refusing to Work on DBCS Machine

Postal Nurse Charged With Defrauding USPS

Five-Year Postal Employees Stats At a Glance

Big Win For APWU in MS-47 Maintenance Case - "Custodial Jobs Protected"

Emery Agrees to Pay $10 Million for Submitting Fraudulent Billings to USPS -

USPS to Sell Segway Scooters to General Public

 Former Postmaster jailed for stealing over $50k

Postal Worker Sues USPS – Denied Permission to Work Off-the-Clock?

USPS OIG Paper: Postal Officers Travel Expense Guidelines

USPS Mail Processing Facility Faces $44,250 in Fines for Safety Violations

Man Pleads Guilty in Kickback Scheme to Pay Postal OWCP Specialist

APWU Initiates Dispute Over Changes to USPS Computer Security Rules

Postal Worker Injured in Iraq Wins Job Back Under USERRA

USPS to Conduct Search for Sex Offenders on Postal Payroll

Postal Supervisor Fired for Rewarding Employees With Non-Worked Overtime Pay

 Reader Raises Concern Over USPS Revised Emergency Salary Authorization Policy

 USPS OIG Audit Report: Pasadena P & DC Consolidation

MSPB Upholds Removal of Postal Worker Videotaped Abusing FMLA

USPS to remove stamp machines by 2010

Postal Service Plans for More Than $1 Billion in Cost Reductions  

 Carrier Fired for Gambling Signed Last Chance Agreement

Mystery Shopper Evaluations Should Not Be Used to Discipline Window Clerks -

 National Dispute Initiated Over USPS’ Improper Use of Casuals

Postal Service Lists 139 Facilities As Potential Candidates for Consolidation

Postal Worker Fired for Violating USPS Zero Tolerance Policy

Court Backs USPS in Stamp Trademark Lawsuit








February 29, 2008

Reforms deliver freedom to compete, transparency, postal officials say - A year after Congress passed a sweeping postal reform bill, lawmakers are seeing signs that their efforts are paying off. The reforms have led to a smoother process for changing postal rates, more transparency and discipline in the U.S. Postal Service’s finances, and more freedom in how USPS competes with commercial rivals. But several big challenges remain. The Postal Service has tried to encourage employees to promote products and services in keeping with the postal reform bill’s more profit-minded approach. But Linda Kingsley, the agency’s senior vice president for strategy and transition, said it’s difficult to change postal culture.   |


USPS Resolves Dispute With Unions Over Computer Security Rules

GAO: OWCP mismanaged millions of dollars | GAO Report

APWU: Anti-Subcontracting Measure Attracting Support

Dogs hold mail carrier hostage

Maine: Postal worker struck by car

Ridgefield Post Office: Why does it look like a pig sty?

Canada: Carriers Want Leap Year Pay

Summary of Yesterday's House Postal Oversight Hearing

February 28, 2008

APWU Requests Investigation Of Private Contractors’ Use of USPS Property - APWU President William Burrus has asked USPS Inspector General David Williams to conduct an audit of the postal practice of permitting subcontractors to park trucks and store equipment on USPS property free-of-charge. The practice raises USPS operating costs and defers potential revenue, Burrus charged in a Feb. 22 letter to the Inspector General (IG).  |

Postal Worker charged with tampering with witness

Police charged a postal worker Tuesday with tampering with a witness based on the accusation that he showed someone a gun and told him not to show up at a labor arbitration hearing, authorities say. Police say the man pulled up his shirt to show the gun to the witness . Kenneth Simmons said the man's life would be over if he went to the hearing, Deputy Chief Anjo Timmerman said. The arbitration hearing involved Simmons' former employment at the U.S. Postal Service.  |


Gunfire another risk for mail carriers

With Saginaw's letter carriers increasingly facing verbal abuse, gunfire and aggressive dogs, postal officials have had to suspend delivery on some of the mean streets temporarily. Tuesday's BB gun shooting of Postal Carrier Nina L. Swan, 41, of Saginaw during her West Side route was the most recent incident in a pattern of violence that in some cases has canceled delivery.  |


Sick Leave: The Math and the Morality?
Sick leave, for FERS employees, is more like the private sector: use it or lose it. Because of the use-it-or-lose it nature of sick leave under FERS, many chose to use it rather than lose it. Sick leave usage for FERS employees increases in their last year of retirement. So the question is, is this okay? Is sick leave only for when you are sick? Or do you "earn" it and, if so, what's wrong with using it even if you aren't running a fever or are a prisoner in your own bathroom.  |

Photo: Hot Rod LLV

Lodi's refund bid for delayed fliers rejected by post office

San Diego APWU 197 Meeting on YouTube

APWU: Women's Organizing Campaign 2008

Pitney Bowes spent $1.4M lobbying in '07

Winston-Salem carriers log five million miles

Postal carriers honored for safety, service

Postal Custodian hurt by snow blower

"...she was working alone at the time and something happened, maybe the machine got clogged and she stuck her hand up inside the chute and it got caught. Somebody pulled into the parking lot of the post office and found her."  |


Fed-up Wisconsin family apprehends mailbox-vandal suspects

After seeing their mailbox smashed four times in less than two weeks and a seventh time in less than a year, they see their actions as justice.  |

February 27, 2008

USPS Board of Governors to Meet March 4, 2008 in Washington, DC

Verizon designs IT network for Postal Service

Retired postal worker gives $2.2 million to college

USPS considers mailbox move

Postal facilities have underground tank violations

Postmaster's conviction reversed

USPS Goes Anti-Phish

February 26, 2008

USPS Selects Former Halliburton Executive As New CIO

Postmaster General Jack Potter announced two new officer selections today. Ross Philo was named Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) and George Wright was named Vice President, Information Technology Operations. Most recently, Philo served as Senior Vice President and CIO of Halliburton.  |

Proposed FMLA Rule Changes Would Be Major Defeat For Workers

by Dan Sullivan - Since the Postal Service's union-negotiated sick leave plan doesn't normally require medical documentation for sick leave absences of 3 days or less, it's illegal for postal bosses to follow the FMLA's more stringent certification requirements and require medical documentation from workers requesting paid FMLA leave for 3 days or less.In fact, postal bureaucrats routinely demand medical certification from workers requesting paid FMLA leave for absences of 3 days or less in violation of the law. But those violations can be challenged and corrected in the grievance procedure or in court. But not anymore if the Department of Labor has its way. |


Opinion: Return Post Office to Cabinet

OPM launches electronic retirement system

February 25, 2008

U.S. Postal Service Undercharged Countries for Mail

The U.S. Postal Service undercharged countries including China, India and Canada by millions of dollars because of errors in processing mail at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, auditors said. The Postal Service may recover $2.2 million of the $3.4 million that it said it is owed by the postal agencies of the other countries, a report by the service's inspector general said. The remainder stemmed from computer, billing and employee errors made in 2006, too long ago to be recovered under law. If auditors hadn't caught the errors, the facility would have undercharged foreign agencies $12.5 million over two years, the report said.  Read USPS OIG Audit  |


Postal Carrier Saves Family from Burning Home in Niagara Falls

72-year-old woman crashes car into post office

Federal News Radio: Sick Leave: Insurance or Entitlement?

Mail volume down Business slowing down at post office

Mailers respond to rate increase proposals

2-cent postal error costs woman $85 in late fees

Post office should lighten up on priority box rule

February 24, 2008

Video: Strange Behavior in Dorchester

(Massachusetts) A drunken postal worker was arrested Friday afternoon after she fell asleep in her postal van that was parked underneath a bridge in Dorchester. State police said the woman was under the influence of alcohol and they arrested her on DUI, resisting charges. Police were notified of the woman when a passerby called 911 to report an unconscious woman inside a postal van underneath a bridge. |


Mail carrier wins 'prime' recognition

Ralph Rhodes is 72 and fighting prostate cancer, but has no plans to retire from his 30-year career as a city letter carrier, during which he made friends, found a wife and saved lives. That service, coupled with Rhodes' "giving a day's work for a day's pay" ethic, recently earned him the honor of being named the state's "Prime Time Award" winner. |


Keeping an eye out for community is part of the job

February 23, 2008

Potter Names Three VPs, One Acting VP
Two major functional areas - Delivery and Retail - offer significant opportunities in enhanced customer access, revenue/profit growth and cost management," said Potter. Because these require stronger focus than ever, Potter has appointed Vice Presidents to lead these units. Kathy Ainsworth, former VP of Delivery and Retail, will lead Retail Operations. Jordan Small, who most recently served as South Florida District Manager, will lead Delivery. Both will report to Senior Vice President of Operations Bill Galligan. |

Postal worker is robbed by two masked gunmen

Postage break paltry, service families complain

Canada: Posties strike over forced overtime

OPM launches system to speed annuity checks

Post Office Reopens In Storm-Ravaged Community

He Has This Job Licked, Says Postal Chairman

February 22, 2008

Postal Worker’s Removal For Hugging Customer Reduced to Suspension

The Postal Service removed the City Letter Carrier for unacceptable conduct. In its notice of proposed removal, the Postal Service stated that it had received a letter claiming the letter carrier had hugged and kissed a customer on his route. MSPB ruled that the customer " lacked credibility" and "removal of an employee with 45 years of unblemished federal service exceeds the bounds of reasonableness. The removal was reduced to a 60-day suspension. |


Mailman caught destroying trees along his Vancouver route

Update: A mailman who confessed to destroying trees along his Vancouver route claims he was trying to protect his truck. The mailman told KGW off camera that he had repeatedly asked the city to trim back branches so they didn't knock into his mail truck. He said that when the city didn't respond, he took matters into his own hands |


City mourns sudden loss of favorite letter carrier
Alabama: Sheriff’s department recovers stolen mail
Ice freezes out mail
Former South Carolina postal clerk indicted
Iowa: Snow and ice stop the mail in Iowa

Probe: Clinton mailing wasn't intentionally delayed

February 21, 2008

 NALC: Second COLA Under Contract Is $458

APWU and NPMHU represented employees will get $479 - The increase is effective for the pay period beginning March 15 and will be reflected in paychecks on April 4. |


 Postage Rate Increase Continues Disturbing Trends

The postage rate increase recently announced by the USPS continues the practice of giving excessive discounts to large mailers at the expense of consumers, APWU President William Burrus told union members in a recent update. |


 APWU: Some Custodial Employees To Receive Arbitration Payment This Week - The APWU has been notified by the Postal Service that approximately half of the eligible custodial employees will receive their share of a recent $48 million dollar settlement this payday, on Feb. 22, 2008. Each eligible employee will receive $2,700. |


USPS to honor black employees at event

Postal Service Help for Prattville Tornado Victims
USPS Grants ecoEnvelopes First Ever Approval for Reusable Envelopes

February 20, 2008

USPS Seeks Vendors For National Video Surveillance System

"This Request for Proposal outlines the functional and performance requirements for TCP/IP-based video surveillance systems to be installed in a number of United States Postal Service facilities nation-wide. These systems will be managed by the Joint Criminal Investigative System Program Group (CISP) comprised of representatives of the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and the Office of Inspector General, United States Postal Service (OIG)." |


APWU Initiates National Dispute Over USPS' New Electronic Form For Reporting Accidents - APWU has initiated a dispute over "the Postal Service's improper creation, handling and utilization of a new electronic PS Form 1769 for reporting accidents.  The new electronic form, which is completed by postal supervisors, includes confidential and restricted information such as the employee's social security number and medical diagnosis.  The APWU's position is that the recording of an employee's social security number and diagnosis are not necessary for the purpose of reporting an accident, and are therefore improper and should be removed.   |

Postal Workers' Shield Against Reprisal for Bias Claims Pondered

Congress decided more than 30 years ago to make it clear that the nation's age discrimination law protects federal employees. So does it make sense that Congress at the same time chose not to shield workers from retaliation for making discrimination allegations? Yesterday's case involving the U.S. Postal Service was the first of two such cases the court will hear this week. Archive: Supreme Court to Hear Postal Worker’s Retaliation Case Myrna Gómez-Pérez, a window distribution clerk from Puerto Rico, filed a lawsuit in District Court claiming that the U.S. Postal Service retaliated against her because she filed an EEO complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of age. |


Postal Service Tries HBO Tie-In
"Some experts question whether the arrangement makes financial sense for the Postal Service, which relies on revenue from operations rather than taxpayer funding. HBO, which is not paying the Postal Service a marketing fee, appears to be receiving valuable advertising through a public agency without offering much in return, they said." |

Postal Union Officer Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

Letter carriers picket with steelworkers

Washington signs the Postal Act: Feb. 20, 1792

Ice, sleet, snow... postal workers work through it all

Postal facility's move from St. Paul to Eagan stalls again over plan for traffic light

Washington postal worker accused in online child-sex sting

Postmaster General Sends Advice to Prevent ID Theft


February 19, 2008

APWU: Proposed FMLA Regulations Threaten Medical Privacy, Other Protections -  Shortly after agreeing to expand leave for military families, the Bush administration proposed new regulations that would weaken employees’ medical privacy protections and make it more difficult for workers to use leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). DOL Issues Proposed Revisions to FMLA Regulations

The Department of Labor has published a proposal to revise regulations covering several areas of the Family and Medical Leave Act, including notice requirements, medical certification, and the definition for “continuing treatment” of a serious health condition. The department published the proposal in the February 11 edition of the Federal Register. DOL is seeking public comment on the proposal. Comments must be received on or before April 11, 2008.  Overview: Much Anticipated Proposed Revisions to FMLA Regulations Released |


Letter: USPS Has Chosen A Losing Strategy

Regarding “IT crucial to USPS’ updated business strategy”: There are three areas of this article that need to be addressed. The first is the fact that the U.S. Postal Service includes managers and executives in its operating costs. Only when it suits them are these two groups even mentioned in the same breath with other postal workers. To include them in this area is not only to be deceptive and dishonest, it is unethical. Second: Wouldn't USPS want to work out the multitude of kinks in the Delivery Point Sequencing system before implementing the Flats Sequencing System? Third: If bar codes are so unique, if they are so necessary, why can't USPS track each piece of mail? Letter: New HR system won’t solve USPS workforce woes |


Colorado Springs Mail-processing center evacuated

Phony postman a scam, police say

Australia pushes envelope for pudgy postal workers

Not all stamp collectors thrilled with changes

February 18, 2008

A stack of issues for postal board chief

Q&A with new USPS BOG chairman Alan Kessler. Kessler is also Democratic Party fund-raiser and financial co-chairman of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign. According to Former BOG chariman S David Fineman, "The biggest challenge for this board is the constant decline of first-class mail, which is the largest profit center for the Postal Service. So you have to find ways to dramatically cut costs in a very political atmosphere. The board has to have the political will to force management to close large facilities, like we did in Philadelphia at 30th Street. Otherwise, rates will continue to escalate, and the competition will take more and more business.  |


Problem Postmaster Back in Queens

"Far Rockaway's postal problems have returned - and so has the controversial employee blamed for them. George Buonocore, the Far Rockaway postmaster described as "incompetent" by Congressman Gregory Meeks, is working at the Far Rockaway Post Office after returning from "developmental detail."  |


Postal Service Sees Simplicity in 31 Digits

February 17, 2008

Pacific Area Automation Impacts (PDF)

A list of automation impacts to carriers (FSS), mail handlers and clerks. See FSS Impacts to Carriers |


Shared Service Issues (PDF) - The following are notes of USPS's responses to APWU's questions on Shared Services.


PRC Study To Provide Framework For Next Round Of Postal Reform ? - In the next few weeks, the mailing community will be asked by the Postal Regulatory Commission to begin providing comments for its study of Universal Service and the Monopoly. The Postal Regulatory Commission’s study will look at a number of issues that are critical for business mailers that have never been examined in any economic or policy study to date. This study is critical for the mailing community as it will provide the framework for the next round of postal reform that will likely begin in the 111th Congress in 2009. |


 Neither wind nor...mail sometimes

Getting the mail is a problem in some parts of Hyde Park these days, where complaints about inconsistencies in delivery run long. Some residents on Hyde Park's mail delivery route 2 say the letter carrier comes, but not every day. Others say they get mail every day, but not at the same time. And some say they get mail daily, but not delivered by the same carrier. Residents say letter carriers tell them the route is too long and that some are working it on overtime. No one wants to bid on this route|


Letter Carrier Still Carrying The Mail After 50 years

Harold Finley is still carrying the mail after 50 years, something the Butler man is proud of. On Thursday , Finley, 70, was honored for his half a century of service to the Mansfield Post Office, his wife Karen by his side. |


Make Forever Your Stamp

February 16, 2008

Mystery Shopper Program Guidelines for 2008 (PDF)

PR Reader: "The APWU just received these updated Mystery Shopper Program Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2008. Being pleasant to the customer is worth only 2 points!" |


Video: Mailman To the Rescue

Postal rates still best deal in town

GAO Chief Resigns

More Layoffs, Likely Sale for Lillian Vernon

Mailboxes An Issue for Residents

EAGAN: Post office move on hold

eNAPUS Legislative and Political Bulletin (PDF)

OIG Audit: Kansas City, KS PD & C Consolidation (PDF)

February 15, 2008

Great Deed by Postal Worker

An Irondequoit Letter Carrier speaks out about how he helped to limit the amount of cars involved in the 36 car pile-up on Sunday. Chris Playford, a Rochester School for the Deaf graduate prevented many more vehicles from getting caught up in the wreck.  |


One of the Youngest Postmasters in the Nation

Nonprofit Postage Rates Jump As Much As 7.6 Percent

8,000 pieces of mail found scattered along the streets of Louisville

Calif.: Gubernator Appoints Retired Postmaster to Commission

Investigation continues in postal theft

"Foxy" gives up route

February 14, 2008

Police investigate after mail carrier fatally struck by car
(OHIO) The U.S. Postal Service says one of its letter carriers was struck by a car as he delivered mail on his route Thursday afternoon in Parma Heights. Dave Van Allen with the U.S. Postal Service says the letter carrier was flown to the hospital by medical helicopter. Sgt. Bernie Walls with the Parma Heights Police Department says the mail carrier died at the hospital. The victim has been identified by police as 42-year-old David Donafee. |

Postal Worker Faces Prison for Falsifying Time on Jury Duty

"Neither wind nor rain nor even ice storms kept Joseph S. Winstead from doing his job as a mail processor for the U.S. Postal Service in Washington. But pretending that he was serving on a jury sure did. Winstead spent 144 days goofing off from his work at the Brentwood mail processing plant -- by telling his boss that the rigors of jury service prevented him from sorting the mail. Over the course of Winstead's hoax, from fall 2003 to fall 2004, court papers show, the Southeast Washington resident collected $31,000 in pay from the U.S. government that he didn't earn. And he might have gotten away with it, court papers show -- if he hadn't decided to repeat the scam"  |


USPS Selects Nine Contractors for Terminal Handling Services throughout US - This is a notice of the United States Postal Service's award for Terminal Handling Services (THS) at 66 sites throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. "The THS provides integrated material handling services in support of the USPS air and ground networks."  United Parcel Service is one of the contractors selected. |


APWU: USPS Notifies Union of Payroll Glitch

Pay increases associated with the Feb. 16 upgrades will be reflected in March 7 paychecks, but the USPS has informed the APWU that the new level adjustments have not been implemented because the Postal Service has failed to complete the necessary computer programming.  |


APWU: USPS Rescinds Policy For Automatic Disqualification of Diabetics Drivers

No stamps in stamp machine frustrate Huntsvillians

Postal employee implicated in cocaine ring remains on the job

Postal patrons address the lack of mail delivery

Man indicted in post office theft

With one-cent rate hike coming, Forever stamps popular
Is the Post Office the Future's Recycling Center

February 13, 2008

APWU: Mailers' Advice - Thanks, But No Thanks

Responding to a mailing industry newsletter that criticizes the union and proposes radical measures to reduce USPS costs, APWU President William Burrus wrote, “I consider it a bit presumptuous for major mailers to suggest that they know better than APWU members what our union should and should not do to protect our jobs and improve service to the American public.” |


USPS pays $66 million in Wisconsin for 2007 overtime  |

Postcard penned in 1929 arrives in Boston mailbox from Seattle
Thief Goes Postal on New York Woman

Utah residents create creative mailboxes to help carriers deliver the mail

February 12, 2008

USPS 2007 Annual Report

"Notably, the new negotiated contracts increase employee contributions to their health benefit programs, moving the Postal Service closer to the rest of the federal government in this area. We also achieved work rule breakthroughs that provide management with added flexibility necessary in today’s competitive environment. At the same time, the contracts provide our employees with fair pay and benefits for their commitment to continue to meet the challenges of improving service, safety, and productivity in the coming years." |


Catalogers React to Rate Hike News
Other catalogers, such as Michael Muoio, CEO of Virginia Beach, VA-based Lillian Vernon, are more pessimistic about the fate of the catalog business. Lillian Vernon is still reeling from last year's exorbitant rate hike, which increased its postage bill 20 percent and in part forced the mailer to lay off about 25 percent of its staff in December. "For those not going out of business, it will be relief," Muoio says about the lower rate hike, "but for many, I assume, it may be too late. USPS Boosts Mag Mailing Rate by 2.7 Percent   |

Post office’s not-so-special delivery

"It’s no secret that the Truckee post office has been experiencing its share of struggles lately Undelivered mail, lost packages, important mail being returned to sender, the wrong mail, lack of customer service, lack of parking: Those are just a few of the problems users of the downtown Truckee post office have complained about for at least two years — and undoubtedly longer. Leaving postal patrons wondering whether their much-needed check is really in the mail or just sitting in a dark corner of a cramped old post office — or a state-of-the-art building for that matter — is not the way to do business."|


Package that went everywhere finally delivered

Postal Carriers Deliver Freezing Rain or Shine

Waxman wants ZIP change information

Stage, not ponies, ran mail here
Broomes Island Post Office Will Remain Open after Years of Uncertainty
Mail delivery issues continue for Rancho Sahuarita


February 11, 2008

Stamps Increasing by One Cent to 42¢ on May 12

Prices for other mailing services, such as Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services (including single-piece Parcel Post), and Special Services will also change.  Consistent with a new law*, prices for mailing services will be adjusted annually each May. The Postal Service plans to provide 90 days’ notice before the price changes each year. |


Businesses Pay For Weekends Off
"It will cost just under $400 a year," said Mary Kassel, CEO of the Members Own Federal Credit Union, of a recent change that requires business owners to purchase mailboxes or larger post office boxes to hold mail received on Saturdays. The Victorville office of the United States Postal Service began phasing out a long-standing policy of holding mail for businesses that are not open on Saturdays earlier this month. The change came due to population growth and size constraints of the facility, according to earlier statements by Postmaster Kristy Kremer.  |  


Slain California Postal Supervisor Worked To Build A Better Life
Jean Franklin was focused on the good changes happening in her life, including preparations to build her “dream house” in Seaside and training for a supervisor position at the U.S. Post Office at Capitola.
On Friday, police said they found Franklin’s body with multiple stab wounds inside her apartment bedroom. note: I was informed yesterday that she is the former well-liked supervisor from my office (Bay-Valley District). |  


Enhanced 911 address changes interrupt rural mail delivery

Harassing mailings get postal attention
What Workers Should Consider When Voting for Their Next Boss

February 10, 2008

Northern Utah Residents use Coolers, Buckets to Get Mail

Mailman moves on

February 9, 2008

NPMHU Files a National Level Grievance on Weighing the Mail (PDF)

The Mail Handlers filed a grievance challenging the "Postal Service's failure to notify the Union on a timely basis concerning management's decision to eliminate the weighing of mail on the workroom floor." The Mail Handlers claim that this decision "will reduce the work currently performed by Mail Handlers who weigh mail." |  

Neighbors Complain About Postal Problems In Northeast El Paso

Neighbors in northeast El Paso in the 4800 and 4900 blocks of Winthrop Street said they are having problems with their mail. "I get the mail all the time for 4853 and I live at 4953,"said Anne Williams referring to her address. They say their letters come late. "We get our mail what 6:00 at night," said Williams. Neighbors said this is nothing new.  |  


Postal Service refuses to deliver mail because of canine threat
You've (not) got mail

NALC raising money for MDA
Letter: Response to postal service letter had misinformation
Hey, Mr. Postman, Have You Got a Letter for HBO?

Postal Service seeks to detain TelAmerica's incoming mail

February 8, 2008

Panel Hears Pros And Cons Of Junk Mail
In the bill, Vermont would have a state registry that listed people who signed up because they didn't want to receive junk mail. Businesses that wanted to send advertising mailings would pay a fee to access the registry. The fee would be reduced or waived for small businesses and nonprofit groups. Penalties would be assessed for mailing to people on the list. |  

Arkansas Letter Carrier Killed By Tornado

The 36-year-old letter carrier and mother of four was one of three Van Buren County residents killed in a monster storm that ground a path across the Southeast, claiming more than 50 lives in several states.  |  

Late disability checks cause headache for Vallejo Post office

Bluffton PO fails to deliver club's mail, $32,000 in donations

New Post Office for Hurricane, Utah

Subprime Woes Cause Credit Card Mail Decline

February 7, 2008

USPS: Employee Entitlement to Servicemember FMLA

Tornadoes Damage Tennessee, Arkansas Post Offices | Storm Destroys PO

Sick Leave: Use, Abuse, or Lose

Postal Service Offers First-Time Military Discount for New, Large Flat-Rate Box

APWU: Upgrades Reflected in March 7 Paycheck

APWU Members Can Access, Update Personal Information Online

Man Tries to Rob Baltimore Mail Carrier With A Stick
Postal officials to post big appearance at disability access meeting
Dakotas Top Nation in Mail Service

Postal Workers Push Through Snow
USPS Tracker 0.4

February 6, 2008

USPS Delivers Big To One Postal Worker - $67,595 in Overtime

"That is how much one person raked in for overtime while working for the U.S. Postal Service in Wisconsin. The worker put in nearly 2,000 hours on top of his or her regular schedule. That is just a sneak peak at what some postal employees are being paid in this state in addition to their annual salary. A quick glance at the overtime data provided by the postal service shows that is is not uncommon for people to make $25,000, $30,000, $45,000 and yes, even $67,000 in extra pay." |  


APWU: Union Presidents, USPS Officials Discuss Postal Service's Future 

The Postal Service will broadcast a video in every postal facility beginning the week of Feb. 11, featuring a discussion with the presidents of the four craft unions. . Discussion focused on the future of the Postal Service, the role of employees, and the importance of providing high-quality service. The video will be shown first in plants, and later in other postal facilities. |  

USPS Seeks Vendor For Media Monitoring Services

USPS is looking for a vendor to " provide media monitoring services for television, radio, print and the Internet for all news that is defined by the USPS as relevant to the agency. The supplier will provide the necessary resources to capture and display video clips, daily and weekly newspaper clips and full length broadcast programs that reference and/or highlight the USPS. Ability to monitor the online versions of newspapers and broadcast companies is essential." |  


Postal Worker punched in face while delivering mail

 A 40-year-old mail carrier was punched in the face Monday afternoon while she delivered mail , police said. The woman suffered bleeding and swelling to her face. The impact of the punch also caused her to fall, injuring her left knee and the left side of her body, police reported.|  


Contract Employee Admits Stealing Mail

February 5, 2008

First-Class and Standard Mail Down in Q1 2008

So, what happens if first- class and standard volumes continue to decline? Two things will happen: Other classes will be required to pay more of the overhead costs now paid by first and standard, but remember the price cap, the application of which will not permit this to happen to any great extent; and the Postal Service will have to figure out how to downsize or otherwise cut costs. This will prove difficult, since Congress seems to jump in whenever the Postal Service tries to do anything about its network or its labor costs." |  


APWU: Upgrades and New Pay Schedule Effective Feb. 16, 2008

Couple pleads guilty to running up $45,000 on Postal gas card

Letter Carrier Saves Charlotte Woman

eNAPUS: “Miller-Time” Comes to an End
January a tough month for TSP returns

February 4, 2008

Postal Service readies for Sarbanes-Oxley Act
The 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act includes a mandate that the U.S. Postal Service comply with Securities and Exchange Commission rules that implement the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) by fiscal 2010. The act requires corporations to report on the effectiveness of their internal controls, with the goal being to ensure the accuracy of financial reporting. The Postal Service is the first federal agency mandated to comply with the act and thus faces unique challenges. With those challenges come exciting opportunities. |  

New retirement claims system not ready for rollout, GAO says

The Government Accountability Office strongly critiqued the Office of Personnel Management's preparations for the Retirement Systems Modernization program, set to go online this month, in a report released Thursday, saying the agency had failed to set and meet consistent baselines for performance and was relying on faulty budget estimates. The program would replace the current paper-based method of processing claims in the Civil Service Retirement System and Federal Employees Retirement System. note: The Postal Service is scheduled to go online in May 2008 |  


 Postal Contractor To Be Re-Sentenced For Stealing, Selling Undeliverable BMG CDS/DVDS - BMG arranged with USPS to gather and discard undeliverable discs, as it was less costly for BMG to produce replacement discs than to pay for the return and restocking of undeliverable discs. James Chalupnik, a janitorial supervisor at the downtown post office in Fargo, North Dakota, took several thousand undeliverable CDs and DVDs from the post office trash and sold them to used record stores.  see case US v. Chalupnik |  

Judge Rejects Federal Workers' Pension Suit

A lawsuit by federal workers in Hawai'i and Alaska seeking to increase their pension benefits has been dismissed by a visiting federal judge, who ruled that the issue should be resolved by Congress. COLA payments, while free from federal income taxes, are not taken into account when calculating the workers' pensions. The 40,000 federal employees here and in Alaska receive cost-of-living allowances that represent up to 25 percent of their base pay. About 16,630 federal workers and 2,900 U.S. Postal Service employees get the allowances in Hawai'i. |  


Postal Employee charged with theft denied unemployment benefits
Junk mail bill finds little support from legislators
New top level domain in the works for post offices

MTAC concerns include drop in mail volume

February 3, 2008

Postal agencies look to technology to replace business disappearing to technology  Marty Sellers once needed about a hundred postage stamps every three months. These days, he can stretch that supply to last a year. Sellers, 40, now pays most of his bills online and receives financial statements electronically. Because many people around the world are like Sellers, the U.S. Postal Service and its counterparts in other countries are tapping technology to cut costs and expand into electronic services - including services designed to attract more junk mail. |  

Connecticut Post Office may lose APC

An open letter to the downtown Truckee post office

February 2, 2008

Postmaster Transferred From City Where Carriers Caught Drinking On Job

 "We shared our video with Milwaukee postmaster Bob Cavinder who promised a quick and thorough investigation. "We need to look at what's happening out there with our employees and make sure theyre staying on their route," he told us. Now we've learned that postmaster Cavinder's route has taken him right out of Milwaukee. He has been transferred to St. Louis. And it's unclear how the transfer will impact the investigation into the men we discovered drinking, driving, and delivering the mail." |  

DHL's future prompts APWU calls to Ohio Governor

Friendly Mail Carrier Not Just Another Rockford Homicide Victim

Mail carrier remembered by patrons

Mail found at carrier's home

Postal Bulletin 1/31/08 Issue

Retired letter carrier was fan of military

February 1, 2008

Postal Worker Gets Prison for Threatening to Shoot Supervisor

On September 27, 2007, Jessica Delaine was working as a U.S. Postal employee at the Meridian Main Post Office when she got into a verbal argument with her supervisor. Eventually, the supervisor requested that Delaine clock off work and leave the premises. Approximately 45 minutes later, she entered the Meridian Main Post Office, revealed a pistol to her co-workers, and told them she was going to wait by an office building and shoot her supervisor when he left work. After talking to her, Delaine’s co-workers convinced her to leave the premises. |  


Scam newspaper ads promise high paying postal jobs
Postal Carrier Accused Of Stealing Prescriptions From Mail
Canada: Website promotes red dots to stop junk mail

Stamped Out

APWU: Anti-Subcontracting Bill Picking Up ‘Co-Sponsors’

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