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Postal News - November 2005

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November 30, 2005 - Postal Registry Clerk is Pennsylvania's Outstanding Older Worker - After almost 50 years of employment with the U.S. Postal Service in Pittsburgh, 77 year-old Delbert Pavlick has been recognized for a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Through the Prime Time Awards program organized by Experience Works, the nation's largest provider of training and employment services for senior citizens in the workforce, Pavlick has been named 2005's Outstanding Older Worker in Pennsylvania. Experience Works launched a search for senior employees in each state who set a "compelling example" of what an older worker should be. He served as the weekend supervisor until that position was eliminated, and while he has been offered other supervisory positions, he prefers to remain in the registry room.  |


November 30, 2005  - Technology Helps USPS Market Holiday Services -The holiday advertising budget is about the same as last year’s, Deputy Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said, though labor costs will be considerably smaller as technological innovations have cut down on the need for manpower. This year fewer than 10,000 temporary workers will be needed to handle the great increase in mail volume, according to Donahoe. That is down from 20,000 temporaries last year, 30,000 the year before that and 40,000 three years ago, he said. The biggest labor saver is the introduction of machines that can read 93 percent of addresses automatically and spray a bar code on them, greatly reducing the need for human intervention. |

- Postal Service Prepares for Busiest Mailing and Delivery Days


November 30, 2005 - Speed, efficiency gain national stamp of approval - "The best post office in the top-performing postal district in the country is in Highlands Ranch, also one of the nation's fastest-growing mail stops. The building is big, like an airport terminal. In the back, where customers rarely go, is focused chaos. Carts whirl across the painted concrete floor, machines churn like they're chopping hay, carriers crack jokes as they collect their deliveries. There's no goofing off when you have 280,000 pieces of mail to deliver to 36,582 homes and businesses each day." Until a few years ago, the Colorado-Wyoming district was among the slowest, Postal Service spokesman Al DeSarro said. The turnaround started when the district brought in new managers who made customer service a priority |


November 30, 2005 - Kingsport postmaster says plenty of Christmas stamps available - Contrary to popular belief, there will be Christmas stamps available for purchase this Christmas. Earlier this month, the main branch of the Kingsport Post Office had several holiday stamps available for purchase, including a Hanukkah stamp, a Kwanzaa stamp, an Eid Greetings stamp, a holiday cookies stamp and a Madonna and Child stamp. However, rumors have been circulating in the community and on the Internet that the post office had sold out of the Madonna and Child stamp and that they were unable to order any more. Postal officials said they had been receiving inquiries about the stamps from the public. Mark Saunders, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, said there should be an adequate supply of the Madonna and Child stamp nationwide, that some 200 million stamps were printed when the stamp was issued in October 2004.


November 30, 2005

APWU: Compensation for Disabled Vets to Increase Effective Dec. 1

Superheroes, Americana Grace 2006 Stamps
Storm Stops Mail in South Dakota

Federal workers facing deadline on health plans
Postal Service Taking Part in EPA Program
Post office wants a piece of LEGO thief
Mexicans Concerned About Postal Voting
Cargo handlers guilty of theft
Customized postage stamps let you be stuck on you
Harte-Hanks Announces Integration of LACSLink With Data Solution
Holiday rush awaits for postal, shipping employees
Morgan Stanley: DHL's Problems Help FedEx, UPS


November 29, 2005 - Postal Workers Plan Picket Over Working Conditions

(Phoenix AZ)  Postal workers of the National Association of Letter Carriers plan on staging an informational picket Wednesday. Union officials say because of staff shortages, postal workers often must work extremely long hours.  In fact, postal carriers say their workload is so big, they are sometimes unable get to certain routes until hours as late as midnight.  |


November 29, 2005 - New Jersey Mailman Beaten Unconscious On Route

A mailman was beaten unconscious yesterday  in an unprovoked attack because a resident didn’t like the way he delivered the mail, police said. Police say a resident of the Trenton side of Lalor, allegedly beat the mailman after he opened the door of the alleged assailant’s home to drop mail through the slot on the door and left. "The resident didn’t like the way the mailman shut his storm door," |

South Jersey Mailman Recovering After Severe Beating (video)

Postal Carrier Describes Brutal Attack


November 29, 2005 - Ask President Burrus
Question: I live in an area with a very high cost-of-living. I find it difficult, sometimes almost impossible, to live on my salary. While postal employees in the Midwest and the South may be able to live on this salary, here in the Northeast, we can barely support our families. Answer: In the 1970s, the delegates to APWU conventions engaged in extensive discussions about “area pay” and voted consistently and overwhelmingly to continue the unified pay schedule. This does not preclude future discussions on this subject, but the final decision should be that of the membership, as decided at convention
. |


November 29, 2005 - Postal Reform: A Voice of Reason From a Business Perspective
(Burrus Update) "APWU now has a credible ally in Pitney Bowes, a giant in the postal community. After a series of comprehensive studies, Pitney Bowes Vice President Luis A. Jimenez has presented "Allied Forces," [PDF] an article that thoroughly examines the effect of new technology on existing mediums, i.e. the Internet's impact on mail." |


November 29, 2005

Feds charge Wyoming postmaster with fraud

USPS Performance Evaluation System Crashes

Mobile Post Office Parks in Mall

Smiling postal worker to retire
Speeders making mail routes dangerous

19 Million Packages Sent Via Carrier Pickup, USPS Says

Postal Service extends hours at 280 offices
Pepper spray forces evacuation of South Carolina post office

Postman charged with stealing cash, gift card from mail

Arcadia post office collecting toys

Mail starting to go through in Dakotas and Minnesota

Stamp increase isn’t unreasonable

Mail carriers get defensive
Post Office center moving to from New Orleans to Port Allen

Feds charge Wyoming postmaster with fraud
Get on With It! (Postal Reform)
DMers Plan to Invest in 2006, Direct Survey Shows

Giuliani Firm Anthrax Work Ends in a Feud


November 28, 2005 - OIG: USPS Eyeing 3,000 More Facilities for APCs Deployments

"After placement of the APCs (Automated Postal Centers) in FY 2004, the 65 district facilities revenue increased from $41 to $141 million, and the approximate wait time in line decreased from six to three minutes. In March 2005, during our audit, Postal Service officials identified 3,000 potential new Postal Service facilities, nationwide that could receive APCs during future deployments, at an estimated cost of approximately $30 million. We plan to review the Postal Service's future deployment plans and strategy for these APCs in a separate audit."  |


November 28, 2005 - Daniels' Death Brings USPS Board Vacancies to 4 -With the passing of LeGree Daniels on Nov. 19, the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors now has four vacancies. That number rises to five on Dec. 9 when board member Robert F. Rider's term expires. Under postal law, six board members out of 11 constitute the quorum needed to do business. The issue is causing concern for the USPS, and officials alerted the White House. However, because the rate case was approved earlier this month, there's less urgency, said Bob McLean, executive director of the Mailers Council.  |


November 28, 2005 - OIG Audit :  USPS Officers Travel and Representation Expenses for Fiscal Year 2005 [pdf] - "Postal Service officers shape the strategic direction of the Postal Service by setting goals, targets and indicators within the framework established by the Postal Service's Board of Governors. Their positions are classified as Postal Career Executive Executive Service II (PCES) and they include the Postmaster General and all vice presidents. The Board of Governors has authorized 50 Postal Service officer positions. Postal Service officers are reimbursed for actual expenses incurred on official travel. They are also reimbursed for representation expenses incurred with customer, industry, or employee groups with whom the Postal Service conducts officials business."   |


November 28, 2005

USPS backs off mailbox policy

International Mailers Group Reorganizes Into Nonprofit

Catalogers Struggle to Make Mail Plans

Mailers Ask: What's the Hurry?

Pilot's union to picket UPS stores

Caps on, off! Belgian post office to time workers


November 27, 2005 - Editorial: The Stamp of Inclusion -"Many of the millions of holiday cards that will send letter carriers slumping to their chiropractors will carry this year's Christmas stamp, a glowing Madonna and child. On talk radio, furious-voiced callers fume about any reference to a holiday season instead of a Christmas season, and in courtrooms lawyers argue about the constitutional condition of creches and candles. But in December's real headquarters, the post offices where Americans stagger under the packages and cards of connection, a seasonal bouquet of multicolored, multicultural seasonal stamps blooms serenely." |

- Check out 2006 stamps list (which includes Madonna and Child)


November 27, 2005 - Question: Postal Clerk Concerned About Safety

"I am concerned about the safety of leaving one clerk to work the window at any time during the day by themselves.  I work in an office with high traffic revenue.  However, this office is open until 7pm at night.  Because of the staffing there is generally only one clerk on the window between the hours of 6 to 7 pm.  Is there a general Postal regulation that states this is not safe for the Post Office Personnel?"   |


November 27, 2005 - Ohio post office, 2 trucks vandalized with Hate graffiti - Vandals targeted the Point Place Post Office, using orange spray paint to write derogatory remarks against the police and blacks. They also spray painted swastikas all over the walls in the back. Police say the vandals also spray painted several post office vehicles and smashed windows on the postal trucks.   |


November 27, 2005

Post office expecting up to 12,000 wish lists from needy families

Activists aim to block shipping of baby birds

Marshall Islands wait nearly five months for mail from US

No need for express line at the post office

Point Place post office, 2 trucks vandalized with Nazi graffiti
Flag stolen from Montpelier post office

Thanks to USPS, mom can't see son's graduation

Tires slashed at post office in Virginia

Postal worker hits tree
Postal service carriers prepare for busy holiday
USPS Drops Farmington From Fix-It List
Post office scare

Post office works overtime to get holiday packages where they belong

Post offices around the world gear up for Santa mail


November 25, 2005 - Opinion: Mailing It In - Imagine a business where the more you use them, the more irritated you become with them. Now imagine that despite their poor performance, they probably will never improve or go out of business. Where does such a place exist? In the hinterlands of post-Soviet Russia? In a backwater of proto-capitalist China? In Fidel's Cuba? Try a post office in New York.  |


November 25, 2005

Photo: Postal Workers Open Home to Katrina Evacuees

Dental Benefits Plan Doesn't Pay Postal Worker

Post office contract OK'd

Lawmaker helps White Rock with post office dilemma

White Rock to lose access to postal services

Bulk mail weighs on people's minds

Postal Bulletin 11/24/05 Issue
Postal Workers Help Fight Cancer
Looking for Postal Generosity

A million miles, a million thanks

No mail, no satisfaction in Norwich


November 23, 2005 - USPS Financial & Operating Statements -October, FY 2006 (pdf)

Year-to-date (YTD), Total Revenue is $198 million or 3.2% under plan. Permit Revenue accounts contribute to the majority of the Total Revenue underrun to plan, $167 million, with First-Class Permit Imprint being the largest contributor. YTD Total Revenue is $110 million less than last year. Year-to-date, Total Mail Volume is 3.5% or 682 million pieces below SPLY. The most significant mail volume decrease below SPLY for FY 2006 YTD is in the lower revenue-per-piece Standard Mail category which decreased 458 million pieces or 4.5%. YTD, First-Class Mail volume is 3.5% less than SPLY, generating $118 million or 3.9% less revenue than SPLY. Total workhours for October, 2005 YTD are 0.4 million hours or 0.3% below SPLY. To date, Mail Processing and City Delivery Services workhours combined have been
reduced 0.8 million hours below SPLY. 


November 23, 2005 - Officials Question Bolger Center -Restaurant Owner Cary Prokos has contacted county leaders and federal legislators to complain about the William F. Bolger Center, a United States Postal Service training facility that has opened its food and lodging services to the general public. Because the Bolger Center sits on federal land, its operations aren't subject to state and county regulations. That was OK when it was carrying out its stated purpose as a training and conference center for postal employees, Prokos said. But when the center expanded its operations to draw in business from the general public — it hosts wedding and bar mitzvah receptions, Sunday tea service and other special events open to the public — Prokos said it became an unfair competitor to Montgomery County restaurant owners. |


November 23, 2005 - APWU: Postal Operations Identified for Consolidation or Study- APWU has received notification from the USPS that some operations at the facilities listed below would be consolidated, or that the facilities would be the subject of AMP (Area Mail Processing) studies. : Canton (OH) into Akron (OH) - Zanesville (OH) into Columbus (OH) -Jackson (TN) into Memphis (TN) - Beaumont (TX) P&DF to Houston P&DC Binghamton (NY) P&DF into Syracuse (NY) P&DC - Watertown (NY) Post Office into Syracuse (NY) P&DC - Utica (NY) P&DF into Syracuse (NY) P&DC - Plattsburgh (NY) Post Office into Albany (NY) P&DC - Burlington (VT) P&DF into White River Jct. (VT) P&DC -Springfield (MA) P&DC into Hartford (CT) P&DC - Cape Cod (MA) P&DF into Brockton (MA) P&DC - Portsmouth (NH) P&DF into Manchester (NH) P&DC - Dallas P&DC to North Texas P&DC -Las Cruces (NM) PO to El Paso (TX) P&DC - Kansas City (KS) P&DC to Kansas City (MO) P&DC - Sioux City (IA) P&DF to Sioux Falls (SD) P&DC |

- Mail handling change sparks union protest

- USPS : Some Las Cruces mail already re-routed to El Paso

- Union to Fight Mail Processing Plant Closures

- Owensboro, KY  Post Office could lose 29 postal jobs


November 23, 2005 - Lawmakers Seek Clarification of Transfer of Olympia Mail Operations - U.S. Reps. Brian Baird and Adam Smith have sent letters to PMG John Potter outlining six areas of the Postal Service's plans that they feel need clarification. Baird and Smith shared their disappointment with the Postal Service's lack of clarity about the future of the Olympia postmark, mail service effects, worker effects, union concerns and if the history of the Olympia postmark was taken into consideration  |

- Olympia Local APWU President Questions USPS Move

- USPS Notice to APWU of Decision to Consolidate Mail Processing Operations


November 23, 2005

Pentagon says mail facility had toxin false alarm

Postal service, Greyhound pull out of plan

Loyola post office plans its comeback

U.S. lobby urges fair playing field over Japan Post privatization
USPS joining search for missing boy, cousin

Man arrested for trying to cash fake postal money orders
International Rate Increase take effect January 8
USPS: Do Not Fear 'Black Friday'


November 22, 2005  - USPS seeks suppliers to provide 100% outsourced relocation services to employees   -"The U.S. Postal Service transfers an average of 1200 individuals annually with average annual expenditures of $53M (average over the last 3 fiscal years), and can be in the form of individual, group, or other types of moves, depending upon the needs of the Postal Service." |


November 22, 2005 

Automated postal center lacks a human touch

USPS Performs Site Work on New Parcel Sorting Hub in Michigan
Senator joins push for new post office in New Mexico
Post Office Expects 10,000 Letters to Santa
The Ground War at FedEx


November 21, 2005-  APWU: USPS Granted Rehearing on FMLA Ruling -A U.S. Appeals Court has granted a Postal Service petition for a rehearing in a landmark court decision that invalidated return-to-work requirements for employees with absences of more than 21 days. The appeals court action vacates the July 19, 2005, ruling that had been hailed as a major victory in the fight to preserve workers’ rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). |


November 21, 2005-  USPS Governor LeGree Daniels dies at 85 -LeGree S. Daniels, a Governor of the Postal Service since 1990, died Saturday at age 85. She was appointed by President George H.W. Bush and reappointed by President Bill Clinton in 1999 |



November 21, 2005- APWU: Consolidation of USPS Network Begins
The long-expected USPS network consolidation has begun in bits and pieces, with individual offices now being notified of changes to their mail processing operations. Over the past several weeks the union has received notification from the USPS of the planned consolidation of “some operations” at
10 offices one week, followed by a dozen more the following week. It is now clear that USPS management plans to alter the national network through a series of piecemeal changes. In a strongly-worded letter to the USPS on Nov. 18, Burrus expressed the union’s concern regarding management’s failure to provide the union with complete information about its consolidation plans, and demanded that all affected employees be made whole for any reassignments made in violation of the parties’ agreements.

- APWU: Consolidation Begins in Bits and Pieces


November 21, 2005 - Mailers Already Eye Bigger '07 Rate Hike -"So what will the next rate case be like? Board chairman James C. Miller has said to anticipate a mid-single-digit increase in 2007." Bob McLean, executive director of the Mailers Council, for example, said "all of the postal union and management association contracts expire in 2006, "so we don't know what kind of a labor increase might result ... and how that would further influence rates in 2007 and beyond." One thing is certain, he said: "You will not see an across-the-board increase. You will see variable increases, if not a full [reclassification]." -|


 November 21, 2005 - USPS Submits Application for Hours- of -Service Exemption from DOT for Contract Drivers -FMCSA announces that it has received an application for exemption from the hours-of-service (HOS) requirements from the United States Postal Service (USPS) on behalf of motor carriers that transport mail under contract for USPS. USPS requests that some of its contract motor carriers be allowed to operate under the HOS rules in effect prior to January 4, 2004. USPS believes the exemption would achieve a level of safety equivalent to, or greater than, the level of safety obtained under the current 14-hour rule (which prohibits operators of property-carrying vehicles from driving after the 14th hour of coming on duty) . USPS requests the exemption apply to an unspecified number of motor carriers operating under approximately 5,100 separate contracts..|

- Postal Workers are exempt from the hours-of-service (HOS) regulations [pdf]


November 21, 2005

US judge sends anthrax suit back to state court
Delegate Responds to DC Postal Workers' Complaints
USPS opposes senate reform amendment
Don't let the thieves get their mitts on your mail
USPS International Shipping Labels Available on eBay

Woman Crashes Into Post Office
UPS Raising Ground, Air Rates in 2006


November 20, 2005

Consumer Specialist Puts FedEx, UPS, USPS To Test

Mail and more: Postmaster delivers news and camaraderie, too
Lack of mailboxes frustrates Lathrop residents
Going postal: Processing center delivers mail to millions
Postal Service promises to take graffiti off box


 November 18, 2005 -Police Shoot Gunman Suspected of Firing at Missouri Postal Worker -Police shot a gunman Friday afternoon after he allegedly fired shots at a  Postal worker -|


November 18, 2005 -Widow Of Brentwood Anthrax Victim Suing Hospital -The widow of a Clinton, Md. postal worker who died after being exposed to anthrax in 2001 is suing the hospital that treated him, claiming it ignored signs that he suffered from the effects of the deadly spores until it was too late. Joseph Curseen died Oct. 22, 2001, one of two workers from the former Brentwood postal facility who were killed when they inhaled anthrax released from mail. The hospital faults the Postal Service for not responding quickly enough to the anthrax threat, saying it waited too long to offer antibiotics to Brentwood workers that could have protected them against anthrax  |


 November 18, 2005 - Postal worker asks judge to discard evidence in urine case-Thomas Shaheen who is accused of tainting his co-workers' coffee with urine was in court Thursday attempting to have evidence thrown out. Shaheen's attorney, argued that the video recording and interview were obtained illegally. In the case of the video,  the co-worker who had the camera installed didn't have post office permission and wasn't authorized to be in the building. The co-worker who videotaped Shaheen was suspended for seven days, according to testimony. No charges have been filed against him.- -|


 November 18, 2005- USPS to share story of ergonomics success at National Conference on Dec. 2. - "US Postal Service is among the largest employers (700,000) in the world. The USPS has a long tradition of service and a continuing commitment to the health and safety of its employees, but the USPS does have injuries and illnesses. In 2004 Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) accounted for 37.6% of all these injuries and illnesses. Prompted by OSHA's planned ergonomic standard, the USPS embarked on a pilot to develop an ergonomics process, and test the feasibility of implementing such a process in the Postal Service." -|

Changing the - Culture of the Postal Service : An Ergonomics Success Story


November 18, 2005

e-NAPUS Legislative Newsletter: USPS Sends Reform Letters to Capitol Hill

Soldiers salute their postal heroes

Sacramento mail carrier indicted for stealing debit cards

Postal Workers: Fast action by Postmaster saved Brooklyn post office

For mail carriers, holidays weigh heavy

Postal officials warn Minnesotans about secret shopper scam
Death ends taxes, but not junk mail
Nonprofits worried about postage increase

Misplaced Radioactive Material Sparks Concerns

Postal Watch : Inability to Control Costs Causes Postal Service to Raise Rates

Postal Service declines comment about arrest of postmaster
The U.S. Postal Service declined to take a position Thursday on the Tuesday arrest of the Lufkin postmaster and his wife in Oklahoma for allegedly embezzling $85,000 from an elderly relative. Postmaster is on "personal leave'..


November 17, 2005 - APWU: Consolidation Begins in Bits and Pieces -The long-expected USPS network consolidation has begun in bits and pieces, with individual offices now being notified of changes to their mail processing operations. Over the past several weeks the union has received notification from the USPS of the planned consolidation of “some operations” at 10 offices one week, followed by a dozen more the following week. It is now clear that USPS management plans to alter the national network through a series of piecemeal changes. It is expected that in the coming months the Postal Service will inform the union of additional offices identified for change. |


November 17, 2005  - OU Postal Training Contract at NCED May End - -  - The 35-year relationship between OU and training operations of the U.S. Postal Service could end some time in the next week. The U.S. Postal Service awarded a 10-year contract to OCCE in 1995 to provide administrative and instructional staff to the National Center for Employee Development (NCED). “There are some major, major contractors that are competing for this, along with the university,” according to Richard Little, associate vice president for the University Outreach organization at OU’s College of Continuing Education. The contractors include Lockheed Martin, IBM and Express Personnel Services. NCED is the sole technical training facility for the U.S. Postal Service. -|


 November 17, 2005

Editorial: Postal Rates -Is there a better bargain anywhere?
Former PMG (1986-1988) Robert Tisch dies at 79

As Time Winds Down, Postal Service Bill's Provision Wins Support

Lufkin postmaster and wife arrested

Mailman denies indecency charges
UPS, FedEx fight Katrina backlog, Postal official sees fewer problems
Canada Post investigation turns up 75,000 letters in  carrier's apartment


November 16, 2005 - Saginaw postal workers worry about safety --Postal carriers on the east side of Saginaw (MI) say they are worried about the violence in certain neighborhoods. If the climate doesn't change soon, there could be changes in the way people get their mail. Postal trucks are being vandalized and more and more gunshots are being heard as postal carriers are having to worry about more dangers than just dogs.


 November 16, 2005   - eFunds and USPS Enter Facilities Management and Debit Gateway Processing Agreement - eFunds Corporation, a leading provider of risk management, electronic payments and global outsourcing solutions, announced today that it will provide payment processing switching services, debit gateway processing and back office solutions to the United States Postal Service (USPS). This new solution, which follows a previous software agreement signed in 2004, will be delivered through facilities management and debit gateway processing agreements that provide a flexible hybrid of in-house software and outsourced payment services. With the new agreement in place, the eFunds solution will drive transaction processing at more than 34,000 USPS locations and 65,000 point-of-sale (POS) devices nationwide once fully implemented. Other payments channels including the USPS' eCommerce business and its 2,500 Automated Postal Center (APC) self-serve kiosks will also be supported under this agreement.


November 16, 2005

APWU Katrina Forum: What's going on in New Orleans?

Canada Post fires shift-selling carriers
Post office named for fallen carrier
New postmaster says it's all about serving
USPS via PostCom: Amendment Subverts Postal Reform Bill (PDF)

Saginaw postal workers worry about safety

Ex-Sub Pop Employee eBays Postal Service Gold Record

USPS Awards Nilfisk-AdvanceAmerica New Vacuum Contract

Bush Social Security Plan Laid to Rest


November 15, 2005 - Post Office Employees Robbed at Gunpoint

Employees of a Brooklyn post office were tied up by a pair of armed robbers this morning who got away with two bags bulging with cash. Police say the robbers burst into the James E. Davis United States Post Office sometime after 5:00 a.m. and announced the robbery. The employees were tied up and held at gunpoint while the two bandits filled mail bags with cash.   |

- Post office hit in 60G robbery | - Photos

- Video: Three Gunmen Pull Brooklyn Post Office Heist


November 15, 2005

Postal employee gets jail term, probation for stealing union dues  -|

Letter carrier foils burglary attempt

Mail Truck Collides With Car

Violence worries postal carriers ||  Mail Carriers Under Siege?  -|

When a Postal Transfer Leads to Extra Cash

USPS probe into fake money orders in American Samoa

Dogs in pound, allegedly attacked postal worker

USPS re-ups Lockheed Martin for address recognition work

Postal employee gets jail term, probation for stealing union dues
Bean, Collins back plan for postal rates
USPS lists top-performing offices in the country


November 14, 2005 - USPS Board Accepts PRC Decision; Rate Hike Effective Jan. 8 - The U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors voted today to accept the Postal Rate Commission's recommendations to increase most postal rates and fees 5.4 percent.  |

Mailer Groups Object to Jan. 8 Rate Hike Implementation

L. L. Bean, Collins back plan for postal rates


November 14, 2005 - Postal official sentenced for stealing dues from APWU- It's three years probation, full restitution and 180 hours of community service for the assistant to the Bullhead City postmaster. Authorities say 34-year-old April Henderson stole 68-hundred dollars in dues from the Bullhead City chapter of the American Postal Workers Union. A 45 day jail sentence was also imposed, though Henderson is eligible for work release or house arrest. Henderson pled guilty to theft.


November 14, 2005 - Federal Trade Commission Stops Bogus Post Office Job Offers- Three corporations and their officers have been barred from making false promises to consumers concerning employment with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) under the terms of a temporary restraining order issued by a U.S. district court judge at the request of the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC alleged the defendants promised consumers help in registering for and obtaining postal employment in the consumer’s area, and guaranteed them job placement if they obtained a score of 90 or above on the USPS employment examination. In reality, the defendants are not connected with the USPS, and postal jobs are not available through them


November 14, 2005 Walking Delivers On-the-job exercise keeps carriers fit- Buddy Scaccio hoofs it uphill for several blocks, dashing up and down porch stairs along the way to deliver mail. His legs are getting so muscular from his daily walking that Scaccio said he's having trouble finding pants to fit over his thicker calves [ PR: one carrier described enlarged calves similar to legs of cartoon character "Alley Oop" ]. Carriers Bob Gunia and Buddy Scaccio are walking all over the stereotype of the traditional postal worker, portrayed in such characters as beer-drinking Cliff Clavin in "Cheers" and lazy, overweight Newman in "Seinfeld." Every workday, they exceed the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommended amount of exercise.  |


November 14, 2005 - Postal Service working to stamp out mail woes in New Orleans -Almost no part of daily life in New Orleans is anything close to normal more than two months after Katrina's onslaught. Postal officials acknowledge that the mail service continues to face significant challenges. Mail carriers are covering 181 delivery routes out of 404 in the city. Eight of News Orleans' 15 post offices are open. The city's main facility remains closed, which means all mail is sorted in Baton Rouge, Dallas, Houston and Beaumont, Texas. About half of the city's 4,000 postal employees are back at work |


November 14, 2005- Postal worker indicted in mail theft -A postal employee has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges he stole gift cards and money out of the mail. George V. Wiser faces three counts of theft of mail by a postal employee and possession of stolen mail matter, according to records filed in U.S. District Court. The indictment says Wiser took two Wal-Mart gift cards, a Giant Eagle gift card, and $30 cash out of the mail and possessed a stolen American Eagle Outfitters gift card that had been stolen from the mail. The incidents occurred between March and August and involved mail sent to Lake City residences. Court records do not indicate Wiser's residence or job title.


November 14, 2005-FYI: Site lists flights most likely to be canceled
FlightStats, a Portland, Ore. has built a database of information about most every airline flight in the U.S. FlightStats can now tell you how often a particular flight is canceled, diverted or tardy, along with a maximum, minimum and average delay. The company retrieves its data from sources such as the Federal Aviation Administration and airline reservation systems. The database has been used by freight firms and the U.S. Postal Service to route cargo to dependable flights and track the progress of flights.


November 14, 2005 -

USPS Licensed Program 'The American Presidents Collection' Just Issued
Mail delivery delayed in Plattsmouth after package leaks

Bomb scare closes post office after 'misunderstanding'

DMA, Postcom Rip Higher Increase for Media Mail

U.S. Postal Service has something for everyone in 2006 stamp issues

FedEx pilots picket in Dallas | UPS talks with pilots
Newspapers Using ZIP Codes to Target Advertising

Lockheed Martin Receives $120m Contract for Address Recognition Upgrades

Mailbox battle in Stockton

Minneola Post Office Museum Unveils Historic Mural

Post Office Named After Karl Malden | Photo: Potter, Jack Valenti and Karl Malden

Officers recover mail littered along county road


November 12, 2005

Napa mail carrier mauled by pit bull as owner looked on  |

Pit Bull & Boxer Attack Postman

Houston postal worker enlists his colleagues to join national donor registry

Art Promoted Heavily (Even in Your Mailbox)

DMA Urges USPS to Reconsider Media Mail Rate Recommendation


November 11, 2005 - Seven Florida Mail Carriers Issued Removal Notice for Failing to Deliver Bulk Mail -...seven veteran St. Petersburg mail carriers were summoned to the station manager's office through a side entrance. As an armed postal inspector stood by, the letters were read to them. They were losing their jobs, they learned that day in September, for failing to deliver bulk mail advertising to a handful of customers on their routes who had specifically asked them not to. Citing improper conduct, the Postal Service alleges the carriers didn't perform their duties. The companies that produce bulk mail had paid to have it delivered to every address, the Postal Service maintains, and the St. Pete Seven didn't do that. The carriers don't dispute that. |

- NPR Audio :Carriers Fired for Not Delivering Unwanted Bulk Mail


November 11, 2005  - Editorial: Anthrax-detection system a colossal waste of money -Lynchburg’s processing and distribution mail center is being outfitted with a $125,000 anthrax-detection system. Now there’s a questionable use of homeland security dollars. Who makes the decision to spend $375 million on anthrax-detection and why? The problem in this post-September 11 society is that billions of dollars are being spent in the name of homeland security, and no one is being held accountable.

November 11, 2005 - Postal marrow donor meets grateful recipient, Potter accepts award for USPS - Alice Masticola of Louisville, KY met Jerry Arreola, a 21-year San Antonio, TX. Postal Clerk who helped save her life — not just once but twice. Masticola and Arreola met for the first time on 11/8/05 as part of its kickoff of the 2006 “Delivering the Gift of Life” campaign — and the celebration of a huge milestone. No organization -public or private sector - has volunteered as many potential donors as the Postal Service, with more than 25,000 employees joining the registry. |


November 11, 2005

e-NAPUS Legislative Newsletter : Bond Rejects Frist Office

Dispute Sends Postal Reform to Back Burner

PostCom protests 12.7% price hike for media mail

Letter : Even for 2 Cents More, Postal Service Unbeatable
Rain May Not Stop the Mail, but Violence Does

Mail carrier assaulted; mail, key stolen

Post office construction woes stir political pressure

Postal workers honored

1,700 lost cards found - Post office investigating


November 10, 2005 - Panel weighs idea of 'super court' to handle federal employee appeals
A congressional panel on Wednesday considered a professional association's proposal to create a "super court" for federal employee appeals in the interest of greater efficiency. The
Senior Executives Association - a group that advocates for career federal executives - has called for the establishment of a Federal Employees Appeals Court. The new court would accept appeals now handled by the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) , the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Office of Special Counsel and the Office of Personnel Management.


November 10, 2005

Postal Bulletin 11/10/05 Issue

ELM Revision: Return to Duty After Occupational Illness or Injury

Notice: 2006 Pay Dates and Leave Year

Christmas Pay Procedures for Rural Carriers

Handbook PO-603 Revision: Revised Rural Carrier Duties and Responsibilities

OIG  Special Agent Killed In Deadly E-470 Accident

APWU launches recruiting campaign aimed at non-members

USPS Board Meets Nov. 16 on Rate Case, Strasser Plans to Retire | Notice

Official: Mailbox removal will help boost carrier efficiency

USPS and eBay Become Partners
USPS: Consumers Choose Average of 6 Catalogs for Forwarding
USPS wants parcel mailers to use bar codes
New Express Mail Tracking Service for Military Addresses
Anthrax whodunit: Is it a cold case file?
Stolen Mail Found Opened In Wooded Area In Florida


November 09, 2005 - Early Retirements to be Offered in Katrina/Rita Impacted Areas

The Postal Service has received authority from the Office of Personnel Management to offer Voluntary Early Retirements (VER) to postal employees (including Postmasters) in areas that were severely impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The USPS will determine who will be offered VER’s in the storm torn areas of AL, LA, MS, and Houston. Postmasters in the same storm affected areas of AL, LA, MS, and Houston will also have their FY 2005 NPA ratings based on their performance as of August 31, 2005 (September, 2005 will be excluded from their NPA ratings.) |


November 09, 2005  - Post office to be named in honor of slain letter carrier -A post office has been named in honor of Clayton "C.J." Smith who was accidentally shot and killed more than two years ago. U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., introduced the bill to rename the post office in Crafton, just west of Pittsburgh. He said Smith will now be honored every time someone goes to the post office to mail or pick up an item.


November 09, 2005 - Olympia to keep postmark- The city of Olympia will get to keep its postmark after all, but will have to share it with Tacoma, a U.S. Postal Service spokesman said today.

Postmark status up in the air - Sen. Murray says it's staying; Postal Service says it's going - Six days after the U.S. Postal Service announced that it would transfer jobs from Olympia (Washington) to Tacoma and possibly eliminate Olympia's postmark, it's unclear what will happen. Though a Postal Service spokesman said Tuesday that the changes would be made, U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., who is looking into the matter, has been assured that Olympia will keep its postmark. Meanwhile, a postal union official has called on the Postal Service to drop its plans. USPS has said the consolidation, which will happen between April and September 2006, will help save it $1.18 million in annual costs and improve efficiency. |

- APWU: Transfer of Mail Processing from Olympia will Reduce Service to Entire State

- Local APWU President Clint Burelson calls for USPS to drop its plans


November 09, 2005 - Snail mail no joke in Arizona  - The U.S. Postal Service is unable to pin down why, but for the past few weeks, some Northeast Valley post offices have been hit with staffing shortages. Postmaster Patti Boreham stressed that the stations have enough employees to deliver all the mail, but "some days it's a little bit more creative than others. "That's why on some days people get their mail a little bit later."


November 09, 2005 - Postal Service copes with power outage in Sacramento- Workers at the main mail-handling facility for the Sacramento region worked outdoors for hours Tuesday while they waited for crews to repair a damaged power line.


November 09, 2005

NALC, USPS Reach New MOU on Voluntary Transfers of Katrina Victims
 - 1.3 Percent Wage Hike Set for November 26
APWU Creates ‘Message Board’ For Katrina-Impacted Members

- APWU VERA Update and more

California Voters Reject Governator's Labor Union Proposition  |

USPS CFO Strasser plans to retire next year

UPU, Unions Cooperate on Postal Development
USPS Catalog Forwarding Service Gains Ground
USPS may require Parcel Select clients to use e-voucher system
Unruly customer gets sprayed in post office


November 08, 2005 - 84-Year-Old Postal Worker Asked To Come Back To Work or Lose OWCP Benefits - Vernon Hardt, an 84-year-old postal worker has been told he must go back to work or he will lose his worker's compensation benefits -- benefits he's received for more than 30 years. Worker's compensation is not designed to be a retirement program," US Postal Service spokesman Jim Stanley said. "It's compensations based on your inability to work while you are employed." And last year, a doctor employed by the Department of Labor determined Hardt could do sedentary work. So the Post Office offered him a job. Now, the Department of Labor will determine if that job offer was suitable. |


November 08, 2005 - APWU: Duplicitous Sales Practices Hurt Everyone - (The American Postal Worker magazine) "We are growing rather concerned about a Postal Service sales practice that management is imposing on window clerks that is fundamentally dishonest. Basically, USPS management is aggressively ordering Sales and Service Associates to “up-sell.” The SSAs are being told to begin their sales pitch with the most expensive service (Express Mail) and only as a last resort offer Parcel Post — and only after describing all its pitfalls. Recently, an SSA was suspended for offering Parcel Post to a customer without first trying to encourage the use of a more expensive service."|


November 08, 2005 -Attempt to broker postal reform deal unravels -Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's, R-Tenn., attempt to broker a deal between Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairwoman Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen. Christopher (Kit) Bond, R-Mo., on stalled postal overhaul legislation failed Monday, a Senate aide said. The deal would have allowed the bill's approval by unanimous consent, as its sponsor, Collins had advocated. |


November 08, 2005 - Appeals Court Uphold Removal of MVS Driver -William A. Skelton appealed the decision of MSPB upholding his removal from employment with USPS for (off-duty) felonious possession of cocaine and failure to report the suspension of his commercial driver's license to the Postal Service. The Postal Service argued that there is a strong nexus between the behavior for which Mr. Skelton was convicted, and fitness to perform the job of driver of a tractor-trailer. The MSPB Board found that cocaine use could seriously affect public safety and Postal Service property, and held that the conviction of a Class D felony, the failure to report the suspension of his commercial driver's license, and the fact that he drove while on a suspended license, were legally related to the efficiency of the service. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit agreed. |


November 08, 2005 - Malvern company wins Postal Service contract - Nilfisk-Advance America, of Malvern, has won a competitive bidding process for a $3-million contract to supply central vacuum systems to 48 United States Postal Service sorting facilities around the nation. The vacuum system, a version of the company's 350W vacuum tailored to the post office, removes dirt and debris from post office sorting machines, including the delivery bar code sorter and the optical, i character recognition. Delivery will begin next year. Because U.S Postal Service regulations forbid the use of compressed air to clean machines, a vacuum system or lint-free dust cloths are the main alternates. With its national headquarters in Malvern, the company, a division of its corporate parent, Nilfisk-Advance Group in Denmark, makes industry-specific vacuum systems. The Malvern company would not disclose how many people it employs or the value of the Postal Service contract.


November 08, 2005 - Absentee Votes Returned to Senders -"The lavender envelopes voters send with their absentee ballots inside to the county registrar have addresses on the back and front, with bar codes, too. There is a corresponding bar code for the registrar on the front, and the voter’s on the back. The automated scanning system that the U.S. Postal Service uses does not make sure that an envelope is placed correctly. Scanning from bottom to top, left to right, an absentee ballot envelope could very well be scanned on the wrong side and sent to the voter instead of the registrar’s office."


November 08, 2005

24-hour postal center opens in Brentwood (PA)

Marines honored on postage stamp

Former Postal Mail Handler Gets 12-24 years in attack

USPS Offers Parcel Select Rule

Service getting better each day in New Orleans
Homeowner receives numerous calls for the post office
USPS Selects MessageWay for B2B e-commerce solutions

Post Office's rules take Priority over reused boxes - A New York woman thought she was making an environmentally correct decision by recycling a U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail shipping box. It never crossed her mind that reusing the box was a violation of federal mail regulations.


November 07, 2005 - A Stamp for the Ages- Ruth Y. Goldway, a commissioner on the Postal Rate Commission, thinks “forever stamps” could “lick the problem of postal rate increases.” Goldway explains that a “forever stamp” is “just what you think it would be: a stamp that could always be used for the first ounce of first-class postage — that is, most letters mailed by individuals. It would be sold at the current price of a first-class stamp but would be good for first-class letter postage indefinitely.” If that sounds like far-fetched idea, Goldway quickly notes that “30 nations, including Britain, Finland, Israel, Belgium and Brazil have used this kind of stamp.” |


November 07, 2005 - Fire victim had just retired from USPS - Lucinda Foular, a longtime supervisor who just had retired from the Mystic post office, died Sunday following a car fire on Friday morning


November 07, 2005 -  USPS Proposes Electronic Verification Requirement for Parcel Select - The Postal Service is proposing to require the use of the Electronic Verification System (e-VS) which is an electronic manifest system, for postage manifesting and payment of all Parcel Select mailings. This includes all Standard Mail machinable parcels or other Package Services Parcels (Bound Printed Matter, Library Mail, or Media Mail) authorized for commingling with Parcel Select Mailings. This requirement would contribute to reduced costs and greater efficiencies. The Postal Service is also exploring expanding the program to all parcel mailings in the future. The proposed rule is being published with an intended implementation date of no sooner than 1 year from the date of publication of the Federal Register final rule."


November 07, 2005 -Justices hear mail slip-and-fall arguments -Barbara Dolan, who is suing the United States Postal Service, suffered wrist and back injuries when she fell in 2001 in front of her Glenside, Pa., home in suburban Philadelphia. The mail was placed on her porch instead of in her mailbox. The case involves a federal law that bars claims arising out of the "loss, miscarriage or negligent transmission of letters or postal matter." Congress passed the law with the intention of keeping excessive lawsuits from disrupting mail flow.  |


November 07, 2005

Former Freeburg postal official indicted for alleged fund misappropriation  |

Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Theft

Embezzling gets Retired Postmaster probation

Mailbox locations become dead letter sites

USPS Honors Six Companies With 2005 'Quality Supplier Award'

USPS Release Preview of Stamps For 2006

Attorneys argue postal workers illegally searched package in marijuana case
Canadian postal worker stashed 75,000 letters and parcels


 letter carrier Julie Garfoot holds a flashlight in her mouth as she pulls mail for a house in the Tower District after dark near the end of a 10-hour shift John Walker / The Fresno BeeNovember 06, 2005 -It's a dark time for mail carriers ---Postal officials say nothing has changed to cause increasingly late Fresno deliveries. It was the three little lights on her mailman's hat that underscored for Dottie Funk,  how late her mail has been delivered for the past couple of months. Local mail carriers say it's not something specific that happened recently, but a corporate, cut-costs, increase-revenues mentality that has them walking routes into the dinner hour and beyond |


November 06, 2005 - High-Tech Post Office Lacks the Personal Touch

"There's a sign on the front door of the post office where I get personal mail. It reads, "Almost anything you can do here you can do online at www.usps.com." Let us all be grateful that the U.S. Postal Service is wired up and pursuing the high-tech path to greater efficiency and so on and so forth. But do you know what a sign like that means to an old dude like me? It means the post office as a social center is dying. There's a new post office in that town now. It's shiny and clean and sterile. Smells like a doctor's office."  |


November 06, 2005

Postal Labels Video

Royal Mail’s 2005 Christmas stamps causes controversy


November 05, 2005 -Jury Awards Former Postal Worker $697,000 in Civil Trial

After a letter carrier accused her boss of raping her in a boiler room at the Dorchester Center post office five years ago, postal inspectors found semen in the room -- but no criminal charges were brought. The boss, John R. Kelley, who had been acting manager at the post office insisted he never had sexual relations with the woman, and federal and state officials didn't pursue the case. But the woman did not give up. She filed a civil suit against Kelley and USPS in federal court and got a court order forcing Kelley to turn over a DNA sample last year. His DNA matched the semen found at the scene. Kelley will have to pay the victim $409,500 because USPS agreed to pay her $287,500 as part of a settlement approved by the court last year . |


November 05, 2005 -

Postal worker pleads guilty to embezzling $18,000

Postal Reform Bill delivers a hot debate on rates

NAPUS: Defeat Bond Amendment and Support Vote on S. 662


November 04, 2005 -Christmas Holiday Scheduling, Pay Facts By Bill Lewis -The following Christmas Holiday facts are for APWU members and the information contained in the article is from the APWU Collective Bargaining Agreement.  I would like to share with everyone some of the questions and my responses to many questions relating to the upcoming Christmas Holiday


November 04, 2005  - Remarks by PMG Potter at Board of Governors Meeting


November 04, 2005 - USPS Selects NCR as Sole Provider of POS System - NCR Corporation announced that USPS has signed a services agreement with NCR and selected NCR POS ONE software, currently deployed in 8,500 post offices, as its exclusive retail point-of-service (POS) system. Approximately 60,000 postal counters in more than 15,000 post offices across the United States will be utilizing NCR POS ONE software, with currently installed POS hardware, by the end of 2006. The contract includes professional, technical and maintenance services consisting of application software development, system integration, human factors engineering, software certification, requirements consultation, program management, training and documentation, deployment services, help desk services, software maintenance and systems lifecycle support.


November 04, 2005 - Bush  to nominate Mark Acton to be a Commissioner of PRC for the remainder of a six-year term expiring October 14, 2010. Mr. Acton currently serves as Special Assistant to the Chairman for the Postal Rate Commission. Prior to this, he served as Staff Director for the Counsel's Office of the Republican National Committee.


November 04, 2005 - University reacts to post office restructuring - "The U.S. Postal Service is currently phasing out all its stations that are operated under contract by non-Postal Service employees, including the university post office. In light of this, the university has negotiated a deal with UPS to replace the one canceled by the U.S. Postal Service."


November 04, 2005

USPS Doubtful on Reform Passing This Year

Postman returns from National Guard deployment to Gulf Coast

Anthrax Suit Resurfaces

Installation of anthrax detectors almost finished
Lexington Institute's Sam Ryan Offers Tips to Control Spending
USPS Begins Delivering 2005 Holiday Mailing and Shipping Guide
USPS Will Use More DM Next Year
Postal Service offering help to ship overseas
Belgium Letters Delivered by Danes Are Making Mailmen Redundant


November 03, 2005 - OIG Report:  Nature of Grievances and the Initiatives Taken to Reduce and Prevent Them -"This white paper identifies for the Postal Service the top 10 types of grievances unions file, and the ones that could cause a backlog. The Postal Service could use this information to reduce the number of filings and the backlog, by establishing new initiatives to target the causes for the grievances. By reducing the number of grievances and settling them at the lowest possible level, the Postal Service can reduce costs associated with grievances and improve labor relations with its unions. Further, we estimated the Postal Service could incur approximately $1.3 billion in costs associated with labor-management issues for FYs 2000 through 2005, including $807.6 million in known costs, and an additional $499 million in estimated costs through the end of FY 2005. For example, for the last two years (FYs 2003 and 2004), the top three issues grieved pertained to letters of warning, overtime assignments, and cross craft assignments." |


November 03, 2005 - Ohio Mail Carrier Killed in Vehicle Accident -"Batavia mail carrier Gary Bainum was working his route, when he lost control of his vehicle and it flipped over on top of him. Bainum was pronounced dead at the scene and witnesses say that speed was a factor in the crash. However, Bainum's fellow mail carriers say there may be another cause to the accident." Union Representative Loretta Henderson says that "the hostile work environment at the Batavia Post Office, may have put Bainum on edge. She says that mail carriers are under a great deal of pressure to deliver the mail as quickly as possible, and the consequences for being late are getting to be too much. She says the carriers are yelled at and harassed, which makes the job more stressful than it needs to be."|

- Crash Kills Second Mail Carrier In Two Weeks


November 03, 2005

USPS Could Save $250 Million Under New Medicare Act

Postal Service Applies as Medicare Part D Provider

US Postal Service adds services to online catalog

Police Officer crashes into post office

Toy-gun purchaser admits role in mail-truck robbery

New Deadline Stretches Flexible Spending Accounts

Remember Anthrax?

Jury Finds Vioxx Maker Not Responsible for Postal Worker's Heart Attack


November 02, 2005

Postal Service Bill Bogs Down in Dispute Over Rules for Setting Rates

Mail carrier recounts unnerving attack by loose pit bull

Record breaking stamp swap
Post Office seeks solutions for growing populations
Post office appreciates legible writing
Longtime postal employee delivers goodbye
Ireland - 8,500 postal workers to go on strike

Postal Employee Meets Marrow Donor At Event To Mark 25,000 Registered Employees


November 01, 2005- USPS OIG: White Paper on Postal Service Participation in OWCP
"Our overall objective was to analyze and negative issues concerning the Postal Service’s participation in the DOL’s OWCP. We focused on whether the OWCP program currently utilized by the Postal Service could be replaced with a less costly workers’ compensation program by analyzing issues and benchmarking with private companies and nonfederal government agencies. The negative issues that may affect a compensation program for Postal Service workers are the potential for resistance by the Postal Service’s four major employee unions13 if employee compensation benefits are reduced. In addition, separating the Postal Service from OWCP would require legislative change."|


November 01, 2005- Postal Service Cuts Executive Move Policy -
"The Postal Service has drastically curtailed a moving-expense bonus program for senior executives, ending payments of up to $25,000 that allowed officials to pocket thousands of unspent dollars. In one instance, an executive received $50,000. The bonuses, which supplement government payments for housing assistance and shipment of household goods, will now be capped at two weeks' salary. For senior executives earning about $165,000, the limit would slightly exceed $6,300."|


November 01, 2005 - NY GOP, USPS discussing mailings that improperly used discount rate - State Republicans and the U.S. Postal Service said Monday that they are working to settle allegations that mailings for Monroe County political candidates improperly used a postage discount. Democratic Chairman Joseph Morelle contends that the mailings were produced by the county party and should not have received the postage discount, which has saved Republicans thousands of dollars in mailing costs. The Postal Service seems to agree, saying Monday that it appears the mailings were not eligible for the nonprofit rate. Postal Service spokeswoman Karen Mazurkiewicz said the sides are determining how much the GOP will have to pay in additional postage costs. It could be as much as $100,000 because local Republicans have sent out hundreds of thousands of mail pieces in recent weeks |


November 01, 2005 - USPS and FOX Broadcasting Present Primetime Holiday Magic in the Mail- FOX will premiere a one-hour holiday special titled "Dear Santa" on Friday, Dec. 9, at 8pm ET/PT. The reality show was created to make children's dreams come true -- dreams that were written in letters to Santa Claus from children all across the country. A CD is being produced in conjunction with the television special . Alicia Keys, Nick Lachey and Vonzell Solomon are among the artists featured. The CD will be sold by the Postal Service in post offices around the country and on its website |


November 01, 2005

Postal Service Does It Again on Overnight First-Class Mail Delivery
Hazmat called to Florida post office; Finds Nestles Quik powder


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