Postal News- February 2005

Postmaster Pleased With Results of Pay-for-Performance System -

"Three years ago, Postmaster General John E. Potter jettisoned a controversial bonus program for executives and began steering the U.S. Postal Service toward a pay-for-performance system. The first round of results are in, and Potter likes what he sees. Of the 70,000 postal employees eligible to receive a salary increase, 50.8 percent received the average 5.3 percent raise; 37.6 percent were above the average, and 11.6 percent were below the average, a postal spokesman said. The average salary for a postal executive this year is $126,800. Typical salaries for postmasters range from $55,900 to $108,900, depending on the size of the community they serve. Field supervisors will be paid an average of $61,000 this year. Still, Potter acknowledges, no system can completely take out subjective considerations. He does not want to create a numbers-driven organization that loses sight of larger goals, and does not want to foster "managing the wrong way" that leaves rank-and-file employees feeling that they are at the mercy of autocratic bosses, he said."  |

- USPS release January Financials and Operating Statement

Postal Workers Respond to 'Complaint Website' Critical of USPS and Employees

ConsumerAffairs.Com an independent Web-based consumer complaint site alleges that "Consumers have a lot of problems with USPS...  What's perhaps most unfortunate about this is the hostility displayed by too many postal employees who could care less whether their efforts to serve taxpayers are successful." "We get a lot of e-mail from Postal Service employees, most of it anonymous and not fit for public viewing. One communique we find particularly telling is the following from Bud Tyler of Springfield, VA, who says he is a retired USPS "Consumer Advocate." From the sound of it, he probably is ... unfortunately." |

 White House, Hill Staff Seeking Compromise on Postal Bill-Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairwoman Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen. Thomas Carper, D-Del., the chief proponents of last year's bill, are leaning toward backing (Bush) administration requests intended to provide financial transparency. In exchange, they said, the White House might allow more flexibility in allowing USPS "to tap a retirement escrow account that the Postal Service contends is overfunded." "In addition to the escrow negotiations, the Senate measure might give USPS greater flexibility in negotiating work-sharing agreements, which allow the agency to offer discounts to large mailers for presorting mail and other tasks normally done by postal workers.  |

- Mailer Groups Outraged About Postal Pension Changes


Postal Board Lays Down Markers on Reform (pdf)
eNAPUS Newsletter: "Postal Board of Governors sent a letter to the leadership of the Congressional Committees with jurisdiction over postal issues articulating
their vision of postal reform legislation." Some of the issues addressed: 

Congress should empower the USPS to negotiate over postal health and retirement coverage, rather than continue to guarantee the benefits under law.

Congress should enhance the USPS’ rate flexibility and authority to introduce new postal products. Congress should not permit a regulator to alter the scope of the postal monopoly, redefine universal service, or change USPS social obligations. 

Congress should reserve for the USPS the management of its own business.

- Copy of letter to Senator Collins via (pdf)  |

'USPS' CFO: Escrow Forcing Rate Increase'

"A rate increase will be filed by the U.S. Postal Service this year only because it must cover a $3.1 billion escrow requirement resulting from changes set forth in the Postal Civil Service Retirement System Funding Reform Act of 2003, a postal official said yesterday |

- USPS Managers Asked to Seek Settlement Agreement in Advance of Rate Case

- USPS CFO Strasser Defends Escrow Rate Case Filing

- Postal Service prepares for rate hike despite strong financial results. (Govexec)

USPS to Relocate Air Mail Centers & Facilities Operations -USPS  advised APWU that operations at Air Mail Facilities (AMFs) and Air Mail Centers (AMCs) and Airfield Transfer Offices (ATOs) will be standardized. All piece distribution, mail assignment, and opening activities will be relocated to the appropriate processing and distribution center or other postal facility and air mail facilities will be returned to their core processes. Any impact to staffing will be addressed at the district and area level, within the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. |


USPS Reports Highest Quarterly Growth in 15 Years-USPS reported better than expected First Quarter results with a significant increase in mail volume and net income of $1.7 billion. Board Chairman James C. Miller said, "The Postal Service's finances are, at the moment, in good order. And service to our customers is being provided at the highest levels in our history." However, he offered a cautionary note, "With First-Class volumes declining and costs increasing, the success management has achieved over the past few years cannot go on forever. BOG also directed

  USPS to begin rate Increase process. |
- USPS Financial Performance QTR 1 2005 (pdf)

- November Numbers Raise Postal Service QTR 1 Bottom Line

- USPS  Revenue Forgone Appropriation

New York Unions oppose Automated Postal Centers -Local unions, including those representing north country teachers, are urging members, families and friends to avoid using the USPS' "Automated Postal Centers," concerned that human tellers could be replaced by technology. "It is partially my fear that we are going to be replaced by electronic clerks, but I don't know that it's going to happen," said Thomas L. Lapp, vice president, Central New York Area APWU. "|

Prosecutors say Former Postal Worker Stole $18 million in Tax Refund Checks-"Federal agents arrested 10 people Wednesday for allegedly taking part in a ring that stole tax refund checks and cashed them at banks and stores around Southern California. The approximately 6,700 checks, totaling about $18 million, were (allegedly) stolen by a former postal worker at a South Los Angeles processing center between early 2000 and December 2003, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Donald Gaffney." |

Postal Service Boosts Internal Controls-"While most agencies have beefed up their internal controls, or checks and balances, since the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, none has gone as far as the Postal Service. The Internal Control Group, which was created as part of the 2002 Transformation Plan, is responsible for the Postal Service's voluntary compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley, which requires documenting and testing internal controls."|

 Dead Letter Shredder: A Postal Disservice? Durham attorney Bill Olive doesn't like the U.S. Postal Service shredding mail it can't deliver. But under a policy so new it caught two post office officials by surprise, that is what's happening. Olive recently got a letter from the Postal Service's Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta saying his letter could not be delivered and his check had been shredded "to protect [his] personal information." |

Postal Service Nears Decision on Rate Hike -"Decision time is nearing for the next rate increase by the Postal Service. Postmaster General John Potter has promised that the price of mailing a letter won't go up until 2006. But with the complex procedures needed to raise prices taking 10 months or more, the agency will probably begin the process soon, perhaps in March or April. The board of governors of the Postal Service is likely to begin discussions of higher rates as soon as its monthly meeting, which occurs this week."  |

USPS Suspends American Airlines Mail Contract- American Airlines has stopped delivering mail for the USPS after failing to meet on-time requirements, postal officials said Monday. As of Saturday, the post office suspended its contract with Fort Worth-based American, the nation's largest airline said Jim Quirk, a spokesman at the postal service's Washington headquarters. The suspension affects all mail carried by the airline to the roughly 160 cities it serves. |

USPS May Close Postal Distribution Center-100 Jobs in Doubt-The Gaylord, MI branch of  is currently undergoing evaluation for potential consolidation with Traverse City or Saginaw for cost-effectiveness that may result in closing the local processing and distribution center that employs about 90 people. Gaylord's processing and distribution facility is one of several items on the table being discussed throughout the state of Michigan and across the country. |

 Mail Carrier's Co-Workers Concerned -Things have been a little darker since Kinston, NC mail carrier Janice Sutton nearly lost her life Tuesday when an 18-wheeler rear-ended her stopped delivery truck . The Mail Carrier had to be cut from the crumpled Jeep with the Jaws of Life and flown to Pitt County Memorial Hospital. Sutton is expected to live, but whether she'll ever walk again is a different story. Several counselors arrived at the Kinston post office to help comfort shocked and saddened employees. |

- In other news: Omega GA. Postmaster killed in car crash (scroll down)

Judge Knocks Non-Resident Postal Workers Out of  Class-Action Overtime Suit-'Little Tucker Act' limits Florida suit-A lawsuit  filed 1/30/04 on behalf of  four postal workers in District Court  accused USPS of deleting overtime hours from its non-exempt employees, thereby avoiding the payment of wages owed to a potential class of 200,000 employees. On Jan. 18th, a Florida District Court judge ruled that FLSA claims of any non-resident Postal Workers and all claims in excess of $10,000.00, including fees and costs, are due to be dismissed.  Any dismissed FLSA claims are subject to refiling in the U.S. District Court for the district in which they reside or in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Over 4,000 employees from nearly every state and territory of the United States signed consent forms to join this lawsuit. |

USPS Starts Custom Magazine on Direct Mail--The U.S. Postal Service is expected to announce today the launch of Deliver, a magazine targeted to C-level executives about direct marketing and advertising trends. On another note: NARFE's California State Federation of Chapters have joined with members of the California Postal Employees Legislative Coalition. The California Postal Employees Coalition includes representatives from the seven postal unions.  NARFE will  help California Postal Unions educate federal workers and others about "Advertising Mail", the so-called junk mail. |

This Mail Carrier tells USPS: Have guitar, will travel -After the national auditions in Chicago, nine postal employees were selected to appear in national print and broadcast ads. Mike O'Meara wasn't one of them. When Postal Service officials learned that he sings and plays guitar, they booked him for a tour of sorts. O'Meara: "I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would get assignment papers that contained that line: Bring your uniform and guitar," But there he was with his guitar in the Peoria Public Library and in post office lobbies, heralding the Web-based "Click and Ship" services in a jingle penned by a Wisconsin mail carrier. |

FYI: House Approves Electronic ID Cards-The U.S. House of Representatives approved on Thursday a sweeping set of rules aimed at forcing states to issue all adults federally approved electronic ID cards, including driver's licenses. Under the rules, federal employees would reject licenses or identity cards that don't comply, which could curb Americans' access to airplanes, trains, national parks, federal courthouses and other areas controlled by the federal government. The bill was approved by a 261-161 vote. The measure, called the Real ID Act, says that driver's licenses and other ID cards must include a digital photograph, anticounterfeiting features and undefined "machine-readable technology, with defined minimum data elements" that could include a magnetic strip or RFID tag. The Department of Homeland Security would be charged with drafting the details of the regulation. |

Is Controversial new ID badge for Federal Employees Wave of the Future

Debate Over Restructure of AFL-CIO Heats Up -The International Union of Police Associations says top revamp plans now circulating among AFL-CIO unions should broaden occupational diversity among its top decision makers--and limit each union to one seat on its council. The IUPA critique, along with a personally signed criticism from APWU President William Burrus, came just before state federations and central labor councils (CLCs) met in Silver Spring, Md., Feb. 15-17, to try to draft a joint revamp plan. IUPA, Burrus, the state feds, CLCs and others are responding to federation President John J. Sweeney's call to join the dialogue about retooling. Last Year SEIU President Andrew Stern opened the debate by calling the AFL-CIO outmoded. |

Attack on Postal Carrier by White Supremacist Member Believed Racist- A man police identified as a white supremacist assaulted a postal carrier of Asian Indian descent Wednesday afternoon.. They said they believe the attack was racially motivated. Shane Collins, 21, of Modesto walked up to Manjit Singh as he delivered mail and began hitting him, Sgt. Patrick Sullivan said. "None of his mail was stolen," "It was out of the blue." The suspect ran off, and neighbors called 911 as others gave chase. Singh was taken to a Modesto hospital for treatment of facial cuts and a possible broken nose. |

California Postmaster to Get Probation for Theft-A former Planada postmistress is expected to be sentenced to a year of probation  for misappropriating about $8,000 from her post office in 2003 and 2004. Authorities allege she hoarded cash by selling stamps and not recording receipts over a 20-month period. The Postmaster's attorney said she began funneling away some of the money to help out fellow employees who were down on their luck. "What initially started out as her trying to help some people turned into a situation where she ended up trying to pay money back and shift money.  |

Postal workers rewarded with glass pickle if praised by customers
Tom Teeter is one of the post office workers who was honored by his district commander on Thursday in their new "Just Give 'Em the Pickle" reward program. Under the program, postal workers who get a letter of praise from a customer are rewarded with a glass pickle.

USPS Outplacement Pilot Program Report (pdf)-USPS advised APWU representatives that "there initial focus would be on employees whose medical restrictions were accommodated in the clerk craft; letters and mail handlers."  "The Postal Service is experimenting with outplacing employees, especially letter carriers, who are on OWCP-approved limited duty for more than one year.  The Postal Service saves money doing this because they provide NO fringe benefits to such employees—no retirement benefit, no TSP contributions, no health insurance, no life insurance, no holiday pay, no uniform allowances, etc. OWCP does not guarantee fringe benefits to employees once they are separated from the Postal Service.." Don Cheney |

- USPS to Implement Pilot Program to 'Outsource' Injured On Duty Employees


Potter to Postmasters: 'Don't Get Into the Rate Discussion'  -PMG Potter, BOG Chair Jim Miller, and Legislators Talk of Reform and Potential Rate Increases -Potter speaking Monday at the 35th annual legislative forum sponsored by the National League of Postmasters said, "It's not about you or me. It's about universal service. If you talk me-me-me, we lose. We have a dedicated work force with a goal in mind; that's what will win on Capitol Hill. Don't get into the rate discussion. No decision has been made. It's not worth talking about. If legislation [or lack of it] drives our costs up, it will be reflected in rates." |

New York Considers Plan Using Letter Carriers to Deliver Medicine in Event of Terrorist Attack -New York is one of 10 cities that have expressed interest in the postal worker plan of delivering medicine to American homes within 48 hours of a terrorist attack. Under the plan, carriers who volunteer would be contacted by phone in the event of an emergency and told to go to a designated depot where they would be given the appropriate medicine and provided protective gear. Whenever possible, carriers would be assigned to their normal mail routes. |

- USPS Responsibilities in New Homeland Security National Response Plan

- Experts Question Federal Initiative for Medicine Delivery

New software will support single barcode standard for intelligent mail-The U.S. Postal Service is running out of envelope real estate. Postal bar codes are filling up the limited space on the front of envelopes, said Charles Bravo, USPS' senior vice president for intelligent mail and address quality. A bigger problem is that the agency's automated bar code sorters are working inefficiently because individual pieces of mail have too many codes. |

- Equipment scans envelopes to help speed up delivery

 Medical Records sold at USPS auction for lost mail- A big envelope stuffed with billing paperwork for Anchorage ambulance patients mistakenly ended up in a lost-package auction last week in Atlanta. An Alabama couple buying books got more than they bargained for when they discovered the stack of Medicare claims full of private patient information. The documents -- in an envelope with no address or return address -- include names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, medicines and the medical condition that led to them being transported by ambulance.  |

APWU: Arbitrator Rules for Union In Major Attendance Case- In a ruling in late January, Arbitrator Shyam Das said that the Postal Service may not require an employee to describe the nature of an illness or injury during a phone call to report an absence from work. He also ruled that the USPS policy on second and third medical opinions is inconsistent with the Family & Medical Leave Act and the National Agreement. Arbitrator Das ruled that the primary purpose of the call-in is not to substantiate the employee’s incapacity to work, but to notify the Postal Service as soon as possible that the employee is going to be absent. (2/3) |

- Click here for a detailed analysis and a copy of the award

- Disputes surrounds RMD and eRMS attendance policy

APWU Investigating Safety Problems on New Postal Trucks-The APWU is aggressively pursuing reports of major safety problems with Leyman lift gates on many recently deployed (7 & 11 ton) postal trucks. Two-hundred-forty trucks equipped with these lift gates have been taken out of service.|

Lawmaker Disputes Bush Administration on Labor Costs Reduction in Postal Reform Bills- As reported by Congress Daily, House Government Reform ranking member Henry Waxman, D-Calif., criticized the Bush administration for holding up the legislation for overhauling the Postal Service. He said "the White House was not engaged in last year's debate on the bill despite efforts by both government oversight committees to keep it informed. "They said they were just too busy," He disputed the administration's contention that the bills do not sufficiently reduce labor costs. "I don't see why it's important to single them out," Waxman said, referring to unionized postal workers. "We don't do that with UPS or FedEx or small mailers or anybody else."|

 USPS Nets $21 Million From First Year of Capital One NSA
"The three-year NSA provides pricing incentives based on increased mail volume and productivity gains that can save the postal service money. Capital One gets discounts of 3 cents to 6 cents per piece during the three years if its annual First-Class bulk volume exceeds 1.225 billion pieces. The discounts rise as Capital One's volume increases." |

Bold Robber Strikes Sacramento Post Office in Broad Daylight-An armed robber struck a Sacramento (Calif.) post office late Monday afternoon, assaulting a postal worker and robbing patrons. |

USPS Goes Fashion Forward With 'Project Runway'-Letter Carriers Aid Contestants to Redesign Postal Uniforms -Today, the focus expands from the delivery of mail to the delivery of new fashion standards, too, as one of the world's most recognizable uniforms undergoes a transformation as part of Bravo-TV's "Project Runway. Bravo's "Project Runway" episode, where the five remaining contestants were faced with a challenge to create a new uniform design for the USPS, delivered the show's biggest numbers to date in total viewers|

Senator Launches Probe into Royal Oak Work Conditions -Postal employees from Royal Oak and Madison Heights who signed a petition last year complaining about working conditions and management were asked to document specific incidents for U.S. Sen. Carl Levin. NALC Union Representative Charlie Withers said the common thread of the letters -- all written by long-time employees -- is that the work environment is turning hostile again and they fear an incident like the 1991 shooting rampage could happen if something isn't done. |

Brazen Postal Robbery Shocks California Coastal Community-Postal Service Driver Found Tied Up in His Delivery Truck-The postal driver was bound for about three hours before he was found. The driver was not hurt and it was not immediately clear how many bags of mail were stolen. Postal service officials are offering a $50-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the two suspects who tied up the driver and stole mail. |

- Also Police: Drug-Crazed Man Attacks Postal Carrier

Berkeley (CA) Customers Rail Against Post Office Lines -Patrons of Berkeley’s main post office are used to waiting. For years, customers have sat on benches or strolled along nearby blocks killing time until their number was called. But for several, their patience ran out last November when the post office’s pick-a-number dispenser system broke down. Post office officials responded by instituting a formal line, forcing customers to wait inside and on their feet. In addition to restoring the pick-a-number system, new Berkeley Postmaster Ralph Cherry promised to hire new clerks to reduce service delays.|

Postal Technician Awarded Coast Guard Achievement Medal
Electronic Technician also won FMLA Rights for Reservists on military leave.  A boatswain's mate first class in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, Barry Natale recently was awarded the U.S. Coast Guard Achievement Medal for superior performance of duty. Like other reservists who were activated, Natale took a leave of absence from his job as an electronic technician for USPS. He has worked at the Stamford P & DC since 1978. When the postal service refused his request for medical leave because he had not worked there continuously during his military service, he wrote to federal officials. About a year later, the Dept. of Labor clarified that the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 should not discriminate against reservists. |

USPS says it has gained market share in package shipments
"A spokesman for the Postal Service, which delivers mail to 142 million homes and offices, said package shipments have risen "in the high single digits" compared with a year earlier, with the lion's share of the increase coming from two-to-three day priority shipments and from residential shippers using Internet auction service eBay's online postage."

Rural Carriers Key Postal Link-They don't drive a mail truck. They don't wear a uniform. They don't have regular delivery routes, but they know all the faces behind the names on the letters they deliver. They are rural letter carriers and an important asset to the United States Postal Service and residents working very long hours and driving many miles to fulfill the U.S. Post Office's mission of delivering the mail come rain, snow, sleet or sunshine. "They are the backbone of the community," said David Barr, postmaster at the St. James City post office. "They tie it all together." |

Marina del Rey postal center slated for closure-In a move it says few costumers will notice, USPS has finalized plans to close its large Marina del Rey processing center and move operations to a facility in South Los Angeles.|

- previous articles on closure

USPS will keep Alla Vista Post Office open after Marina Del Rey P &DC moves-The adjacent Alla Vista retail facility was originally scheduled to close along with the Marina Processing Center, but the Postal Service wants to allow for continued convenience for its customers, Dozier said. John Driver, American Postal Workers Union president for the Marina Center called Postal Service  plans to keep the Alla Vista unit open indefinitely a "publicity stunt." |

 Postal Workers Compare 2001 Anthrax Aftermath to Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment- A Rand Corp. study found public health officials gave "very little useful information" to employees at the Brentwood postal facility in Washington and to U.S. Senate staff members who might have been exposed to anthrax spores.  Senate staffers were tested and treated beginning Oct. 15 - the day the Daschle letter was opened. The Brentwood employees were not screened or treated until Oct. 21, after co-workers tested positive for anthrax. |

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment | Postal workers said uninformed on anthrax

FYI: The $100 million lawsuit filed in DC District court by anthrax survivor Leroy Richmond was dismissed .  An appeal on  the dismissal was filed in Dec. 2004.

Coalition of Consumer and Advocacy Groups Call for Postal Privacy Reform - In a letter sent to Chairpersons and Ranking members of the House/ Senate Govt. Committees on Postal Reform--six Privacy Consumer /Advocacy organizations requested , "As the 109th Congress acts on important issues affecting the U.S. Postal Service, we write to urge you to include postal privacy reform in any legislation considered by the Committee.  While American residents now enjoy substantial federal protection from telemarketing sales calls, and state protection from a variety of other invasive marketing practices, the U.S. Postal Service has not made significant strides to reduce unwanted junk mail." |

Auth-Florence Awarded $146 Million USPS Contract for Cluster Mailbox Units-Auth-Florence Manufacturing was awarded a seven-year, multi-million dollar contract with the USPS. "As of this Monday, Auth-Florence will be the "sole provider" of cluster mailbox units and outdoor parcel lockers to the USPS. The contract may be renewed for up to 15 years." AFM spokesman Stacy Kohlmeier explained that until now, "Auth-Florence and American Locker and Security have provided the postal service with the cluster mailboxes. (Earlier this month USPS did not renew its contract with American Locker). The postal service then gives or sells the mailboxes to builders. " |

- Stamped For Life: The United States Postal Service’s Quest for Mail Security

Former USPS Official Sentenced to 46 months in Prison -for receiving more than $750,000 in bribes over twelve-year span-Daniel J. Williams, Jr., was sentenced for receiving bribes   and other payments over a twelve-year period from individuals associated with printing companies seeking preferential treatment by Williams in the awarding of USPS contracts. Previously, Judge Kennedy entered a consent order of forfeiture requiring Williams to forfeit a Corvette automobile, a Rolex watch, his personal residence and a residual amount of money up to $771,363, which properties represent the proceeds of Williams's illegal receipt of money and other things of value. Until his retirement on September 1, 2003, Williams was a printing specialist at USPS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. |

 NY Bill Would Create Do-Not-Mail Registry-"The board shall establish and maintain a "do not mail/e-mail state-wide registry" which shall contain a list of customers who do not wish to receive unsolicited direct mail marketing. The board may contract with a private vendor to establish and maintain such registry."|

Post Offices Likely to Survive Despite Calls for Privatization
" According to Sam Ryan, most of the USPS $69 billion budget goes toward employees, and the organization has been unable to cut costs to meet rising expenditures. |


• Arbitrator Rules for Trenton APWU in Anthrax Travel Grievance

• 2.4 Million Veterans Will Pay New Health Care Enrollment Fee

• USPS Files Negotiated Service Agreement Request for HSBC

• African American Postal League (A-PLUS) National Convention set for April 7-10

• 13th Conference on Postal & Delivery Economics June 1–4 in Antwerp, Belgium

• Postal carrier provided help to the needy

• U.S. Identity Thefts Spur Senate Hearings
• Patriotic Postal Box

• Omaha Postal district tops in on-time delivery

• Soap Opera Time: Florida Postal Worker/Lotto winner sued — again
• Slain postal worker's family ATM card used
• Japan postal privatization to boost profit
• Israeli postal workers ready for strike
• USPS Honolulu District Hires Former Police Chief to Head Hawaii Emergency Preparedness Unit



• Postal carrier saves customer's life

• UPS to expand Louisville hub
• Owner gets last chance on old post office
• W'town P.O. foot traffic is driving Bay Staters to Green Mountains

• Postal Worker accused of murder won’t face death penalty
• Nigerian scam uses fake Postal Service money orders



• NARFE: Talking Points for Govt. Pension Offset / Windfall Elimination Provision

• STAMPED OUT: Post office lays off 65 city mailboxes
• Postal Worker busted for allegedly smoking dope on way to work

• Man Begs To Be Captured After Post Office Robbery

• Artist "outraged" patriotic poster removed from Post Office

• FKI Logistex JFK Center Project Is USPS's 14th Largest Contract In 2004

• UPS to Close Hub in 2006, Laying Off 1,400

- New package-flow technology not delivering at UPS

• Rate hike may kill Purple Heart stamp

• Postal Service promotes its Web site
• New Jersey Mail carrier assaulted by High School students
• Nebraska Postmaster wants to cancel mail fraud
• New Jersey Postmaster Is Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) buff
• Down and out: Felled mailboxes irk town residents

• Web Developer: USPS Web Tools gives away your password
• Poster of 9/11 removed from post office lobby
• PostalPEOPLE Powered: New HR Initiative Underway


• New City woman upset about package prices

• Postal Service seeks man who robbed letter carrier

• Attack on carrier prompts review of 'invisible fences'

• U.S. Postal Inspectors Partner With Canadian Law Enforcement



• Letter carriers to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

• Postal workers see all kinds of critters come through the mail

• Suspicious Package Found in Postal Truck

• Sigarms gets Postal Inspection Service contract

• El Dorado mail processing being changed

• Ex-Postal Worker Pleads Guilty To Stealing Mail

• SUV crashes into postal truck; 3 hurt

• New post office will open in Sparta
• Post office admits goof in Westlake school tax case
• Post office celebrates black history
• Postal clerk admits to swiping $500 from mail
• Baby 'V' keeps heat turned up, Judges impressed by opening song

• Palm City might stamp out traffic problem with new postal annex



• Intelligent Mail Devices Ready for Deployment-"The handheld data device will replace the existing Mobile Data Collection Devices (MDCD) used to scan everything from delivery labels to collection boxes -."|

• Masked Gunman Demands Valuables from Letter Carrier |

• Postal workers said uninformed on anthrax

• NALC Latest Bulletin: Route Inspection Training..more

- Letter Carriers Routes and Work Methods

• Mail carrier held on suspicion of identity theft

•  Postmaster focuses on customer service

• Deutsche Post, Adobe team to offer Web postage service

• 90-year-old letter carrier still going strong
•  Injured mail carrier improving

• Louisiana Window Clerk Wins Benjamin Franklin Award

• Postal Worker reacts quickly, helps save 4-year-old at pool

• Town postman takes extra care of clients

• Former Postal Employee Convicted and Sentenced for Mail Theft

• "Tonight’s the night for Vonzell “Baby V” Solomon on American Idol. The Ft. Myers, FL, Rural Carrier Associate competes against 11 other female singers to see who can make it through to the next round. It’s on the Fox television network at 8 p.m. ET." | Visit Discussion Forum for Vonzell



• Houseboats mail call is 'Land ho'

• Recently Retired Postmaster tells what’s behind that ‘Bagdad’ (AZ) postmark

• Post office crash delivers no injuries

• Favre Family, 8000 Postal Workers Attend Breast Cancer Stamp Ceremony

• Post office fight brewing in Canada

• Lower Postal Hikes Expected

• Retired Postmaster's 'Calm Leadership' got Senate thru Crisis

•  Retired Mail Carrier Shares His Postal Stories

• Shrek2 target of traditional values religious group-The hit feature (and heavily promoted by USPS) Shrek2 joins the ranks of animated films to be "outed" by some Christian fundamentalists.


• Monroe postal workers pay tribute to fellow carrier

• Rural letter carrier routes expand, contract
• Royal Mail Competition Q&A



• Man Says New Frankfort Post Office is Unnecessary

• Area to get more post offices

• Woman finds $35,000 at post office

• Carrier charged with delivery of methamphetamines

• Postal worker charged with using stolen credit card on route

• Mail Order Survives, Thrives

• 'Baby V' Goes to Hollywood
• Illinois: 'Mishandled' Mail Starts Arriving Almost 3 Weeks Late
• Postal Service seeks efficiency: Workers fear for their jobs



• Postal Service Delivers A Hero

• Postal Clerk convicted by Federal jury of faking disability

• POINT OF VIEW : U.S. pressure behind Japan's Postal privatization drive

• Students operate post office while learning how to write
• Postmaster Installation attracts large crowd
• Pitney Bowes doesn't know what to do with all of its cash
• UPS CEO sees work left to do on new technology
• DHL Picks Pennsylvania for Distribution Center
• Green Party says monopoly end is about corporations making big money
• Reports $900,000 From PhotoStamps



• Florida Rural Carrier Vonzell Solomon in American Idols Top 24- Solomon will compete against 11 other woman and 12 men for the AI title. On Tuesday's show American Idol featured Solomon driving around in her Postal truck.

• USPS Still NASCAR Sponsor in 2005 USPS will return as a major associate sponsor on both the #66 and #27 Team Brewco Fords, and  the primary sponsor of the #66 Ford at Dover International Speedway on September 24th.

• USPS Reaches 95 % On Time Delivery of 1st Class Mail for Second Straight Year

• Royal Mail loses its Postal Monopoly after 350 years

• Strong postage sales lift Calif-based earning

• Latest Postal Bulletin - eAwards, Revised Handbooks, more...

• Reagan postage stamp is a winner

• Hate crime charged in mailman assault

• National Postal Forum To Offer Increased Educational Opportunities

• DST Output Certified as Quality Mailing Partner of USPS

• Grand Prairie Postmaster Ready for Growth
• Spring flowers blossom on new stamps

• Doing well by doing good -"The Postal Service has sold 588.4 million Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamps, raising $40.8 million for research, since it was issued in 1998. Before leaving the market Dec. 31 with 132.8 million stamps sold, the Heroes of 2001 semipostal stamp generated nearly $10.6 million in relief assistance for families of 9/11 victims. With sales of 21.9 million



• Postal Service retirees plan for the future
• The USPS Wants (to Help) You

• Arrow Rock post office combines past and present

• Carrier honored for saving man's life

• Congressman Oxley asking for study on Mansfield postal operations

• New postal, Internet scams surfacing

• Canadian letter carriers threatened

• Protecting your privacy: Mail



• Ipswitch, Inc. Lands Network Monitoring Deal With USPS

• Postal Worker Honored For Saving Children From Burning Home

• Longtime Chicago Postal Carrier Embodies 'Living History'
• USPS Starts Centralized National Cases Division

- USPS Pushing Centralized Classification
• Iowa Postmaster announces retirement
• Longtime NALC Branch President, National Officer dies
• Postal Service Halts Shipments on American Airlines, US Airways

• Postal Museum Revenue Stamp Sale Tops Expectations



• Jaffer Responds to "Stop the US Mail" Commentary | Stop the US Mail!

• Postal Service Nears Decision on Rate Hike  |

• Hawaii Gets Postal Exam For First Time In 7 Years

• Stamp collecting’s age shift

• Postal Worker likes new Window Clerk assignment

• Mailers Not Surprised by White House Budget Plan

• USPS Suspends American Airlines Mail Contract



• Congress may be last hope for Mansfield Post Office

• Grammy nod for Hawaii Postal Clerk and Group

• Mail is better from your Valentine



• Truck Fire Destroys US Mail

• Postal Service asks for Cintas records

- Cintas stalling pricing probe, government says

• Mystery solved: Postman found decades-old letter
• Retired postal worker faces more charges
• Postal Service picks preferred site



• NAPUS Newsletter: The Bush Budget Bolιro (pdf)|

• US Postal Service Ready and Waiting for Valentine's Day

• Intelligent Mail Raises Complex Issues
• After 35 years on job, First Woman to Work at Dundalk Post Office Retires

• NZ posties no longer 'wired' to snoop

• 10 Weirdest  U.S. Postage Stamps

• Former postal worker sentenced for robbing banks, credit union

• Photo essay focuses on buried postal boxes
• Murals at post office depict Catskill's history
• Brazen meth addicts stealing mail
• Priority given to postal facility plans
• Corporate Graphics Gets NCOALink License
• Woman urges free mail to troops

• UPS to Hire 200 Pilots

• Flu gives Dallas postal workers less zip  -Flu put its stamp on 14 of the station's 35 employees this week



• Tests show mailman's blood is clean

• Posthumous prison sentence for Reagan (stamp)

• Post Office Gets Makeover

• Post Office finds city's lost water bills

• Stratford mailman to be honored for rescue

• Direct Group Mails more than 1.3 billion pieces in 2004

• PostNet Signs Shipping Agreement with DHL
• Online Banking Growing Rapidly, Survey Finds

• Iowa Postal Union Official Charged with Embezzlement -"In federal court in Cedar Rapids, Iowa  on Monday, Dubuque postal union official Debra Herrig was charged with embezzlement and theft of labor union assets. She is accused of stealing money and other assets from American Postal Workers Union Local 2339 between 1996 and 2002."



• Postmaster Making House Calls to Promote USPS website  |

• Mansfield Officials worry about losing city postmark

• More plead Guilty in Illegal Payments to Former USPS Official |

• Ohio Postal Workers Divvy Up $175,000 Lottery Prize

• Courier delivers misplaced water bills
• Group advises members of USPS Registered Mail security options   

• American Locker Group Loses Postal Contract for Cluster Box Units



• Postal Clerk's Sharp Eyes Foil $7 Million Plot to Defraud Michigan State Treasury

• Man Spends $100 Answering Newspaper Ad Touting Postal Jobs

• Driven to deliver the mail

• Five small-town postmasters retire

• Driver Crashes into Dongola Post Office

• Black Bart post office closing

• Mail Carrier helps woman get rescued from sinkhole
• Letter makes 9,000-mile trip to NY
• First Federal Mail Symposium Opens in Washington
• Mailman charged in Utah as suspected  'Peeping Tom' 
• More sex charges filed against former mailman
• Romance post office puts a unique stamp on valentine cards
• BOG to meet Feb. 16-17 in Sarasota, Florida

• Washington State Introduces Postage Tax Bill

• Baby Boomers Respond Best to Retail Traffic Builder Mail



• New software will support single barcode standard for intelligent mail

- Equipment scans envelopes to help speed up delivery |

• ID Systems Chooses Unisys to Help Implement RFID Project for USPS

• Junk mail? Not to them

• Postage Tax Provision Worries USPS
- Outlook 2005 | Postal Reform Battle | Mag Publishers | Mags in Affluent Market

• Spates named acting V.P., Consumer Advocate

• Commentary: Taking Care of Business

• Bush Budget Raises Prescription Prices for Many Veterans



• Preparing the Proper Bridge to Win a Disability Retirement Case

• Latest Postal Bulletin


• Editorial: Finders keepers for orphaned books

• Oakland mourns slain postal worker

• Calif. Toddler Hit By Postal Truck

• Post office rolls back postmark deadline

• Police say man targeted mail carrier

• After 19 years, postmaster retires to visit other zip codes



• Mansfield Ohio Postal Workers Worry First-Class Moving

 - Last year, Mansfield Postal Workers picketed at post office  |

• Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Rates Increased to 40.5 cents

• Nonprofits no longer first-class-Post office puts an end to bulk mailing mistake

• E-NAPUS Newsletter: Emerging Coalitions For Postal Reform (PDF)

• AFL-CIO: Social Security Privatization Will Lower Benefits



• Bravo's Episode on Letter Carrier Uniforms Deliver Biggest Viewer Numbers

• Letter carrier helps avert possible tragedy

• EEOC Backs Discrimination Suit Against Nation's Largest Uniform Provider
• Tom Ridge to Headline Mailing Industry Trade Show
• Man arrested after bomb threat at post office

• McHugh questions USPS Rule Change on Nonprofit Standard mail

• USPS 2004 Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations

• Police say postal carrier target of rape plot

- Police Say Man Plotted to Rape, Kill Mail Carrier

• Letter from Mail Handler: 'Scarlet Letter Scare' story inappropriate

• Post Office ordered to halt book-donation program
• Letter of the law spurs mail feud

• NALC: 2005 Artistic Envelope Competition Announced

• College blames Postal Service for delay in students receiving mail

• A Leader Turns Post Office Around
• Toledo postmaster crafts life of service

• Post office to give away jelly beans with sale of Reagan stamp
• Media Mail searches raise privacy concerns

• Prisoners May Receive 'Junk Mail'
• UPS Driver Accused Of Drug Delivery
• Pitney Bowes 4Q Earnings Drop 44 Percent

• Social Security plan shields ages 55+



•  Police: Drug-Crazed Man Attacks Postal Carrier

• Postal Service approach to undeliverable books nixed

- Postal Service has a novel approach for undeliverable books

• NALC: Projected COLA Accumulation Drops to $192.40 in January

• APWU: Projected COLA Drops to $166

• Postal Clerk Convicted Of Embezzling $92,000 From Stamp Machines |

• Repositionable Notes Test Starts April 3

• Lost letter arrives 54 years late

• Buffalo Mail Handler Union President Dies

• Four seasons, one wardrobe for mail carrier

• Thrift Savings Plan may be model for Social Security reform

• Russia Postal Workers: Don't shoot the messenger- she might shoot back
• Panel: Direct Mail Remains Circulation's Lifeblood


• USPS Issues Ruling on Repositionable Notes on Letter and Flat Sized Mailpieces

• Special delivery: Postal carrier a celebrity to some in Linda Valley Villa

• Retirees Honored: Postal carriers, supervisor depart
• Alpine Air to stop Hawaii mail flights

• Feds deem Modesto post office as surplus

• Montana man pleads guilty to threatening mailman

• Postmaster ready to move into 'retirement' with business in mind

• Study: DM, Sales Budgets to Rise

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