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Postal PEOPLE - New HR initiative underway
posted Feb. 24,, 2005 (source: USPS)
Human Resources is changing in a big way. More than 3,800 HR professionals are using outdated systems that are paper driven, time intensive and create a significant manual workload — but not for long. Thanks to a new initiative — PostalPEOPLE — USPS is streamlining, standardizing and automating the way HR works.

Personnel Services is moving to a single HR Shared Services Center (HRSSC) in Greensboro, NC, featuring employee self-service and internet access. This means “one-stop shopping” for all employees to manage and conduct their personnel transactions.

The Northland, Santa Ana and Triboro Performance Clusters are the first sites to move personnel processes to the HRSSC. In fact, Northland PC has already moved its EAS vacancy recruitment and selection process to Greensboro. Santa Ana and Triboro will follow shortly.

Plans call for moving the remaining 77 PCs to the new HRSSC environment on a staggered schedule starting in January 2006 and finishing in 2007.



posted July 4, 2004

History of a 204-b

Ever wonder why acting supervisors are called 204-bs? We did, so we did a little research.

In the past it was thought that “204b” was the number of the original form completed to put someone in an acting supervisor position many years go, when the U.S. Postal Service was known as the Post Office Department. 


USPS Historian Megaera Ausman found the answer, citing this pertinent section 204.(b) from Public Law 68-June 10, 1955, titled Dual Employment and Extra Duties:

“Sec. 204.(b) As the needs of the service require, an employee may be assigned from time to time to perform, without change in compensation, duties and responsibilities other than the duties and responsibilities specifically set forth in his position description; however, if any employee is assigned for more than thirty days in any calendar year to duties and responsibilities of a salary level which is higher than the salary level to which his position is assigned, except to perform service in a relief capacity for a supervisor granted compensatory time pursuant to section 603, he shall be paid for the period of his assignment in excess of thirty days a basic salary computed in accordance with provisions of section 502.”

And that’s the name of that tune.

Special thanks to Rosa Flores from the National Association of Postal Supervisors for her assistance.                                                                                                 

source: USPS


8 cents Postal Service Employees April 30, 1973 stamps. Postal People includes Postmasters, Supervisors, Letter Carriers, Clerks, Mail Handlers, Rural Letter Carriers, Maintenance and Special Delivery Messengers

From the mailbag: Each employee on the roles 5/30/73 received a poster of the 10 stamps with a note from then postmaster general E T Klassen (Postmaster General - 1971-1975) plus a 1st day's of issue envelope with all ten stamps on it. It seemed like a big deal then! I still have mine (posted 10/27/02)

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