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Major Changes in 2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated April 3, 2015

USPS made last minute “public” changes some facilities; some facilities move dates that were changed just last week has changed again. Approximately TWENTY-ONE (21)  facilities have had their move dates changed to “To Be Determined” (TBD) or “Not Applicable” (N/A) and four (4) facilities move dates changed to an earlier or later date. (4/4/15) Comments (Count)


Judge orders Postal Service to pay damages to whistleblower

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) sued the United States Postal Service (USPS) for retaliating against a Safety Specialist at the Seattle, Washington Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) (2/26/15) Comments (Count)


Sen. Tester to incoming PMG Brennan: delivery standards have become a disaster for USPS - Tester meets incoming Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan to discuss strengthening USPS . Tester also concerned about USPS failing to comply with GAO request for data on mail volume. Senator Schumer urges incoming PMG to honor promise to keep Buffalo, NY plant open  Comments (Count)


USPS updates notifications to APWU and Mail Handlers on involuntary reassignments in 2015 - USPS has updated notifications to APWU and NPMHU of its intent to involuntarily reassign Clerks, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) and Mail Handlers in the Pacific Area  Comments (Count)


USPS seeks to overturn OSHA citation, penalties in heat-related death of Missouri letter carrier - USPS is asking a federal court to review and set aside the final order of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC)  Comments (Count)


Hackers may have postal employees’ OWCP medical records dating back to 1980

Potential victims include current and former postal employees who filed injury compensation claims between November 1980 and August 2012. USPS data breach also affected workers comp files of 485,000 postal workers - USPS data breach affected bank and medical information of nearly a million current and former postal workers injured on the job  Comments (Count)


NALC and USPS new agreement allows hiring retirees to work as ‘Holiday Carrier Assistants’- The NALC and USPS have entered into the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Holiday Carrier Assistants – 2014 . NALC and USPS agree to new joint route adjustment process Comments (Count)


Oakland APWU Local Strikes Back at Abusive Postal Supervisor

The APWU Oakland Local #78 took the unusual step of launching an office-wide petition against Tour 1 Postal Supervisor. The petition, which has more than 100 signatures, details years of unacceptable conduct.  Comments (Count)


USPS gets approval for ‘customized delivery’ market test of groceries, other prepackaged goods - On September 23, 2014, the Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) announcing its intent to conduct a market test of an experimental product called Customized Delivery. Customized Delivery is a package delivery service offering that will provide customers with delivery of groceries and other prepackaged goods, primarily during a 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. delivery window.   Comments (Count)


USPS's latest solution for aging Long Life Vehicles--keep body, replace frame

USPS would like to retain the best qualities of the current right hand drive long Life Vehicle (LLV) without having to redevelop what has been proven to work. (9/9/14) Comments (Count)


Video: 15,000 postal service jobs could disappear

Republican attack against the United States Postal Service grows, as the do-nothing Congress down make your mail delivery significantly slower. Ed Schultz and Sen. Bernie Sanders discuss Comments (Count)


Issa Postal Reform bill discussion allows residents to pay ‘fee’ to continue door to door delivery - National Association of Postal Supervisors - The draft also permits the Postal Service to reduce the delivery of first class mail to five days per week. Requires the Postal Service to deliver of packages six days per week until December 31, 2018. Obama administration’s 2015 Budget Policy recommendations for USPS updated 4-22-14  - Issa Prepares Postal Reform "Lite" - Rep. Darrell Issa (D-CA), chair of the House oversight committee, is drafting a new stripped-down postal bill that he says tracks the Obama Administration’s primary proposals for overhauling the Postal Service.  (It doesn’t, at least not entirely.)  Comments (Count)


USPS Records FY 2014 Second Quarter Loss of $1.9 Billion

Some comments in recent news reports suggest that all we need from Congress is help with restructuring our retiree health benefit plan,” said Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Joseph Corbett. “Nothing can be further from the truth. Our liabilities exceed our assets by $42 billion and we have a need for more than $10 billion to invest in new delivery vehicles, package sortation equipment, and other deferred investments. USPS Reports $1 Billion Operating Profit in First Half of Fiscal Year - So Why is Postal Management Cutting Service? | NALC Rolando: Results reconfirm the steady improvement in USPS’ finances ||  Comments (Count)





June 25,  2015

Postal Worker injured after head-on collision with SUV in Kentucky

U.S. Postal Service and Sweden Post to Jointly Issue Ingrid Bergman Stamp

Video: Kentucky post office damaged in hit-and-run

Video: Mail Delivery back for community in Virginia after TV news report

USPS releases May 2015 financial statement

Suspended Aspen postal employee pleas not guilty to federal weapons charges

Same-Day Deliverer Expands in Chicago

U.S. Postal Service collects letters for athletes


June 24,  2015

Postal Regulatory Commission and the United States Postal Service Meet

Locker-tech companies try to solve apartment delivery hassles

‘Postman Bob’ Turns Out to Be His Wife’s Own Special Angel

Car Slams Into Tigard Post Office

Undeliverable mail hurts more than just the Postal Service, IG says

The stamp of a good marriage

Postal worker attacked by dog in Portland neighborhood speaks

The Postal Service Wants You to Bank at Your Post Office


June 23,  2015

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II calling for creation of World War I stamps

Postal worker accused of delivering mail intoxicated

Dog attack sends postal worker to hospital

Is Amazon Making a Mistake With Two New Delivery Methods?


June 22,  2015

U.S. Postal Service gets creative after floods

Royal Mail 'to send customers targeted junk mail'


June 21,  2015

USPS Grocery Delivery Coming to the Big Apple


June 20,  2015

Detroit Postal Worker who says she stole mail out of ‘boredom’ escapes jail

Potholes contributed to crash that injured postal carrier

APWU hopes to nix the Office Depot acquisition

Notification deadline passes, feds exposed in OPM breaches still in dark

Woman hurt in postal vehicle crash

Boston man gets 29 years in jail for postal worker shooting

Let This Delightful Mailman Guide You Through Detroit's Racial Divide


June 19,  2015

USPS: Nation’s oldest catalog still going strong

Letter carrier and domestic violence victim disciplined for carrying Taser

Alabama carrier charged with taking bribes to deliver marijuana
Office Depot shareholders say 'yes' to Staples merge

Mailman held up by masked gunman
Family struggles with mailbox thief
Former Upper Peninsula USPS Worker Accused of Destroying Mail
Man Wearing US Postal Service Jacket Robs Bank
OPM's lack of transparency on cyber breach leaves feds frustrated, ill informed
Temple Post Office Gets New Postal Support Employee

Regulators: 'No jurisdiction' to overturn post office move


June 18,  2015

Obama, GOP revive Fast Track bill – House voting again today

Fast track was temporarily stalled in the House of Representatives last Friday but another vote will be held today.



June 17,  2015

House Committee Approves Amendment To Restore Postal Service Standards

APWU: ‘An Important Step Forward’ 06/17/2015 – The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to restore postal service standards on June 17, in a bipartisan vote,  House Panel Backs Faster Mail, More USPS Facilities  Comments (Count)



USPS seeking suppliers to provide info, solutions on new ‘Sensor Technology for Mail Tracking’

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is considering new technology to track items as they move through the USPS network to allow for customers to view in real-time (or near real-time). . Comments (Count)



Three postal workers charged with Secret Santa scam to steal gifts

They were entrusted with facilitating a feel-good rite of Christmas: matching needy children with a Secret Santa through the United States Postal Service’s century-old Operation Santa program. But three Postal Service workers have been charged with filling their own stockings instead, in a plot revealed by a months long investigation that found the workers wrote letters in which they posed as children.

Photo: New York postal workers hired in 2013, more postal workers may be involved  Comments (Count)


Three postal workers charged with Secret Santa scam to steal gifts

They were entrusted with facilitating a feel-good rite of Christmas: matching needy children with a Secret Santa through the United States Postal Service’s century-old Operation Santa program. But three Postal Service workers have been charged with filling their own stockings instead, in a plot revealed by a months long investigation that found the workers wrote letters in which they posed as children.

Photo: New York postal workers hired in 2013, more postal workers may be involved  Comments (Count)



NALC: Successful results for ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ – almost 71 million pounds of food collected

The annual food drive of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) collected almost 71 million pounds of food to help restock food banks, pantries and shelters around the country, an impressive result made all the more necessary by the extreme weather experienced by much of the country  Comments (Count)



Former New York Postmaster Relief Sentenced For Theft Of Money Orders

Editorial: Why did USPS cover-up sex-harassment complaints?
Feds seek postal worker’s arrest after an alleged find of weapons

Video: Former postal supervisor investigated for mail theft strikes deal, may not serve jail time

Video: Frustrated residents commute for mail after post office shuts down


June 16,  2015


The Postal Service has modified existing pay policy concerning promotion increases when non-bargaining unit employees are promoted Comments (Count).



USPS ‘outsources’ most Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) functions to consulting firm

USPS began transitioning most SOX functions to the Deloitte & Touche consulting firm June 8, part of a broader effort to simplify its SOX organizational structure  Comments (Count)


Senate takes 5 years to approve 5 USPS Board of Governors nominees – FOUR more still needed

Former Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Mail Theft

USPS awards Vantiv contract for debit and credit payment processing services

Mail truck, tanker crash on road in Virginia

PRC Leaves Exigency's Removal in Place For Now
Digitization: Making the post office meaningful again
U.S. Postal Service Board enters the digital age
USPS plans for the Internet of mailed things
Crash between mail truck & tanker closes Suffolk, VA road

Rural Carrier Clay Myer left legacy of going above, beyond call of duty

Tampa student says expensive items stolen while shipped via USPS

Stroke victim saved by observant carrier in Oregon


June 15,  2015

Four Missouri Postal Workers indicted on charges of redirecting mail to personal addresses

Four former and current Postal employees of the Network Distribution Center in Hazelwood, and an associate, were indicted on charges of diverting mail believed to contain marijuana and other items  Comments (Count)


Postal Unions call on Obama, DOL to withdraw proposal to reduce workers’ comp benefits

In a joint letter to the Department of Labor, Postal Union Presidents object to the department’s unjustified proposal to reduce workers’ compensation benefits. DOL  has suggested that “In most instances, FECA benefits far exceed the amount an injured worker might receive in the form of retirement benefits, and therefore provide a strong disincentive for return to productive employment.” Comments (Count).


USPS deployment of over 260,000 Mobile Delivery Devices (MDD) nears completion

The next generation of hand-held electronic devices from Honeywell will be used by letter carriers and mail processing employees.  Comments (Count).


USPS quietly replaced IT executives who left for private sector

the second USPS Information Technology (IT) Vice President  since last year’s cyber intrusion incident (or data breach) has left.   Comments (Count).


Senator Heitkamp introduces bipartisan bill to help protect Federal Retirees from Fraud

House Subcommittee schedules hearing on “Fair Competition in International Shipping”

Midstate postal worker gets probation for stealing money from the mail

USPS Issues Rare Statement Against Inspector General

Enhancing The Value of Mail - The Human Response - USPS OIG

It's The Thought That Counts - USPS OIG


June 14,  2015

Opinion: The reason for poor postal service

The erosion of fast, reliable mail service can be reversed. However, it will take the public to spur the actions that are necessary to bring about that needed change.   Comments (Count).


Feds Continue Investigation of Postal Clerk Placed On Leave

Return To Sender - Postal Banking Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone

Postal worker's doggy heaven letter to Norfolk boy was message of love

Shelby Township Woman Struck by Postal Service Vehicle in Downtown Rochester

USPS Losses Rely On False Premise

Postal Service Rejects Idea Offering Postal Banking



June 13,  2015

Women complained for years about Tacoma mail carrier’s alleged sexual assaults but were ignored by USPS

FedEx agrees to pay $227 million to California workers misclassified as independent contractors

Why Exigency Received a Stay of Execution

This post office turned house in the Mojave Desert is just the strangest thing in the world

Postal worker's doggy heaven letter to Norfolk boy was message of love

Police, Walgreen bust plastic theft ring that stole USPS Plastic and shipped It to China

Life changes for four retired Northfield postal employees


June 12,  2015

Video: Senator Franken Wants Postmaster General to Stop Rerouting Duluth MN Mail

Minnesota Senator Al Franken has sent a letter to the Postmaster General to discontinue the rerouting of mail parcels from northeast Minnesota to the Twin Cities.  Comments (Count).


USPS, APWU, and mailers respond to the court's ruling on the exigent case

PRC Establishes Procedural Schedule for Exigency Remand

Video: South Carolina Mail Carrier saves another person while on route

Mail truck bursts into flames in Arizona


June 11,  2015

Union: Hackers have personnel data on every federal employee, retiree, veteran.

JDavid Cox, president of the American Federal of Government Employees, said in a letter to OPM director Katherine Archuleta that based on OPM’s internal briefings hackers stole a lot of personal data,  Comments (Count).


Aspen mail sorter had pistol at post office

Mail thieves targeting Aurora apartments

One dead after motorcycle collides with postal truck

Postal union camps out to support woman in fight with Canada Post

Owner seeking to keep dog that attacked postal carrier


June 10,  2015

Obama, GOP revive Fast Track bill – House voting again today

Fast track was temporarily stalled in the House of Representatives last Friday but another vote will be held today. (6/18/15)



APWU: Workers, Environmentalists, Progressives Score Win – House Rejects Bad Trade Deal

Workers, environmentalists and other progressives won a major victory on June 12 when a bipartisan coalition of House members torpedoed a trade bill backed by the White House.   (6/12/15)  Postal Unions Urge Congress to Reject Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) Legislation - bill could effect USPS   (6/10/15) Comments (Count).



North Carolina Postal Manager who earns over $90,000 a year accused of selling cocaine

A United States postal manager is out of jail on bond Wednesday after being accused of selling drugs Comments (Count)


APWU: Contract Mediation Gets Underway

Representatives of the APWU and USPS held an introductory meeting with officials of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) on June 9 to begin mediation   Comments (Count).


Postal Unions Urge Congress to Reject Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) Legislation

Senate considers nomination of David Shapira for USPS Board of Governors

USPS to end support for BlackBerry devices

America's Toughest Turnaround: Megan Brennan's Mission to Save the Postal Service

Postal worker trapped in rollover accident

Missouri newspaper to use letter carriers instead of newspaper carriers

A high-tech way to detect a mail bomb

Tampa: Former NALC president indicted for once again taking workers comp kickbacks

Neighbors furious USPS won't replace vandalized mailbox

Linn's: Stamp subjects should be relevant to attract today's young people


June 9,  2015

Q & A: Will OPM credit monitoring run concurrent with USPS offer?

OPM announced that all affected individuals will receive a complimentary subscription to CSID Protector Plus for 18 months. But readers are saying the FREE protection from OPM should not begin until after the expiration of USPS credit monitoring. Comments (Count).


NALC to conduct special election for director of retired members

The U.S. Department of Labor has advised the NALC that it has rejected complaints filed by four unsuccessful candidates in the 2014 election of national officers, with one exception: At the Department’s request, NALC will conduct a special election for the office of director of retired members.  Comments (Count)


Video: Tractor trailer, mail truck collide on I-78 in Berks County PA

Will Ads on Shipping Boxes Be the Key to Amazon's Profitability?

Reading post office: Signed, sealed and delivered

Driver hurt after crashing into post office

California: Hinkley residents turn up heat on Postal Service


June 8,  2015

OIG: USPS should be more transparent about Area Mail Processing (AMP) Consolidations

"Our objective was to determine whether the Postal Service’s AMP guidelines provide justification and sufficient transparency for consolidating AMP facilities."   Comments (Count).


APWU: Postal Retirees May be Affected by OPM Data Breach

Postal retirees may be among those affected by a breach in the computer system of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Retirees Department Director Judy Beard reports. Expect a Fight From Federal Employee Groups Over OPM Hack Response || OPM to offer data breach affected Federal Employees 18 months of credit monitoring || Is e-mail the safest way to notify federal workers their data may have been hacked?  Comments (Count).


NPMHU: Unions Request to White House: Proclaim Postal Heritage Day

This proclamation would recognize America’s Postal Service as one of our great national treasures.  Comments (Count).


Video: Summer Sees More Stolen Postal Packages

We’re used to sees seeing these crimes at the holiday. Summer months, super common for people to go on vacation and forget to hold their mail, forget to stop packages.   Comments (Count).


Missouri: Graham Post Office declared unsafe
Undelivered bundles of mail found trashed at Ohio school
DHS issued May directive to quickly patch federal systems
Court Ruling Impacts Future Postage Rates


June 7,  2015

Pit bull attacks Michigan postal worker


June 6,  2015

Video: USPS looking for 700 new rural carrier associates in Indiana

Merced postal carrier recognized for helping save a life

Will TPP Kill the Post Office?


June 5,  2015

USPS: OPM announces cybersecurity incident

The personally identifiable information of approximately 4 million current and former federal employees was potentially compromised, according to OPM. The Postal Service doesn’t know if current or former postal employees were affected OPM says retiree records were not compromised in the data breach   Comments (Count).



Appeals Court issues ruling on USPS, Mailers challenge to PRC’s ‘exigent rate increase’ decision

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued a decision on “Petitions for Review of an Order of the Postal Regulatory Commission” Senator Carper reaction to Appeals Court remanding exigent postal rate hike case back to PRC  Comments (Count).


Puerto Rico Letter Carrier charged with “renting” his disabled veteran status

On June 3, 2015, a federal grand jury in the District of Puerto Rico returned a five count indictment charging the letter carrier, his brother and business partner, with a multi-million dollar Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) scheme to defraud the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.   Comments (Count).


Washington State Letter Carrier saves mail before truck goes up in flames

Minnesota postal worker injured in crash Friday morning

20 arrested in mail theft, check fraud operation in Central Florida

40,000 home-care workers unpaid after postal mishap involving timecards

Jerry-rigged contraption catching water at Kingsport TN post office

Postal employee to plead guilty to stealing tax refund checks from the mail
Save the Postal Service Before It’s Too Late!

 Closure of Idaho post office may be bellwether for Yantic CT


June 4,  2015

U.S. says 4 million current, former federal employees hit by data breach at OPM

Hackers breached the computer system of the U.S. government agency that collects personnel information for federal workers, compromising the data of about 4 million current and former employees, U.S. officials said on Thursday   Comments (Count).


Photo: Postal Supervisor’s car rolls down street onto front lawn in New Jersey

Three Oklahoma postal workers indicted for mail theft

More than 3,000 Post Offices recognized for being clean and well-stocked

Nolan Says Postal Consolidation is a Plan to Cut Service

Should post offices offer banking services?

Stuart Weitzman's 9.5 million stamp is now on display at the national postal museum

Oklahoma post office murals subject of professor's research

Snow, rain and gloom may not stop the mail, but woman learns a few steps can

Broward County: Postal Inspection Service Offers Reward For Information About Post Office Burglar

Advanced mobile devices pave USPS' way toward Internet of things

Postal service wants to hear about customer issues

June 3,  2015

Retired postal worker, injured on job, loses disability bias case

The U.S. Postal Service did not violate the federal Rehabilitation Act when it prevented an injured employee from returning to work until she could pass a series of physical examinations, a federal court has ruled. She injured her leg but physical showed she had irregular heartbeat.  Comments (Count).


Doug Hughes- Postal Service Firing Me, but Letters Will Get to Congress

Postal Service to Issue another Elvis Presley Stamp

Why Brides Are Flocking to This Tiny Post Office

Former Postal Carrier Arrested On Fraud Charges

Yonkers Police: Mail Stolen From U.S. Postal Service Box


June 2,  2015

USPS Issues Primary Craft Determination: Mail Handlers to Perform Duties Associated with SPSS Operation

"the Union recieved the Postal Service's determination of craft jurisdiction for employees operating the Small Parcel Sorter System (SPSS), which is currently deployed in five pilot test locations,"   Comments (Count).


APWU, Sister Postal Unions Win Right to Bargain Over Cyber Intrusions

In a precedent-setting agreement approved by the National Labor Relations Board, the APWU and its sister postal unions won the right to bargain with the Postal Service over a massive data security breach that took place in 2014. NPMHU: Settlement Reached in Data Security Breach   Comments (Count).


Video: Apologetic postal worker with 21 years blames substance abuse for late, trashed mail

The long-time mail carrier kept the mail at his house, stored it in his personal vehicle or threw it into a trash bin at the Elks Lodge in Warrensburg where he serves as the Exalted Ruler.  Comments (Count).


Kentucky Post Office remains closed due to Brown Recluse Spider Infestation

Central Florida gets needed reprieve on postal-plant closings

Residents in Cathedral City neighborhood dealing with vandalized cluster mailbox


June 1,  2015

APWU: Data Posted on Postmasters, Supervisors Performing Craft Work

The USPS recently provided the APWU with the first set of reports by postmasters and supervisors showing how many hours they worked. The reports, which are available to local and state presidents only, are posted in the Member’s Only section of the APWU website   Comments (Count).


Missouri Letter Carrier pleads guilty to stealing over 20,000 pieces of mail

Junk Mail Impacts Carbon Levels

The 20 Jobs That Robots Are Most Likely to Take Over

Letter Carriers Featured in O.C. Arts Center Show


May 31,  2015

Obama, GOP pushing cuts to Workers’ Comp for Federal and Postal Workers

President Obama’s administration, with support from House Republicans, is pushing reductions to workers’ compensation for federal employees — to the consternation of fellow Democrats and his union allies.   Comments (Count).


Video: Union leader sheds light on delay of postal consolidation plan

Staples settle allegations of violating FMLA for $275,000 in South Carolina


May 30,  2015

Senator Sanders Welcomes USPS Decision to Back Off Self-Defeating Plans to Close Plants This Year

Sanders had led an effort in Congress to keep the Postal Service from closing the plants as part of an ill-considered cost-cutting plan by the money-making mail service. Word of the Postal Service decision came in a low-key formal notification yesterday to members of Congress.    Comments (Count).


Video: Mail Carrier delivers package by throwing it over 12 foot fence – TWICE!

The store was closed so the mail carrier decides to toss the package over a 12 ft. fence. But this is the second time in two weeks that a mail carrier tosses a package over the 12 fence at the same business.  Comments (Count).


Video: Mail found in hoarding situation held as evidence for 4 years

Alert mail carrier honored for helping rescue Swansea couple

Postal Service closes Fort Neal Station


May 29,  2015

New App improves USPS management of over 20 billion stamps

USPS: Long-term care available to postal employees and relatives

Disabled man upset about post office access

Podcast by Postal Employee Ron Williams - SoundCloud

USPS Apologizes for delivery failure in downtown Syracuse

Exigent's Days Numbered - Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers

Amazon expands same-day delivery, offers free shipping on orders over $35

Semiannual Report to Congress - USPS Office of Inspector General

Unscheduled Leave in the Chicago District (PDF) - USPS OIG

Suspects posed as postal workers in frightening home invasion

Post office gives away man's P.O. box by mistake

Mail from Hamilton from April 28 still missing

Mail Carriers Join the Million Mile Club

LGBT Pride Month Annual commemoration begins June 1

Editorial: Fix the Postal Service

Marketing firm buys USPS Change of Address contractor



May 28,  2015

USPS revises poster for Workplace Harassment

USPS provides mail services for the homeless

Accused Drunk Driver Slams Into Felts Mills Post Office

Postal workers, elected officials rally for Duluth mail processing center

Commissioner Goldway issues scathing dissent on PRC's decision to dismiss Careywood appeal

South Carolina Postal Employee indicted for stealing money from the mail

Illinois PMR sentenced to probation, restitution for stealing from USPS

Athens GA female mail carrier frightened by sexual comments made by women while delivering mail

Thieves steal mail from postal truck in Butte

Postal Inspectors to pass out 300,000 flyers in hope of catching postal carrier robbers

Careywood Post Office Closure Appeal Denied



May 27,  2015

APWU: Contract Talks Hit Impasse after USPS Demands Cuts in Pay, Benefits, Job Security

Contract negotiations between the American Postal Workers Union and the U.S. Postal Service ended without an agreement on May 27. The USPS scuttled any prospect of reaching a deal by insisting on severe cuts in pay and benefits, despite the fact that progress had been made on many non-economic issues   Comments (Count).


USPS official statement: Plant consolidations will resume next year Most activities deferred until 2016 Postal Service has decided to defer most of the plant consolidations that were scheduled to take place this summer USPS: Planned Network Consolidation Phase 2 activities will resume in 2016 - The Postal Service has extended the timeline for most of the mail processing consolidating activities originally planned for this summer. note: It looks like USPS is not releasing any "public" statements on the plant consolidations.     Comments (Count).


Senators Tester, Heitkamp request Postal study and improved mail delivery standards

As the U.S. Postal Service continues to face a budgetary shortfall, Senators Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) want better postal data so policymakers can make informed decisions on how to improve service in rural America. 


Mail Plant Closure Moratorium – Postal Activists Declare Victory

 Postal workers and their community allies were jubilant upon hearing of a national moratorium on mail processing plant closures.  Last Friday, the US Postal Service released an update on “network consolidation” which postponed the closure date of the Bend and Eugene/Springfield plants. Comments (Count).


OPM issues Memo on Federal Laws and Policies Prohibiting Marijuana Use

Fake stamp for gyrocopter pilot riles Washington

Are Your Packages Really More Secure With UPS’ New Access Point Service?

Postal workers union pans Office Depot-Staples merger

Archives: Postal Mishap Near Griff's Burger Bar

Postal Worker Who Saved Woman From Shooting Honored

Misdelivered mail: Getting USPS to respond
Video: Postal Worker Who Saved Woman From Shooting Honored

Why turning the Postal Service into a bank isn’t nearly as ridiculous as it sounds

U.S. Postal Service delivery times lag more than expected

Our View: Stopping Saturday mail delivery is a change the USPS should make

Local View: Postal Service undermines customers’ faith

A Plan B for beleaguered USPS

The financial backdrop to Postal Service union talk

Postal workers urge US to halt Staples, Office Depot merger

Postal Truck Strikes and Kills Bronx Woman Lying In Brooklyn Street


May 26,  2015

USPS introduces new site for postal employees to manage their health

Woman fatally hit by mail truck in Brooklyn

Boston: Long-awaited postal service move remains on hold despite Olympics push

USPS Extends Convenience of Forever Stamps to Mailing Postcards and Letters Needing Additional Postage

Mail carriers work hard to deliver mail

Postal Service Reduces Hours in Mount Washington

May 2015 Postal Inspection Service Forfeiture List (PDF)

New Delivery Vehicles Used by New Zealand Post


May 25,  2015

USPS notifies APWU on updates to AMP consolidations and excessing

USPS Pacific Area notified APWU that it has canceled Involuntary Reassignments (excessing) in the Bay Valley and San Diego Districts .USPS Northeast Area also notified APWU of the moratorium on Area Mail Processing (AMP) consolidations for 5 events in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts  Comments (Count).


An Unbelievable Story from a Former Postal Support Employee (PSE)

Although paid 20 hrs for 88 hours of work--This is far from a lack of work issue. This is all about reprisals and covering up Budgets, Securities and Falsified records to save their own   Comments (Count).


Video: PennySaver lays off workers, shuts down after 50 years without notice

PennySaver USA was acquired by OpenGate Capital in September 2013. Hundreds of PennySaver employees were told Friday they were out of a job — and without any notice.   Comments (Count).


Suspect in Illinois Post Office robbery faces several firearms charge


May 24,  2015

Roswell, NM man in jail after terrorizing mail carrier

Two Texas Postal Workers under investigation over selling lists of mail-in voters


May 23,  2015

USPS settles NLRB complaint over data breach

In a first-of-its-kind complaint, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) cited the Postal Service for failing to bargain with the APWU over last year’s massive data security breach.  Comments (Count).



Postal Disability Retirement: Overcoming the bias against Psychiatric Conditions

by Attorney Robert McGill - For Postal employees, the distinction between physical disabilities and psychiatric conditions often provokes greater concern, because Postal work is considered to be systemically “physical” in nature, and thus a resulting bias prevails because there is an expectation that proof of a more stringent “nexus” between one’s medical condition and the impact upon the positional elements is required.  Is there, then, greater difficulty in proving a psychiatric component in preparing, formulating and filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits, when it comes to Postal employees?  Comments (Count).


New bill exempts Florida Rural Carriers from wearing seat belts while delivering mail

The state’s law requiring motorists to wear seat belts included limited exemptions. Greg Evers’ bill (SB 160) made an exemption for rural letter carriers   Comments (Count).


LGBT Postal Employees New Online Network

It is an opportunity to network with other LGBT employees as well as find support, news, resources, information about Postal LGBT policies, and LGBT philately.


USPS charge customers new rates before May 31st effective date




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