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Colorful Pay and Holiday Postal Calendar for 2014 (PDF)

Thanks to Jim Edwards, Bloomington IL Area APWU Local 228 for sharing calendar with PostalReporter readers. The easy to read colorful calendar shows paydates, pay periods and holidays.


Website Displays Postal Employees Names, Salaries, Position, Date Hired And Work Facility
FSS Deployment Schedule
Flat Sequencing System Photos, Deployment Schedule By Zip Code and More..
Postal Employee Legal Cases


Postal News Blog

Oakland APWU Local Strikes Back at Abusive Postal Supervisor

The APWU Oakland Local #78 took the unusual step of launching an office-wide petition against Tour 1 Postal Supervisor. The petition, which has more than 100 signatures, details years of unacceptable conduct.  Comments (Count)


USPS gets approval for ‘customized delivery’ market test of groceries, other prepackaged goods - On September 23, 2014, the Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) announcing its intent to conduct a market test of an experimental product called Customized Delivery. Customized Delivery is a package delivery service offering that will provide customers with delivery of groceries and other prepackaged goods, primarily during a 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. delivery window.   Comments (Count)


Video: 15,000 postal service jobs could disappear

Republican attack against the United States Postal Service grows, as the do-nothing Congress down make your mail delivery significantly slower. Ed Schultz and Sen. Bernie Sanders discuss Comments (Count)


Issa Postal Reform bill discussion allows residents to pay ‘fee’ to continue door to door delivery - National Association of Postal Supervisors - The draft also permits the Postal Service to reduce the delivery of first class mail to five days per week. Requires the Postal Service to deliver of packages six days per week until December 31, 2018. Obama administration’s 2015 Budget Policy recommendations for USPS updated 4-22-14  - Issa Prepares Postal Reform "Lite" - Rep. Darrell Issa (D-CA), chair of the House oversight committee, is drafting a new stripped-down postal bill that he says tracks the Obama Administration’s primary proposals for overhauling the Postal Service.  (It doesn’t, at least not entirely.)  Comments (Count)


USPS Records FY 2014 Second Quarter Loss of $1.9 Billion

Some comments in recent news reports suggest that all we need from Congress is help with restructuring our retiree health benefit plan,” said Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Joseph Corbett. “Nothing can be further from the truth. Our liabilities exceed our assets by $42 billion and we have a need for more than $10 billion to invest in new delivery vehicles, package sortation equipment, and other deferred investments. USPS Reports $1 Billion Operating Profit in First Half of Fiscal Year - So Why is Postal Management Cutting Service? | NALC Rolando: Results reconfirm the steady improvement in USPS’ finances ||  Comments (Count)


USPS seeking Reduction in Force (RIF) Administrator

USPS created news position to develop and implement policies and procedures governing the conduct of all reduction-in-force activities  Comments (Count)


CBRE CEO also serves on Board of Staples

Buried in the story is an interesting fact that no one seems to have noted before: CBRE CEO Robert Sulentic also serves on the board of Staples, a position for which he received $300,000 in 2011. “Asked whether he had played a role in the retailer’s USPS pilot program, a USPS spokesperson answered that the program ‘was solicited publicly through a [Request for Proposals].’  CBRE answered, ‘Mr. Sulentic is not involved in the day-to-day management of Staples,’ and referred questions regarding Staples’ programs to Staples   Comments (Count)


DOL Accuses USPS of Destroying Evidence in Whistleblower Case

 In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor  sued USPS for retaliating against a Safety Specialist at the Seattle, Washington P&DC. The DOL notification included an “admonishment to refrain from destroying documents or records that might be requested by OSHA. The DOL is accusing USPS for failing to preserve the records as required.  Comments (Count)



Michigan Letter Carrier Attacked By Armed Robbers While Delivering Mail at 7:15 pm - Clarification: Police say 7:15pm, news media cite 7:20pm as the time of robbery. The postal worker told police he was walking back to his mail truck when he was approached by a man who then brandished a handgun.  According to police, the gunman forced the worker to the ground and took the vehicle’s keys so he could open the rear door to the mail truck  San Francisco Mail carrier robbed  Comments (Count)


Senator Schumer to propose end to restrictions on shipping alcohol through USPS- The end of the law would generate an estimated $225 million of increased annual revenue and benefit the 12,090 postal-service jobs in upstate New York.  Comments (Count)


(Pittman) Edmond Walker Class Action EEO Against USPS Settled for $17.25 million

current and former employees in permanent rehabilitation assignments during the period March 24, 2000 to December 31, 2012.   Comments (Count)


Postal Clerks Suspended For Not Asking Hazmat Question About Perfume?

Comments (Count)


Congresswoman Norton Seeks Answers From PMG On Postal Employees Delivering Mail After Dark -

Inspector general to probe late mail delivery

 Lose a Life to Save a Dollar’  |

Video: USPS Criticized Over Third Mailman Murder Since 2010

Comments (Count)



USPS OIG Some N.J. mail carriers told to report for work during Superstorm Sandy A report by the U.S. Postal Service’s inspector general on the service’s hurricane response said managers at that post office told employees they must report for work on the day the massive, devastating storm hit, despite the fact that the facility was within a mandatory evacuation zone.But the floodwaters rose quickly, trapping several employees at the facility and requiring rescue by the Coast Guard. Comments (Count)

USPS Management Proposing A New Retirement System

Under the Postal Reorganization Act, the Postal Service is obligated to provide wages and benefits comparable to those provided in the private sector. However, Postal Service management believes that the FERS system is more costly and does not compare to retirement benefits provided in the private sector.   Comments (Count)


PMG Tells Senate: USPS in Midst of Financial Disaster, Liquidity Remains Dangerously Low financial condition is so precarious, and the legislative process is so uncertain, we’ve reached the point that we have to consider price increases above the rate of inflation,” said Donahoe. In Senate Testimony, Guffey Blasts Carper-Coburn Postal Reform Bill |



Senator McCaskill Aims for Responsible Postal Reform|


NALC: Few surprises in first of two hearings on S. 1486   Comments (Count)


GAO: USPS Proposed Health Plan Could Improve Financial Condition, but Impact on Medicare and Other Issues Should Be Weighed before Approval The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) would likely realize large financial gains from its proposed health care plan, primarily by increasing retirees’ use of Medicare. Some elements of USPS’s proposal would add uncertainties that could reduce funds available for its employees’ and retirees’ future health care. GAO: USPS Healthcare Plan Would Hurt Medicare, Postal Worker s |USPS Plan to Pull Out of Fed Health Benefits Could Cost Postal Workers USPS Plan: Make Medicare Pay Our Bills  Comments (Count)


PMG Responds to GAO Report On USPS Healthcare Plan

Post and Pa rcel - Without addressing the cost issue in a responsible way, the Postal Service may be unable to afford to provide health care benefits to retirees. Our proposal assures that we will.    Comments (Count)



November 18,  2014

PMG Donahoe, COO Brennan address employees in new video

For the first time in several years, the Postal Service has money to invest in its future, PMG Pat Donahoe says in his latest video message to employees Congress May Have One Month to Save the Postal Service   Comments (Count)


NALC files NLRB charge over USPS response to hacking

NALC may seek different or additional remedies than credit monitoring   Comments (Count)


NY Congressman Higgins Opposes Reduced USPS Service Standards

“The erosion of service standards is not only bad for customers, US businesses, and hardworking postal workers but it represents a huge step backward in an increasingly competitive delivery industry  Comments (Count)


Watford City, ND Post Office overwhelmed and understaffed leading into holidays - With the holidays fast approaching, the local Watford City Post Office is feeling the pressure of trying to adequately meet the needs of their customers with an insufficient amount of staffing and an enormous amount of mail volume.  


Video: changes make it easier for customers to use

The Postal Service is changing to make it easier for customers to use. The changes include simplifying the website’s navigation tools to focus on its most popular pages — such as mailing and shipping,  


Mail Surveillance: The Time for Secrecy Has Passed

USPS worker braves cold temperatures in Louisville, KY

Video: Thieves steal mail from over 40 mailboxes in Lake Forest Park, WA

Video: South Carolina mail carrier saves fallen woman who was outside for 3 days

The UN Has Its Own Postal Service And You Can Buy Its Awesome Stamps


November 17,  2014

USPS 911 Policy may have caused critical delays in death of Oakland Postal Worker - (Oakland, CA) No one saw how Macasieb, was injured but coworkers later said they found him lying on his back, barely conscious. According to an internal postal service report, employees didn’t call 911 right away. They proceeded to contact several supervisors and managers who then alerted the onsite postal police department, who finally contacted 911. Details in the report show that up to 53 minutes elapsed from the time Macasieb was found to when emergency medical personnel were contacted. According to the USPS, this chain of events wasn’t a mistake. It was a policy.  Comments (Count)


The Postmaster General Hangs Up His Mail Bag, With a Parting Shot at Congress - Donahoe says he believes it’s time for him to step aside, even if many of the initiatives that started on his watch are still in their early phases. But he’s just not sure he’s got the energy to keep going. “At a certain point in time, it’s time to go,” he says. “Some of these things may take three of four more years. I don’t know if I’ve got enough in the gas tank for three or four more years.”   Comments (Count)

Texas letter carrier delivers soulful musical performances
Postal Service truck traffic destroying quality of life in Portland neighborhood
Understanding USPS Delivery Performance
USPS expects stronger holiday package growth than rivals

List of hacked government agencies grows: State Department, White House, NOAA & USPS

Remote Alaska post offices face reduced hours

New Canaan Post Office: Address Unknown

USPS OIG Audit Report on Contract Postal Units (PDF) -

Gunman tries to rob postal carrier in South Carolina


November 16,  2014

USPS awards UPS a $365 million contract for air transportation services

USPS awarded UPS Worldwide Forwarding, Inc., a subsidiary of United Parcel Service (UPS), a contract  for air transportation services, both within and outside the continental United States..


USPS holding first online career fair on November 19th

Interested job seekers can get a virtual leg up on others competing in today’s challenging job market by participating in the Postal Service’s first Online Career Fair 


New York Postal Worker pleads guilty to attempted eavesdropping on co-workers

Palo Alto customers are asking, 'What's wrong with USPS?


November 15,  2014

Postal Workers Stage Protest after denied entry to USPS Board public meeting

Approximately 250 postal workers and supporters protested loudly in the lobby of Postal Service headquarters after they were denied entry to a “public” meeting of the Board of Governors’ on Nov. 14. Video: Postal Workers to Board: Stop Delaying America’s Mail! || Postal Workers Cheer Postmaster General’s Resignation, Call for Moratorium on Closings  Comments (Count)


10 Hicksville, NY VMF postal employees in trouble after caught sleeping on job

Special Agents from the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG)  raided the Hicksville, NY Vehicle Maintenance Facility early Friday morning. The VMF has been under investigation since June 2013 after receiving a tip that night shift workers were sleeping on the job. archive: Postal Worker (VMF) killed while repairing USPS truck in Hicksville, New York   Comments (Count)


Contractor critically injured after accident at USPS distribution center in Indiana

Postal Service finds Columbus woman's missing ashes

USPS Employee Arrested for Allegedly Distributing Meth On-Duty


November 14,  2014

Senator Sanders: New PMG pursued damaging proposals to cut services and eliminate jobs - “Despite increased revenues and some very positive trends, Postal Service management seems hell-bent on slowing down mail delivery which is a self-destructive path that could put it into a death spiral,” Sanders said.    Comments (Count)


USPS Board of Governors Selects Megan Brennan as 74th Postmaster General and CEO - The U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors today announced the appointment of Megan J. Brennan, the current chief operating officer of the Postal Service, as the 74th Postmaster General and CEO Postmaster General Donahoe to Retire February 2015 | NALC statement on PMG retirement; USPS 2014 financial report APWU President Mark Dimondstein Reacts to PMG retirement  Comments (Count)


USPS Reports Revenue Increase, Prefunding contributed to $5.5 Billion Loss in Fiscal Year 2014 - Due to a cyber-security intrusion that the U.S. Postal Service announced on Nov. 10, management and external auditors are currently reviewing significant financial applications to confirm that the incident did not compromise the financial data needed to file the Postal Service’s fiscal 2014 Form 10-K. NALC: Poised for Growth – A Look at USPS 2014 Financial Results U.S. Postal Service FY 2014 end of year financial results

Fayetteville police arrest postal worker for stealing mail

FedEx workers at Newark, New Jersey facility vote against joining union

Million mile mailman retires from the Logan USPS

Editorial: Stop helicopter-parenting the Postal Service


November 13,  2014

APWU wins $4.8 million settlement in 'Call Center' case

Update: The $4.8 million settlement was part of nearly $20 million arbitration award. On November 12, 2014, APWU National settled the Call Center grievance for $4,800,000.00.   Comments (Count)


Carper Questions Brennan’s Appointment as Postmaster General

In a statement lauding outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe for his service, Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) at the same time questioned the choice of Postal Service COO Megan Brennan as Donahoe’s successor. Carper: If USPS Board of Governors nominees not confirmed soon=No quorum=No postal business -Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), spoke on the Senate floor urging his colleagues to confirm the critical nominations approved by the committee and waiting for consideration on the full Senate floor including five for the USPS Board Of governors and two for the PRC..   Comments (Count)


US Postal Service Poised to Make Devastating Cuts in Service – Postal Workers to Deliver Message – ‘Stop Delaying America’s Mail’ – At 150 Protests in 50 States - Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and the USPS Board of Governors, the board that oversees the U.S. Postal Service, are poised to make devastating cuts in service to the American people – cuts so severe that they would forever damage the U.S. Postal Service. Photos: Stop Delaying America’s Mail rally | Video: Tulsa, OK Postal Workers protest |  Youngstown, OH || MI GOP State Sen. urges Congress to stop closure of Lansing || MI State Reps. Call for Halt   Comments (Count)


GAO report to Issa on USPS’s plans to manage size and cost of workforce

GAO was asked to examine USPS's plans to manage the size and cost of its workforce. This report discusses (1) actions USPS has taken since 2006 to reduce the size and cost of its workforce and the results of those actions, (2) the status of other options USPS has identified to reduce workforce costs, and (3) steps that USPS has taken to implement workforce planning.   Comments (Count)


USPS opens “Mega Passport Office” in former Long Beach, CA mail center

The U.S. Postal Service has opened a new “Mega Passport Office” at the former Long Beach Processing and Distribution Center.   Comments (Count)


House hearing will press Postal Service for more info on data breach

Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said the Postal Service knew about the hack in September, but waited until late October to confidentially brief the committee. PR: The real question is how a data breach could go on for nearly a year (Jan-Aug) and no one noticed until Sept. So employees were not made aware of data breach for 11 months.   Comments (Count)


Video: 15 postal workers hospitalized after eating leftovers from Veterans Day potluck - More than a dozen postal workers in Charlotte were hospitalized Thursday morning after eating leftovers from a company potluck dinner to honor veteran co-workers. According to company officials, 15 people were rushed to the hospital from the Charlotte Logistics and Distribution Center around 6 a.m. Thursday morning. PR: Our office catered potlucks partially due to a letter carrier getting sick.

Battle for Darrell Issa’s gavel heats up

Video: Camera catches thief stealing package from home in Houston

Semi dumps thousands of pieces of mail on Youngstown street

Unions Fight Postal Service Plans To Shutter 82 Facilities, Lower Mail Standards

Postal worker rescues 15 live baby chicks from the mail after man 'pranks' ex-girlfriend

Expert: LaPorte mailbox bomb designed to kill


November 12,  2014

APWU: Reps. Cummings, Lynch Are Latest to Request Moratorium on USPS Service Cuts - Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) and Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) are the latest in a long list of members of Congress calling for a moratorium on reductions in postal service standards and the closure of mail processing plants.   Comments (Count)


Postal Employees’ Health Care Costs Will Rise Far Less Than Originally Estimated - U.S. Postal Service employees and retirees received a scare last month when the Office of Personnel Management reported their share of their health care premiums would skyrocket nearly 19 percent in 2015. USPS, however, said the reality is not so bad.   Comments (Count)


NALC: The Latest on Letters – the Surprising Facts on Mail Volume

If you were to take a quick guess, would you say the volume of letters delivered in the last quarter by the U.S. Postal Service has risen or fallen? More than likely, most Americans would say “fallen.”  And who can blame them?  Certain members of Congress would have the American public believe that letter volume is on a swift, accelerating decline.   Comments (Count)


2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated November 7, 2014

USPS it appears can’t make up its mind about Wausau, Wisconsin P & DF moving date.   USPS Network Rationalization Consolidation  Comments (Count)


USPS Suspends Telecommuting Following Massive Data Breach

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has suspended telecommuting for employees while it works to remediate a network intrusion Video: Postal Service Hacked: Local Workers Fed Up Comments (Count)


Senator Hoeven: USPS Needs to Reevaluate Closing the Minot Mail (ND) Processing Center -  The senator called on Donahoe to adopt the report’s recommendations, including making information about proposed changes public in affected communities.  Comments (Count)


Retiring Ohio mailman carried friendship along with the mail

Ohio man plans wife’s funeral while USPS searches for lost cremated remains

Amazon will have to share Sunday delivery with competitors this holiday


November 11,  2014

Ed Show: GOP policy attacks veterans who work at the U S Postal Service

The United States Postal Services hires the largest numbers of veterans, yet their future of these jobs could be in jeopardy due to Republican policy. Ed Schultz and President of the American Postal Workers Union, Mark Dimondstein discuss.   Comments (Count)


Another Congressman requests more info from USPS on cyber attack

It appears that USPS has left Members of Congress, unions, postal employees and customers in the dark on the cyber attack. In his letter , Congressman Elijah Cummings requested information about the scope of the cyber-attack, including the types of data breached, the number of employees and customers potentially affected, findings about vulnerabilities to computer systems, and data protection improvement measures taken since discovering the breach. Congressmen want answers on why USPS waited two months to tell victims of data breach | Video: Customers react to U.S. Postal Service data hack    Comments (Count)


USPS data breach does not affect postal employees Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

USPS expecting stronger package growth than rivals at Christmas

Mail Carrier trapped inside vehicle after getting rear-ended, flipped upside down

Teamsters step up union drive at FedEx Freight, Con-way

November 10,  2014

APWU files Labor charges against USPS over lack of info on security breach

The security breach in the Postal Service’s data systems that compromised personal information about postal employees, including all active and some retired workers, is a very troubling matter. While the Postal Service has been aware of the security problems for months, they kept you and your union leadership in the dark.  USPS: the intrusion compromised call  center data submitted by customers between Jan.1, 2014 and Aug 16, 2014- for both customers and employees, we are not aware of any evidence that any of the potentially compromised information has been used to engage in any malicious activity. USPS Q & A on cyber intrusion and employee data compromise -Why were employees not told of the breach immediately after it was discovered? Communicating the breach would have put the remediation actions in jeopardy. We are unaware of any evidence that any of the compromised employee information has been used to engage in any malicious activity or to enable identity theft crimes. note: The breach also includes some RETIREES and employees who left USPS. PMG video message to employees. Video: Postmaster General’s message to employees regarding the cyber incident - Ok, but what about “These files may have also included PII for employees who left the organization anytime from May 2012 to the present.” Do former USPS employees have to wait on the 2-5 day info in the mail? USPS Statement on Cyber Intrusion Incident -The Postal Service has recently learned of a cyber security intrusion into some of our information systems. We began investigating this incident as soon as we learned of it, and we are cooperating with the investigation, which is ongoing.  Comments (Count)


OIG: USPS did not evaluate all costs in Nonmachinable Outside Parcels Pilot Program with UPS - Our objective was to evaluate costs associated with the pilot program to process NMOs using an outside contractor. In the future, we plan to evaluate productivity and efficiencies associated with NMO processing   Comments (Count)


APWU-represented postal employees to receive 1-2.5 per cent pay raise Nov. 15

APWU-represented postal employees will receive an increase in their annual salaries effective Nov. 15, which will be reflected in paychecks dated Dec. 5.  Comments (Count)


Death of Missouri letter carrier whose body was found in lake ruled suicide

The Cape Girardeau and Bollinger County Major Case Squad announced Sunday afternoon the death of a man whose body was found in a lake Saturday was a suicide. Missouri postal worker’s body found in lake   Comments (Count)


USPS soliciting suppliers of cold packs for grocery delivery

Baltimore Postal Worker Convicted Of 7-Year OWCP & Food Stamp Fraud

Video: Mail truck plummets down embankment in Pennsylvania

Video: USPS truck spills its load, sending mail all across road in Detroit

Texas rehab clinic that treated postal workers being investigated for $$millions in health care fraud


November 9,  2014

USPS National Plan to change Postal Employees work schedules starting in January 2015 - The "Realignment" deals with three parts, changing service standards to end overnight and add a day for most first class mail, closing 82 more plants, and changes to mail processing.  Comments (Count)


USPS OIG seeking supplier to provide strategies for expanding postal banking services- In laying out potential plans of action and analyzing the pros and cons of each one, the OIG aims to inform the Postal Service and other stakeholders as they consider how to move forward. Comments (Count)


Video: Mail spews onto Arkansas highway

November 8,  2014

NAPS: What the GOP Takeover of Congress Means and Postal Reform’s Future

Senator Tim Johnson, a Tea Party favorite will likely head the senate committee on USPS. Johnson preferred that the Postal Service undergo bankruptcy. This new alignment will potentially affect the Postal Service and the shape of federal pay and workforce benefits, to the likely detriment of postal workers like high 3 for retirement.   Comments (Count)


Veterans Day free meals and deals for veterans 2014

Georgia postal worker reports being robbed while delivering mail

Video: Caught on Camera: woman stealing mail from mailbox

Video: Package sent USPS containing thousands of childhood pictures goes missing

Video: Neighbors fed up with cluster mailbox vandalism


November 7,  2014


Houston, TX- Postal inspectors are investigating what caused a worker to fall to his death. The postal worker was in the process of delivering mail.   Comments (Count)


Mail Handlers Union Prevails in Lead Clerk National Arbitration

We are extremely pleased to announce that the NPMHU has prevailed in its National arbitration against the Postal Service over the ability of the Postal Service to allow Lead Clerks to supervise or in any way to assign or direct the work of members of the Mail Handler craft.  Comments (Count)


Postal Worker planning to retire next month after 41 years hit by car near work

The 72-year old victim has just put in his notice to retire at the end of the year. The postal clerk has been with the U.S. Postal Service for 41 years.   Comments (Count)


APWU files lawsuit against PRC for all records on USPS-Staples deal

APWU filed a lawsuit  on November 4, 2014 in the U.S. District Court against the Postal .Regulatory Commission (PRC). APWU is requesting the immediate release of all information pertaining to USPS/Staples deal.  Comments (Count)


OPM Disability Retirement: Securing a Future

 by Robert R. McGill - When a medical condition mandates change, the thought of altering the daily routine of life becomes exponentially difficult, precisely because such shifting of goals was not a voluntary act, but one imposed from somewhere else.  Often, for the Federal employee or the U.S. Postal worker who begins to suffer from a progressively deteriorating medical condition, thoughts of impending future doom, loss of income, reverberating impact upon family, social status and financial and economic instability, becomes overwhelming.  Comments (Count)


Video: Pocatello, ID mail distribution center to close

Amid tightening budgets, USPS uses IT to cut costs

Village Post Offices debut in Sonoma County

Woodland letter carrier drives one million miles accident-free


November 6,  2014

Setting the record straight: USPS says New York Times article on mail monitoring is ‘inaccurate’ - The New York Times article titled ‘Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in U.S.’ published on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 is extremely disappointing.  In our view the article is inaccurate and unfairly presents a one sided version of the facts.  Comments (Count)


USPS to deliver packages seven days a week during holidays

The Postal Service kicked off the holiday shipping season today by announcing that it will be delivering packages seven days a week in major cities and high volume areas starting Nov. 17 through Christmas Day in response to expected double-digit package volume growth  Comments (Count)


Judge halts sale of Berkeley Post Office....for now

The city of Berkeley filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the United States Postal Service, alleging that it took steps toward selling the Berkeley Post Office before publicly evaluating historic impacts as required.  Comments (Count)


Virginia NALC branch president charged with embezzling union funds

Three people arrested in 2 attacks on New York mail carrier, postal truck

Sidewalk savior: Pennsylvania letter carrier helps man and his dog

Postal Service’s open season site is now live

New York letter carrier accused of opening mail, keeping contents

South Dakota APWU Treasurer indicted for embezzlement

Limited Edition Forever Stamps depict Rudolph, Hermey, Santa and Bumble


November 5,  2014

Postal Employees: Restricted Sick Leave & “Deems Desirable”

by J.R. Pritchett, Employee Advocate- Have you ever heard of “Restricted Sick Leave”? If so, it’s probably been a very long time. Have you ever heard of anyone actually on Restricted Sick Leave? Probably not! Comments (Count)


NALC President Rolando: After the midterms, letter carriers’ resolve remains strong - With yesterday’s election, voters have spoken clearly about the direction they want this country to take, a direction that has resulted in a shift of power in Washington, DC. Come January, Republicans will hold the majority in the Senate and will have an even stronger hold on the House of Representatives.   Comments (Count)


After election, unions brace for attacks on pay, retirement benefits

The next few years will be tough for federal employees as Congress tries harder to cut federal pay and benefits, according to union leaders.Colleen Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, said she is concerned that the new Congress will try to cut federal retirement benefits and reduce the size of the workforce.Kelley also cited an Oct. 29 letter from Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., asking the Congressional Budget Office to weigh various retirement benefit changes as a cause for concern  Comments (Count)


Amazon testing taxis for packages deliveries

If you're looking for a reason why people aren't voting today, look at the Postal Service

All Mail Handlers to Receive Guaranteed Wage Increase Effective Nov 15, 2014

Reward offered after Schenectady, NY mail carrier assault



November 4,  2014

Well, The Republicans have control of the House and Senate

A sad day for working people everywhere. It's even a worse day for postal workers. One of the ideas that has been kicked around is hiring college students (like Fedex) to work during the periods of heavy mail volume.  Comments (Count)


Wisconsin postal worker killed in rollover crash

The SUV crossed the roadway and left the roadway to the left, entering a steep ditch and cornfield and overturned, ejecting the rural carrier from the vehicle  Comments (Count)


Video: USPS Holiday TV ad debuts

FedEx Freight Workers In New Jersey Vote To Join Teamsters Union

USPS: Postal Inspectors ‘don’t play around’- Three postal robbers sentenced

NPMHU: Postal Unions Prepare for National Day of Action – November 14, 2014

Video: Wisconsin postal worker’s dumping of 3 GOP campaign mailers was not politically motivated

Five JFK Airport workers accused of stealing over $27,000 in money orders from the mail


November 3,  2014

USPS looking for suppliers to provide national on-site sign language interpreting services - USPS is dedicated to providing sign language interpreting services for its deaf and hard of hearing employees in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


New mailbox-marking program to keep an eye on seniors in Marion

Soon the mailboxes of senior citizens who request it will be marked to allow postal carriers to determine that the resident is elderly and may need help. The notice will say that if there is three days of accumulated mail in the box, the letter carrier should call the Marion Council on Aging.


10 Races Federal Employees Should Watch on Election Day

There is, therefore, a lot at stake for feds in Tuesday’s midterm elections. If Republicans take control of the Senate, as most prognosticators anticipate, they will head up all the committees currently led by Democrats. What new faces will be making the decisions affecting federal employees come 2015? Which figures long known to feds will no longer be around? NALC: Voting rules for USPS employees Delivering the vote: USPS prepares for Election Day  Comments (Count)


Woman breaks into post office to ‘play house,’ investigators say

Postal worker whose cat video went viral to appear on 'Rachael Ray Show'

Is This Not News?

Will you be doing your online shopping earlier this season?

Internal Controls and Transportation Associated with the Dallas, TX, MTESC

TSP Funds Rebound in October

Donahoe Signals Change of Heart on Weekend Deliveries

Mail carrier investigated over allegations of dumping GOP political mailers

Proof of election fatigue found in Anchorage post offices

Thieves ‘Fish’ for Mail in Post Office Collection Boxes

Video: Burbank, CA police hunt 2 home invasion robbers who allegedly posed as mail carriers

Ketchikan postal worker retires after 31 years

Controversy Simmers Over Putting Corporate Sponsors and Celebrities on Stamps

It takes a Village Post Office, but for what?

Northfield letter carrier Tom Kotula retires

Carriers Forecast Record Holiday Season Volume


November 2,  2014

Berkeley Rallies One More Time to Save the Post Office

It looks very much like the much-touted “negotiations” which were supposedly taking place between Mayor Bates and the Postal Service executives were just a stalling maneuver until the right buyer could be found. I wish I could say I was surprised.


Jumping beans in package prompt bomb scare


November 1,  2014

2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated October 31, 2014

A lot of changes in this update of USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule. Some dates for closing plants have been moved up or back by several months Comments (Count)


Postal Protesters Criminal Charges Dismissed

Does the Postal Service protect privacy?

Polar express mail: Press asking for letters to Santa Claus

October 31,  2014

NSA, Move Over: The Postal Service is America's New Privacy Problem

Kentucky woman charged with breaking into PO boxes


October 30,  2014

Postal workers awarded for safe driving

Familiar Granville post office personality retires

Village Post Office (VPO) to Open in Henry County


October 29,  2014

Open season for USPS employees health benefits begins in November

North Carolina letter carrier charged with selling drugs while on duty

USPS Provides Holiday Shipping Tips and 2014 Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Postal Service expects 14% surge in holiday deliveries

Ex-firefighter sentenced to two months in jail for racially charged attack on mailman


October 28,  2014

USPS OIG Report Reveals Wider Monitoring of Mail in U.S.

The audit found that in many cases the Postal Service approved requests to monitor an individual’s mail without adequately describing the reason or having proper written authorization. Video: How the Postal Service is helping monitor snail mail  | Tracking the Postal Surveillance System


Frenemies: UPS, FedEx & the Post Office

If you are anything like me, you may have thought to yourself, “If the Post Office goes under, I’ll just ship things via UPS/FedEx. What’s the big deal?” 


APWU, USPS Settle Custodial Subcontracting Dispute

The APWU and Postal Service have reached an agreement that prohibits management from subcontracting cleaning services based on an employee’s voluntarily transfer from an office where USPS custodians are employed.


Expect Mail Delays After Closure of USPS Mail Processing Center in Tucson, AZ

In a report, the office of the inspector general wrote that the service didn’t study how service would be affected, or adequately inform the public of its plans. Sarah Ninivaggi, a public relations representative with the Postal Service, said the closures will go ahead, but impact studies – including one on Cherrybell – will be conducted starting in January. Overnight Delivery To Come To An End with Postal Service Changes  


Video: Tireless Columbus, OH Postal Worker Retiring After 58 Years on the Job

Moses Jamison has worked with the US Postal Service in Columbus for 58 years. Jamison says in that time, he’s seen just about anything you can imagine being shipped. 


USPS: Steps Postal Employees should take responding to customer complaints

There are several steps employees should take to address customer complaints about USPS products and services. “How we respond to our customers matters,” said Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec. “They deserve to have their concerns handled in an appropriate, professional and timely manner. This demonstrates we value their business.”


USPS: National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Ohio: Postal LLV flipped on its side after being rear-ended

USPS Board Of Governors meeting on Nov. 14th open to public

USPS OIG investigating theft of Dayton mail by contracted truck driver


October 27,  2014

GAO: U.S. Postal Service: Information on Recent Changes to Delivery Standards, Operations, and Performance - The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) revised its delivery standards, which has generally increased delivery time for some First-Class Mail and Periodicals from 1 day to 2 days, notably by reducing mail with a 1-day standard. Carper: New GAO Report Finds Cuts to Operations, Service Delay Mail DeliverySenator Tester statement on GAO Postal Service report GAO: Montana mail service has suffered since 2011 cutbacks


Company files layoff notice for 261 employees at USPS Bolger Center in Maryland - Dolce International, the hospitality company that manages the U.S. Postal Service-owned conference center, filed notice of the layoffs on Oct 22nd. New management company at USPS Bolger conference center in Maryland


eNAPUS: Elections Really Matter!

With slightly more than a week before the November 4 Congressional elections, it is abundantly clear that political ground zero will be the fight to control the U.S. Senate. 


NALC election results announced

The National Election Committee, appointed at the 2014 NALC Biennial Convention in Philadelphia to conduct the election of national officers of the NALC for four-year terms, has announced the results of the election. NALC President Fredric Rolando and Executive Vice President Timothy C. O’Malley were re-elected following the nationwide vote. 


The USPS Studies Potential Income Growth Posed by 3D Printing

Iowa postmaster charged with stealing prescription drugs from mail


October 26,  2014

USPS Executive Q&A: Postal Service is operationally profitable but still needs Congress

- Jeff Williamson, chief human resource officer and executive vice president for the Postal Service, was in Madison recently where he met with commercial customers from some area businesses. He took time after the meeting to answer a few questions.   Comments (Count)


UPS might levy surcharges or turn away packages if retailers exceed holiday shipping quotas - UPS might levy surcharges or even turn away some holiday shipments this year if retailers surprise the delivery giant by dropping off more packages than they had planned.  Comments (Count)


Suspicious envelopes found at Florida Post Office

How FedEx is trying to save the business model that saved it millions


October 25,  2014

Photos: Letter carrier, wearing gloves and masks, delivers to apartment building of Ebola patient Dr. Craig Spencer in New York

USPS Hiring in Washington State and Northern Idaho

Auditor warns of mail delays in Tucson
North Houston Post Office Burglarized

Campaigns look to more cost-effective direct mail options


October 24,  2014

Sale of Berkeley Post Office Rumored to Be in Escrow: City Initiates Lawsuit

California: The name of the purchaser is still secret, although there have been rumors that it is a Berkeley developer. Berkeley has not been informed by the USPS who the purchaser may be  Comments (Count)


Tennessee postal employee sentenced to prison for stealing meds from Vets

The mail handler stole thousands of dollars in medication from Armed Forces veterans throughout the region. The mail handler was also stealing items from parcels. In other 'people who are going to prison news' Three Houston Men Head to Prison for Robbery of Postal Vehicle - Inside man: The men pleaded guilty or found guilty for planning the robbery of a contract postal vehicle. The three men had received information that the vehicle contained more than $2 million in cash and valuables. NJ postal worker helps with second case against man charged with mailing fraudulent invoices to over 73,000 schools and colleges   Comments (Count)


Major postal centers hiring in Dakotas and Montana

Canada converts 100,000 customers to cluster boxes, only 4.9 million to go

Postal unions continue fight plant-closure battle in Kokomo, IN

Small post office in Washington State searching for new postmaster

Winter Fun and Global Wreath Forever Stamps Celebrate Holiday Mailings

Postal Service Truck Hits Woman in Wheelchair


October 23,  2014

USPS gets approval for ‘customized delivery’ market test of groceries, other prepackaged goods - On September 23, 2014, the Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) announcing its intent to conduct a market test of an experimental product called Customized Delivery. Customized Delivery is a package delivery service offering that will provide customers with delivery of groceries and other prepackaged goods, primarily during a 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. delivery window.   Comments (Count)


FMLA confidentiality provisions supersede OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements In a recent decision, the Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission held that the confidentiality provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) supersede OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements Comments (Count)


Video: Mail theft in Denver caught on camera

Police have arrested a woman who is believed to have been stealing mail in the Highlands area 


Pennsylvania postmaster sentenced for stealing mail, money

USPS: Customers should know the facts about COA services

Pit bull breaks through screen door, attacks female postal worker in Chicago suburb

Postmaster General Wins Dubious Publishing Honor

Final Coburn 'Wastebook' Hits Postal Service

Shandon residents say issues with the mail have gotten out of control

Iowa post office building at risk of collapse after construction accident


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