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Colorful Pay and Holiday Postal Calendar for 2014 (PDF)

Thanks to Jim Edwards, Bloomington IL Area APWU Local 228 for sharing calendar with PostalReporter readers. The easy to read colorful calendar shows paydates, pay periods and holidays.


Website Displays Postal Employees Names, Salaries, Position, Date Hired And Work Facility
FSS Deployment Schedule
Flat Sequencing System Photos, Deployment Schedule By Zip Code and More..
Postal Employee Legal Cases


News from Postalblog

USPS Fights Federal Agency and Foreign Business in latest Trademark cases USPS files petition to protect its brand and files protest against federal agency’s attempt to register “post office”  Comments (Count)


CBRE CEO also serves on Board of Staples

Buried in the story is an interesting fact that no one seems to have noted before: CBRE CEO Robert Sulentic also serves on the board of Staples, a position for which he received $300,000 in 2011. “Asked whether he had played a role in the retailer’s USPS pilot program, a USPS spokesperson answered that the program ‘was solicited publicly through a [Request for Proposals].’  CBRE answered, ‘Mr. Sulentic is not involved in the day-to-day management of Staples,’ and referred questions regarding Staples’ programs to Staples   Comments (Count)


DOL Accuses USPS of Destroying Evidence in Whistleblower Case

 In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor  sued USPS for retaliating against a Safety Specialist at the Seattle, Washington P&DC. The DOL notification included an “admonishment to refrain from destroying documents or records that might be requested by OSHA. The DOL is accusing USPS for failing to preserve the records as required.  Comments (Count)



Michigan Letter Carrier Attacked By Armed Robbers While Delivering Mail at 7:15 pm - Clarification: Police say 7:15pm, news media cite 7:20pm as the time of robbery. The postal worker told police he was walking back to his mail truck when he was approached by a man who then brandished a handgun.  According to police, the gunman forced the worker to the ground and took the vehicle’s keys so he could open the rear door to the mail truck  San Francisco Mail carrier robbed  Comments (Count)


Senator Schumer to propose end to restrictions on shipping alcohol through USPS- The end of the law would generate an estimated $225 million of increased annual revenue and benefit the 12,090 postal-service jobs in upstate New York.  Comments (Count)


USPS OIG Some N.J. mail carriers told to report for work during Superstorm Sandy A report by the U.S. Postal Service’s inspector general on the service’s hurricane response said managers at that post office told employees they must report for work on the day the massive, devastating storm hit, despite the fact that the facility was within a mandatory evacuation zone.But the floodwaters rose quickly, trapping several employees at the facility and requiring rescue by the Coast Guard. Comments (Count)

USPS Management Proposing A New Retirement System

Under the Postal Reorganization Act, the Postal Service is obligated to provide wages and benefits comparable to those provided in the private sector. However, Postal Service management believes that the FERS system is more costly and does not compare to retirement benefits provided in the private sector.   Comments (Count)


PMG Tells Senate: USPS in Midst of Financial Disaster, Liquidity Remains Dangerously Low financial condition is so precarious, and the legislative process is so uncertain, we’ve reached the point that we have to consider price increases above the rate of inflation,” said Donahoe. In Senate Testimony, Guffey Blasts Carper-Coburn Postal Reform Bill |



Senator McCaskill Aims for Responsible Postal Reform|


NALC: Few surprises in first of two hearings on S. 1486   Comments (Count)


GAO: USPS Proposed Health Plan Could Improve Financial Condition, but Impact on Medicare and Other Issues Should Be Weighed before Approval The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) would likely realize large financial gains from its proposed health care plan, primarily by increasing retirees’ use of Medicare. Some elements of USPS’s proposal would add uncertainties that could reduce funds available for its employees’ and retirees’ future health care. GAO: USPS Healthcare Plan Would Hurt Medicare, Postal Worker s |USPS Plan to Pull Out of Fed Health Benefits Could Cost Postal Workers USPS Plan: Make Medicare Pay Our Bills  Comments (Count)


PMG Responds to GAO Report On USPS Healthcare Plan

Post and Pa rcel - Without addressing the cost issue in a responsible way, the Postal Service may be unable to afford to provide health care benefits to retirees. Our proposal assures that we will.    Comments (Count)


USPS Seeking National Contract for Rental, Leasing of Minivans & Cargo Vans

According to USPS: Presently, there are not sufficient capital funds to purchase new equipment.  Comments (Count)


USPS Loss For January 2013 $437 Million -- Year To Date loss for FY 2013 $1.7 billion -  USPS reported a net operating loss of $437 million for the month of January 2013.  Comments (Count)


USPS To Close Wichita Remote Encoding Center --797 employees affected

The U.S. Postal Service today announced the Wichita Remote Encoding Center (REC)  will close no sooner than September of 2013, as technology enhancements have made the need for RECs virtually obsolete.   Comments (Count)



USPS to Launch New Product Line of Apparel and Accessories

The agreement leverages Postal Service intellectual property by introducing the Rain Heat & Snow brand of apparel and accessory products.  Comments (Count)


USPS spending $2.2 million to send execs to National Postal Forum

Documents obtained by MacFarlane show the event will cost the agency approximately $2.2 million, including travel and $220,000 for exhibit space. Postal Service Defends Pricey Conference| The National Postal Forum Is NOT a Party | Lawmakers demanding answers over postal conference | Video from KTVU 2: :USPS conference   Comments (Count)


April  30, 2014

30 Members of California House Delegation Urge PMG To Reject USPS-Staples Pilot Program - Members of the California Delegation sent a letter today urging U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to reject the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) recent pilot program with Staples office supply chain Staples Protest is not just about the jobs of postal workers; it’s saving middle-class jobs  Comments (Count)


Video: Chicks die while being shipped to Naples post office

African-American Postal League United for Success Celebrating 27 Years

Queens mailman helps residents from burning building and then returns to route

How The U.S. Postal Service Crushed an Innovative Startup

Carrier honored for detecting gas link

Reward of $10k Offered In Attack On Florida Letter Carrier

Postmaster General: 'The American Citizens Aren't Our Customers'

Vanishing Americana: The Rural Post Office

Post Office is Driving Away Customers

Postal Worker Accused of Assaulting Customer

Good Paying Jobs: Work for the Milwaukee Post Office


April  29, 2014

Federal-Postal Coalition Launches Facebook Campaign to Showcase #FedServiceDreams - The Federal-Postal Coalition (FPC) today launched the "What Dreams Are Made Of..." online initiative to push back against the negative stereotype of government employees.  Comments (Count)


Photo: It’s called load leveling

Missouri Mail Handlers Local President Indicted for embezzling over $40,000

2 Deaf Guys Launch Online Postal Mail Scanning and Forwarding Services Worldwide

Video: FedEx Workplace Shooting Results in Multiple Injuries

Don't Mess With Package Delivery, Say USPS Customers

Future of Ono Post Office in Doubt

Mailers Ask Court to Deny USPS Motion


April  28, 2014

Man is charged with threatening postal carrier with knife

Postal Unions endorsed GOP NY Congressman indicted on 20 counts

Aurora postal employee honored as 'superhero' 

USPS Workers Protest Staples... But They Should Be Protesting the Unions 

Shrewsbury postal employees beg for your help over "management nightmare

Retirements could leave Postal Service with gaps in leadership, watchdog warns

US Postal Service Strikes News Delivery Again

Mail today, gone tomorrow

Video: Postal Worker, a victim of hit-and-run driver gets life-changing renovation

Postal Service makes improvements in Bismarck 

Postscript: Architect of USPS Banking Proposal Speaks Out 

Taxpayers pick up Congress' tab for more than snail mail 


April  27, 2014

A Postal Service reform on which nearly everyone agrees: Ending Saturday delivery - Even if election-year politics were not paralyzing Congress, it would be hard to pass a major reform of the U.S. Postal Service. Heaven knows the USPS needs an overhaul: It’s losing customers and billions of dollars per year, Yet postal unions, bulk mailers, rural communities and other “stakeholders,” as special-interest groups are now known in Washington, have lobbied successfully against change.More important, perhaps, ending Saturday delivery is one of the few substantial reforms that enjoys widespread, bipartisan support. President Obama wants it. Mr. Issa is in favor. A Senate committee has already passed a bill, by a vote of 9 to 1, that would allow USPS to end Saturday delivery.Last but certainly not least, the American public seems quite willing to sacrifice Saturday mail in the cause of postal solvencyLetter: Postal Service shouldn’t eliminate Saturday delivery  Comments (Count)

USPS uses marker/ crayon on sign to announce closure of Iowa PO

April  26, 2014

Video: Springfield MO police, letter carrier describe knifepoint ordeal

Springfield Police officers had to pull their weapons to disarm a man who briefly held a postal carrier at knifepoint. Police say the postal carrier happened upon the man ...The carrier told police the man then turned on him and held a knife to his throat and demanded he open the business for him. Video: Pennsylvania Mailman Caught in Crossfire   Comments (Count)


Meet The Real Amazon Drones

These particular drivers work under a system that shifts the costs associated with employment away from the company and onto the worker. In this arrangement, a busted transmission can be the difference between putting food on the table and being out of a job. That's partly why the service is so cheap for retailers, and, ultimately, for customers as well. For starters, a delivery company using independent contractors avoids paying payroll or unemployment taxes, workers' comp, health coverage and a 401(k). Such companies also aren't obliged to pay workers overtime under federal law, meaning no time and a half when the delivery day stretches into a 12-hour shift. And since they pay drivers on a per-delivery basis, they don't owe them anything for non-delivery work, like loading the van at the warehouse before hitting the road, a task that can take up to two hours. The arrangement also makes it virtually impossible for the drivers to unionize since they're non-employees. Comments (Count)


Postal manpower: Supervisor's wife says husband delivers mail with no help but carriers make more money - I would like to comment on the recent complaints about the post office, being the wife of a postal supervisor. My husband works 12 or more hours a day, six days a week. His job is supervisor of delivery at a station. He does not get paid overtime, only straight time, yet he is not salaried. Even though he delivers mail when he has no help, the mail carriers make more money than he does because they are entitled to time and a half.  Comments (Count)

Life made easier: Joint replacement surgery can prolong postal career 

Letter carrier honored for helping stroke victim 

Bethesda postmaster set to retire 

Postal employees are using mPOS  to cut down on wait times

April  25, 2014

Postal Unions, Teachers Turn Up the Heat on Staples

When we were hired, we took an oath to protect the sanctity of the mail,” said Diane Erlanger, an APWU delegate and sales service associate at the post office. Staples won’t give the same rigorous training, she said. “Packages will be put in unsecured places... It’s just a business to them. For us it’s a service to the American people. ”Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe claims his goal is to expand the public’s access to postal services—but if so, the rest of his behavior is a funny way to show it. He cut the deal with Staples while continuing to push wave after wave of closures of post offices and mail plants, despite local outcry in many affected areas, and he keeps trying to end Saturday delivery.It’s evident his plan is to substitute private Staples counters for public post offices—not supplement them. Soon, “you’re going to go to your local post office and find a sign on the door: ‘We’re closed, go to the nearest Staples,” said  NALC Branch 36 President Charlie Heege.  Comments (Count)


USPS Chief Marketing Officer Manabe speech raising eyebrows

The woman who supervises the stamp program at the United States Postal Service is once again raising eyebrows. - ...the chief marketing officer of the USPS announced that the federal agency is “actively looking for ways to build new business lines around what not long ago might have been considered science fiction,”  Manabe went on to describe some marketing ideas that have been widely discussed, such as delivering groceries and other goods on a same-day basis.  Manabe’s speech appears to be at odds with “key aspects” of the USPS’s privacy policy, as posted on the website.  Comments (Count)


Social Security Administration to resume benefits statement mailings

Paper Social Security benefits statements, which used to be mailed out every year and then fell victim to budget cuts, are going to make a partial comeback. The SSA stopped mailing most paper statements in 2011 in response to budget pressures. But the decision has been a sore point with some critics, who argue the statement provides a valuable annual reminder to workers of what they can expect to get back from payroll taxes in the future. A bipartisan effort by Reps. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) and Mike Michaud (D-Maine) seeks to reverse federal initiatives that eliminate paper-based information and services.   Comments (Count)


Postal Worker Popped With Pipe, Robbed of Master Keys

a letter carrier, a 20 year veteran, say the thieves came from behind, hit the postal worker on the head with a metal pipe, and got away with some of the mailman’s keys. Reward offered in postal employee robbery  Comments (Count)


Ladies Home Journal to Fold After 131 Years in Print

Red, White and Blue Forever Stamps Unfurled Today With Global Forever Stamp

Amazon Testing Its Own Parcel Delivery Network
USPS Files Motion to Delay Exigency Reporting


April  24, 2014

Stop Staples! Postal Workers, Supporters Protest Across Country

APWU members and supporters ramped up the fight to Stop Staples and its bid to open postal counters in 1,500 stores nationwide at events across the country on April 24, a National Day of Action. Protests were held in 56 locations in 27 states. Photos: Workers protest Postal Service’s deal with Staples  Comments (Count)


Issa Postal Reform bill discussion allows residents to pay ‘fee’ to continue door to door delivery - National Association of Postal Supervisors - The draft also permits the Postal Service to reduce the delivery of first class mail to five days per week. Requires the Postal Service to deliver of packages six days per week until December 31, 2018. Obama administration’s 2015 Budget Policy recommendations for USPS updated 4-22-14  - Issa Prepares Postal Reform "Lite" - Rep. Darrell Issa (D-CA), chair of the House oversight committee, is drafting a new stripped-down postal bill that he says tracks the Obama Administration’s primary proposals for overhauling the Postal Service.  (It doesn’t, at least not entirely.)  Comments (Count)


Video: PMG reports on legislative reform, PostPlan, load leveling

Donahoe reports the White House and key decision makers in the House appear to share support for major reforms. He is hopeful that agreement in such proposals as reducing mail delivery from six to five days each week and reimbursing USPS for retirement payments will help promote congressional consensus on a bill.  Comments (Count)


Raccoon in the mailbox left him a little hesitant

Postal Service defends Hoboken Direct Mail service: Letter

$10,000 offered for info in Milwaukee post office robbery
Fire Rips Through New Jersey Post Office

Video: Post Office Lazy Mailman Special Handling in Raleigh NC 27609

April  23, 2014

Video: Postmaster General discusses the future of the Postal Service

Now there are new strategies and new partnerships in place to keep the US Postal Service going. Video: Stabilizing the U.S. Postal Service Comments (Count)


Postal Workers to Protest Privatization At More than 50 Staples Stores in 27 States on April 24 - Thousands of members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and community activists will engage in National Day of Action on Thursday, April 24, to protest the Postal Service’s sweetheart deal with Staples that is moving mail service into Staples stores Union Blasts Staples-Run Postal Outlets Comments (Count)


APWU Nurses Approve Contract

The US Healthcare System vs The US Postal Service

Police: Alert mail carrier, neighbor help stop burglaries

Ohio man accused of groping postal carrier

Video: Pittsburgh Residents Tired Of Mail Mix-Ups

APWU: Questions and Answers on Filling Residual Vacancies

Owner fined $3,000 after dog bites PA mailman


April  22, 2014

Senators say USPS mPOS devices will improve customer service in 6 North Dakota locations - Senators John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp announced that USPS will this week bring Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices to six locations in North Dakota. Comments (Count)


Video: Postal Workers show support for mail carrier who died after house fire

Mail carriers and other postal workers showed their support for a colleague who died after a house fire, at a memorial service on Monday. Authorities said 13-year mail carrier died from carbon monoxide poisoning last week after a fire at her home.  Comments (Count)


Kentucky postal employee gets prison for destroying, hiding 45,000 pieces of mail - Former postal worker  admitted to storing at least 44,900 pieces of mail at his deceased mother's home and at rented storage facilities.  (Comments (Count)


East St. Louis Post Office Supervisor Pleads Guilty To Stealing Packages

USPS implements new Policies and procedures for deaf and hearing-impaired

USPS responds to letter to editor at eCommerceBytes on tracking

April  21, 2014

USPS Scheme Overturned- ‘Rescoring’ of Promotion Exams Violated Contract, Arbitrator Rules - An outrageous management ploy was overturned on April 16, when an arbitrator ruled [PDF] that the USPS violated the contract when it retroactively changed the passing score on promotion eligibility exams in the summer of 2009, Maintenance Craft Director Steve Raymer has announced. Comments (Count)


OIG: USPS does not track sales or know how many historic properties it owns

The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued two reports on the U.S. Postal Service’s contract with CBRE Group, Inc. This report, which addresses the Postal Service’s historic properties, is the third in a series evaluating Postal Service real estate management. Comments (Count)


OIG White Paper: A strong Social Media strategy could help USPS remain competitive in digital age -A strong social media strategy could help the Postal Service remain competitive in the digital age by better responding to changing communication needs, improving the customer experience, creating value through social commerce, and cutting costs.  Comments (Count)



Postal Service overhaul remains tenuous as Issa considers plans for new bill
Washington Post- Rep. Darrell Issa may introduce a U.S. Postal Service overhaul bill next week that more closely tracks with a White House plan, a move that the California Republican hopes will help rally more Democrats, congressional aides say. With the clock ticking on his tenure as chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committe e, Issa may introduce the bill as soon as next week, when Congress returns from its break.  Senate postal bill would cut workers comp for feds across the government | Postal Service overhaul expected to appeal to Dems Comments (Count)

USPS clarifies policy regarding salary protection for EAS employees impacted by DUO and POStPlan-  This memo addresses and clarifies Postal Service policy regarding salary protection for non bargaining employees impacted by Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) and POStPlan.  Comments (Count)


Video: Kentucky Postal Worker Caught On Camera Throwing Packages

The postal worker was caught throwing packages on the homeowner’s drive-way Saturday morning. In the video, you can hear the packages hit the ground. -Comments (Count)


Postal Service Officially Reveals Harvey Milk Stamp Image

Man charged after hit-and-run involving postal worker’s vehicle

Newspaper Industry Takes It on the Chin, Again

Traditional mail remains popular, especially in wealthier home

Rolando: Postal Service isn't as wasteful as critics say -- it's a national treasure

Bamboozled: Postal customer says he didn't get what he paid for with EDDM, wants to set up a sting 


April  20, 2014

Yesteryears: When it came to making post office a welcoming place, veteran clerk delivered
TV Review: ‘Signed, Sealed’ delivers a sweet message


April  19, 2014

How Are BAIN Capital, The Staples CEO, and The USPS All Connected?

New Hampshire Labor News - Senator Bernie Sanders told me and other union members last weekend that if conservative ideologues get control of our government, then the Postal Service would be privatized in five minutes. This privatization will put all postal employees’ jobs/retirements in peril and eliminate our country’s most trusted government service that millions of people depend on. It seems like the USPS – Staples partnership may be the first step toward that outcome.    Comments (Count)


Video: Protesters use postcards to oppose Postal Service’s use of private trucking

To Increase Productivity, UPS Monitors Drivers' Every Move

Video: Rural Postal Problem – 17 families without mail service in Salina, Kansas

Video: Thieves Targeting South Florida Mailboxes for Tax Refunds

Gasoline reported stolen from postal vans in Paris, Texas

Rutland Residents Fight Reduction in Post Office Hours

Canada: Letter carriers ponder life off route 


April  18, 2014

USPS responds to erroneous report that it hoards ammunition

USPS responds to report(s) that it is stocking up on ammunition. This subject matter has taken on a life of its own. Earlier this year USPS posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website.  The notice simply said that  the "United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition." Comments (Count)


Anchorage Postal Worker Charged With $334K Workers Comp Fraud

Mississippi Postal Support Employee Indicted for stealing $7,000 in postal funds

Montana postal contractor gets probation for failing to deposit $70K in employee benefit plan

Kentucky postal worker pleads guilty to federal drug and theft charges

Video: Mail Pallets Fall Off Truck In Hollywood


April  17, 2014

New York Congressman to introduce Bill to Force USPS to Halt Sales of Historic Post Offices  - Today the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) issued a scathing report on the actions and processes employed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in selling off their inventory of historic post offices across the country, and made several recommendations to improve the process. One of key recommendations of the report, which was mandated by Congressman José E. Serrano in a recent appropriations bill, called on the USPS to halt all sales of historic properties until the Postal Service has adequately implemented the recommendations in the report. Our historic post offices should not be for sale, period!  | Advisory Council says USPS should suspend any further actions on Historic Post Offices - The report results from congressional concerns that the USPS may not be fully meeting the requirements of Section 106 and other sections of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) when closing and disposing of historic post offices.  Comments (Count)


Minnesota woman sentenced to prison AGAIN for post office bomb threats

The woman pleaded guilty in November 2013. In her plea agreement, she admitted sending the letters to Minnesota post offices. In 2010, she was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for threatening to bomb Minnesota post offices.  Comments (Count)


USPS cancels $3.05 million deal to sell the Half Moon Bay post office

The U.S. Postal Service has canceled a $3.05 million deal to sell the Half Moon Bay branch office to a local art dealer, halting the sale just days before it was to be completed.Postal officials explained they had a change of heart over plans to downsize and rent out a smaller space in the large Half Moon Bay building. Instead they intend to keep the facility along Stone Pine Road as the central distribution hub for the Coastside.  Comments (Count)


Video: APWU President and Ed Schultz discuss impact of USPS -Staples deal

A new partnership between the U.S. Postal Service and corporate giant Staples could be detrimental to union workers. Ed Schultz and Mark Dimondstein discuss the impact. A New Postal Union Leader Really Doesn't Want Mail Sent From Staples | Postal Union Fights Staples Partnership: 'A Big Step Toward Privatization'   Comments (Count)


PostalReporter NewsBits – April 17, 2014

Pennsylvania Postmaster Sentenced to House Arrest for theft of $13,255

West Virginia letter carrier rescues woman from creek

California’s only river route floats Delta mail carrier’s boat
Dickinson County residents want mail service restored

Suspect sought in Milwaukee post office robbery

Scammers using fake USPS emails to steal personal information

Nerves on edge in Chattanooga as mystery box stirs fear 

Is 5-Day Delivery USPS's Way of Saying It's Giving Up on Mail?

South Carolina postal employees intercept mail from fraudulent work-at-home scam

Photo: USPS truck promoting Mail Boxes in DC 1916

April  16, 2014

USPS wants to mine and sell data about your mail

 The United States Postal Service is looking to get in on the big-data-for-profit game played by tech giants like Facebook and Google, and begin mining and selling private data gathered from personal mail sent from and received by Americans everywhere.  Comments (Count)


Panic at the Post Office as Hundreds fail to file tax returns on time

Many expected post offices to stay open until midnight, rather than close at 5pm  Comments (Count)


NNA, mailers group says PRC erred by allowing postal rate increase

Retired postal worker picks $1M winner

Man Finally Receives Postcard Sent in 1940

Florida Postal Clerk admits stealing gift cards from mail

A Post Office Lifer's 7-Point Survival Plan for USPS
Mail Stolen From Postal Boxes On Long Island

Florida letter carrier robbed while delivering mail
Winter postal woes tip of iceberg, residents of Chicago neighborhood say

NY mailman finds man and woman dead in bathtub

April  15, 2014

Postal Unions Alliance sends letter to Issa opposing Obama’s postal reform proposals - The presidents of the four postal employee unions—NALC, APWU, NRLCA and NPMHU—wrote a letter to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) to share the unions’ views on President Obama’s budget proposals for 2015 - APWU: Postal Unions Write to House Committee Leaders   Comments (Count)


Wisconsin Rural Carrier sentenced to probation for mail theft

One of the victims spoke on the impact of the mail theft. ..The woman explained that she lost her only daughter.  Many of the letters of condolence or sympathy cards that arrived at her home had been opened and resealed, and some cards or letters intended for her that were intercepted by the rural carrier were never delivered. Florida Postal Clerk admits stealing gift cards from mail Comments (Count)


Congresswoman Calls on PMG to Correct Problems With New Address Recognition System on Guam - In the wake of numerous complaints from both island residents and businesses, Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo has written to the U.S. Postmaster General calling on him to correct the problems with the Postal Service’s new address recognition system now in effect on Guam.The computerized system now in place has resulted in the return of numerous letters, bills and other documents because the system does not recognize the addresses. Comments (Count)


USPS testing same-day delivery service in New York

USPS receives this amount of tax dollars

Global Piracy and Counterfeiting Consultants Offers Assistance to USPS to Stop Delivery of Chinese Counterfeit Drugs

PHOTOS: Car knocks over post office van

Pa. man sues U.S. Govt. over accident with USPS worker

USPS Plans to Open Hubs to Retailers Competing with Amazon

When a mail carrier spends too much time on the cellphone

Mysterious postcard becomes window into past

Postal service might end in one Cape community 

Crime alert: Don't click on e-mail about a package for you

Post offices: No extended hours for April 15's Tax Day 


April  14, 2014

USPS: Travel card payments are employees’ responsibility

Out of half-a-million employees, the actions of a few bad apples can make life difficult for everyone — including the vast majority of employees who have USPS individually billed travel cards and use them responsibly and only for travel-related business purposes.  Comments (Count)


Man sentenced to 24 years for assaulting and robbing postal worker.

Chicago Airport backlog causing delays in mail sent to service members overseas

Deadly Letters: Connecticut Woman, 94, An Unlikely Victim Of 2001 Anthrax Mail Attacks

Southern California letter carrier arrested for Workers’ Comp fraud

Pit bull attacks prompt debate over breed's safety

Second suspect under arrest in Virginia mailbox break-in case
Why not add banking to the postal service?
Netflix Postal Advantage Comes to an End

Guam: Many Complain of Returned Mail After USPS Stops Manual Sorting at Barrigada Main Facility


April  13, 2014

Lower Pay Rates Are Boosting USPS's Finances
Dead Tree Edition - Partly because of a shift to lower-paid employees, the U.S. Postal Service experienced a rare improvement in its business last year, according to a Postal Regulatory Commission analysis. But the PRC warned that USPS is still on shaky ground – losing money for the seventh year in a row, short on cash, and unable to borrow money or invest in new equipment. In other words, the good ship Postal Service is still sinking, but it’s not taking on quite as much water as it used to.   Comments (Count)


Tax returns go from post office to digital

ACHP to report on disposal of historic post offices this week; the sales go on


April  12, 2014

Maine Congressman Calls on House Speaker to Bring Postal Reform Bill to Floor after Recess Rep. Michaud has sent a letter to the Speaker urging him to take action following the April recess. If Speaker Boehner refuses to act, postal facility hours will be cut, service standards will be reduced, and thousands of postal jobs will be lost. NAPUS: Issa to Introduce President Obama’s Postal Proposal  Comments (Count)


California: USPS wants to consolidate bulk mailing services Rancho Palo Verdes

Oregon: Eugene postal worker sues over attack by 'abnormally dangerous' dog

Insights from Postal Vision 2020

Goldway Says USPS Dissed Mailers With Load Leveling

FedEx Truck Hits Bus, Kills 10 in California

Consumers Expect the USPS to Deliver


April  11, 2014

9 Arrests to Date in 2010 murder and robbery of Florida letter carrier

Parton was a Letter Carrier at Miami’s Norland Post Office in northern Miami-Dade County. A 30-year veteran, Parton was murdered on December 6, 2010, while delivering... Pikerson Mentor shot Parton and took his arrow key  Comments (Count)


Video: Chicago Postal Worker Who Sorted Mail on Trains Retires After 61 years

He's had one of the longest careers in the U.S. Postal Service, but after 61 years, Chicagoan Robert Neumann is retiring.A party was held in his honor Friday at Chicago's main post office. When he began his career, a postal stamp cost 3 cents.  Comments (Count)


Help Save Our Historic Post Offices

Many of these post office buildings boast art from our finest New Deal artists. Our taxpayer dollars paid for this art that shows the personality and heritage of our communities…Art that chronicles our journey…Art to inform and enrich this generation and every generation yet to come  Art that belongs to the people. Comments (Count)


Who’s winning the shipping war? Infographic Shipping Comparison – USPS vs UPS vs. FedEx recently compiled an infographic revealing new data on how UPS, FedEx and the USPS compare in package tracking events, delivery times and overall costs. staff shipped 144 packages to all eight shipping zones across the U.S. from three separate locations.   Comments (Count)


Charlton Heston Immortalized on Forever Stamp

Harvey Milk Forever Stamp to be Dedicated at White House May 22

Alaska: Postmaster couple retire

Postal Union Chief: Think of USPS as Asset, Not a Cost Center

PRC Chair Urges Postal Service to Tap Its Human Capital

Postal Service is profitable, doesn't need to cut services

U.S. Postal Service selling out workers and… America

Car Crashes Through Fence at Farmington Post Office


April  10, 2014

APWU: Local 'Staples Protests' Growing in California and Atlanta

Dozens of locals, state organizations and retiree chapters are preparing for the April 24 National Day of Action to protest the Postal Service’s sweetheart deal with Staples, which puts “postal” counters in the office supply stores — and staffs them with low-wage Staples employees. But APWU members in California and Georgia, two of the four trial areas for the program, have already organized dozens of protests — and their ranks are growing. Video Highlights Chicago APWU Members ‘Stop Staples’ Protest  Comments (Count)


UPS re-hires 250 drivers who were terminated for protesting co-worker’s firing

The deal rescinds the termination notices given to 250 Queens drivers after they walked out for 90 minutes on Feb. 26 to protest the firing of longtime driver Jairo Reyes, a union activist. Reyes also gets his job back   Comments (Count)


Advice From a TSP Millionaire – Retirement Planning

Cops: NY postal worker sold marijuana from mail truck at post office

UPS re-hires 250 drivers who were axed for protesting co-worker’s firing

APWU plans San Ramon protest over Postal Service 'privatization'

Oregon: A Changing of the Guard at NALC

USPS owes us an explanation

Postal Service is profitable, doesn't need to cut services

In Defense of the United States Postal Service

Going Postal: Stamp Collecting Leads to Unexpected Places

Post office stops delivery on 'unsafe' Ashburnham street

California: Postal Workers Union to Protest 'Privatization of U.S. Postal Service' this Week


April  9, 2014

USPS load leveling plan takes effect April 10

Implementation of load leveling means that DSCF Standard Mail, when accepted on Fridays and Saturdays, will have a delivery expectation of up to 4 days.Comments (Count)


South Carolina Postal Worker pleads guilty to stealing Secret Service mail

A 46-year-old former postal worker has pleaded guilty to taking counterfeit bills from the Secret Service and spending it on drugs, among other things.   Comments (Count)


Government's Credential Exchange, Hosted by USPS, to Go Live Soon

Obese Feds Will Now Have Their Diet Pills Covered

Could Social Media Help Catch Abuse of Disability Benefits?

Northern California man arrested after run-in with postal employee

Letter: This might explain why Postal Service is hurting

Finally, a Direct Mail Feelgood Story

Arson fire disrupts service at Texas post office
Condo residents targeted by mail thieves twice in 1 month


April  8, 2014

Why Republicans Love Obama's Post Office Plan

The House Republicans are especially agreeable when it comes to ending Saturday letter delivery. “The administration’s proposal includes giving [the Postal Service] the authority to move to five-day delivery,” Deese testified. “It’s our belief that this needs to be part of a comprehensive and balanced plan.” Chairman Issa to Introduce President Obama’s Postal Proposal

Republicans, White House Finally Agree on Something: Postal Reform

Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, who chairs the subcommittee tasked with USPS oversight, repeatedly pointed to overlap between a USPS reform bill they introduced last year and proposals put forward in the White House’s fiscal 2015 budget. The Republican bill  passed through committee without any Democratic support, and has yet to receive a vote on the House floor, but Issa voiced optimism during the hearing for a renewed effort APWU: USPS Needs Real Reform – Not More Austerity .|  Rolando: Postal Service needs real reform | Issa embraces White House plan for postal reform | Darrell Issa Continues War Against the USPS OMB Deputy Director’s testimony at Issa postal reform hearing

The proposals in the Administration’s FY 2015 Budget seek to provide a responsible path to future viability focusing on four key principles: Greeting Card Association and Rural Carriers Call for Meaningful Postal Reform   Comments (Count)


Zumbox to Shutter its Operations

Netflix DVD-Mailer Rate Upheld by Court in Post Office Suit

University Place Fights to Keep Post Office

A Census of Post Boxes

Uber to Launch Bike-Courier Service


April  7, 2014

Timing is everything: MSPB braces for involuntary retirement appeals

With the Government Accountability Office recently reporting that 600,000 of the federal government’s permanent career employees will become eligible for retirement by 2017 – up from 270,000 in 2012 – there is a strong possibility that after these employees retire, some will end up believing they were forced out. One study, for example, showed that nearly a third of older workers surveyed believed their retirements were forced.  Comments (Count)


USPS, Staples Deal Still a Secret — But Hearing Reveals Disturbing Truths

The Postal Service and Staples are working overtime to keep the details of their sweetheart deal a secret, but a hearing before the National Labor Relations Board — and documents the USPS was forced to provide to the APWU — have revealed some disturbing truths. Locations Announced for April 24 Protests to ‘Stop Staples’  Comments (Count)


PMG gives oath of office to Postmaster in his hometown

It’s not every day PMG Pat Donahoe stops by a local Post Office. When he does, there’s usually an important reason for the visit.   Comments (Count)


New York State Letter Carriers Endorse Rangel

Tennessee Postal Employees Plead Guilty To Workers Comp Fraud

Video: Postal Service Worker Seen Throwing Package In Drive-By Delivery

Upright Jenny Invert panes found in New York, Wisconsin

Package May Have Ignited Fire at Raleigh Postal Facility

Why UPS Trucks Don't Turn Left

Amazon Launches Amazon Dash for Delivery of Groceries, Household Items

Civic Association Says Dozens of Magazines it Mailed Were Not Delivered or Badly Mangled


April  6, 2014

Why do so many cars crash into post offices?

Songbird Stamps Take Flight


April  5, 2014

Video: Postal Police, USPS Communications Official at APWU StopStaples Demonstration -  Postal Police at a Staples store??? A $62,000+ a year USPS Communications official monitoring protesters??? Chicago Workers Demonstrate Against USPS Partnership With Staples

Roughly 200 postal workers and supporters picketed Saturday afternoon in front of a suburban Staples store, demonstrating against the postal service partnership with the office supply chain to provide some mail services. USPS official was on hand to counter the protesters. USPS Chicago District Manager: No decisions yet on expanding Staples retail pilot program - Members of the American Postal Workers Union from the Chicago area, joined by hundreds of labor and community activists, will protest on Saturday, April 5, in Elmwood Park, against a deal between the U.S. Postal Service and Staples to move mail services into Staples stores.  DM:  "The U. S. Postal Service has no plans to privatize. Our goal is to ensure the long-term viability of the Postal Service, and we believe making postal products and services available to customers where they live, work and shop will help us to realize that goal."    Chicago Postal Workers To Protest Outsourcing of USPS Services to Staples  Comments (Count)


Federal Agencies Shed 10,000 Jobs in March - Approx. 1200 of these were USPS jobs

Pittsburgh mail delivery spotty

Postal Service is Hemorrhaging Billions; Is Privatization An Option?

Valley veterans angry post office didn't replace flag for 6 months

Driver injured after crash into Oregon post office
Brooklyn woman receives letters after 45 years

Ukraine asks world to stop sending it mail for Crimea


April  4, 2014

EEOC Class Action For Limited & Light Duty Postal Employees, Postal Employee Awarded $175,000 Over the next couple of weeks will be playing catch-up on posting legal cases filed by postal employees via  EEOC, MSPB, Federal courts and other government agencies. Comments (Count)


Video: PMG, Fox News face off over credit card abuse charges against postal workers - From the credit cards, just so you know, a person when they take that credit card, they are on the hook for the bill. We always collect it back  Comments (Count)


USPS Implements 'Identity Proofing' and collection of 'text message' numbers at reported several months ago of USPS's plan to implement 'identity proofing' for personal (non-business) customers who select this option at

Florida Letter Carrier Charged in identity theft tax refund scheme and mail theft

Michigan post office saves man from getting scammed out of thousands

Is mail dead?
Police: Hunt continues for suspect in Arkansas post office burglary
Remember Those Late Holiday Packages? Don’t Blame The Carrier, Blame The Retailer

April  3, 2014

House Budget Committee Approves Bill That Targets Postal and Federal Employees - It is expected that the bill will be considered by the House next week. NAPUS opposes the bill. The measure, even if approved by the Senate, which is doubtful, would not, in and of itself have the force of law. The Postal Service and NAPUS President, Tony Leonardi along with League President, Mark Strong continue to discuss final POStPLAN  implementation.  Comments (Count)


Holder: Postal Service Mail Used For ‘Shocking’ Amount Of Drug Dealing

Attorney General Eric Holder told a Senate committee on Thursday that there is a “shocking” number of people who are using the U.S. Postal Service to send illegal drugs around the country.  Comments (Count)


APWU: PSEs Should Beware Of ‘Voice of Employee’ Surveys

Haslett woman pleads guilty in post office trespassing case

Kingsbridge Bronx Post Office seeks to right wrongs

Group Works to Save Horace Post Office
Furious residents fear 20-mile round trip to get mail may be permanent
USPS to Newspaper: We strictly adhere to rules for sale of historic properties
The U.S. should go back to postal banking


April  2, 2014

Updated with Video: PMG talks importance of keeping mail competitive and relevant to consumers In the video — and in talks with large mailers during the National Postal Forum — PMG lists four ways to keep the mail competitive, provides update on MDD and more:   Comments (Count)

USPS Sets the Record Straight on Postal Employees using taxpayers money to gamble - The USPS responds to the story floating around about postal workers using taxpayers money to gamble.  

USPS Sets Records Straight on Scanning ‘Misinformation’

Harvey Milk stamp design revealed

Minneapolis Postal philatelic clerk reassigned

History column: Post office’s artwork drew loud complaints

UPS Fires 250 Drivers For Protesting Co-Worker’s Termination

Former PSE sentenced to prison for mail thefts

Video: Surveillance shows suspects in Oregon post office credit card fraud case

No one hires vets like the Postal Service

Amazon Will Now Allow Returns Using Lockers

Video: Dog causes mail delivery holdup

Bank on the post office to save America's 'bank deserts'


April  1, 2014

Based on a Falsehood, Ryan Budget Would Plunder Postal Service

The postal provisions in the budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on April 1 are a “thinly-veiled attempt to plunder the Postal Service — to slash service, cut workers’ benefits, and render our great national treasure ripe for privatization,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. GOP budget would amount to pay cut for federal employees  Comments (Count)


Chicago Mail Problems Continue, Postal Service Reps Hear Concerns

For area residents who have been complaining about lost or stolen mail, damaged packages or items delivered late at night by postal workers wearing headlamps, the meeting organized by Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Watch founder Steve Niketopoulos was the first time some felt their concerns were heard by the Postal Service. Residents in Chicago neighborhood demand answers from USPS on continued mail problems Previously, USPS officials said the brutal winter weather Chicago contributed to mail issues in West Town. Mail was delivered late at night, if at all, and some packages never arrived, neighbors complained. from Jan: Video: Some Chicago USPS package deliveries delayed  Comments (Count)


Video: Mail trucks robbed on Chicago south side

At least seven trucks have been robbed over the last three months. Two of them were broken into on Monday. Comments (Count)


Postal Services Dealing with Game-Changer as Global E-Commerce Takes Flight - Listen to the customer, offer integrated postal solutions and provide simple and reliable customs and delivery procedures, said several participants at a forum on global e-commerce organized on 26-27 March 2014 by the Universal Postal Union, the United Nations specialized agency for postal services. Customer Service: PO cuts hours, residents will be forced to drive 20 minutes to mail an item or wait until the next day Comments (Count)

USPS IG: Bank on the post office to save America’s ‘bank deserts’

USPS to Postal Employees: Election season is coming; get to know the Hatch Act

Florida Mail carrier pleads guilty to taking parcel containing veteran’s drugs

Video: Mail trucks robbed on Chicago south side

Phila. man left unconscious after icy fall at mailbox sues US Postal Service

TSP Wilts in March

Video: The Great American Post Office Heist: The Story Behind the Story

Video: One Killed after USPS contract driver collides with SUV on Houston freeway

New York: Postal trucks hog parking spots in Manhattan's Murray Hill

‘Misprinted Stamps Escape Postal Vault’