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Postal, Labor Unions, Government sites


Hurricane Katrina Information for Postal Workers Red Cross 
United States Postal Service Kids Privacy
Thrift Savings Plan || TSPTalk.com APWU Logo Collection
 USPS Official Nitrile Gloves Provider 22 RETIREMENT TIPS
National League of Postmasters AFL-CIO
American Postal Workers Union Kaiser Permanente Online
National Association of Letter Carriers CityLegalGuide.com
National Postal Mail Handlers Union Mapquest.com
National Rural Letter Carriers Association ATM Locator
Nat'l Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees Tickets.com
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Bankrate.com
Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Kelley Blue Book
Social Security Online | The Ultimates (25 net services)
Merit Systems Protection Board ConsumerPrivacyGuide
Department of Veterans Affairs Cheaptickets.com
U.S. Department of Labor UnionVacations.com
U.S. Savings Bond Calculator DONOTCALL.gov

Home Mortgages for union members



Active Amber Alerts carried on the Code Amber Ticker:

Help Find Our Children!




EAP4YOU - Employee Assistance Program for USPS employees and family members


Veterans Benefits Network Discussion group-Confronting Veteran Issues and Navigating the Benefits Systems (very popular discussion board)



One Flew Over the Post office-Surviving the Postal Insanity!


USPostalWorkers.com-The Father of a New Jersey Letter Carrier created a website to collectively improve the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation of US Postal Workers


PJ'S SIGNS - Source for Rural Letter Carrier Supplies


  Right Hand Drive Conversion Kits - Postal Things Inc. offers patented right hand drive conversion kit for rural route carriers.


GasPriceWatch-Search database to find the lowest gas prices in your area.

Retirement Clock- Countdown to Retirement


  OPM E-Scholar Initiative-This website from Office of Personnel Management contains hundreds of Federal government-funded programs programs.


  Click Here To Check The Accuracy Of Your Paycheck!


Find out how close you live to proposed nuclear waste routes


Bravekids.org-The website provides children who have chronic, life threatening illnesses or disabilities with knowledge and information that can aid them in their daily experiences.


   Postal Service Fiscal Year Calendar Free Download -Shows paydays, Postal Service holidays, accounting periods and pay periods from 1994 thru 2020. You can download it, set it up to reside on your desktop and call it up whenever you need it. It also allows you to use it as an appointment book, diary or notebook since you can make notes on any dates in the future or past.

  Postal Employees' Relief Fund: The Postal Employees' Relief Fund (PERF) provides relief assistance to qualified postal employees who are victims of major natural disasters .


  Isabella's Teddy- follow the journey of a Teddy bear being sent around the world, via postal sorting offices for Isabella, aged 2, the daughter of Glen, a postman.


  Postal Facts.com: A Coalition of small volume mailers formed in response to a growing tendency by the USPS of favoring large volume mailers over its regular postal customers.


  American Veterans- AMVETS provides, not only support for veterans and the active military in procuring their earned entitlements, but also community. 


  APWU issues and to find your elected officials


  Women Postal Workers For Justice-A site dedicated to all current and former USPS who has lived the nightmare of the job from hell.


  AARP: (formerly American Association of Retired Persons) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of persons 50 and older.


  National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE)

   HeartInfo: is an independent, educational Web site that provides consumers with instructional information and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.


  Medical World Search: is a unique search engine that understands medical terminology. Utilizing an interactive interface, and employing a medical thesaurus, this search engine can automatically expand or narrow search parameters, achieving precise, targeted results.  (registration is free)




  Monster.com:  An online network for finding a job, help with resumes, salary guide


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Local Unions

APWU Local & State Official Websites

Montgomery Alabama Birmingham #303 (Alabama)
South Alabama # 715
Phoenix  (Arizona) Tucson # 255 (Arizona)
Fayetteville #667 (Arkansas) Western Arkansas 
Oakland #78  (California) San Diego Area Local #197 (California)
San Jose #73 (California) Southwest Coastal #917 (California)
Colorado State APWU Denver  (Colorado)
Daytona Beach  (Florida)  Manasota  (Florida) 
Miami  (Florida)  Palm Beach  #749(Florida) 
Pensacola  (Florida)  Tampa #259 (Florida) 
Illinois State APWU Kankakee #5007 (Illinois)
NorthEastern (Illinois)   Quincy #77 (Illinois)
Des Moines #44 (Iowa) Des Moines BMC # 7027 (Iowa)
Louisville #4 (Kentucky) Maine State APWU
Montgomery County #3630 (Maryland) Salisbury #4321 (Maryland)
Central Massachusetts Detroit (Michigan)
Western Michigan Minneapolis (Minnesota)
St. Paul #65 (Minnesota) Gulfport # 204 (Mississippi)
Cape Girardeau #4088 (Missouri) OMAHA #11 (Nebraska)
Scottsbluff #845 (Nebraska) Reno #936 (Nevada)
Red Bank (New Jersey) South Jersey  (New Jersey)
Trenton  (New Jersey) Binghamton #858 (New York)
Central New York # 257 Rochester #215 (New York)
Utica #1820 (New York) Charlotte  (North Carolina)
Greensboro BMC # 7035(North Carolina) Winston-Salem #523 (North Carolina)
Fargo #88  (North Dakota) North Dakota State APWU
Cincinnati  (Ohio) Cleveland (Ohio)
Mansfield (Ohio) Springfield #3972 (Ohio)
Tulsa Area # 1348 (Oklahoma) Portland (Oregon)
Greensburg Foothills #1948  (PA) Lehigh Valley   (Pennsylvania)
Keystone   (Pennsylvania) Philadelphia  #89 (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Postal Workers' Union Pittsburgh Metro (Pennsylvania)
WestChester (Pennsylvania) Wilkes-Barres  (Pennsylvania)
Upper Piedmont #168 (South Carolina). Austin  ( Texas)
San Antonio Alamo  ( Texas) Waco # 739 ( Texas)
Wichita Falls #754 ( Texas) Roanoke Local # 482 (Virginia)
Inland Empire #38 (Washington) Washington State APWU
Northeastern (Wisconsin)


NALC Branch Official Websites

Branch #4985  (Juneau, Alaska)  Branch #782 (Central California)
Branch #860 (Honolulu, Hi.)  
Branch #5420 (New Jersey) Buckeye Branch #78 (Ohio)
Branch #54  (Rhode Island) Branch #1414 (Bremerton, WA)
California State Assn   Branch #130 (Tacoma WA)


NPMHU (Mailhandlers) Official Websites

Local #317 (Huntsville, Ala.) Local #310 (Atlanta, GA) Local #298 (Nebraska)
Local #300 (New York) Local #315 (Portland) Local #332 (Utah)
NJI-BMC # 300  (New Jersey) Local #308 (Philadelphia BMC) Local #300 (Mid Island - Hicksville, NY )


NRLCA (Rural Carrier) Official Websites

California/Nevada Florida Maine Massachusetts < Michigan
Virginia Wisconsin      


Postal Police Officers

Fraternal Order of Police, National Labor Council #2


NAPUS (Postmasters)


Alabama California Florida
Georgia Indiana Iowa
 Kansas Massachusetts Ohio


NAPS (Supervisors)


Birmingham, AL #45 Boston, MA #43 California #905
Clearwater, FL #386 Detroit, MI #23 Hartford, CT #5
Illinois #34 Illinois North Shore #270 Indianapolis, IN #8
Michigan #925 Phoenix, AZ #246 Pittsburgh, PA #20
Providence, RI #105 Seattle, WA #61 Southeastern, MI #268
Southern Nevada #463 Texas #948 Youngstown, OH #133


Personal Postal Related Websites


Clerks, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle


   21st Century Postal Worker -Message Exchange for APWU Members

   Marges' Gifts & Collectables-a website by a postal employee


  Lead Sales Associate (Clerk Finance Station) News Group-A group designed to help new and existing lead sales associate better understand how to perform their duties   One


 Letter Carriers

  Mailman "Stuff" -

  Mailman "Stuff"  e-mail list, Postal-Bytes. 


Rural Carriers (Unofficial Websites)

  Alabama Rural Letter' Carrier's Association

Arkansas Rural Letter Carriers

  Illinois Rural Carriers

Maryland Rural Letter Carriers

Oregon Rural Letter Carriers

  Peggy Sue's Postal Links  

  Postal Jeep-This is  a Web site devoted entirely to the postal jeep


Texas Rural Carriers'


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Federal Government Sites ...

  Hatch Act Guidelines

  Occupational Outlook Handbook- Postal Clerk & Carriers Job Descriptions from the U.S. Dept. of Labor

  Transportation Security Administration-protects the Nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. Employment Opportunities

  THOMAS- Legislative Information

  GovBenefits- is a screening tool to help find govt. benefits that you may be eligible to receive.
  FirstGov for Kids

  Food Safety and Inspection Service U.S.D. A. -Recall Information Center

  FedLaw -Legal resources for federal lawyers and other federal employees

  Federal Consumer Information Center (FCIC) -A repository of info for consumers.

  Healthfinder -A gateway to consumer health information.

  FedStats - statistics and information from over 70 US Federal agencies.

  National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.-  Check for recalls on your car before repairing

  Consumer Product Safety Commission - Check this site for product recalls

  National Labor Relations Board - charged with enforcing National Labor Relations Act.

  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  OSHA Workers' page (File a complaint online)
  Government Printing Office Site - For quick access to all federal laws and regulations.

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Educational Tools ...

  Internet Public Library-the first public library of and for the Internet community

  Library and School Sites

  Children's Storybooks Online -There are original stories with color illustrations for young children as well as older children and young adults.

  It's My Life -deals with life and the stuff that kids deal with every day. Here kids can read informative articles, share stories, play games and activities, take quizzes and polls, watch video clips of other kids talking about their feelings and experiences..


  Buddy2 - develops and facilitates leading edge learning projects in K-12 school communities to increase student achievement using technology in anytime, anywhere settings.


  Information Please - free reference site (online almanacs, encyclopedia and dictionary) where you can find millions of facts on thousands of subjects including sports, entertainment, sci-tech, business, education, and health.


  AHealthyme.com. - site for people interested in keeping themselves &  loved ones healthy.

  How Stuff Works - is a site to learn ...How Stuff Works..

  Dictionary : Merriam-Webster Online- thesaurus, word games, Word Central for Kids

  Essential Reference Tools: Facts, Information & Research


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