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Postal Employees Should Think Twice Before Appealing Case to MSPB

Kenneth Jones vs. US Postal Service, illustrates why postal employees should think twice before appealing their discipline to the Merit Systems Protection Board. 


New Book: Beware of Cat: And Other Encounters of a Letter Carrier

Postal Worker Fired After Second Violation of USPS Zero Tolerance Policy

Bush Plan Would Cut Tax-Free Employer-Provided Health Insurance

MSPB Overturns Postal Worker’s Removal for $45,000 Stamp Stock Shortage

Postage Rate Hike in 2008?

Postal Service: ‘Intelligent Mail’ Fully Operational By 2009

Video: Signed, Sealed and Delivered-  Labor Struggle in the Post Office

NPMHU Sues USPS, APWU To Overturn RI-399 Arbitration Award

USPS: New Postal Law-The Financial Impact

Can Bush Open Mail Without Warrant?

 Former Postal Worker Charged in FEHB Scheme to Defraud USPS and NALC

Un-Merry Christmas
Postal Service Terminates Disabled Iraq War Veteran for Unacceptable Attendance

Letter to the Editor - Mismanagement at Royal Oak Carrier Unit

FedEx and DOT at Stalemate in Dispute Over Disclosure of Postal Contract Data -

USPS, APWU Reach $5.3 Million Agreement in Anthrax Travel Grievance

 Postal Worker Fired for Refusing to Work on DBCS Machine

Postal Nurse Charged With Defrauding USPS

Five-Year Postal Employees Stats At a Glance

Big Win For APWU in MS-47 Maintenance Case - "Custodial Jobs Protected"

Emery Agrees to Pay $10 Million for Submitting Fraudulent Billings to USPS -

USPS to Sell Segway Scooters to General Public

 Former Postmaster jailed for stealing over $50k

Postal Worker Sues USPS – Denied Permission to Work Off-the-Clock?

USPS OIG Paper: Postal Officers Travel Expense Guidelines

USPS Mail Processing Facility Faces $44,250 in Fines for Safety Violations

 USPS and GE Sign New Six-Year $100M Contract for Semi-Trailers

Man Pleads Guilty in Kickback Scheme to Pay Postal OWCP Specialist

APWU Initiates Dispute Over Changes to USPS Computer Security Rules

Postal Worker Injured in Iraq Wins Job Back Under USERRA

USPS to Conduct Search for Sex Offenders on Postal Payroll

Postal Supervisor Fired for Rewarding Employees With Non-Worked Overtime Pay

 Reader Raises Concern Over USPS Revised Emergency Salary Authorization Policy

 USPS OIG Audit Report: Pasadena P & DC Consolidation

MSPB Upholds Removal of Postal Worker Videotaped Abusing FMLA

USPS to remove stamp machines by 2010

Postal Service Plans for More Than $1 Billion in Cost Reductions  

 Carrier Fired for Gambling Signed Last Chance Agreement

Mystery Shopper Evaluations Should Not Be Used to Discipline Window Clerks -

 National Dispute Initiated Over USPS’ Improper Use of Casuals

APWU: Olympia, Tacoma and Everett Mail May Move to Seattle

Postal Service Lists 139 Facilities As Potential Candidates for Consolidation

Postal Workers Informational Picket A Success (PDF) -

Postal Worker Fired for Violating USPS Zero Tolerance Policy

Court Backs USPS in Stamp Trademark Lawsuit

 Letter - Postal Workers Injured on Duty Should Know Their Rights

 USPS Migrating Personnel Info to PostalPEOPLE System

Driving Postal Vehicle Without Seatbelt May Get You Fired

 USPS Dragnet Continues to Sweep Up Injured Workers

Supreme Court Revives Postal Worker's Discrimination Suit

Number of Active Postal Employees by Age, Years of Service (PDF)

Trenton APWU Excessing Update, Custodian Exam for Clerks

Federal Court Overturns Letter Carrier Removal for Breach of Last Chance Agreement

Postal Window Clerks Protect Your Jobs

USPS releases April 2006 Financial and Operating Statements

North Carolina Postmaster Reassigned After Assault Complaint

Postal Mail Handlers in Talks to Stay With AFL-CIO

NIOSH Reports on DBCS at Denver Postal Facility

USPS Proposing to Contract Out Postal Vehicle Service

Federal Court Affirms USPS FMLA Return-To-Work Policy


Whoa…An Interesting Supreme Court Case Involving USPS




April 30, 2007-

Letter: USPS Omaha MCC Proposal

From PostalReporter Reader: I'm surprised more people have not commented on the Omaha MCC proposal. "Contracting out an entire mail processing plant of this size is a first and affects both craft and management employees. No one is safe! Did anyone see the PowerPoint presentation (PDF) ?" "The purpose of this procurement is to contract the management and operations of mail sorting activities at the Omaha Mail Consolidation Center referred to as "Omaha MCC." |


Arbitrators Selected for Determining Letter Carriers New Contract  |

Mail increase a big deal for businesses  |

Lost items may await at post office

Man killed in collision with postal truck

Santa Fe couple battles bungled mail delivery  |

Auburn, WA Post Office has a new postmaster


April 29, 2007-

Two More Postal Districts Added to Phase 2 of National Reassessment Process - From PostalReporter Reader: Phase 2 of the NRP is scheduled to commence in the Westchester NY and Salt Lake City District (UT) late April 2007, both districts. All National unions and management associations were notified on April 10, 2007 of the Implementation of Phase 2.   |


Post office: Walk to your mail   |

Modesto: REC closing hard to take   |

Undocumented migrant workers cleaning flood-damaged post office  |

The things he's carried


April 28, 2007-

Update: Mail carrier improving after wreck

A postal official initially stated she was surprised Dobre was driving from the passenger side of the vehicle on U.S. 30. Postal officials conceded Thursday that it is a common practice for rural carriers, who use their own vehicles. More than a dozen current and former carriers e-mailed and called the Post-Tribune to say they have asked for postal vehicles equipped with steering wheels on the right for several years, because of the potential safety issue. Rural carrier causes concern | Carriers: Rural driving technique unsafe |  Indiana Rural Carrier Critically Injured in Crash - Laura Dobre, 24, of Lake Station remained in critical condition. She had just delivered mail when she pulled into the westbound lane.  |


Postal Workers will be honored next week

Five local postal workers will be honored next week in Scranton for doing more than delivering mail. Jim Clark, Francis L. Kratz III, James Pechulis, Michael Yashowitz and Michael Zaleskas, along with 10 other postal workers, will be honored at a luncheon on May 3. All the workers helped postal customers in need, according to a statement issued by the United States Postal Service.   |


Mail deliver resumes to area

A mail carrier called to complain that rocks, a basketball and a bottle of cologne were reportedly thrown at him by three male juveniles. Stephanie Boudreaux,a longtime mail carrier said she considered the incident with the children isolated and believes it was not enough to bring the mail delivery to a halt. The local postmaster decided to begin delivery again but would send a companion with the carrier when delivering to that area. A sheriff’s deputy will also be in the area during the carrier’s normal delivery hours, she said. Three of the carrier's colleagues also volunteered to take the route without being paid overtime but were denied by the local postmaster.  |


Cummings Center mailman honored with life-size portrait

Post office automated machines isn't without a few glitches   |

Co-workers surprise retiring postmaster with party

Postal inspector battled pyramid schemer for 20 years

Letter carriers get a later start  |

Elderton giving retiring postmaster big send-off

Retired Postal Worker wants to return letter postmarked in '67

Pit bull bites postal worker  |
PRC Releases Rate Opinion and Recommended Decision

Retired Postal Worker's fitness program really delivers


April 27, 2007-

NALC and USPS Agree on Neutral Arbitrator
"President Young announced on April 26 that the National Association of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service have agreed on renowned arbitrator Richard Bloch as the neutral arbitrator in the impending hearings on the letter carriers' national agreement. Bloch and the two other panel members have set four weeks for testimony: Sept. 10-14, Sept. 24-28, Oct. 29-Nov. 2, and Nov. 5-9. "Given this schedule, it is anticipated that a decision on the contract will be rendered in mid-November," Young said.  |


Controversy Over Postmaster's Return Heats Up
 "In the wake of allegations of incompetence and the arrest of one of his top lieutenants, Far Rockaway Postmaster George Buonocore has become the center of a controversy over whether he will once again come back from his special assignment to run the local post office."  |


Burrus discloses USPS plans to issue Slave Contributions stamp | See PostalReporter Article   |

Postal Bulletin 4/26/07 issue

USPS taking aggressive move toward eliminating UAA mail

ValPak may be worried about ADVO getting 'sweetheart' deal from USPS

Mail-sorting outfit also to exit Slidell

Postal Contract Truck driver charged in alleged mail theft

Editorial: Don't stamp out brainy mags
USPS publishes new DMM with price changes
USPS calls for dog safety
Post office fixes aren't with glitches
Truck slams Butler post office


April 26, 2007-

Feds Arrest Iowan For Mail Bombs
John P. Tomkins is a former substitute letter carrier who worked weekends for the U.S. Postal Service, authorities said. They said he was not an employee at the time the devices were sent. "Tompkins is  charged with sending pipe bombs and threatening letters with religious references to investment firms under the signature "The Bishop." The neighborhood where 42-year-old machinist  Tomkins lives in Dubuque was disrupted Wednesday morning when more than 100 postal inspectors and FBI agents arrived to make the arrest."   |


Indiana Rural Carrier Critically Injured in Crash

Laura Dobre, 24, of Lake Station remained in critical condition. She had just delivered mail when she pulled into the westbound lane. She was struck by a semitrailer which dragged her car across traffic into the eastbound lanes. They are postal workers, but they typically use their own vehicles and are given a maintenance allowance, said Cynthia Norfolk, spokeswoman for the U.S. Postmaster in Valparaiso. She said it is not Post Office policy to allow drivers to operate vehicles from the passenger seat. "I'm shocked. We in no way condone operating a vehicle that way. We believe in safety first," Norfolk said.   |


DMA Fears Do-Not-Mail Legislation

With the impact of user-generated content such as blogs and YouTube at consumers' fingertips, the future of direct mail is still The Direct Marketing Association's biggest concern. That's because with consumers dictating what they want to read and when they want to read it, legislation such as do-not-mail could affect direct marketers more so than do-not-call initiatives, said DMA chairman Markus Wilhelm.   |


USPS works to improve mail processing

USPS: Star Wars Stamp Sheet Available for Pre-Order

Attacker wore postal uniform

APWU: Twin Falls, Cape Cod Consolidations Stopped

El Paso: Reyes, Bingaman ask Potter for postal evaluation

Deadline passes for Vancouver couple to appeal fine over historic Native American Effigy

Flood delivers major damage to post office



April 25, 2007-

Mail Handlers:  Hegarty Blasts USPS Subcontracting
"There is one crucial and overriding point that I want to emphasize at this hearing.  From all indications, there is a contracting-out virus that seems to be infecting Postal Service Headquarters. At a time when the top echelons of postal management should be focused in laser-like fashion on ways to improve service and volume, and to ensure proper implementation of the recently enacted postal reform legislation, management officials are spending an inordinate amount of money and time on schemes to privatize our work. |


Judge says contract post offices can't promote religion

A federal judge has ruled that post offices across the country that are run by churches and other organizations cannot promote religion through displays or other promotional materials. The religious displays "put the church's beliefs front and center, out for the public to see, endorsing the church's form of Christianity and seeking outsiders to join the church in its mission," U.S. District Court Judge Dominic J. Squatrito wrote in a decision handed down last week. The decision says that the U.S. Postal Service must give notice to all of its contract postal units that they cannot promote religion or display religious materials.  |


Modesto REC to close this fall

Nearly 350 employees at a Modesto postal encoding center learned Tuesday that improved technology has made their jobs unnecessary and the facility will close this fall. The Modesto Remote Encoding Center will be shuttered in November, said Augustine Ruiz, USPS spokesman. John Miles, president of the Modesto Local APWU, said most employees reacted with "shock" during group meetings Tuesday. "There were some tears," Miles said, adding that managers let employees have a 15-minute break to process the news before going back to work. After the Modesto and Beaumont closures, eight encoding centers will remain.  |


Small Publications Face Crippling Rate Hike

Security Causing Major Postal Delays to Congress

Post office closure riles patrons

Las Cruces: Mail worries begin anew

Legless Man Killed By Postal Service Truck In San Francisco

US Postal Service Ramps Up R&D of New Technologies
Post office stops delivery to apartment complex
Personalized Mailboxes - Disappearing Down a Lane Near You
New Forever stamp is called `lousy investment'
Tiny town will lose post office, not service
Federal employees selling transport cards
Full Court to Reconsider UPS Lawsuit-

On display at UF, the art of war, courtesy of mailman


April 24, 2007-

USPS, letter carriers at odds

Letter carriers and the U.S. Postal Service are butting heads over the federal agency's increased reliance on contract workers in Colorado and elsewhere. Of the Postal Service's 6,483 letter carriers in Colorado and Wyoming, 623 are contract workers, said Al DeSarro, a spokesman for the Postal Service. Nationwide, DeSarro said, contract workers are responsible for about 1.9 percent of the service's carrier routes. "It's another way to control costs," DeSarro said of contract workers. "We have to keep the price of stamps as low as we can." NALC: Help Draft Congress Into the Fight Against Contracting Out |  Postal Service going private? |  |


Louisiana: Public meeting to be held on relocation of postal workers

CT: Woman who killed letter carrier charged with drunk driving again

Car crashes into NH post office
Rockaway troubles are in the mail

April 23, 2007-

Surprising details emerge on Philadelphia Post Office sale
The U.S. Postal Service's grand 30th Street building and surrounding properties in Philadelphia have been the subject of development dreams and rivalries for two decades. Now, in the final stretch toward their $2 billion reconstruction as a glittering gateway to University City, surprising details are emerging about multimillion-dollar deals underpinning the project." The one person who is the custodian for the Post Office becomes the broker, developer and investor, and that's not right," said Frank G. Binswanger Jr., a broker who once represented owners of the property currently leased to the IRS in Northeast Philadelphia. They ignored the facts and gave the Post Office a slap on the wrist," Binswanger said.   |


USPS Commemorative Stamp Honoring Slaves To Be Issued in 2008

From PostalReporter reader: In his April 17th testimony to Congress, President Burrus asked for a more appropriate image on a commemorative stamp honoring slaves.  see testimony-PDF  What do your readers think?  Can they come up with a more appropriate image?   |


Deprince: "I can't thank you enough"

Post office super sleuth helps thousands reclaim their lost mail

USPS seeking mailer input on new law

Leave stamp vending machines where they are
Language technology may improve direct mail readability
Mail service in New Orleans still 'not all good'

Mail woes linger in Las Cruces

April 21, 2007-

With facility closing, mailboxes need a home

New post office in Merced CA will contract out all window service and the entire box section! Though customers won't be able to use the downtown station after September, a postal center will open in June inside Raley's where residents can mail packages and letters. It will be staffed by grocery store employees. PR reader: Privatization, piece by piece, appears designed to eliminate postal unions. Management can set their own work rules. The workplace at USPS is looking more and more like the 19th century.   |

 Beaumont Remote Encoding Center to Close in November 2007

"The U.S. Postal Service today announced that the Beaumont Remote Encoding Center (REC) will be closed as part the next phase of a nationwide consolidation plan. The facility, located at 750 Pearl Street will close in November, 2007. "The Remote Encoding Centers were designed as a temporary solution to automate and expedite the the processing of of handwritten and poorly printed addresses," said Danny Smith, manager for the Beaumont REC. "The plan from the start was to downsize the REC operation as technology enhancements enabled us to automate more mail." Congressman's Statement on Beaumont Postal Facility Closing | Postal Employees Worried About Losing Their Jobs    |

 Postal worker charged with making threat referring to Virginia Tech massacre

A postal worker is in custody for allegedly making comments about a Virginia Tech-type "mass murder" at the Main Post Office downtown and warning a colleague not to go to work Thursday. Another worker reported overhearing those shouts and [Randy] Redecker saying, "That kind of thing can happen here, too," the affidavit says.   |


   E-NAPUS: Postmaster Testimony Spotlights Staffing Deficiencies (PDF)  |

   Official bewildered by barriers to postal ramp



April 20, 2007-

Postal Supervisors Add Concerns Over Contracting Out of Delivery Service
"NAPS President Ted Keating, joined by the presidents of the two postmaster organizations, told a House Congressional panel on Tuesday that the supervisors organization was clearly opposed to the Postal Service's increasing expansion of contracting out of delivery service on new urban and suburban routes. "Let there be no doubt, I share significant concerns about contracting out, not only because of the security of the mail, but also because of the added burden that contracting out too frequently imposes upon supervisors in assuring that delivery is completed," President Keating told a House federal workforce and postal service subcommittee." (NAPS via PostCom)  |

Newburgh mail carrier charged in groping case
A city mailman groped a woman while delivering her mail Friday, police say. Stephen J. Montone, 54, of New Windsor, was arrested by police Tuesday and charged with a count of forcible touching, a misdemeanor. He was released and ordered to return to City Court later this week. Montone allegedly grabbed the woman's breast after she came to her door Friday and chatted with him. The woman went to the police department later that day and filed a complaint with police.  |

Novelty phone causes stir at post office  |

Yoda leads in stamp voting , but Vader is lurking

USPS, The History Channel team up to promote 'The States'

Spend money to mitigate the impact of postal rate increases

Collins grills PRC chairman on Standard Mail rate decision

Postal worker pleads to theft

New postal rules could end small periodicals


April 19, 2007-

Beaumont Postal REC May Close

Virginia Tech Killer Went to Post Office Between Killings

More Postal Workers To Be Hired in New Mexico

Postal Worker says her job is full of adventures

USPS: Annuity Estimates Now Available Through PostalEASE - Full-time career employees within three years of retirement eligibility now can request National Retirement Counseling System (NARECS) annuity estimates online through PostalEASE. This new service is part of Human Resources’ efforts to provide enhanced self-service options to employees.

April 18, 2007-

A Large Load to Sort in USPS Overhaul

The new [Postal Reform] law is reordering postal priorities and sparking some tension. Going forward, Potter said, it will be especially important for postal managers and unions to work even more closely to increase productivity and cut costs. That means the post office will use contractors if it makes good business sense, Potter and Miller said. Young portrayed the outsourcing as a public policy issue, but William Burrus, president of the APWU, cautioned against unions seeking congressional intervention in matters that should be left to collective bargaining. Postal Service does not foresee layoffs despite pressures | Young urges Congress to block ‘cancer of contracting out’ | USPS BOG Chairman via (PDF): "NALC have boasted that they will attain their goal through legislation. We sincerely urge you to reject such an initiatives."   |


GAO: Postal Reform Law Provides Opportunities to Address Postal Challenges (PDF)- Workforce realignment- As the Service continues to make significant changes to its operations (i.e., rationalize its facilities, increase automation, improve retail access, and streamline its transportation network), it will be challenged to realign its workforce based on these changes. These actions will require a different mix in the number, skills, and deployment of its employees, and may involve repositioning, retraining, outsourcing, and/or reducing the workforce. Retirements: The Service expects a significant portion of its career workforce—over 113,000 employees—to retire within the next 5 years. In particular, it expects nearly half of its executives to retire during this time. The Service’s decisions regarding these retirements (that is, whether or not to fill these positions, and if so, when, with whom, and where) may have significant financial and operational effects. Postal Service does not foresee layoffs despite pressures  |


OPM Suggests Retirement Reforms
Linda M. Springer, director of the OPM, has sent proposals to Congress that would: · Authorize federal agencies to bring back retired federal workers on a limited basis and let them retain their pension and draw a full salary. Currently, retirees have their salaries reduced by the amount of their guaranteed pension payment.  |


Senator Collins Introduces Postal Resolution Reaffirming Protections of Sealed Mail -U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) today introduced a bipartisan amendment reaffirming that both federal law and the Constitution protect sealed domestic mail from being searched. The amendment is in response to a signing statement that the White House issued in conjunction with the signing of the Collins-Carper postal reform legislation. In a speech before the U.S. Senate, Senator Collins explained that following the singing of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, the White House issued a statement that resulted in confusion about the Administration’s commitment to abide by the basic privacy protections afforded sealed domestic mail.   |


Taking on Time Warner and the US Postal Service | Stamp Out the Rate Hikes - "The Post Office should not use its monopoly power to favor the largest publishers and undermine the ability of smaller publishers to compete."  |


APWU: Bloomington, Two New York AMPs Halted; Bronx Study in Limbo   |

TSP investors get automatic break on taxes


April 17, 2007-

NALC: Letter Carriers Picket USPS Headquarters
"Letter carriers from 18 states across the nation, including NALC President William H. Young and a contingent from the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association, demonstrated in front of U.S. Postal Service headquarters with informational picketing on Monday, April 16 to protest contracting out of letter carrier jobs."   |


Postal Service bracing for tax rush  |

Former Postal Service employee sentenced  |

USPS Promises Inquiry Into Bronx Sorting   |

USPS: 'Official' Notices Often Aren't At All   |

Toppled tree causes 'big bang' at Biddeford Post Office

UPS, FedEx look to neighborhoods   |  

April 16, 2007-

Letter Carriers to deliver message: Don't contract out mail service - The dispute is a local skirmish in a national war of ideology within the United States Postal Service (USPS). Board Chair James C. Miller III, a former Reagan budget director, has called for wholesale postal privatization. ...sources in the Beaverton post office said the Arbor Parc Bethany contract was advertised on Craigslist, and no qualified contractors stepped forward. When USPS started getting calls from several newspapers, management asked supervisors if they knew anyone who could deliver the route. On March 9, USPS signed a 120-day emergency contract with the son of a Beaverton postal supervisor, who then subcontracted with his girlfriend to do the delivery.  |


National Reassessment Process Phase II Implementation Plan Unveiled - NPMHU Local #301 - The Postal Service provided a briefing to Union Officials from the NPMHU, APWU, NALC and Management Organizations regarding the implementation of the National Reassessment Process in the NH-VT District. According to the Postal Service, planned impacts are to begin within the next four to five weeks.In cases where the Postal Service has determined that they have No (necessary) Work Available (NWA) for an employee, the plan is to ultimately conduct an interview with each employee to notify them that there is No Work Available for them with their restrictions.  Once they schedule the actual interview date with each employee, the Postal Service plans to contact the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and the Inspection Service to have them available to assist in case any employees need to receive service talks on zero tolerance issues while their being shown the door.   APWU Initiates Dispute  |


Snail mail still crawls in New Orleans area   |

10 Best Places to Retire Young

The Bush is about to get more expensive as postal rates leap

Sandy Springs Post Office celebrates 100 years

Catalogs and the Internet increase the bottom line -

Google Teams With PennySaver


April 15, 2007-

USPS OIG in Seattle Looking for Work

From PR reader and Union official: "The USPS OIG Special Agent in Seattle looking for employees with certain traits to investigate. Wow! A rumor can get you in trouble now. ." In August 2006 a USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) Special Agent  sent a letter to each post office in the Seattle District (PDF). The agent’s letter stated in part:  "Please contact me if you are aware of any employee that displays any of the following traits: excessive gambling, alcohol/drug abuse, and/or financial problems. These types of problems often go hand in hand with mail theft. I will not confront the employee, but will investigate."   |


U.S. panel to look into Chicago mail woes

A congressional subcommittee charged with overseeing the U.S. Postal Service will meet in Chicago next month to explore the city's stubborn mail delivery problems, said U.S. Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.)."One of the reasons that we are scheduling this field hearing so far in advance is to allow the Postal Service time to put into place some of the reforms, changes and new systems they have promised will improve service," Davis said Friday. "We expect to take testimony from postal officials, large mailers, and everyday citizens to assess the level of progress achieved."   |


People are postmaster's primary passion

Customers going through Forever stamps like candy

Rogers Gets Bilingual Post Office

Mailman Wrongly Collected $85,000 In Disability Benefits  |

Oshkosh Post Office named best of the best

NM: Interim head gets postmaster position at Las Cruces Post Office

eBay Sellers Concerned Over Shipping Rate Changes

April 14, 2007-

Postal workers rally for their jobs
Letter carriers dropped their U.S. Postal Service delivery bags and picked up signs protesting the hiring of contract workers Friday afternoon in Orange.
The picketing was in response to the recent hiring of the county's first contract worker in January   |


Bloomington, Watertown AMPs Halted; Bronx Study in Limbo  |

Please, Mr. Postman  |
Post Office takes pride in its service   |

April 13, 2007-

NAPUS: Is Mail Service at Risk?

In a letter to Congress, "Postmasters are concerned that the USPS is compromising the quality and reliability of mail service, by understaffing local post offices and overburdening the Postmasters who manage them. Chronic understaffing and overburden Postmasters create an unhealthy work environment and has a deleterious effect on the quality of mail service. Late mail deliveries, long lines, reduced window hours, and contentious labor relations are symptomatic of unacceptable understaffing."    |


USPS Awards Contract to Protect Employee Personnel Records

 The U.S. Postal Service is implementing a program to convert all paper personnel folders to electronic folders, which will transform the way employee information is stored, retained and retrieved, ultimately enabling postal employees to have 24-hour access to the content of their personnel folder.   |


Former postal employee convicted of mail theft-

An acting supervisor stole two guitars mailed home by a soldier serving in Iraq to pay off a $300 drug debt.   |


National Fuel unit, USPS strike deal
USPS worker charged with stealing mail

Three Postal Employees Charged With Lying to Get Housing Aid

April 12, 2007-

NRLCA To Join NALC in Protest at USPS Headquarters

“The National Rural Letter Carriers led by President Donnie Pitts will join NALC President Young in an informational picket on Monday, April 16 at 2:00 PM EDT to protest the Postal Service’s decision to outsource mail delivery to private companies and individuals. At the demonstration, President Pitts plans to deliver a message to Postmaster John E. Potter demanding a halt to the practice of Contract Delivery.  |


Local Post Office Revenues Drop
Gilroy, Calif -  "Despite deep lines of customers at Gilroy's post office, revenues dropped 5 percent in 2006, reflecting industry-wide trends away from over-the-counter sales and toward mailing outposts and online mailing, postal officials said. "Do you really need to come to the post office to conduct your business?" asked Augustine Ruiz, a Northern California postal service spokesperson. Postal workers argue that the USPS should cut costs by re-evaluating the work-sharing program, which gives discounts to businesses that pre-sort their mail, such as advertising mailers and credit-card solicitors."  |


'Forever' stamp debuts; jetmaker buys 24,000  |

Postal workers ready for the Forever Stamps rush   |

Postal Supervisor Faces DUI Charge  |

Cops: Mailman on disability got second job  |

Houston: Fake Postman Robs Store  |

Asbestos Cleanup Continues at Boulder Post Office  |

Wrong-side mailbox dispute resolved   |

The Millionaire in Your Carpool and Postal Buyouts

Search is on for mailbox bombers

Postal-Rate Increase Could Actually Save Businesses Money

Time Inc. opposes Postal Service's 'solution' to Standard Mail flat rates (PDF)


April 11, 2007-

Postal Reforms Pledged; Postmaster adding 200 letter carriers, improved training in Chicago - "Potter said Chicago's problems stem from the failed policies of former Chicago Postmaster Kelvin Mack, who was replaced last fall by Gloria E. Tyson. Though Mack is still with the Postal Service, he is no longer in Chicago, and officials declined to say where he works." Congressman sees post office delivering on promise |


Mystery shopper’  

(Petaluma, Calif.) Most window clerks love serving the public, but loathe these stupid “upgraded service suggestion requirements.” But there is nothing that the window clerks can do about it.  But there is nothing that the window clerks can do about it. Only postal management sets the work rules and only an angry American public can bring pressure on them to change these rules. Also see Rude postal clerk | Postmaster responds |


Postal union leaders protest probe into anthrax attacks

The missing-invitation mystery

'Forever' stamps debut in Philadelphia
What Were They (PRC) Thinking?  |

Ads slow postal deliveries

Paramus, NJ man guilty in $1M postage fraud  |

April 10, 2007-

El Paso mail delays blamed on winter storms

Delays continue to plague the delivery of standard-class mail in El Paso, and USPS is leaning on overtime and temporary workers to correct issues that several longtime employees said demand a larger response. Postal Worker Frank Chavez said that only permanent hirings will help solve the issues wrought by employment attrition. |


HCR Contractor Improperly Accepted Workers'  Comp Payments - Management alerted the USPS OIG that a trucking company with postal highway contract routes had been receiving improper payments from the Postal Service to cover costs associated with the company’s workers’ comp policy.  The Postal Service paid the HCR contractor more than $36,000 to acquire a workers’ compensation..  A USPS OIG investigation found the company has no current workers’ compensation policy in place and never had one. However, the company was in compliance with Florida’s workers’ comp regulations because it had filed for an exemption that was approved.  On December 21, 2006, the Postal Service issued a Letter of Demand for $36,526, for which the HCR contractor is working out a payment plan. The letter was issued in lieu of civil prosecution. The HCR contractor continues to perform work for the Postal Service.  |


Mail Carrier retires after 45 years at post office
Mail Hauler Killed in collision with tractor-trailer

Postal rates as the mile markers of a life
APWU: IT/ASC Workers Ratify 4-Year Contract

Florida Postal Workers face stiff penalties |

Cities lack postal stamp of approval

How do you make the 63,000 people in Johns Creek disappear? Mail them a letter. The problem is that the U.S. Postal Service doesn't recognize Johns Creek. The same goes for Milton.

April 09, 2007-

Letter Carriers to Picket USPS Headquarters to Protest Outsourcing Mail Delivery  to Private Firms -Letter carriers from 18 states across the nation, including National Association of Letter Carriers President William H. Young, will demonstrate in front of U.S. Postal Service headquarters with informational picketing on Monday, April 16 at 2 p.m. EDT to protest contracting out of city letter carriers jobs. Young and the letter carriers will be joined by members of Congress angered at the Postal Service's decision to outsource mail delivery to both existing and future city letter carrier territory to private companies and individuals.  |


63 Postal Facilities on OSHA's Highest Injury and Illness Rates List

- Sixty-Three Postal Service facilities were among more than 14,000 workplaces nationwide that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recently identified as having high occupational injury and illness rates  |


Editorial: Why Are We Raising Postage Rates?  |

Second mailman expected to change plea in mail dumping case |

This is not the Postal Service you are looking for  |

Check Out USPS OIG Updated and Redesigned Website

Online Booksellers Face Higher Costs for Shipping Abroad  |

PRC sets April 20 for comments on USPS RPN request

Postal plan lacks Daufuskie residents' stamp of approval

SteelCloud Awarded Contract by US Postal Service

April 08, 2007-

Young to Burrus: Thanks but no thanks for unsolicited advice

President Burrus has felt the need to criticize the NALC and other postal unions over postal reform, branding their leaders as “fools” for working to shape “bad” legislation. He routinely demonizes the nation’s major mailers. Indeed, he once famously referred to the customers who generate the majority of the Postal Service’s volume—and revenue—as “vermin.” I try to ignore comments like these and usually I succeed. But on March 1, Bill Burrus published something so ridiculous and contrary to the interests of city carriers and other postal employees (including his own members) that I must respond.  |


Retiring the rural route  |

UPS franchisees call delivery giant their biggest rival


April 07, 2007-

Omaha Terminal Handling Services Solicitation canceled  |

Great Falls Post Office Offering Massages on Tax Day

Special Postal Bulletin 4/06/2007

Postal rate increase to be felt at the checkout line in Bush Alaska

Postal Services, Mail Delivery and Zero-Emission Fuel Technologies

Postal Rate Hike Has Some Rethinking Business Plans

1943 letter puzzles Portland postman
Potter to receive A-PLUS award

Where was post office as mail was dumped?  |

April 06, 2007-

USPS Rejects NALC Offer, Interest Arbitration to Resolve Contract

Postal Service Opts for Confrontation on Contracting Out
President William H. Young announced April 6 that negotiations for a new National Agreement have ended in impasse. “I truly regret to inform the membership that the top leadership of the United States Postal Service has flatly rejected NALC’s offer of a strategic partnership to protect the future of the Postal Service,” Young said. “We are shocked by their refusal to work jointly, and now have no choice but to pursue our bargaining goals through interest arbitration. The current chairman of the USPS Board of Governors, James Miller III, earned his right-wing reputation as budget director during the Reagan administration, and is now trying to ram that ideology down the throats of all at the USPS. Archive: NALC challenged Miller’s appointment in 1985 to the OMB Director’s position | NALC News Bulletin (PDF) |


Postal Worker Pleads Guilty In $426,000 Money Order Fraud Case

Calif. - A postal window clerk from Tracy pleaded guilty today to stealing $426,065.09 in money orders, according to U.S. Attorney Scott Schools. Manuel A. Moreno, 46, pleaded guilty in federal court in Oakland to fraudulently receiving a money order (s) without paying for it between 2003 to 2005. When he was arrested on July 8, 2005, Moreno had $13,247 in cash on him and another $15,105 worth of blank money orders   |


APWU President Vows to End Non-Union Members “Free Ride”

In an article that appeared in the March/April 2007 issue of The American Postal Worker Magazine, National President William Burrus stated that despite successes, nothing that the APWU has done has significantly reduced the unacceptable high percentage of workers who continue to receive the benefits of union efforts but refuse to join the organization. He also stated that one solution would be to make non-members pay their fare share. President Burrus made a solemn pledge that if there is a way to require that non-members share in the financial burden of improving condition for postal employees, he would find it. Ask President Burrus: Is it true APWU will not exist in 15 years |


PMR Suspended for Alleged Verbal Threats Against Postmaster

Kipling, NC - Last month the postal service suspended Relief Postmaster Dolores Overby-Tew without pay and with instructions to stay away from the postal facility while an investigation of matters relative to her work at the Kipling Post Office is underway.  Overby-Tew said Postmaster Lori Townsend claimed the relief postmaster threatened her verbally. In February Overby-Tew said Townsend sought a restraining order seeking to keep her off post office property . |


USPS Intent to Solicit for Terminal Handling Services at 66 Sites

USPS posts notice of its intent to solicit for Terminal Handling Services at 66 sites throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. see synopsis and list of proposed sites (PDF)  | Omaha MCC Solicitation has been canceled |


USPS moves  mailbox pickups to get vehicles off the road at rush hour

The U.S. Postal Service has changed the final pickup at 300 mailboxes along Wilshire from downtown to West Los Angeles from 5 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The idea is to get the postal trucks off the boulevard before rush hour with the hope that it will ease the often grueling commute on one of the city's main east-west routes.  |


Texas: Another Postal Worker Suspected of Stealing Passport Info  |

116 Cats Found in Postal Worker's Home |

Mailer despair: The unaccounted mover |

Postal Worker Finds Coupon With 'N-word' Amid Mail  |
Mail sorting will move from Mandeville to NO

A stampede for postage and the price is permanent

USPS publishes proposed new standards for Periodicals

Social Security checks late for 300 residents

FedEx hit with labor complaint for firing workers for union organizing drive

PRC grants catalog mailers additional time to prepare motion (PDF)

Citizens Discuss Mail Delivery

April 05, 2007-

NALC: Postal Record article on contracting out  |

Looking for your mail? Try columnist Bob Baird's house  |

Post office, Garden Dedicated to Slain Postal Supervisor

Post Office Mix-Up Leaves Thousands Without Social Security Checks

NYC's Letter Carriers to Watch Out for Their Elderly Customers

Postal employee is sentenced in mail thefts

APWU: Equal Pay Day Arrives April 24

April 04, 2007-

Letter Carrier Rescues Children in Runaway Minivan

 (PA) "Postal carrier Linda Stuchel was delivering mail Tuesday morning on Washington Street when she saw a brown minivan coasting backward down the street. What she didn't see was a driver -- only a small boy between the front seats. In the middle seat was a 6-month-old baby girl strapped into a car seat. I figured he had put the gear shift in reverse," Stuchel said. "It was rolling on a flat road, but it was picking up speed as it went backward." See Video  |


Postal Desperation: A Last Minute Call to Action to Protest the Pending Rate Hike  |


Carrier foils suspected burglary attempt of Postal Clerk's home  |

Robber Sought After Mail Holdup In Chula Vista

Postal workers charged in ID thefts using passport info  |

Man who attacked postal worker with power saw pleads guilty

Postal carrier saves woman from burning home  |

Town reunited with post office after 50-year wait

Postal prices go up; service goes down

Stamp collecting sticking around in the 21st Century

Track Down Those Unaccounted Movers

Mailers seeking solutions to postal predicament
Higher postage could mean lower paper costs


April 03, 2007-

Postal Service Reservists Eligible for Back Pay

As many as 100,000 military reservists who worked at the U.S. Postal Service between 1980 and 2000 could be eligible for thousands of dollars in compensation because they were improperly charged for their military leave, under a new ruling.  Matthew Tully, a New York attorney who is representing affected employees for free. He said complying with the decision could cost the Postal Service upwards of $200 million. Tully said the average back payment has totaled $3,500, although employees have received anywhere from $400 to $14,000 depending on how long they were in the reserves and their paygrade. Reservists who believe they are owed back pay must file their case with MSPB. Postal Employee Challenges USPS Over Military Leave  |


Boston Celtics putting stamp on U.S. mail  |

Rates, reform main topics at NPF  |

USPS asks PRC to extend RPN test

New York Acquires Farley Post Office in Penn Station Area Redevelopment

March a solid month for TSP returns | Thrift Investment Board outsources form processing

April 02, 2007-

Postal employee arrested in armed bank robbery

(Kentucky) A Radcliff woman who works at the post office in Elizabethtown was arrested Friday in connection to an armed robbery at the Magnolia Bank. Sherry Jensen, 36, is charged with first-degree robbery. The charge is a Class A felony because of the use of a weapon. An identification badge in the Jeep indicated she worked for the U.S. Postal Service, and McCoy said she told them she worked at the Elizabethtown facility.  |


United Airlines Signs New Postal Contract  |

PRC issues procedural schedule for USPS rate reconsideration

Wary mail carriers watching your dog  |

Paper goes postal today

Modern methods could stamp out contract postal station

Mail carrier goes the extra yard for his customers   |

Almost 4000 special election ballots marked undeliverable

April 01, 2007-

NAPUS: Postmasters, Managers, Supervisors Under Pressure

 The three presidents of NAPUS, Postmasters League, NAPS) wrote to PMG Potter requesting a meeting (held on March 21) concerning the deteriorating work climate that Postmasters, Managers and Supervisors are experiencing in the field. In a letter to PMG Potter they wrote :" Postmasters, Managers and Supervisors are under tremendous pressure, with more requirements, reports, and unrealistic expectations. We are concerned these conditions, if not reviewed at our level, could result in serious consequences. NAPUS also pointed out that "We have a lot of info now on threats, intimidation and retaliation that we will bring forward but we need to aggressively work to stop this form of violence in the work place... "  Letter to PMG  (GIF) | President Goff's Update After Meeting with PMG  |


'Star Wars: Episode VII -- The Philatelic Menace'

Stamp collectors are up in arms about plans for 15 new “Star Wars” stamps, to be issued for the 30th anniversary of the film in May. “From a galaxy far, far away . . . to your mailbox,” crows the U.S. Postal Service. The problem? The stamps picture Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman– a seeming violation of USPS guidelines that prevent depictions of living people. |


Google Goes Postal For April Fools

Office mailrooms sent packing

Postal carrier gets send-off

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