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Postal News - April 2006


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Lori Leigh Kotter-Hayes and Grant Galalher

April 05, 2006 - Postal  Supervisor Killed, Letter Carrier In Custody - A Baker City, Oregon, customer service supervisor, Lori Hayes-Kotter, 49 (pictured at left), was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in the Post Office parking lot. The Inspection Service reports that local police arrested a Baker City letter carrier at the scene and have taken him into custody. “Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to the family of the victim and to our employees who have suffered through this tragic incident,” said PMG Jack Potter. “I ask that you keep them in your thoughts.” USPS Newslink -   Letter Carrier's target was Postmaster - Grant Gallaher, 41,  was scheduled to be arraigned in Baker County Circuit Court  today on charges of intentional murder and attempted aggravated murder, said District Attorney Matt Shirtcliff. Gallaher, (pictured at left) entered the federal building in Baker City Tuesday afternoon intending to kill postmaster Michael McGuire |

Police: Postmaster was target in Oregon shooting | Supervisor was not the target  | Baker City post office reopens in wake of shooting


Murder suspect was told by victim he was being given more work - Before she was run down by a postal vehicle and shot, postal supervisor Lori Leigh Hayes-Kotter (pictured at left), told letter carrier Grant Gallaher (pictured at left)  that he would have an hour's more work on his route, a union official says. Gallaher is accused of murder. Earlier on the day of the shooting, Hayes-Kotter and Gallaher had a discussion about her decision to add about an hour of work to Gallaher's delivery route, said Jamie Lumm, who works for the National Association of Letter Carriers, which represents Gallaher and the nine other carriers in Baker City. After that meeting, which took place while Gallaher was delivering mail, Hayes-Kotter telephoned the carrier who leads the local letter carriers union and said Gallaher might complain about the extra work, Lumm said.postmaster Michael McGuire (4/7)  |

Did you know Lori? | Lori Hayes-Kotter Obituary | Postal Supervisor Killed, Letter Carrier In Custody | NALC Extends Condolences For Slain Oregon Supervisor | APWU Mourns Slaying in Oregon NALC releases its investigation into the fatal shooting | Community copes with tragedy |Neighbors: Postman kept to self  | Baker City post office reopens in wake of shooting |Supervisor was not the target  | Police: Postmaster was target in Oregon shooting (4/5) |

April 21, 2006 - Veteran Dallas Postal Employee Sentenced to Prison
"At 63, Joseph Urso might normally be looking forward to his retirement. Instead, he'll be spending the next two and a half years in federal prison. Urso pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly $600,000 from the U.S. Postal Service over a 13 year period. Urso worked at USPS for nearly 40 years. From 1992 until he was caught last September, Urso serviced vending machines that sell stamps at various Dallas post offices. But instead of depositing the money from the machines, Urso admits stealing it, then under-reporting the dollar amounts." U.S. Department of Justice Press Release |

April 10, 2006 - Postal Employees Number at a Glance The following charts are  from the 2005 United States Postal Service Annual Report. and On-Rolls and Paid Employee Statistics . It is interesting to note that the CLERK Craft numbers has dwindled from a high of 293,829 in 1998 to 217, 555  as of March 2006, Pay Period 7 [PDF] -- a lost of 76,274 employees.  The Rural Carriers Craft numbers continue to increase (65, 143) and represent the largest gaining group.   Also included are charts for classes of mail and  CSRS / FERS employees at the end of 2005.  |


April 13, 2006 - Federal Managers Coalition Seeks Change in FERS Unused Sick Leave Compensation - "Sick leave can accumulate quickly as unused days from the 13 granted annually to federal employees carry over year after year. For employees under the older Civil Service Retirement System, leftover sick days are credited toward retirement pensions. But Federal Employee Retirement System workers have no such luck. This discrepancy is causing FERS employees to use substantially more sick leave than their CSRS counterparts, the Congressional Research Service reported in 2004. One possible interpretation is that FERS employees calling in sick may not truly have the sniffles." |



April 30, 2006 - Postal delivery is no easy reach

" Mail carrier Donna Squier once had a mailbox completely fall off its post when she was attempting to make a delivery. It's just one mailbox malady that befalls Auburn-area postal carriers, who can all name a few boxes on their route that need a desperate makeover. The mailbox improvement committee has devised a decorating contest with dozens of prizes. More than two dozen entrants will win jewelry, food, and store gift certificates donated by 21 local businesses. Bringing low mailboxes up to 42 inches can help carriers avoid repetitive stress injuries. |


April 30, 2006 - USPS Revamps Retail Training Program -Rob Strunk, APWU Assistant Director, Clerk Division, released the following memo on USPS’ New Retail Training Program, "The United States Postal Service has instituted a new retail training program wherein the classroom training program has been changed to exclude POS training, which will be solely taught by on-the-job instructors." On the following page are some basic questions and answers about the program.  |


April 30, 2006 - Letters: Study does not mean postal plant will close - "I am mystified by an article that ran in the April 25 issue of the Oshkosh Northwestern "Oshkosh postal facility could be closed." Despite meeting with the reporter face-to-face and emphasizing several times that we were reviewing only one aspect of our operations at the Oshkosh Processing and Distribution Facility (P&DF), it was inaccurately reported that we were considering closing the entire plant. This is simply not true." Robert J. Prahl Plant Manager Oshkosh Processing and Distribution Facility  |


Previous article - April 25, 2006 - Oshkosh postal facility could be closed -"Oshkosh's United States Postal Service processing and distribution center is one of more than 50 such centers around the country undergoing a study to determine if it should be closed and consolidated with other regional operations, postal officials said. It is the only center the Postal Service is considering closing in the Lakeland District, which consists of two-thirds of Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, said JoAnne Blackburn, of the Postal Service Public Affairs Office in Milwaukee.


April 30, 2006 - Great Falls (Montana) postmaster resigns after investigation - Bruce Gruver was put on administrative leave January 24th, but postal officials wouldn't say why and still aren't saying whether Gruver was asked to resign or what the investigation revealed, citing privacy concerns. Before taking the Great Falls job in December 2004, Gruver was postmaster in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Gruver began his career with USPS in 1982.  |


April 30, 2006  - Pennsylvania: Oil City letter carrier finishes Boston Marathon  - Luke Riley of Knox, a letter carrier for the Oil City post office, finished in 429th place out of 22,517 participants last week in his first Boston Marathon. Riley, who started running about four years ago in an effort to lose weight, finished the 26.2-mile marathon in 2 hours, 50 minutes and 21 seconds.


April 30, 2006

Metroblogging New Orleans: Going Postal

April 29, 2006

Sioux City: Local, state leaders to meet with Potter

Retired postal workers hold reunion

Bag of mail lost on Heartland highway

Letter perfect: Postal employee delivers 40 years of faithful service

Car runs into post office
Going Postal on Main Street
Papers, magazines, ad mail back on N.O. delivery route


April 28, 2006 - Postal Worker Fights Off Attackers Despite Being Stabbed - An Oviedo (Fla.) postal clerk was attacked and stabbed Friday morning. Now police are searching for the two men who did it. "The employee was sleeping in his truck an hour before his shift started, when the men pulled him out of the truck. The stabbed postal service clerk drove himself to the hospital and the men who tried to rob him have not been caught. For the past 20 years, Maurice Boetto ( pictured at left) has always arrived at the post office in Oviedo at least one hour before the start of his shift." Military training. I'm never late to wherever I need to go," he said. That same military mentality he developed in the Navy perhaps helped save his life Friday morning."  |


April 28, 2006  - Mendham Township rallies 'round its post office - A community defined by prosperity and a sense of history was the unlikely setting of a protest this morning pitting residents against the U.S. Postal Service. Chanting "no standardization" and waving signs, nearly two dozen people stuck up for their beloved Brookside post office after an inspector ordered the removal of pictures, notices and other personal items displayed on walls inside the 19th Century building." It's a shame to hear this bureaucratic nonsense coming out of Washington," said township resident Sam Fairchild, a former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Transportation and advisor to President Reagan.  |


April 28, 2006 - Mail carrier retires, recalls days of two-room post office - After 32 years of delivering mail to Oakton residents, Ron Rusnak will make one last round through the Miller Heights subdivision this Friday and then leave his mail truck at the post office for the next mail carrier. Then, he said, he will likely go home and begin his retirement with a cold beverage. This April marks 36 years of service to the government for Rusnak, including four years in the Army, and he said he had long planned to make this month his last. "I had just had enough. It was time," he said.


April 28, 2006

Benefit Concert To Aid Goleta Postal Victims’ Families

eNapus Bulletin: Perfect Postal Storm Brewing

Credit Card Mail Offers Grow 16% in 2005

Mean mutt mars mail, many mad

Postal Service's Change-of-Address Filings at Historic Levels

Group wants cockfighting magazines declared 'nonmailable'

'Junk mail' tax break moving toward approval

Postal Workers to Deliver Thousands of Signed Letters to Canada Post CEO

Canada Post uses legal loophole to knock off rival
Angry over shift changes, Canadian postal workers walk off job


April 27, 2006 - Slow Pace of Bookspan NSA Scares Mailers, USPS Says
"Business mailers are becoming less interested in working with the U.S. Postal Service on negotiated service agreements because a recent landmark case is taking too long to be completed, a USPS official said last week. A Postal Rate Commission spokesman, however, said the PRC just wants to get the deal right. Negotiated service agreements are special service and rate arrangements between the USPS and a mailer or group of mailers. Proponents say NSAs encourage greater volume by rewarding postal service customers with discounts and premium services."  |


April 27, 2006-  Postal Service Reopens New Orleans Plant -On Friday, April 28, 2006 at 10 a.m. the U.S. Postal Service will officially re-open its New Orleans Processing and Distribution Center, the primary mail-processing facility for mail to and from Louisiana.   |


April 27, 2006 - Tennessee: Gunman holds up Post  Office - suspect caught - A gunman robbed the postmistress of the Lake Cormorant Post Office Tuesday morning, but he was caught four minutes later by a Walls police officer. Postmistress Cindy Scott called in an alarm on the holdup at 11:40 a.m., saying she'd just been robbed of an undetermined amount of cash and blank money orders. Mitchell said Scott was not injured in the robbery but was threatened by the man brandishing a pistol. "The Postal Inspectors recovered the cash and money order blanks taken in the robbery. They also recovered the pistol," he said


April 27, 2006  - Letter Carrier Delivers laughs in the face of danger
Johnny Pizzi of Saugus, the regular host at the Giggles Comedy Club on Route 1 for 17 years, has been on national TV (''The John Laroquette Show") and played Las Vegas. That's heady stuff, but nothing compared to his trip this month to Bosnia and Kosovo. The package included sleeping on cots, eating when you're told, changing plans on short notice, and taking rides in helicopters while men with machine guns keep watch. ''It's great to be able to do something in a small way to help take the troops' minds off of why they're there," said Pizzi. ''This is the ultimate in show business, to be able to do something for them while they're over there watching our backs." Pizzi, who works full time as a letter carrier, was disappointed that the Postal Service wouldn't grant him an administrative leave. But rather than miss the trip, he used vacation days. ''It's my vacation in Kosovo," he said.  |


April 27, 2006 - USPS: Long Grove residents must use RFD address
Long Grove residents used to receiving mail addressed to their street address may find troubles with delivery because the post office has switched software. The U.S. Postal Service will no longer recognize street addresses in Long Grove. Village officials have requested the post office use rural free delivery, or RFD, addresses for mail delivery. New postal software is not programmed to work for mail that uses the street address instead of the RFD address.


April 27, 2006 - Advo Swings the Ax - "Advo shook up its bulls last week when it cut its second-quarter earnings forecast, citing soft results in its so-called zone product. To drive profitability in future periods, Advo said Tuesday that it will close its Memphis production facility and outsource its graphics and print production operations."


April 27, 2006 - Co-workers celebrate vets' return - Gil Tatum still has to wear a uniform. He still has to be able to carry more than 30 pounds of gear. And he is still required to have a license to drive a government vehicle. But instead of searching for roadside bombs on the dangerous streets of Tikrit, Iraq, which he did for nearly a year, the former Army sergeant is doling out mail in Concord. 'I don't have much chance of getting blown to pieces,' said Tatum, 27. 'I am glad to be back to a normal life.' Tatum worked as a mail carrier for about five years before he was deployed to Iraq, where he served for 11 months. The Antioch resident returned to his job at the post office April 17 -- bringing the number of Iraqi war vets at the Concord office to four. Co-workers marked Tatum's first day back and the other soldiers' safe returns with a celebration. They hung a colorful banner in the lobby with photos of the five vets, including one who served in the Gulf War.


April 27, 2006

Postal Bulletin 4/27/06 Issue

Postal worker given probation for stealing
House leader won't join Sioux City in postal dispute
Once licked, rare stamp resurfaces

Cayman Islands: APO swamped with undeliverable mail


April 26, 2006 -  Postal Service asked to hold off on rate increase
"House Government Reform Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va., is asking the U.S. Postal Service to hold off on its next rate increase until issues surrounding postal overhaul legislation are smoothed out. In a letter this month to Postal Service Board of Governors' Chairman James Miller, Davis wrote that "It would be prudent to delay filing for the next rate increase" until overhaul legislation awaiting conference "is closer to resolution." A similar letter was also sent from the chairman of the Mailing Industry CEO Council, a nonprofit group that focuses on mailing issues."  |


April 26, 2006

Dogs are a painful job hazard for mail carriers

Plague-infested mice, anthrax missing from N.J. labs
Reflections on the Postal Forum

Arizona: Mail ballots returned for stamps despite USPS pact
Man gets eight years in prison for 2004 post office robbery


April 25, 2006 - APWU Asks District Court to Put Network Consolidation on Hold
The APWU filed a complaint in U.S. District Court on April 21, charging that the Postal Service violated the Postal Reorganization Act in implementing its “network realignment” plan, known as Evolutionary Network Development (END). The complaint seeks a judgment that management violated the 1970 law, as well as an injunction against future violations. The court filing alleges that the Postal Service violated Section 3661 of the Postal Reorganization Act, which requires the USPS to seek an advisory opinion from the Postal Rate Commission (PRC) “within a reasonable time prior to the effective date” of a proposal that would change the nature of postal services on a “nationwide or substantially nationwide basis.” 

- See APWU Requests in Court Case


April 26, 2006 -  Postal Service asked to hold off on rate increase
"House Government Reform Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va., is asking the U.S. Postal Service to hold off on its next rate increase until issues surrounding postal overhaul legislation are smoothed out. In a letter this month to Postal Service Board of Governors' Chairman James Miller, Davis wrote that "It would be prudent to delay filing for the next rate increase" until overhaul legislation awaiting conference "is closer to resolution." A similar letter was also sent from the chairman of the Mailing Industry CEO Council, a nonprofit group that focuses on mailing issues."  |


April 27, 2006-  Postal Service Reopens New Orleans Plant -On Friday, April 28, 2006 at 10 a.m. the U.S. Postal Service will officially re-open its New Orleans Processing and Distribution Center, the primary mail-processing facility for mail to and from Louisiana.   |


April 27, 2006 - Tennessee: Gunman holds up Post  Office - suspect caught - A gunman robbed the postmistress of the Lake Cormorant Post Office Tuesday morning, but he was caught four minutes later by a Walls police officer. Postmistress Cindy Scott called in an alarm on the holdup at 11:40 a.m., saying she'd just been robbed of an undetermined amount of cash and blank money orders. Mitchell said Scott was not injured in the robbery but was threatened by the man brandishing a pistol. "The Postal Inspectors recovered the cash and money order blanks taken in the robbery. They also recovered the pistol," he said


April 27, 2006 - Advo Swings the Ax - "Advo shook up its bulls last week when it cut its second-quarter earnings forecast, citing soft results in its so-called zone product. To drive profitability in future periods, Advo said Tuesday that it will close its Memphis production facility and outsource its graphics and print production operations."


April 27, 2006

Postal Bulletin 4/27/06 Issue

Postal worker given probation for stealing
House leader won't join Sioux City in postal dispute
Once licked, rare stamp resurfaces

Cayman Islands: APO swamped with undeliverable mail


April 26, 2006

Dogs are a painful job hazard for mail carriers

Plague-infested mice, anthrax missing from N.J. labs
Reflections on the Postal Forum

Arizona: Mail ballots returned for stamps despite USPS pact
Man gets eight years in prison for 2004 post office robbery


April 25, 2006 - Chemical Scare Sends 23 Alabama Postal Workers to Hospitals
 (see video) A liquid leaking from a package at the Hueytown Post Office on Tuesday sent the call out to first responders from five agencies, blocked the area roads and caused the post office to be evacuated and closed to the public. We expect to be open,” said Postal Inspector Frank Dyer after a package leaked a substance first believed to be methyl chloride. However, garlic oil and not the chemical methyl chloride is now being blamed for the chemical scare. Federal charges could be pursued if investigators find the substance was not contained properly in shipment.

Chemical in package sickens 20 postal workers in Alabama

April 25, 2006 - Oshkosh postal facility could be closed
"Oshkosh's United States Postal Service processing and distribution center is one of more than 50 such centers around the country undergoing a study to determine if it should be closed and consolidated with other regional operations, postal officials said. It is the only center the Postal Service is considering closing in the Lakeland District, which consists of two-thirds of Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, said JoAnne Blackburn, of the Postal Service Public Affairs Office in Milwaukee. |

April 25, 2006 - Rural Carrier fired 1st day on job after crashing into fence - Eric Larson had an accident and was quickly fired. But he says it was caused by lack of training and accuses the post office of not following its own training manuals. The post office, meanwhile, says though there are hazards to being a rural mail carrier, the agency emphasizes safety and gives drivers the training they need. Some people will tell you, no, he should have been given another chance. It was his first day.  |


April 25, 2006 - Rollingstone post office customers left in the dark - Residents with mailboxes at the Rollingstone Post Office have had to travel to Winona to pick up their mail since Thursday due to a dispute between the post office and its landlord. After receiving warning that the electricity was going to be turned off, Rollingstone Postmaster Brenda Ties went to Winona’s Post Office. The Rollingstone doors were locked. Other than a typed note on the door, residents were left in the dark about why the post office was closed.


April 25, 2006
Former postal carrier pleads guilty to stealing $100,000 in checks

Mail carrier honored for accident-free career

Postal Service supports Breast Cancer Awareness Week
Postal workers ready to stamp out area hunger

Alaska Airlines adds Prudhoe flights to boost bypass mail
Canadian Postal Worker Killed in Afghanistan


April 24, 2006 - Ask President Burrus: Union's plan for Conversion of PTFs
Q: What are the union’s plan to assist with conversion of PTFs in Associate Offices?
...we begin contract negotiations in August, when we will submit proposals to address the conversion of PTFs in small offices. One possible solution is contract language requiring that bargaining unit work in small offices be assigned exclusively to bargaining unit employees. This would make the hours presently worked by postmasters and supervisors available to PTFs and create additional full-time positions.


April 24, 2006 - Source: No Rate Case Until May

"Regardless of when the case is filed, many mailers anticipate a big rate increase. For one, the agency said it cannot continue to absorb the high fuel and healthcare costs. Also, it might be the last increase before Congress imposes a rate cap as part of a postal reform bill awaiting action in conference committee. And others fear the increase will be large because the postal union and management association contracts expire in 2006, which could mean a raise in pay that will lead to higher rates."-

As fuel costs rise, so may the price of stamps (Federal Times)  |  


April 24, 2006 - Letter: 14 Days From Rockford to Kansas City
"Planet Codes will track each piece of mail that is sent out. Ever since we started sending out the mail with Planet Codes we've noticed mail pieces coming through our mail in our office with mail tracking systems embedded in them as well. This seems to be a bigger problem than is being talked about. We have noticed that it has taken anywhere from 14 to 27 days for our Presort Standard mail to have its last scan at the USPS. In some cases a drive of a few hours from Rockford, IL, to Kansas City, MO, is taking 14 to 27 days. In one case, we saw it took six to nine days to get mail to California, and mail from the same mail house that dropped the same day took 14 days to get to St. Louis." |


April 24, 2006 - You Say Tomato, I Say Junk
"George Orwell would have loved the letter I received recently from Azeezaly S. Jaffer, the U.S. Postal Service's vice president of public affairs and communications. Azeezaly read my recent column about how tough it's been to stop the junk mail that keeps coming to my house for my late mother-in-law. Azeezaly wrote: "I had an agreement with your predecessor and that was that I wouldn't call what falls out of the center section of my Sunday Post 'junk newspaper' if he would refer to what he found in his mailbox as advertising mail. Can you and I agree, too?" Oh, let's agree to disagree, shall we?"-

Jaffer's Letter to Washington Post Columnist John Kelly  |


April 24, 2006 - PRC Notice: Classification Changes for Express Mail Second Day Service

The PRC proposes the following clarifying changes to the current Domestic Mail Classification Schedule
123 Next Day Service and Second Day Service
123.1 Availability of Services. Next Day and Second Day Services are available at designated retail postal facilities to designated destination facilities or locations for items tendered by the time or times specified by the Postal Service. Next Day Service is available for overnight delivery. Second Day Service is available for delivery on the second delivery day as specified by the Postal Service.

Consumer Complaint Sparks PRC Case


Michael Edwards, a postal worker, died in an auto accident  on March 8th of this year as he drove to work in Mason City, Iowa. On Saturday (April 22, 2006), Edwards was among workers recognized at the annual Workers Memorial Day service in Mason City.


April 24, 2006 - Playing politics with your TSP - Rejected by TSP, real estate lobby turns to Congress
Two years ago, the top lobbyist for the real estate investment industry met at the downtown Washington offices of Gary Amelio, who oversees the Thrift Savings Plan, to make a pitch. The $180 billion retirement savings plan, which covers 3.5 million civilian and military employees and retirees, should create a fund tied to income-producing real estate such as hotels and apartment buildings, said Steven Wechsler, president of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts. Adding such an option, called a REIT fund, would enable TSP participants to get in on the real estate boon that was under way, Wechsler and his staff argued. Amelio and his staff listened, and even invited the group back for a second meeting. But they were unconvinced. TSP already included real estate investment trusts in two of its five funds, which are linked to a broad cross-section of investments. But unlike those funds, the proposed REIT fund would be tied to the fortunes of a single sector, which spelled an unacceptable risk to Amelio and other TSP officials. How could they explain any losses to TSP members if the real estate market were to plunge, like the once-hot tech sector did some years ago?
Special interest groups have targeted TSP before


April 24, 2006

Bundle Prep Rules Hit April 30
Busy Post Office

The Dwindling Fortunes of NIPOST

Iran's postal services to go private


April 23, 2006

Carriers hope bills level postal playing field

GOP Rep to carriers: Push for reform will be rewarded

Post office becomes drive-in


April 22, 2006- Idaho Congressional Delegation Concerned Over Consolidation of Twin Falls Postal Center -"A proposal to merge the mail distribution center in Twin Falls with the one in Boise faces opposition from the Idaho Congressional delegation. In a letter to the Postal Service , the delegation expressed concern over the economic impact of the proposal, timely mail delivery and service availability for the people who rely on the Twin Falls Center.   |


April 22, 2006 - El Paso: Postal Worker Sheds Light On Problems - For the first time, an El Paso post office employee talks only with KFOX about what's happening with local mail delivery For the past few months we have been telling you about the problems residents are having with mail that's either slow, or never delivered. The worker we spoke with says perhaps the problem is that often your mail is laying around and there aren't enough workers to get the job done.  |


April 22, 2006 - Albany post office's flag shows more old than glory
Old Glory, at Zip Code 94706, is true to its first name but not its last. The much-weathered American flag on the roof of the Albany post office dangles precariously from its pole, attached only by one corner. In the wind, it looks more like a star-spangled noodle than a banner. Ray Anderson, longtime Albany resident and businessman, thinks it shows a deplorable lack of patriotism on the part of postal authorities. Anderson said he got "the run-around" Wednesday when he complained to postal officials about the condition of the flag. The Albany postmaster was on vacation, he said. So Anderson made several calls to an 800 number in Washington, then to the Berkeley main post office. There, he said, someone told him, "We can't fix it; we don't have the money," and hung up. On Thursday, two counter clerks at the Albany post office told a reporter to contact the Berkeley main post office. A supervisor there, Audrey Brooks, said the condition of the Albany flag, if correctly described, was indeed "offensive." She referred the matter to Ray Davis, the acting postmaster. Davis' secretary in turn referred it to Postal Service spokesman Augustine Ruiz in San Jose. Thursday afternoon, Ruiz sided with Anderson

April 22, 2006

Louisiana: More post offices to hand out mail

Sioux City: Congressional delegation demands meeting with Postmaster General

Sweet deal for post office-- pays only $13,311 a year for lease

Change of address for Yorkville Post Office

Postal Service mascot Owney travels to Utah


April 21, 2006 - Anthrax Vials Could Be Missing from New Jersey State Lab

 "An inventory of samples stored in a state laboratory came up short a pair of two-inch test tubes containing liquid anthrax, [New Jersey] state officials announced today. They said it’s probably a paperwork problem. Those samples were among 19,251 samples collected between 2001 and 2004 from a postal center in Hamilton Township, where anthrax-laced letters were processed in October 2001." Meanwhile, USPS VP Tom Day: Other agencies unprepared for anthrax threat -"Some agencies still have not developed procedures for handling an anthrax attack, the threat of which “remains credible,” says a frustrated Tom Day, the U.S. Postal Service senior vice president of government relations. He offers procedures the Postal Service has adopted as an outline for others." |


April 21, 2006

Trenton APWU Excessing and Early Out Retirement Update

eNapus Newsletter: It Ain’t Just Rates (PDF) - also: The Buckeye State Primary


April 21, 2006  - High Gas Prices Could Stamp Out Postage Prices

The U.S. Postal Service may file a proposal for another hike in postage rates as early as this month, Postmaster General John Potter says. Potter says the increase would pay for higher gas prices, increases in pay and health benefit costs. Since 2002, the price of fuel and electricity have increased by more than $2 billion a year, Potter says. There is no word yet on how much the new stamps would cost, but the new price could take effect in early spring 2007." |


April 21, 2006 - NAPUS : Pay for Performance Results

According to a statistical summary report issued by the Postal Service, the average Pay for Performance rating for full time Postmasters was 8.2. The FY-2005 average salary increase for Postmasters was 4.45% and the average lump-sum payment was 1.30%.  |


April 21, 2006 - Sioux City: USPS addresses concerns
Thursday's town hall meeting on a Sioux City Area Mail Processing (AMP) study began with a presentation by Doug Morrow, manager of the Hawkeye District, and Clem Felchle, manager of the Dakotas District. They addressed concerns put to them by various entities in advance of Thursday's meeting. Here are some of the issues they responded to in a presentation" Statement from Iowa Senator Tom Harkin) |

- Sioux City: Postal Report Shows 47 Workers 'Reassigned'

- Postal official says changes won't affect service | USPS AMP Proposal (PDF)

- Postal audit isn't public in Aberdeen


April 21, 2006 - Mailbox at each house OK again - U.S. Postal Service officials in Alabama are backing off telling developers and builders they must begin using cluster mailboxes in all new subdivisions instead of putting a mailbox at each home.


April 21, 2006

Mail delivery problems still happening in El Paso

Postal Inspector: Street Gangs Cashing In On ID Theft
New Kinston postmaster pushes for major cleanup
Postal Carrier/Guardsman returns to duty
UPS Net Profit Rises 10 Percent


April 20, 2006 - Karma catches hero mailman -  The off-duty postal worker helped chase down a man who allegedly robbed the Van Go Convenience store in Somerville Journal, MA at knife-point Saturday. Once cops corralled the alleged bad guy, the postal worker returned to the store that had just been robbed, bought a Red Sox scratch ticket for $5, and won a $1,000 jackpot. "The last number I scratched-it said 'homerun,'" the postal worker said. "It's kind of ironic.


April 20, 2006  - Former Postal Inspector Pleads Guilty to Possession of Unregistered Firearm -Richard A. Medve, 52, a retired U.S. Postal Inspector pleaded guilty to one count of possessing an unregistered National Firearms Act weapon, a category of firearms that includes machine guns, silencers and other restricted guns which require special registration in order to own and possess. Specifically, he admitted knowingly possessing an unregistered silencer, one compatible with Uzi-type machine guns, which was found in his home. As further conditions of his plea, Medve agreed to surrender his federal firearms license and to forfeit all his illegally possessed firearms, ammunition and NFA weapons.  |


April 20, 2006 - Mailing error delays GMAC deposits - "The check's stuck in the mail" is right up there with "The dog ate my homework" in the ranks of famed (and shamed) excuses. It usually comes from a consumer, though - not from one of the nation's best-known financial institutions. Yet that was the basic explanation given yesterday by General Motors Acceptance Corp. for hundreds of uncashed deposits that were held in limbo - some since late last month, customers say - at Philadelphia's main post office instead of being delivered to GMAC Bank, a subsidiary based in Horsham. GMAC says that as many as 500 deposit envelopes that promised "prepaid postage" were held up because the postage hadn't, in fact, been prepaid. Spokesman Stephen Dupont blamed the problem on "a third-party processor" that mistakenly failed to keep the postage account funded


April 20, 2006 - Mail Service Goes to the Dogs - When Marta Schwab and scores of her neighbors failed to get mail for two days last week because a dog bit their carrier, it was the final straw for the Sunset Park neighborhood resident. After years of complaining about the mail service, she decided to act. Schwab launched a grassroots campaign printing off hundreds of letters and leaving them on the doorsteps of her friends and neighbors throughout the Southeastern section of Santa Monica over the weekend.


April 20, 2006

The Postal Service's Hotel Wants Your Business (PDF, via PostCom)
Friday, April 28th: Workers Memorial Day

Postal official says changes won't affect service
Stamp auction revives Canada's postal scandal


April 19, 2006 - MSPB Ruling to Benefit Retirees Who Were Injured on the Job -A recent decision by the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) should ensure that employees who work less than eight hours per day as the result of job-related injuries get their full annuity they when they retire. The MSPB decision reverses a policy enacted by the Office of Personnel Management in 2002, which declared that employees who were partially disabled due to job-related injuries should be treated as part-time workers, and their retirement annuities should be based only on their part-time work hours. The policy excluded hours for which employees were paid by the Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP) from calculations for retirement annuities, resulting in reduced benefits.  |

Hatch v. OPM | Risk in Going Part-Time Late in Career


April 19, 2006  - USPS Southwest Area Vice President George Lopez Retiring -Southwest Area Vice President George Lopez will retire after 42 years of government service. Deputy Postmaster General Pat Donahoe, who made the announcement, said Lopez “has created a proud legacy and improved the Postal Service wherever he has worked. In each of his assignments, including almost six years as Southwest Area Vice President. Donahoe said Vice President of Delivery and Retail Ellis Burgoyne will serve as Acting Vice President, Area Operations Southwest Area, effective May 1.  |


April 19, 2006 - Woman Threatens Colorado Postal Clerk - Parker police spokeswoman Sara Walla said officers received a report Wednesday morning that an irate customer had threatened a clerk. The customer told the clerk she had a weapon but did not show one. The woman then left the post office. Witnesses did not know which way she went.


April 19, 2006 - Sioux City: Postal Report Shows 47 Workers 'Reassigned'
Jim Price, president of the American Postal Workers Union Local 186 in Sioux City, said he thinks the "USPS is making decisions to please major customers, including AOL-Time Warner, its single largest customer. Those customers want their mail processed closer to FedEx air hubs because FedEx has the contract for all the post office's air service. "They get discounts if they do their own bar-coding or drop closer to FedEx hubs," Price said. They've been putting pressure on the post office for years to change the way they do their mailing." USPS AMP Proposal Summary for Sioux City (PDF) |


April 19, 2006 - Former Mail Carrier Arrested On Suspicion of Identity Theft

 (California) " Sheriff's deputies arrested a postal carrier for allegedly stealing the identities of as many as a dozen people she delivered mail to in Bonny Doon. Jeri Leann Silva, 34, of Santa Cruz was arrested Tuesday and booked for investigation of felony identity theft, grand theft and forgery, Sgt. Dan Campos said. Campos said Silva, a substitute mail carrier, allegedly had checkbooks, credit cards and bank statements belonging to 12 Bonny Doon residents on April 9 after she tried to buy merchandise at the Capitola Mall using a stolen credit card. It's unclear how long Silva worked as a substitute mail carrier in Bonny Doon, but she was removed from her position earlier this month, Campos said. Silva has a prior record for petty theft, according to court records.  |


April 19, 2006 - Postal Clerk Honored for Accumulating 4,089 Sick Leave Hours

 For Don Fleming, hard work is its own reward - Fleming can retire any time he wants, but for now, he’s content to keep working full-time. The U.S. Postal Service recently honored him for accumulating 4,089 hours of sick leave — he hasn’t called in sick for 27 consecutive years — and for logging 42 years of employment without a single accident or disciplinary action.

April 19, 2006

USPS Board of Governors to meet MAY 2-3, 2006 IN Washington, D.C.

Enid (Okla.) hosting NALC State Convention

Postal Record: Great San Francisco quake disaster pulls carriers together (PDF)
Early Closing Causes Frustration At Post Office

2006 National Postal Forum Photos
MSPB: Supervisor's Demotion to Part-Time Flexible Clerk
PostCom: Reform, FASB, and Tough Decisions

Postal Worker Awarded Ben Franklin Award

USPS address problems of bird shippers
PostCom: Waiting for Godot...And the Bookspan NSA?

USPS proposing new standards for mailing sharps and other regulated medical waste containers.


April 18, 2006 - Postal Rate Hikes to Hit Firms Hard - Not one, but two, postal rate hikes are in the works. Business mailers and consumers have been figuring they would see just one more rate jump before an overhaul of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) limits annual increases. But they'll be disappointed. On Jan. 1, 2007, average rates for business mailers will climb by about 10%, while first-class stamps will go up 3¢, to 42¢ each. One year later, there'll be another increase. Rates for business mailers will rise 4%-6%, and first-class stamps will cost 44¢ apiece. There is always some opposition to postal rate hikes, but it usually fails. This time will be no exception. The USPS wants to maximize its revenues before Congress steps in with tight restraints on future increases. Those will come with a long-awaited reform package, likely to be sent to President Bush for his signature this fall. But most of the reforms won't kick in till mid-2008, giving the Postal Service another chance to pump up revenues before new rules limit it to once-a-year adjustments for inflation, starting in 2009.   |


April 18, 2006 - Postal Service to audit Aberdeen - The U.S. Postal Service has announced that it will conduct an audit of services offered by its Aberdeen processing and distribution center. South Dakota's congressional delegation requested the audit. According to a release, it would give people a chance to see what impact moving some Aberdeen postal services to the Dakota Central Processing and Distribution Center in Huron would have, if such a decision is made. Earlier this year, the postal service conducted a study of the Aberdeen post office. It has yet to announce whether some local mail will be sent to Huron as a result. The audit is scheduled for next week.  |


April 18, 2006  - House Panel, TSP Board Could Clash Over Real Estate Fund

"A House subcommittee plans to hold a second hearing on the contentious issue of adding a real estate investment fund to the Thrift Savings Plan and follow the hearing with a vote on whether to add the option. The hearing, scheduled for April 26, seems likely to put the committee and the board that oversees the TSP on a collision course “Last month, an advisory council representing government employees (including postal workers) adopted a resolution opposing the addition of a real estate investment fund in the TSP."   |


April 18, 2006 - PRC Issues Final Report on 2000-2001 Service Changes- The Postal Rate Commission today issued a Final Report Complaint on First-Class Standards (filed in June 2001) with respect to the delivery service resulting from the 2000-2001 realignment.  |


April 18, 2006

Postal Rate Commission to consider stamped stationery issues

Clerk fills in card's lost time
Postal Service fighting rash of mailbox break-ins

ADVO Discusses Southern California Joint Distribution Agreement


April 17, 2006 - Phrase was insulting to postal workers - Bill White's April 12 column has a statement concerning Northampton County Councilman Ron Angle's outbursts at a council meeting that, "Angle went postal." I am a postal employee, and on behalf of myself and the hundreds of clerks, mail handlers and letter carriers I work with, I ask that he find some other term to describe that loudmouth, obnoxious councilman. Postal employees provide a very valuable and necessary service. We are courteous and respectful toward those we serve, unlike Angle. And, we are dedicated to getting our jobs done without creating disturbances, unlike Angle. I agree that County Council should do something to "control" Ron Angle. May I suggest a return to public floggings?


April 17, 2006

This Time, the Postal Service Has a Right To Gripe

Garry Beaven: Postal Service, family brought him joy
Congress Criticizes USPS Consolidation
USPS Customized Packages Bolster Brands

Postal worker finds pipe bomb in Oregon mailbox

Four in Five Marketers Say E-mail Delivery's Tough: Report

Retired Postal Worker: Post office shouldn’t cater to late tax filers

Baghdad postmen pine for days of vicious dogs
UK: Millions fight for post offices


April 16, 2006  - New Concept for Tax Day : Post Office and Coffee Cafe - Houston's newest  Post Office will be open until midnight Monday so taxpayers can drop off taxes, get them postmarked that night and grab some free coffee and pastries. This is the first-ever post office to combine a full service facility with the Eagle Coffee café, serving gourmet coffee. - E-filing eases Tax Day stress for post office - "We're not expecting anything out of the ordinary," said Greg Boog, acting postmaster at the Howell Post Office. "Over the last couple of years there have been so many e-filers that it's not really bad (on Tax Day)." |

USPS Tax Day Info


April 15, 2006

Vandals Slash 52 tires at North Carolina Post Office  |

Post Offices hosting contest on Retail Products

Officials explore old post office secrets
Canada: Junk mail decision
Ireland: Post offices may provide banking services
Secure Our Borders: Mail a Brick to Your Congressman | Photos

Hurricane Charley victims want old mailboxes back
National Guardsman Says He's Cleared For Letter Carrier Job


April 14, 2006 -Tale of Two Post Offices

Yuba City Delivery Time Cut - Bob Harlan sent a letter to the U.S. Postal Service in Sacramento April 3, expressing his concern on behalf of 700 Chamber members he said were unhappy with what he called a “degradation of service” at the Yuba City post office. In a letter to the Sacramento office's district manager, Rosemarie Calabrese-Fernandez, Harlan asked for an explanation of the process for delivering mail within the specified one-day service area. The Postal Service is also soliciting bids for maintenance and repair work . The district manager  wrote that Yuba City Postmaster John Batch contracted a full-time janitor to clean and maintain the facility.

Postal information is incomplete, legislators contend - A one-page summary sheet doesn't cut it. On Thursday, U.S. Senators Tom Harkin, Charles Grassley and Congressman Steve King fired off a letter to USPS senior vice president for operations Bill Galligan, calling for the postal service by today to fulfill the commitment to publicly release relevant data on the proposed consolidation of the Sioux City mail processing operations. In the balance are approximately 100 jobs that postal union members believe could be headed to Sioux Falls.  |


April 14, 2006 - Excessing Information - On February 8, 2006 the USPS assigned the Mail Handler Craft jurisdiction for staffing on the Automated Flat Sorting Machine 100 with Automated Induction and Automatic Tray Handling system enhancements.  This designation created a unique problem in the Trenton P&DC and other P&DC’s.  The problem being there is insufficient staffing of mail handlers to work these new assignments. The Postal Service is attempting to convince clerks to down grade to mail handlers in lieu of being excessed


April 14, 2006

Students make semi-finals in postal challenge
Midwestern Printer Targets Direct Marketing for Growth


April 13, 2006  - Accounting change could spur postal reform effort

A proposal requiring all private and public entities to include pension costs in their annual financial reports “heightens the urgency to get postal reform done,” according to a source close to the legislation lodged in a House-Senate conference.  Under the proposed FASB rule, the Postal Service would report a projected $60 billion for retiree health benefits..   |


April 13, 2006 - ELM Outlines Whistleblower Protections for Postal Employees

The Postal Service protects you from retaliation for protected disclosures. These could include allegations of violations of law, rules or regulations; gross waste of funds; gross mismanagement; abuse of authority; or substantial and specific dangers to public health and safety. Persons making disclosures are protected from reprisal unless they knew that the information disclosed was false, or they acted with willful disregard for the truth or falsity of the disclosure. You can find the details in the Employee and Labor Relations Manual Section 660, Conduct, subsection 666.3, “Whistleblower Protections..”  |


April 13, 2006 -  Stamp Dispute Lands at 11th Circuit Court

A three-judge panel last week heard arguments over a greeting-card maker's claims that it has trademarked the perforated border around postage stamps -- and that the U.S. Postal Service has violated the company's rights. At issue are not the stamps themselves, which the Postal Service has copyrighted, but greeting cards showing pictures of stamps that the company, International Stamp Art Inc., and the Postal Service each sell.   |


April 13, 2006 - Jaffer: Wall Street Journal insults my fellow postal employees

An open letter to all USPS employees from Azeezaly S. Jaffer, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications It’s been a while since I asked for your help, but when I saw an editorial in today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal, I knew I had to reach out to you. The title? Going Postal. The subject? Mail service in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The problem? The folks at The Wall Street Journal got it wrong, big time! Maybe they should follow the advice of Sgt. Joe Friday from the old Dragnet TV series, “Just the facts, ma’am. |


April 13, 2006 - Act of Kindness Faces Postal Hurdle

An Omaha neighborhood showered its mail carrier with special deliveries Tuesday in honor of his new baby. Mario Tosone was showered with gifts from spots on his mail route Tuesday. The gifts were in honor of his new daughter, Kayla. But a Postal Service policy may mark many of the gifts "return to sender." Omaha Postmaster EvaJon Sperling said federal employees can't accept any gift valued at more than $20. And, because it may be tough to judge the value of the gifts Tosone received, it's unclear how many he can keep for his daughter.   |


April 13, 2006 - Court Denies USPS Attempt to Overturn Arbitration Decision

Bill Lewis, Local President Trenton, NJ .On April 6, 2006, the US District Court/District of New Jersey ruled in favor of the union. The court denied USPS motion to vacate the "Trenton Anthrax Travel" arbitration decision and granted APWU motion to enforce the arbitrator’s decision. Since October 18, 2001, USPS had required the Trenton P&DC employees - almost 700 in number - to travel - on their own time to Temporary Duty Stations.   |


April 13, 2006

Postal Bulletin 4/13/2006 Issue - Use of Leave While on Active Duty Military Service
Manning rural mail carriers present safety program to schools
Iraq Vet OK'd for Postal Job
Toy Car Causes Hazmat Scare at Post Office

Man faces charges in mail scam
Postal worker attacked by dogs
Former St. Petersburg postal worker charged with theft

Postcard sent back to sender - with 1956 postmark

Ruptured Can Causes Scare At Postal Facility

SFist Rants: Dear Mr. USPS

UPS Driver Admits Stealing $1 Million In Packages


April 12, 2006 - Burelson: Time Warner, Big Corporate Mailers Getting Nervous About Public Resistance to Mail Consolidation Plans -"Union and community resistance to Postal Service consolidation plans are making big corporate mailers such as Time Warner nervous. Through informational pickets, press releases, and visits to government representatives, postal workers have been educating the public that mail consolidation plans will benefit the big advertising mailers at the expense of citizens. For Time Warner and other corporate media, the union contention that corporate media are not adequately covering the story because of their corporate interests is especially troublesome."  |


April 12, 2006 - Postmaster Saves Mail from Fire - The fire in downtown Omaha was so big, it took more than six hours and crews from 23 departments to put out. While they were working, so was postmaster Susan Edwards. She knows her customers are always waiting for checks and other important stuff to arrive. Plus, it’s tax season. Susan explains, “They’d already put their taxes in my drop box. We got all that out. The mail was the most important thing for me to get out.” But she did pretty well under the circumstances. Susan saved every bit of mail, the computer, the stamps and money in a fire-proof safe. The fire ended up being so hot, it burned the combination off.  |


April 12, 2006

Federal appeals court upholds prison sentence of postal worker
Batesville postal study put on hold
Postman Helps Police Catch Suspected Robber

Goleta Post Office Offers Help After January Shooting

The Little Post Office That Could

Bloody Mail Investigated
USPS Accepting APX Logistics Packages
The mail must go through - except to his house

USPS February 2006 Financial & Operating Statements

Canada: Rural routes uprooted
Mail carrier indicted on charges of stealing letters

The Blind Leading the Blind


April 11, 2006  - Members of Congress Ask GAO To Address Consolidation Concerns   - Echoing union criticisms of the USPS network consolidation plan, four key members of Congress expressed “concerns about the way the USPS is carrying out” the program, in a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The March 27 letter to U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker was signed by Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT), and Representatives Tom Davis (R-VA) and Henry Waxman (D-CA). “While we recognize the USPS may need to consolidate its facilities…,” the letter said, “… we are not convinced that USPS is following the recommendations made” in GAO’s 2005 report on consolidation."   |


April 11, 2006 - NALC President: Looking For More Than A Change in Season (PDF) - change of season won’t reverse the disastrous deterioration in working conditions facing letter carriers -"Over the past year, under-staffing and the ongoing realignment of mail processing have combined to force many letter carriers to deliver mail in the dark and many others to work overtime that they neither welcome nor desire. Everywhere I have been in recent months - from El Paso to L.A. to Phoenix - it is the same sad story. District managers, driven to "make the numbers," hint there is some kind of complement freeze and refuse to hire new carriers as older ones retire."  |


April 11, 2006

Look for options on dental/vision, health coverage

SEC Proposes Paper Reduction - Drop Use of Hard Copy Mail
SUNY team helps promote post office in contest
Federal employee? Politically minded? Heed Hatch Act

Indianapolis: Mail won't wait for late tax filers
Chicago: Post Offices Open Late for Last-Minute Tax Filing
Study: Number of Online Banking Customers Rose 27 Percent
Orangeburg mail carrier honored for perfect driving


April 10, 2006

Ask President Burrus: Maximizing PTFs

NALC :Young Emphasizes Critical Role Of New Congressional Liaisons (PDF)


April 10, 2006 - Ex-Mail Carrier Who Pleaded Guilty for Delayed Mail  Ordered to Write Public Apology -  On a judge's orders, a former Danville (Illinois) mail carrier who failed to deliver his route in November 27th, 2004 to write a letter of apology and submit it for publication in the Danville Commercial-News.  Jason Dixon pleaded guilty and was sentenced in federal court to one count of delay of mail. Last month Dixon was sentenced to a three-year probation term.  Postal employees are expected to deliver the delayed and weathered mail along with a copy of Dixon's letter to each mail patron affected by his actions.  |


April 10, 2006  - Mail Handler’s Removal for Off-Duty Conduct Upheld

On August 9, 2004, while Charles White was attending the Mail Handler’s Union picnic in Jacksonville, Florida, he and one of his co-workers became involved in a fight involving deadly weapons. After conducting an investigation, the Postal Service removed White from duty. White appealed to MSPB, which affirmed the Postal Service's decision. The administrative judge found that, based on White’s admissions against interest that he brandished a knife against a co-worker, the Postal Service proved its charge of improper conduct. The Board found that the misconduct had an adverse effect on the efficiency of the service because, although the misconduct did occur off-duty, it involved two agency employees, occurred in the presence of many postal employees who were attending a union-sanctioned event, troubled postal employees after the fact, and put postal employees in harm’s way.   |

Federal Circuit Decision [PDF]


April 10, 2006 - USPS OIG Release Report on Cost Reduction Programs Requested by Senator Grassley - This report presents the results of our review of the U.S. Postal Service's cost reduction programs. We determined whether Postal Service efficiencies and cost savings are appropriately factored into the ratemaking process and how Postal Service managers are required to achieve planned efficiencies. Senator Charles E. Grassley, Chairman Senate Finance Committee, requested this review. In rate case R2005-1, the Postal Service presented 42 cost reduction programs with an estimated cost savings of $1.3 billion in FY 2005 and $1.3 billion in FY 2006. Attachment B lists savings for each cost of reduction program.  |


April 10, 2006 - Future Postal Rate Hikes To Be Higher Than Expected? "Rumors are circulating that the next postal rate increase will be higher than what postal officials have previously suggested. Rather than an increase in the mid-single digits, some sources are saying the increase could be in the double digits."

- Mailers Anticipate Next Rate Case After Potter's NPF Speech  |


April 10, 2006

El Paso :Reyes meets with postal officials to address reported delays

Post offices unify small communities

Insurance claim paid, despite U.S. Postal Service denial

Mailers Anticipate Next Rate Case After Potter's NRF Speech

USPS installing videophones to help deaf employees communicate

Residents want mail delivery restored

USPS to Award Scholarships on History of American Postal System


April 09, 2006 - Mail Mystery - Delivery in Housing Developments Under Construction - Hundreds, if not thousands of people living in developments still under construction around the Tampa Bay Florida area are not receiving their mail . “The postal service is reimplementing a rule that has been on the books since the 1970s. The rule states new housing developments must be 50 percent complete before mail can be delivered to individual homes. The postal service said it’s dusting off the old rule to keep mail carriers safe when there’s a lot of construction equipment in use."   |


April 09, 2006 - Glade Park: Neither snow, nor rain nor public controversy
.."no one can say that officials with the U.S. Postal Service have ignored the concerns they heard last week from Glade Park residents. Rather than install outdoor metal cluster mailboxes, which residents didn’t want, they changed plans rapidly to come up with the mobile post office staffed by a temporary postal clerk. ... credit the Postal Service with trying to be responsive to the residents’ concerns. It could have reacted as an autocratic federal bureaucracy, telling folks, “This is the way it’s going to be. Get used to it.” Instead, it listened to local concerns and has tried to come up with a plan to address them."


April 09, 2006

Postal services at Arkansas State University may go to private companies


April 08, 2006 - NAPS Members Push for Postal Reform on Capitol Hill - Hundreds of U.S. Postal Service supervisors from around the country, including several from Connecticut, gathered on Capitol Hill this week as Congress prepares to finalize legislation that will overhaul the agency for the first time since 1970.Tom Rapacciuolo, secretary of the New Haven branch and a Vietnam veteran, said it is critical that postal workers who serve in military reserve units get their assignments back when they return from deployments. Currently, veterans are guaranteed their jobs, but may be relocated. |


April 08, 2006  - White House, RNC Outreach To ... Labor Unions?

For the first time in years, the White House and the Republican National Committee have organized high-level briefings for some nation’s biggest labor unions, gatherings described by GOPers both as part of traditional midterm election outreach as well as a consequence of widening differences within the labor movement about tactics and strategy.  |


April 08, 2006 - Postal Service facing challenge with summer camp mail
Every June, thousands of care packages and letters inundate the Tuxedo Post Office enroute to more than 1,500 boys and girls who come to six summer camps here. In a place where campfires and snail mail still trump computers and instant messaging, the U.S. Postal Service is facing a challenge: How to keep the bags of mail flowing when Tuxedo's contract post office closes May 26, days before the summer camps open


April 08, 2006 -Ohio Post Office restores grime-covered Depression-era art


April 07, 2006 - Postal Workers Picket to Save Sioux City Facility

"People across the country pay the same amount of money to mail letters and packages. So citizens in rural America shouldn’t get slower service than residents of Boston or New York City. That was the message of Jim Price, president of the American Postal Workers Union Local 186, on Friday when local, regional and national union members picketed in front of Sioux City’s downtown post office. Price has said the Postal Service’s plan is to eliminate 250 of the 450 plants nationwide." |

Sen. Harkin Announces Meeting on Sioux City Post Office


April 07, 2006 - USPS featured in a new report by the IBM Center for the Business of Government that examines the use of the balanced scorecard, a tool for translating an organization’s vision and strategy into action. The study says USPS dramatically improved performance by using the balanced scorecard." Read the full report online (PDF) source: USPS


April 07, 2006 - USPS Seeks Partner for Take One Credit Card Program - The USPS expects the Take One Credit Card Program to be operated as an alliance between the USPS and a commercial partner. We will promote the program through take one displays at approximately 15,000 USPS retail locations nationwide, online through usps.com, and otherwise as the USPS permits.  |


April 07, 2006

e-NAPUS Legislative Newsletter : The Circus Is In Town

Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson Honored With Stamp

Letter to Editor: Proudly postal


April 07, 2006 - Time, Inc. VP to Olympia APWU President: You Got it Wrong!
"The commentary by Clint Burelson of the APWU  regarding the Postal Service's network consolidation plans inaccurately states Time Warner's positions and ignores a number of the basic facts surrounding the issue. Mr. Burelson's article fails to mention the fundamental facts regarding the declining volumes and rising costs that are driving change within the Postal Service. And like almost every other business in America, the Postal Service faces rising wage, retirement, and health care costs that cannot be sustained without concomitant rises in productivity."  |


April 07, 2006 - Merkle Mailing Services Closes Its Doors - Merkle has become a victim of a maturing industry, preparing and mailing marketing materials for customers as diverse as Marriott to the Marine Corps. Merkle Mail handled so much material that the U.S. Postal Service installed an office on-site staffed with government employees to expedite handling. Cooper said Merkle paid $40 million a year in postage costs annually. At the height of production, 200 million pieces were mailed in 2003 from the plant. |


April 07, 2006 - New Mexico: Rio Rancho adds postal help - Customers surveys indicate the U.S. Postal Service's local performance has improved since January, when complaints led to high-level meetings between New Mexico senators and the postmaster general. The problem got so bad that one union ran radio ads seeking customer complaints to bolster its case that overworked staff led to long lines, late delivery and disappearing mail. Since then, more letter carriers, clerks and mail processors have been hired, although more are still needed, local union officials say.


April 07, 2006

Postmaster faces charges in shooting
Mailman Ronald Cobb hangs up his sack
APWU: Bulk Mail Centers: 21 and Strong
USPS Touts Four-State Barcode, OneCode Products
Sioux City: Postal workers will picket against consolidation

Historic post office entering a new era
Garrett Park uneasy about postal changes

NYC Seeks Global Brand Delivery


April 06, 2006 - Five Consolidation Studies Put ‘On Hold’

The APWU has been notified that five Area Mail Processing (AMP) feasibility studies “have been placed on hold” indefinitely. An April 3 letter [PDF] to APWU President William Burrus indicated that the facilities involved are two in Illinois (Carbondale and Centralia), two in New Mexico (Las Cruces and Alamogordo), and one in Arkansas (Batesville). “While conducting the study,” the USPS letter said, “the Postal Service determined that there are other factors associated with these studies or the community that need to be addressed before we can proceed with the study.”  |

April 06, 2006 - USPS Respond to APWU Questions on Custodial Services Request - In a letter sent out to its membership , Steve Raymer, APWU Maintenance Division wrote: "It has been brought to my attention that some offices’ have posted the USPS request for information from vendors in their maintenance hallway and/or on bulletin boards. I also understand there has been some speculation by others on the internet. It is imperative that our custodial members have their concerns put to rest as quickly as possible. As you can see from the attached, the USPS is not attempting to broaden the scope of custodial work that can be contracted out. The USPS specifically commits that any custodial contracting will be covered by the square footage MOU and the CBA."PDF  |

April 06, 2006  - Neither birds nor community indignation will keep Post Office from retail standardization -..."after post office monitors visited the Memorial Post Office on Watchung Avenue here and found a bevy of plants, along with Lucy and Ricky the parakeets, change has come, and more is afoot.
Lucy and Ricky and their chicks, Little Lucy and Little Ricky, have found good homes, and pictures of the Ricardos, of 1950's sitcom fame, are no longer on display. There is talk of trimming the vines and putting everything nonpostal in a neat corner. Neither birds nor posters nor community indignation, it seems, will keep the government from the swift completion of its appointed retail standardization. George Flood, a spokesman for the Postal Service in New Jersey, said a nationwide initiative was trying to make post offices more uniform."It's akin to when you walk into a McDonald's in New Jersey, and it has a similar look to a McDonald's in California," he said. "It's retail standardization, that whole branding concept."


April 06, 2006 - Rural address revamp could be to blame for postal headaches

- Mission’s new P.O. chief hopes to stamp out bad reputation


April 06, 2006

Washington 2006 to Present 'Postman Pat,' 'Stamp Camp USA' and Other Activities
Postal Workers retire
Rural address revamp could be to blame for postal headaches

Mission’s new OIC hopes to stamp out bad reputation

Wisconsin town's Post Office began in kitchen
Postal sleuths deliver in Massachusetts

Neither birds nor community indignation will keep Post Office from retail standardization

April 05, 2006 - APWU: A Stunning Reversal of USPS Dire Predictions - In a stunning reversal from the dire warnings that "diminished rate of mail volume growth" was certain without an overhaul of the USPS business model, Postmaster General Potter announced to the National Postal Forum on April 3 that "the forecast for the Postal Service and the mailing industry is very good." In congressional hearings over the past three years, witness after witness from the postal community has asserted that only "reform" could save the USPS from imminent demise. David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States, began each appearance with theatrical demonstrations designed to show that the advent of cell phones and e-mail signaled the death of hard-copy communication and that "reform" was essential for a healthy future for the Postal Service... Albeit a bit late, the American Postal Workers welcomes Mr. Potter and the Postal Board of Governors to the world of reason and reality."  |

April 05, 2006 - Letter to the Editor: A Failure to Report - Clint Burelson, President APWU Olympia Local responds to editorial in “The Olympian” - The Olympian’s editorial “Let the Postmark Go,” and its articles concerning mail consolidation failed to report important information relevant to the issue of mail consolidation in general and the Olympia consolidation in particular. First, The Olympian failed to disclose their owners’ corporate involvement regarding mail consolidation. The recent owners of The Olympian, Gannett, followed briefly by Knight Ridder and currently The McClatchy Company, are all members of the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), which represents nearly 90% of the daily newspaper circulation in the US. The NAA submitted comments to a Postal Reform committee of Congress on 2/11/04, which stated, “NAA supports providing the United States Postal Service (USPS) with the operational flexibility to close, consolidate or relocate postal distribution and processing facilities.” Not all corporate mailers are completely happy with the plans. Netflix, bankers, and other businesses that rely upon First-Class mail will be adversely affected with the delay in the mail.  |

April 05, 2006 - Masked Robber Ties Up Postal Workers, Steals Truck -SORRENTO -- "A robber dressed all in black, with a mask on his face, tied up three workers inside a Lake County post office and stole a huge truck loaded with mail. The robber dumped the truck just down the road and U.S. postal inspectors said they don't think any mail was stolen. Investigators said the masked robber had already tied up two female workers when a male employee walked in. He, too, was tied up. Inspectors with the U.S. Postal Service said whoever did it stole cash from the registers and money from his victims." On his quick departure, he actually took a large mail truck several blocks down the street," said postal inspector Ed Moffitt. Deputies found the 36-foot long freightliner intact."  |

April 05, 2006 - New Calif. Carrier Annex to Eliminate 3,000 Workhours Per Year

The new carrier annex in Santa Monica, a contemporary multi-level complex “is improving operating efficiencies, eliminating fragmented mail processing between multiple facilities and reducing inter-station transportation, all of which will result in the elimination of more that 3,000 work hours per year,” said Los Angeles Postal District Manager William Almaraz." |


April 05, 2006 - USPS Board Nominee Accused of “Jack Abramoff” Style Politics

Former New Mexico Legislator Earlene Roberts: "As the former Minority Whip of the New Mexico House of Representatives, I am well acquainted with Mr. Barnett's attributes and personal characteristics. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Mr. Barnett does not hold the qualifications or the person qualities that a Postal Governor should possess. Mr. Barnett is a paid special interest lobbyist. In his work for his private clients in New Mexico, he has practiced the politics of personal destruction and intimidation. This has included (but has not been limited to) threatening state legislators with primary opponents when they do not vote for his legislation even if it requires voting against their constituents or the Republican Party platform."  |


April 05, 2006 - 3 Florida Postal Clerks Robbed at Gunpoint
SORRENTO -- "Three postal clerks were robbed at gunpoint early this morning at the post office and tied up by a man wearing a ski mask who fled in a stolen mail truck, Lake County Sheriff's officials said. The robber took cash from the post office on State Road 46 as well as cash from the clerks, officials said. He ditched the postal truck less than a half-mile away at Wilkinson Auction, according to the Sheriff's Office."  |


April 05, 2006

From PR Reader: Mailman Gene Kuhlmann's route ends with going-away party (pdf)

Postmark operation in Beaumont TX might get canceled

Postal carriers seek to avoid biting episodes
For 38 years, he delivered
USPS Highlights Customer Success Stories
Mail Problems Continue in El Paso

Man pleads guilty to mailing bomb

Florida woman dies from crash with postal truck

Kingston city officials blast Post Office over mailboxes
Four Charged In ID Theft Scheme Involving Mail
USPS: 'Processing error' redirects some Social Security checks


April 04, 2006 - Postal Worker Kills Female Co-Worker -  A postal worker shot and killed a female co-worker outside their workplace in this small Eastern Oregon city Tuesday afternoon, Baker County authorities said. The shooter was taken into custody shortly after the 4:15 p.m. incident, the sheriff's office said. The names of the gunman and the victim were withheld, pending notification of family members. Police removed the victim's car from the parking lot. It had six visible bullet holes — three in the windshield and three in the hood.  |


April 04, 2006 - Potter: Energy Costs Fuel Upcoming Rate Increase Filing
The U.S. Postal Service cannot continue to absorb high fuel costs, Postmaster General John E. Potter said yesterday, and the agency plans to file its next rate case as soon as this month. Fuel and energy-related costs are major drivers of the Consumer Price Index, he said, but unlike most businesses, "the postal service still has CPI-based [cost of living adjustments] in our collective bargaining agreements, which in turn have driven our cost per work hour up 9 percent since 2002. That means this year's salaries and benefits are $4.5 billion more than they were four years ago." Healthcare is another cost driver for the USPS. "Despite the reduction in employees, our annual health benefits costs have grown some $2 billion -- or 36 percent -- since 2002," Potter said.
 Postal Service mulls operational rate hike   |

- Mailers at Postal Forum Expect Rate Case Soon


April 04, 2006 - Mail Carrier Aspires to Challenge Lieberman for U.S. Senate

Mike Sneideman wants to be a U.S. senator. Sneideman’s strategy is to win the Connecticut Republican Party’s nomination to challenge three-term Democratic incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman in November. Sneideman is a registered Republican who works as a mail carrier at the Newtown post office.  |

2002: Judge rules against postal worker seeking House run


April 04, 2006

Mail carrier's discovery leads to Lowell drug bust

Postal Service ponders job moves in Daytona Beach

Residents seeth at loss of mail

Mickey Barnett May Face Uphill Battle for USPS Board  |

Mail collection time change vexes some

Post Office Named After Long-Time Mailman

Postal worker is paid $85,000 for dog bites  |

Miami Gardens Finally Recognized by USPS
Direct mail with a difference catches attention of recipients

New postmaster takes charge of Uniontown office

Goodbye to Postal Meters?


April 03, 2006 - Contractor: USPS Request for Hours of Service Change May Be Economic -In comments submitted to DOT regarding USPS’ request for Hours of Service change for contract drivers, Roger D. Bullard wrote: “As a USPS contractor of 12 years, I am writing belatedly to express my opinion concerning the USPS HOS exemption request. It appears that the reason the USPS wants this exemption for its contractors, is due to mostly economic reasons. Under the old rules, when a contractor bid a USPS mail hauling contract as an owner/operator, he was able to bid it without adding in the cost of an additional driver."   |


April 03, 2006 - Mailers at Postal Forum Expect Rate Case Soon
The upcoming rate case is a leading subject on the minds of attendees at the 2006 National Postal Forum, which opened yesterday. Several people on the trade show floor speculated that the U.S. Postal Service would file the rate case with the Postal Rate Commission on April 17, the day after Easter. "Standard mail is a growing area for the postal service,” Michael Monahan, Pitney Bowes executive vice president and president, mailing solutions and services said, "and I don't see any sign of it slowing down. Of course, there may be more targeted mail as a result of the increase, but this is a good news for mailers and the postal service.”   |

- Postal Service mulls operational rate hike  (Govexec)

April 03, 2006 - Postmaster General Forecasts Mail Growth Enabled by Technological Advances
Speaking today to more than 6,500 mailers and advertisers at the National Postal Forum, Postmaster General John E. Potter forecasted a transformed Postal Service that will see a growth in direct mail as well as advances in technology. Outlining key Postal Service initiatives, Potter described new customer-focused programs that will help small- and mid-sized organizations grow. He also discussed advances in technology that will track Postal Service performance and reduce costs.   |


April 03, 2006

USPS To Announce Dates Around New Four-Stage Barcode

USPS Orders more Wireless Vehicle Management Systems

New Orleans postmark returns for first time since Katrina

Bad Axe Post Office service shines bright — yet again

Mailman delivered cheer for 41 years on EL route

Mailers Take Stand on Postal Reform


April 02, 2006 - USPS to Offer Early Out Retirement at 3 New Jersey Postal Facilities -

According to Bill Lewis, APWU President of Trenton Metro Area Local #1020:  “The postal service has advised me of a voluntary early retirement (VER) only for function 1 plant employee in the Trenton P&DC, Kilmer P&DC and Monmouth P&DC.  Employees identified as VER eligible were pulled from on-rolls data as of March 21, 2006 and will be sent the offer package on May 8th. ”   |

See more Trenton Metro Update, April 2, 2006


April 02, 2006

Why Postal Trucks Park in Traffic

Pit Bull Attacks Virginia Beach Postal Worker

Car Drives Into Kansas City Post Office

Neighborhood salutes retiring mail carrier 'Mr. Ted'
New Service Lets Consumers Treat Their Postal Mail Like Email


April 01, 2006 -  Iowa Residents Wonder: Prowler or Postal Worker?

"Millie and Noel Marks were surprised by noises recently." It was [almost] 9 at night, and I said to my husband, ‘There’s somebody on the porch,’” said Millie." I looked outside and it was the mailman, walking away,” said Noel. “At 20 minutes to 9 at night? That’s ridiculous.” Both said they’d like an answer as to why mail is being delivered after dark. "If [my husband] hadn’t been here, I would have been scared,” said Millie. “So much orneriness goes on at night.”  |


April 01, 2006

Grenade found at Atlanta Bulk Mail Center, 196 evacuated
e-NAPUS: Lasting NAPUS Conference Impact (PDF)
s questions shift in mail processing

Hesperia: New postmaster is sworn in

Mailman Who Called Police Says He Was "...Just Doing His Job."

Clarksburg City Postmaster Under Investigation
New Jersey man admits to armed robbery, theft of post offices

Sticky substance in mailboxes prompts postal investigation

150th  Anniversary of  Mail Carrier  on Skis 'Snowshoe' Thompson Celebrated

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