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New Book Released By The Only Female Deputy Postmaster General

As deputy postmaster general, she served in the “No. 2 job in the U.S. Postal Service,”1 from 1985 until her retirement in 1987, “managing the world’s largest non-civilian workforce of 800,000 and a $32 billion budget.” In an inspiring memoir, MS. DEPUTY POSTMASTER GENERAL, author Jackie A. Strange shares with readers her remarkable achievements and how trusted leadership, courage, and innovations impacted the postal service

The Tainted Eagle - The Truth Behind The Tragedy

The Shooting at Royal Oak, Michigan Post Office


The Tainted Eagle   On November 14, 1991 a tragedy occurred at the Royal Oak post office. Five people lost their lives in the shootings in Royal Oak, Michigan, a small Midwest town, which would inherit the distinction of developing the media paraphrase “going postal”. Besides five people losing their lives, another five were seriously injured and over a hundred employees went into a state of shock. (2/23/09)

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by Charlie Withers - Description - This book is an expose into the tragedy that occurred at the Royal Oak Post Office on November 14, 1991. Accounts within this story are very complex due to so many government agencies being involved and attempting to whitewash this travesty. My story reflects twelve years of my life as a union steward representing letter carriers, investigating one of the oldest Federal agencies and finding the extremes they would take in order to protect a system and those within the system from any liabilities. This book was also written in hope of preventing any other avoidable tragedies, and to explain why there is a need for ACCOUNTABILITY!

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A Clarion Call for the USPS to Change its Postal Culture

Beyond Going Postal - Written from an Insider's Perspective

By Stephen D. Musacco, Ph.D.

Beyond Going Postal Beyond Going Postal: Shifting from Workplace Tragedies and Toxic Work Environments to a Safe and Healthy Organization by Dr. Stephen Musacco examines the history of violence and toxic work environments within the U.S. Postal Service organization and its negative impacts on the health and psychological well-being of its employees. This book provides an answer to the question: Why has there been so much violence in the U.S. Postal Service and what can be done to prevent it? Musacco provides comprehensive evidence of the decline of the organizational culture within the Postal Service and the internal neglect, denial, and lack of accountability by postal management that fosters toxic workplace environments. This book is, to date, the most comprehensive analysis available on postal workplace violence and postal culture in general, and it includes a blueprint for postal management and government leaders to make the U.S. Postal Service a healthier organization for its employees. Written with postal rank and file, union, management, and government leaders in mind, this book sounds a clarion call to action that cannot be ignored.

Chapter 11-Open Letter To Congress

About the Author
Stephen Musacco retired from the U.S. Postal Service in January 2007, as a Workplace Improvement Analyst. In his thirty-five year tenure with the Postal Service, thirteen years were in the workplace improvement area, while six were in Employee Assistance Programming

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APWU: Book Assails Corporate Influence on Postal Service

A new book that exposes how Postal Service operations are being molded to suit the interests of corporate mailers and USPS competitors at the expense of workers and consumers has become a “must-read” for union and community activists.

Preserving the People's Post Office, by Christopher W. Shaw, makes a compelling case for giving citizens and workers a stronger voice in determining the future of the Postal Service. Published by Ralph Nader's Center for Study of Responsive Law, the book traces the history of recent postal “reform” efforts and exposes how corporate interests and conservative ideologues are conspiring in efforts to reshape the nation’s postal service

The book credits the union for standing up for consumers’ interests. “The American Postal Workers Union has been the sole union voice consistently advocating the universal public service principle,” Nader writes. “Greater efforts on this front could reap even larger rewards for both postal employees and postal patrons, as united they could forge jointly a more robust and vital Postal Service.” [author’s emphasis.
read more (February, 2006)

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Beware of Cat: And Other Encounters of a Letter Carrier

Book Description
One sunny day on his postal route, South Minneapolis, MN Vincent Wyckoff crosses the path of an elderly gentleman whistling for his lost parakeet. The old man is upset, and Wyckoff moves down the block slowly, looking high and low, hoping to spot the little bird. He reaches the man’s house and offers sympathy to his wife, who smiles sadly and says, “We haven’t had that bird for twenty-five years.”

Letter carriers like Wyckoff walk through the same neighborhood each day, observing the lives and routines of its residents. They learn its stories, make connections between people, and, in many ways, become the common thread that connects neighbors to one another. Along Wyckoff’s mail route, Native American children teach him about totems. He finds assistance for a reclusive chain-smoking book collector who can’t maintain his property. He delivers a much-delayed registered letter mailed from Saigon in 1976. Over the years, Wyckoff sees the neighborhood of blue-collar retirees change as a diverse group of younger people move in and raise their families.

Celebrating the triumphs in everyday life and demonstrating the danger of trusting first impressions, Beware of Cat reveals the inner workings of an ordinary place of extraordinary interest.

Vincent Wyckoff was a laborer, a construction worker, and a sheetmetal worker before he became a letter carrier in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1990. This is his first book. The book is scheduled to be published March 15, 2007.

Too Much Like Right and More Poems About Postal Life Part 2-K.D. Greene’s words express the basic, unpretentious, blunt language of weary spirits striving to maintain their dignity as days turn into years. The book focuses on the experiences of postal workers, yet these experiences could also be related to any career situation. The frank, satirical and touching nature captures the feelings of workers everywhere. The animated illustrations capture the author’s mood of the poems, while simultaneously demonstrating its own style of ironic humor. The list of ten questions about going postal in the back of the book makes the words “Going Postal” a reality. K.D. Greene is a native Los Angeles author and poet with 23 years of postal experience. In 2003, K.D. Greene performed her most popular poem from the book “Too Much Like Right, Part 1” entitled “28 Years, 6 Months, Three and a Half Hours and I’m Gone!” in front of an audience of 500 plus at the Long Beach Performance Center. She also wrote and performed “Going Postal: A One Act Play” at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater based on her forth coming novel “Place Stamp Here: A Postal Worker’s Memoir.” Too Much Like Right and Other Poems About Postal Life Part 1 (7/18/04)

28 Years,
6 Months,

Three And A Half Hours,
And I'm Gone!

As I walk out the door,
I won't look back.
I paid my dues
And that's a fact.

No more hitting the clock just to be paid. I'll wait on my retirement check,
Hey, I've got it made.

Now, don't get me wrong,
The government has been good to me. It put a roof over my head,
Food on the table and it
Helped me raise two families

It gave me a paid vacation
To help me pay my bills,
Why, they even paid me while I was ill.

I can't say enough how much the job meant to me
But I worked 28 years and 6 months,
And now I'm free.


Web of Betrayal : A Work Saga for the 21st CenturyWeb of Betrayal : A Work Saga for the 21st Century --Wendy Ghannam  is a former federal employee turned whistleblower. She suffered a disability from her job and was basically threatened, denied her rights, denied her compensation and made unemployable because of her former work arena in the U.S. federal gov't. If you work for anyone but yourself, you'll find this book a "legal-like" treasure. It gives you all the information you need about all the agencies involved, and the laws that are in place to protect workers' rights. Federal workers are in for the bronco ride of their lives right now. They are slowly witnessing the obliteration of their lifetime achievements and hoped-for workplace solidarity and full-scale employment protections. The Bush Administration and its business "as usual" cronies want to rid us from the spectrum of America's elitism of employment. To the average fed: Get ready to be outsourced, esp. if you become injured on your job!! About the author: Wendy Ghannam won an EEOC based discrimination claim against USAID (U.S. Agency for Int'l Development) for job non-accommodation. She is an avid writer and speaker about what is going on inside the federal work arena today. Her book, WEB of BETRAYAL, outlines what it took to win an EEO case after eight years of litigation. (posted 6/3/04) Read article Federal Workers Beware!!
Chicken Beaks Revisited: An Hispanic AdolescenceChicken Beaks Revisited : An Hispanic Adolescence is a story written by Fresno, Calif. US Postal Service Supervisor and part-time author Ben Romero .  Romero has spent over 28 years working for the  Postal Service and serves as Customer Relations Coordinator for the Central San Joaquin Valley. "Chicken Beaks Revisited: An Hispanic Adolescence, tells a story about family, religion, and values. This story, told through the eyes of an emerging teen, retraces the lives of an Hispanic, Catholic family living in Northern New Mexico during the 1960's. Told in first person, using dialog sprinkled with Spanish, each event comes alive with underlying lessons mixing humour, love and drama. Though Hispanic in flavor, the vignettes have universal appeal. The people and places are real. Only names have changed. During time of rapid physical changes and awkward development a young person is filled with emotions that he cannot understand, let alone control. This book targets older children and adults." The title, "Chicken Beaks," refers to the time his friend convinced him pistachios really were chicken beaks boiled in salt water. Romero ran inside the house to tell his mom. "Mom kept a straight face, cracked open a pistachio and said, 'Cluck-cluck-cluck,' " Romero writes" (released April 2004) Visit Ben Romero's website

Poor Man's Philanthropist: The Thomas Cannon Story  Why would a man of modest means give his money away? Thomas Cannon (referred to as "The Poor Man's Philanthropist) is a retired postal worker of modest means who awards gifts of $1,000 to deserving individuals. Over the past three decades, Cannon, 78, a retired postal worker, ( Cannon  joined USPS in 1957, retiring in 1983 and worked as a clerk s in a Richmond, Virginia Post Office) has given $146,000, usually in $1,000 checks, to individuals he finds inspiring. Read about his inspiring life story. Poor Man’s Philanthropist: The Thomas Cannon Story also features some of the recipients of Mr. Cannon’s generosity. They talk about their situation, how they felt when they received his check, and how they are doing now. His gifts have been given to a variety of persons——"to a woman with a brain tumor, a bedridden Marine veteran, a child from a poor family who found a wallet with $40 and returned it, a blind beggar whom Cannon advised to buy his guide dog ‘‘a good steak,’’ two girls who rescued a kitten, a rookie cop who graduated at the top of his class, a wheelchair marathoner who’d lost his legs in Vietnam, teenagers who saved a horse stuck in the mud flats as the tide was coming in, the widow of an insurance man killed during a robbery."

The book outlines Thomas Cannon’s life growing up in a small town in Virginia, through his career in the Navy, his college years, and his work at the post office. He also discusses his devotion to his wife and how he became her caretaker during her illness.

With his story, Mr. Cannon hopes to encourage others to start their own philanthropy effort. His message is that everyone doesn’t have to give money to make a difference. Cannon says, “If someone just makes the commitment to give of themselves and their time, they could make a big impact in the lives of others.”

Thomas Cannon has appeared on television shows like Oprah, Nightline, Inside Edition and more. He has also appeared in over 30 magazines and countless newspapers spreading his message of giving.

After reading his book and hearing his story, you will find out more about how Thomas Cannon thinks, what he feels, and why he gives so much to others.
(August 2004)

(source: press release via prweb and other news articles)

Lord, Send An Earthquake! Two weeks after arriving in South Vietnam in 1967, the author experiences firsthand the battle with the Viet Cong for which he was trained. But no amount of training quite prepares a nineteen year old youngster for the turmoil that he's suddenly thrown into in a foreign land. LORD SEND AN EARTHQUAKE Georgia native Richard  E. Flanders and first time author, currently a distribution clerk with the United States Postal Service in Columbus, Georgia would like to invite your readers to read his newly released book,   LORD SEND AN EARTHQUAKE. Richard served in Vietnam in 1967-1968 in the First Battalion of the Eight Calvary.  As a Private and a Sergeant, he fought in three major battles and several smaller skirmishes in the Central Highlands, the Bong Son Plains and Quang Tri Province.   He took Basic Training in Ft Lewis Washington and Advanced infantry Training in Ft. Polk, Louisiana and also served with the 197th Infantry Division in Fort Benning, GA
Submitted by:
I've read this book and I think your readers will enjoy it.  this book may be purchased by going to www.Xlibris.com 
ISBN: 1-4134-3487-8 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 268
Subject: HISTORY / Military / Vietnam War

Description: Two weeks after arriving in South Vietnam in 1967, the author experiences firsthand the battle with the Viet Cong for which he was trained. But no amount of training quite prepares a nineteen year old youngster for the turmoil that he's suddenly thrown into in a foreign land. Through three major battles and several smaller skirmishes, the author vividly portrays the innermost fears, emotional trauma and the sight of death as he learns the brutal lessons of war. "Lord, send an earthquake! Let this ground open up!" is a plea only an infantryman who has been pinned down under the unmerciful fire of the enemy can truly understand. The war in Vietnam was no longer a matter of daily statistics. It suddenly became personal

Moments in Time : True Stories of the United States Postal Inspectors- "In Moments in Time, Bill Phinazee and Larry Weaver (Retired Postal Inspectors) tell what it's like to be a United States Postal Inspector. Some of their stories are uncomplicated, some are complex, and others are amusing, poignant or chilling. All are entertaining. They tell why a Postal Inspector is respected by his or her peers, feared by law breakers, and known by both as a "helluva investigator" whose investigations leave out absolutely nothing."
  A Parchment of Leaves b y Silas House, Former Letter CArrier Silas House (official website) a former rural letter carrier for the U.S Postal Service, recently began writing novels, and has received many honors. He has been named one of the South's "10 emerging writers," and USA Today called his first novel, Clay's Quilt, the "perfect" novel. His second novel, A Parchment ofClay's Quilt by Silas House Former Letter Carrier Leaves became a national bestseller. House offers a poignant, evocative look at the turmoil that plagues a rural Kentucky family during WWI in his solid second novel, which begins when Saul Sullivan takes a shine to a mysterious, beautiful Cherokee woman named Vine.

Management evolution>-False Prophets-The Gurus Who Created Modern Management and Why Their Ideas Are Bad for Business Today. The guru of this moment was brutal bantam Frederick W. Taylor, who, in the late 19th century, instituted an elaborate system of mind-numbing work rules that would make a postal worker of today feel like the master of his destiny. These rules made factories ragingly efficient by reducing waste and increasing output. Their inhumane treatment of the prole also gave efficient rise to

Samuel Gompers' labor movement, which demanded federal inquiries into working conditions. At a time when management ideas are more influential and controversial than ever, not only in corporations but in government and society at large, this book will help managers, employees and citizens break through the barriers of traditional thought, paving the way for a new management model> James Hoopes is Distinguished Professor of History at Babson College. An expert on American culture and intellectual history, he is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, an NEH Fellowship, and a senior Fulbright lectureship in England. He also received a grant from Alfred A. Sloan Foundation to support the writing of this book. The author of several books, including Community Denied and Consciousness in New England

Mikeskey Book Description Pete Logan returns home from Southeast Asia to his former lifestyle, selling untaxed whiskey throughout the Carolinas. The story is steeped in suspense and adventure, as these two fugitives dodge the law. Albert Aloysious Waters, a Data Technician, on tour 3, at the Greensboro (North Carolina) Bulk Mail Center,  an ex-Marine, Union Official, previously employed with the United States Chamber of Commerce, The American National Red Cross and is presently with the United States Postal Service. has written a number of published action/adventure fictional novels.  His stories are directed to the blue collar market.  Two of his novels (see below) , were shown this past year at the London International Book Fair.  The latter novel's cover was created by Rick Garrison, a mailhandler, also employed at the Greensboro Bulk Mail Center.
Arcnam -Book Description
This story is about an ex-marine, Pete Logan, who leaves a lucrative moonshine operation in order to bring home from Vietnam a nun, his mother by choice, against her wishes. Albert Aloysious Waters, a Data Technician, on tour 3, at the Greensboro (North Carolina) Bulk Mail Center
Buy at Amazon!Before Conflict: Preventing Aggressive Behavior In Before Conflict: Preventing Aggressive Behavior, John Byrnes gets to the heart of the concept of aggression prevention. Rather than look strictly at violence and all its implications - fatalities, crime, and assault - Byrnes instead chooses to look ahead, in order to prevent violence rather than simply to act in reaction to it. By using a unique methodology of ""Aggression Management,"" those responsible for the safety of others may circumvent the standard practice of mere ""conflict resolution"" by dealing with the problem before it creates conflict. The result empowers the reader to stop problems before they even develop. Recommended for anyone responsible for the safety of others."

Aggression in the United States Post Office...The Comprehensive Solution

The symptoms: employee and customer friction, absenteeism, decreased productivity, increased employee and client complaints, higher turnover, lower quality of effort, presenteeism, loss of morale and motivation, lack of creativity and innovation, loss of loyalty to the organization.

The diagnosis: workplace aggression.

The cure: Aggression Management® Solutions. Aggression in our organizations may seem like an intangible problem—but it has very tangible consequences for the organization it afflicts. In fact, the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail, has identified that the cost of “employee friction” (i.e. aggression) exceeds £247,000,000 per year. When there are aggressors in the workplace no one wants to be there. This causes tardiness, then absenteeism and finally turnover; all of which profoundly effect productivity.

The Center for Aggression Management®, has developed the means to identify, measure and manage aggression before conflict occurs so that it can be prevented. (note: Aon Corporation, the second largest insurance broker in the world, acquired the rights to the Center for Aggression Management. The AON Corporation also submitted testimony to the Presidential Postal Commission on
Employee Benefits

About The Author

John D. Byrnes,
coined the phrase "Aggression Management." Organizations come to Dr. Byrnes because he is the leading authority on preventing aggression in the workplace and in schools. He has conducted Aggression Management Workshops for some of the nation's largest employers, among them the United States Postal Service.

Comments on The Arts of Aggression Management  from postal employees

On the other hand, Lisa Bingham, a professor in Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs  does a type of research that wouldn't appear to pose much risk to subjects. She surveys U.S. Postal Service workers to gauge the effectiveness of mediation of employment disputes.

Bingham co-founded The Indiana Conflict Resolution Institute

Conflict Management and USPS Supervisors-This dissertation research explores how USPS Supervisors manage conflict in the workplace. A target group of supervisors was randomly selected from the main postal plant facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. These USPS supervisors were interviewed about their conflict management techniques and strategies and the impact of training and mediation on these practices. Lisa Marie Napoli completed and successfully defended the dissertation. She is currently preparing additional publications from this dissertation research:

Mediating Employment Disputes at the United States Postal Service

USPS Supervisors and Conflict Management Techniques:

Conflict Management Techniques in the Workplace: the United States Postal Service-For several years, the Institute has been involved with a comprehensive evaluation of the USPS employment mediation program, REDRESS® (Resolve Employment Disputes Reach Equitable Solutions Swiftly). This massive research project entails evaluation of two related programs, REDRESS® I and REDRESS® II.

United States Postal Service (USPS) – The National REDRESS® Evaluation Project-Indiana University

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       USPS is under internal and external pressures to deal with its labor-management tensions-an article from 1998 Postal Life magazine

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