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Who Knew  (10/22/10)

A stamp's price remains the same, despite Postal Service requests to raise the price. Discover some of the most unusual places you can still send mail…

Two Postal Workers Shot Dead IN Tennessee Post Office Shooting   (10/18/10)

Police say two female postal workers have been shot and killed in a Tennessee post office shooting.

video report from WHBQ Memphis



Two Postal Workers Shot Dead IN Tennessee Post Office Shooting   (10/18/10)

Police say two female postal workers have been shot and killed in a Tennessee post office shooting.

Ed O'Keefe on Monday's Capital Insider on TBD TV discussing a watchdog report on employment contracts at the U.S. Postal Service  (9/28/10)
That's Bull - Video by postal employees rapping against 5 -day delivery (8/2/10)


100 Years of Progress: APWU History Video Of Postal Workers Movement
This video traces the origins and development of the postal workers' union movement, which led to the formation of the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO. (July 20, 2010)

Watch CBS News Videos Online
Andy Rooney On The Struggling USPS - 60 Minutes
Andy Rooney speaks about the trouble the U.S. Postal Service is in. He also talks about possible changes that could help them financially. (3/15/10)
USPS "Creepy Clown" Commercial
US Postal Service Commercial featuring a family looking for a way to get rid of a creepy clown (1/3/10)


 Rap Song: I'm The Mailman
Two yrs ago I wrote a rap song called I'm the mailman. Well last year I finally recorded it and has performed at our annual holiday party, our state convention, and at a picnic/rally for Chicago's local #11 union this pass summer. It's a great song and I think everyone that visit this site will like it (10/28/09)


Postal workers caught in drug sting (5/14/09)


Rep. Mark Souder Breaks Down OGR Postal Subcommittee Hearing
Postmaster General Dodges CNN Reporter About Relocation Costs   
CNN's Abbie Boudreau asks the Postmaster General why the USPS buys million dollar homes from relocating employees (3/25/09)

Postal Service buys mansion?

Why would the U.S. Postal Service buy the $1.2 million home of an employee?


Postal Service Introduces Cartoon Characters to Warn Children to “Stay Away from the Truck” June 25, 2008
Stay Away from the Truck
The Postal Service eagle is coming to life in full-action animation this summer to warn young children to stay away from postal delivery vehicles. The eagle, Franklin, and his sidekick bird friend Benny, are featured in a public service announcement (PSA) being sent to more than 500 television stations nationwide this week to help prevent injuries and deaths caused when children get too close to delivery vehicles.

The 30-second PSA features fast-paced humorous action to make children and parents aware of how important it is to always “stay away from the truck.” It is part of a broader child awareness safety program from the Postal Service and two of its unions, the National Association of Letter Carriers and the National Rural Letter Carrier’s Association.

USPS Press Release

SF Postal Bosses Go Postal: Postal Workers Protest Terrorism On The Job - 26 min - May 12, 2008

On May 2, 2008, over 100 San Francisco postal workers protested harassment, intimidation and terrorism by postal supervisor Ron Malig. This protest was not the first against growing threats against postal workers on the job. 22 minutes. For DVD copies of this documentary send $15.00 to the Labor Video Project Labor Video Project P.O. Box 720027 San Francisco, CA 94172 lvpsf@labornet.org (415)282-1908 "Labor On The Job" is programmed the very 2nd and 4th Friday at 8:30pm to 9:30 PM of the month on San Francisco Cable Channel 29. "Labor On The Job" is also the longest running labor cable show in the United States since 1983. It is produced and programmed by the Labor Video Project in San Francisco. The Labor Video Project also produces "Labor Line" which is programmed every Tuesday from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM on San Francisco Comcast Cable channel 29. Labor On The Job also programmed on Philadelphia Drexel TV 54 every Wednesday 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM and St. Louis cable systems on on cable ch. 22 in the "City" of St. Louis Fridays at 9:00 PM The Labor Video Project also produces labor documentaries and is part of the Union Producers and Programmers Network (UPPNET) www.uppnet.org
NALC Picket Held July 1, 2007 at the Paterson, NJ Post Office
NJSALC.com - Four minute compiled video of an informational picket held on 7-01-2007 at the Paterson, NJ Post Office by the NALC Region 15 / NY Metro and Local Branch 120. Over 700 letter carriers showed up from NY, NJ, PA and CT
Reno NALC Picket Against Contracting Out of City and Rural Carrier Jobs - NALC Branch #709
 (Length: 10 min - press play button on left to start video)

June 21, 2007 picket in Reno, NV  - The chant “Save Our Service, Save Our Jobs" echoed up and down Vassar Street in Reno on Friday, as local letter carriers marched for more than an hour to protest a postal service plan to out-source some delivery routes.

NALC Picket
(Length: 5:28 min - press play button on left to start video)

April 16 picket of U. S. Postal Service Headquarters at L'Enfant Plaza by the National Association of Letter Carriers. Video by NALC Branch #3825

Going Postal In Brooklyn 11218

December 06, 2006 (press play button on left to start video)

A Brooklyn post office branch cited for horrendous service got another black eye after a customer's postal behavior was signed, sealed and delivered to YouTube viewers. The clip on the Web site - shot with a cell-phone camera at the Kensington post office branch in December - shows an irate, profanity-spewing man demanding to see a manager, but he's stopped by police instead." Get the manager over here!" screams the unidentified customer to a postal employee behind a counter window. "I want the manager. We'll see how long you have your job, sweetie." After several minutes of the customer's rant, three police officers respond to the scene, but the 5-minute, 43-second clip ends too soon to see what happens next.

Online vid shows post-office meltdown - New York Daily News

APWU Save Our Service Rally in Minneapolis
January 24, 2006 - (Length: 2 min 56 sec. (press play button on left to start video)
Postal Workers rally in front of the Minneapolis downtown post office to protest efforts by the USPS to close post offices in the name of privatization.


Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Postal Workers 1978 Strike Against Mandatory Overtime, Speedup and Hazardous Working Conditions

January 7, 2006 - (Length: 36 min 2 sec. (press play button on left to start video)

Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Labor Struggle in the Post Office

On July 21, 1978 thousands of postal workers across the

Note: To view video you will need Macromedia Flash; Player 7.0+.  The Flash Player plug-in must be  installed on your computer. Click  download from the Macromedia website.

Video: Labor on the Job Presents

Going Postal Again: San Francisco Postal Workers Speak Out After Murder and Suicide

December 13, 2006- Length: 56 min 54 sec (press play button on left to start video)

Summary: On November 28, 2006 two postal workers died in San Francisco. Postal worker and National Association Letter Carrier 214 member Julius Tart who had been an employee since 1988 had been disciplined for not finishing his work on time. A massive speedup is going on within the postal system with automation and increased pressure on the workers to mold themselves to the machines. Many postal workers are forced to work at night delivering mail in the dark

Weeks after being written up by his supervisor Genevieve Paez, Julius Tart went to her house and killed her. He then committed suicide. This incident shocked some postal workers but did not surprise others. SF Postal workers talk about the stressful and deadly conditions in the post office and why postal workers feel they have no future. They also discuss why they feel they are being terrorized. A note by Julius Tart was found later addressed to his mother referred to himself in the past tense and complained about conditions at work.

Also - a short video segment from the Royal Oaks, Michigan postal murders that led to deaths on the job in 1992. That LOJ show which was programmed on 2/27/1992 was titled "The Deadly Connection, Postal Workers, Stress And Murder On The Job."

Note: To view video you will need Macromedia Flash; Player 7.0+.  The Flash Player plug-in must be  installed on your computer. Click  download from the Macromedia website.

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