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WGEM.com: Quincy News, Weather, Sports, and Radio Video: USPS says late mail delivery in Quincy, IL 'not a normal occurrence'


QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Many Quincy residents noticed their mail was delivered much later than normal on Tuesday, but U.S. Postal Service Officials say that won't continue.

United States Postal Service spokesperson Valerie Welsch said some residents did receive deliveries as late as 8 p.m. Tuesday night, but only because it was the day after a holiday.

"That was not a normal occurrence," Welsch said. "The day after a holiday is always a very heavy mail day, so carriers are usually out later than usual."

Welsch said truck arrival times were off that day, putting carriers behind. She said the USPS is making a lot of changes to the network that are causing truck arrival times to fluctuate.

Mail carrier Tina Philllips said the late deliveries were not just because of the holiday, and she said it's been a trend for a while now.

USPS: Late Quincy mail delivery 'not a normal occurrence'

ZIP Code with the Swingin' Six circa 1967

United States Postal Service 15min



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PMG Among Highest Paid Public Officials

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports:
there is a lot of outrage continuing over government spending at the gsa. but did you know that the u.s. postmaster general makes almost $400,000 a year? that’s as much as the president. twice what the secretaries of defense and state get. leading the charge about that pay and how to reform the post office is john tester, senator from minnesota. you want to save rural post offices understandably from montana, skaus excuse me, not minnesota. and you want to save the rural post offices in montana, but you’re as upset as we all should be about the — why would we way the post masters general almost as much as the president of the united states?

Video: Senator Grassley on postal reform bill: "We have to pass this"

- The Postmaster General says if the U.S. Postal Service were a private company, it would be in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings, right now. The agency reported a $5-billion loss in the last fiscal year, alone. Officials say "doing nothing is not an option." Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is all to familiar with possible post office closures, and the layoffs that would follow. Grassley has a farm near New Hartford, in eastern Iowa."Our post office is one of the ones scheduled to close," Sen. Charles Grassley, (R) Iowa said. "We have to pass this bill or there's gonna be a lot of drastic things done to the postal service," Grassley said

via<a href="http://www.ktiv.com/story/17399369/grassley-on-postal-reform-bill-we-have-to-pass-this"> KTIV-TV</a>

So, how many postal jobs are leaving Tulsa again?

TULSA - Since the U.S. Postal Service announced plans to cut jobs at its Tulsa mail processing center, there has been confusion about the number of jobs that would be lost and if any would remain.

In February, USPS announced it was consolidating its Tulsa processing and distribution center with one in Oklahoma City.

Since about 600 people work at the Tulsa facility, many thought that 600 was the number of employees who would lose their jobs completely.

In actuality, it's significantly less than that.


Who Knew  (10/22/10)

A stamp's price remains the same, despite Postal Service requests to raise the price. Discover some of the most unusual places you can still send mail…

Two Postal Workers Shot Dead IN Tennessee Post Office Shooting   (10/18/10)

Police say two female postal workers have been shot and killed in a Tennessee post office shooting.

video report from WHBQ Memphis



Two Postal Workers Shot Dead IN Tennessee Post Office Shooting   (10/18/10)

Police say two female postal workers have been shot and killed in a Tennessee post office shooting.

Ed O'Keefe on Monday's Capital Insider on TBD TV discussing a watchdog report on employment contracts at the U.S. Postal Service  (9/28/10)
That's Bull - Video by postal employees rapping against 5 -day delivery (8/2/10)


100 Years of Progress: APWU History Video Of Postal Workers Movement
This video traces the origins and development of the postal workers' union movement, which led to the formation of the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO. (July 20, 2010)

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