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News from Postalblog

CRS Report: Common Questions About Post Office Closures

This report addresses common questions about the closure of post offices.    |  


First Village Post Office Debuts in Washington State

Marketplace:  The U.S. Postal Service launches the first of its money-saving village post offices in a tiny town in Washington State. Red's Hop N' Market is Malone's one-stop shop for coffee, cigarettes, beer, socks and pickled sausages. DailyKos: They're Coming for Your Post Office  |



Editorial: Postal Service Keeps Employees Disciplinary Records Forever

USPS Labor Relations keeps a reference copy of an employee’s disciplinary action for the employee’s entire career. Don’t believe it? THEY DO. See the USPS Privacy Act Notice of June 17, 2011. Labor Relation’s reference copies are never purged regardless of the disposition of the discipline.  |  


Goldway: USPS May Be Closing Post Offices Without Notifying PRC As Law Requires  |


USPS Settles Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit Filed For Disabled Veterans - USPS settled the case by agreeing to pay over $11 million to class members and other administrative costs.  |

GOP 2012 Presidential hopeful Pawlenty calls for privatizing USPS

Pawlenty suggested we apply what he called "The 'Google' Test." Pawlenty believes private companies UPS and Fedex offer same services as USPS Courier Express & Postal  Observer  |


Goldway: USPS May Be Closing Post Offices Without Notifying PRC As Law Requires  |


IRS Identifies Postal Employee Organizations that have lost Tax-Exempt Status




Five Postal Supervisors Indicted For Taking Bribes and Lap dances

One supervisor "accepted thousands of dollars in drinks and lap dances at a local strip club, over $8,000 in free work done on a truck belonging to Plumb’s grandson, and a $3,000 paver patio installed in Plumb’s backyard. In addition, on a weekly basis, Plumb used the services of a prostitute paid for by the private contractor. Plumb also accepted Levitra pills supplied by the contractor."  |


USPS To Record Daily Activities Of Carriers For Use In Upcoming NALC Contract Talks - USPS notified NALC that it will use cameras to record  time spent on office tasks starting today.  |  



USPS Proposed Rule To Amend Regulations for Post Office Closing-Consolidating Process - This proposed rule would amend postal regulations to improve the administration of the Post Office closing and consolidation process PRC Releases List Of Suspended U.S. Post Offices  |


PMG Announces Seven USPS Districts Eliminated, Executive Ranks Reduced - About 7,500 positions will be eliminated across the organization through the redesign that also includes the closing of seven district offices and offers limited financial incentives to those who meet specific qualifications. VER Offering for 2011 Organizational Redesign |  $20,000 Special Incentive Offer FAQs  |


PRC Issues Advisory Opinion On Ending Saturday Delivery

The Commission stands ready to provide further assistance as the deliberations progress. Senator Carper Reacts to PRC Opinion | Senator Susan Collins Statement |  PMG Reacts To PRC Decision On Five-Day Mail Delivery | |



Call For Action: Urge President Obama To Appoint Democrat To PRC  |


Oversight Hearing To Scrutinize APWU Tentative Contract


PMG Expresses Regret For Comparing Postmasters To Maytag Repair Man  |


Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

Beginning in March, the agency will start the process of closing as many as 2,000 post offices, on top of the 491 it said it would close starting at the end of last year. I Ruling on Shuttered Post Offices Expected Soon  | APWU Denounces Post Office Closure Plans |


PMG Plans To Streamline Management, Match Workforce To Workload   |


USPS To Cut 7,500 Positions, 10 Districts, 2,000 Postmasters

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports on Twitter that Postmaster General Pat Donahoe plans to cut about 7,500 jobs and about 2,000 postmasters, or the people responsible for running post offices.  Incoming postmaster general promises cuts  |


Senator Susan Collins Seeks Reforms To Federal Workers Comp Program  |


Some Postal Managers Refusing To Accept USPS, APWU Freeze On Excessing Agreement

- "USPS Management Message Confirms Excessing Moratorium"  |



USPS VP Position Downgraded, New COO Gets $25,000 Relocation Pay

Stephen M. Kearney, Senior Vice President, Customer Relations, has retained his position, but by virtue of a realignment of his duties effective December 8, 2010, he is no longer an executive officer. New COO Megan Brennan will receive a payment of $25,000 to help cover relocation costs. |















October 31,  2011

Battle Over USPS Future Enters Critical Period

Union Petition Drive to Protect Post Offices, Processing Centers, Service Standards -The battle over the future of the Postal Service — and our jobs — has reached a critical stage: Key senators are meeting behind closed doors in an effort to produce a compromise bill to address the USPS financial crisis. It is likely that any proposals they develop will be submitted to the congressional “super-committee” to be incorporated into the committee’s plan to reduce the nation’s deficit.  |


NPMHU Contract Update: USPS Suggests Sweeping Operational Changes Are Necessary - In short, the USPS goal is to create a 20- hour daily operating window, with all of the processing work being accomplished during these hours, leaving only 4 hours of downtime for maintenance of the machinery and similar functions. In order to implement this plan after the facilities have been consolidated, the Service Standards for most First-Class Mail and Periodicals would need to be adjusted from overnight or one-day delivery to two-day delivery. Another way that the Postal Service will attempt to cut costs is by scrapping any plans in the near future for technological innovation. Instead, management will be seeking to maintain, sustain, and prolong the life of current equipment and technology.  |


October 30,  2011

Alaska Lawmakers Question USPS On Possible Closures of Fairbanks POs - Press Release

Letter carriers are committed to serving - Mount Pleasant MI Morning Sun

Police find 6,000 stolen plastic pallets belonging to USPS - San Gabriel Valley Tribune


October 29,  2011

California Postal Worker Convicted Of Paying For Money Orders With Counterfeit Bills - Evidence at trial showed that the postal worker, issued himself $13,800 worth of U.S. postal money orders and purported to pay for those money orders with counterfeit $100 bills.  The postal worker knew these bills were counterfeit and had passed similar counterfeit bills at his credit union in Hayward in November 2010.  |


Military Post Offices in Iraq to Close Nov. 17 - Press Release

Burrus: Q & A Defining the 2011 USPS-APWU National Agreement - Burrus Journal

In time of need, mailman delivers - Shamokin PA News Item

Postal Worker gets 2-week sentence for opening package, flipping thru book - Bangor Daily News

A Not-so Universal Postal Service - Big Fat Marketing Blog

Texas Postal Worker Sentenced For Mail Theft -KWTX TV Waco

eBay: Support online business by providing relief to the USPS

Postal retiree will now wait for the mail - Alvin Sun

Pasco postal carrier plucked gift cards from mail, feds say - St. Petersburg Times

USPS processing facility in Mansfield OH to close -Mansfield News Journal

Mail carrier fights back against would-be robber - WSVN-TV


October 28,  2011

Union Launches Petition Drive To Save America’s Postal Service

President Guffey is asking APWU members to collect signatures on a petition [PDF] to Congress urging senators and representatives to oppose plans to close post offices, shutter mail processing facilities, and drastically degrade service to the American people. NALC, NRLCA: Click here to download a petition Completed petitions should be mailed to your union's headquarters to arrive by Nov. 14:" |


Watchdog Issa seeks new role other than hounding Obama

Rep. Darrell Issa is forging a new role on Capitol Hill a year before the 2012 presidential election, which could bring a Republican into the White House and lessen the California Republican’s clout.To help clear his bill through committee this month, Issa softened the five-day delivery provision somewhat. Issa likely recognized the need to move his bill out of committee quickly, understanding that the meat of the bipartisan work would come when it was handled in conference, Davis said. |


Customer: Mail slow ahead of facility's closure

PR Reader: "USPS has ordered closing of the Frederick Processing and Distribution Facility and consolidation of operations into the Baltimore P&DC, some 50 miles away. The transfer has already begun--with predictable results. Frederick is Maryland's second largest city and, as far as mail service is concerned, will now become a "second-class" city as well." Frederick News Post:  "According to the editor and owner of The Brunswick Citizen and The Valley Citizen, some newspapers printed on Oct. 12 didn't reach subscribers until Oct. 20. Usually, customers receive papers the day after the edition goes to press ."This is pretty hair-raising if you're having to rely on the mail," Julie Maynard said Tuesday. "I'm very concerned."  |


Robber costs postal worker his job?

Clean cut postal employee Gregory Johnson was robbed at gunpoint while delivering mail in mid-August. Nearly a month later he was fired for what a postal inspector said was for other reasons. |


Camden letter carrier retires after 50 years


October 27,  2011

Postal Workers Fire Back on Pensions

CNBC - The battle over the U.S. Postal Service's "pre-funding" of future retiree health care benefits shows no signs of weakening. Earlier this week, C-Suite Insider obtained a memorandum between the CRS and House Oversight Chairman Darryl Issa (R-CA) which said the USPS was not obligated to pay for retiree health care benefits of future workers, even though it could be interpreted that way. But the memorandum is not changing the opinion of the National Association of Letter Carriers.  |


PMG To Customers: “We’re Here To Stay”

PMG Pat Donahoe today is sending a message of reassurance to USPS customers, telling them the Postal Service is “here to stay” and that he has a plan to lead USPS to profitability and long-term growth. In a video Donahoe brings customers up-to-date on steps the Postal Service is taking on the legislative, network optimization and wages and benefits fronts. The PMG notes Congress must resolve issues associated with pre-funding of the Retiree Health Benefits Trust Fund. He also continues to urge Congress to allow USPS to move from a six-day delivery schedule to five days per week.  |


USPS to Sell 2011 White House Ornament

Colorado Congressmen meet with PMG to discuss impact of post office closures

Tree planting to observe 1991 Royal Oak Post Office shooting - MaComb Daily

NY postal worker admits stealing mail -Buffalo News

NY contractor pleads guilty to embezzling postal service funds -Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Pennsylvania Rural Carrier Killed In Crash With Truck -WTAE -TV

Manasota mail processing center to remain open - Sarasota Herald Tribune

Obama-Appointed Judge Rejects City’s Suit Against Postal Service

Three Teens Arrested in Robbery and Beatings of Mail Carriers

APWU: Creating Desirable Duty Assignments - APWU

Former Postal Carrier Admits Mail Thefts = WGRZ-TV

Military Post Offices in Iraq to Close Nov. 17

Join the Fight to Keep Six-Day Mail Delivery - AFL-CIO NOW BLOG


October 26,  2011

 The Twisted Logic of the Postal Service: Fewer post offices, and more post offices without a postmaster - Save The Post Office - Today the Postal Service published its “Final Rule” on “amending its regulations to improve the administration of the Post Office closing and consolidation process.”  The new rules change the definition of ‘‘consolidation’’ and the policy on staffing post offices.  The result will be that thousands of post offices now managed by postmasters will be run instead by an officer-in-charge or other postal workers with less expertise and training than a postmaster.  The goal, as usual, is cost-savings, and the result, as usual, will be to diminish the quality of service offered by the Postal Service and to send it deeper into its downward spiral. League Of Postmasters - USPS Files Final Rule On Changes To Regulations For Post Office Closings And Staffing | Postmasters to Consult with Attorneys Over USPS’ Final Rule on PO Closures  |


Junk Mailers Get a Postage Price Break. You Don't

- AOL Daily Finance - In this month's edition, we learn that over at the USPS, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has announced his latest initiative to save the post office from bankruptcy. (Hint: Improving customer service to attract more business isn't a part of it.) As you may recall, in recent months the good Postmaster has suggested everything from postponing prepayments for worker health benefits, to closing hundreds of mail processing centers, to shutting down thousands of post offices ......Evidently, that's still not enough. So recognizing the need to raise revenue as well as control costs, Donahoe is going back to the default business plan at USPS, and hiking the cost of mailing a letter. At the same time as Donahoe raises the price that ordinary postal customers like you and I must pay, advertisers and other business customers (commonly known as "junk mailers") are getting a price break.   |  


USPS Reminder To Employees About the Hatch Act - USPS News Link

Thieves target mail drops - Las Cruces Sun-News

Judge: No Individual Mail Delivery for SRO Residents -The Bay Citizen


October 25,  2011

Where's the outrage against the Issa Postal Bill?

The deafening silence of a $1.3 trillion industry on the Issa bill - On Oct. 13, the Committee passed a bill that creates two new unelected and unaccountable government boards made up of people with no knowledge of our industry to dictate a top-down dismantling of an invaluable part of the nation’s economic and financial infrastructure.  Not a peep is heard.  A group of largely junior legislators who have no expertise in our industry follow the lead of some auditors on loan from the Government Accountability Office to radically restructure an enormous American industry from the clueless comfort of Washington, DC, and the business community goes mute.  Astounding.   A chaotic mark-up results in the adoption of one irrational amendment after another and the mailing industry yawns.  Mind boggling.  |  


Unconscious Woman Rescued From Home With Help Of Postal Worker

WPXI-TV Police said a neighbor along Locust Street in Etna called police after a postal worker noticed days worth of newspapers and mail stacked up outside the woman's door.  |  


Netflix stock sinks as 800,000 or 36% of its subscribers quit - Money CNN

Postal Service Mixes Up Its Fruits in  promoting new iPhone app - Dead Tree Edition 

The Incredible Shrinking Postal Service

The Truth About the Post Office's Financial Mess - CNBC


October 24,  2011

Postal Service to Announce FY 2011 Financial Results on Nov. 15

Press Release - The Postal Service will release its FY 2011 financial results on Nov. 15 during an open session meeting of the Board of Governors. Following the meeting, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett will host a telephone/web conference call to discuss the results. |  


USPS Seeks Contractor To Manage Fitness Center For HQ Employees

FedBIZOPP - The objective of this project is to provide a comprehensive health promotion program for USPS HQ employees as described in the requirements section of this document. The program components shall be afforded to all members and are demonstrated, in part, through the fitness and health assessments, individual programming, lifestyle counseling and educational program. |  


Residents say closing post office would kill small Nevada town

October 23,  2011

Fox News Panel Pushes for Privatizing the USPS

Crooks and Liars - From this Saturday's Forbes on Fox, more attacks on labor unions and calls to privatize the United States Postal Service. Host David Asman opened the segment talking about the postal union's decision to hire Ron Bloom, one of the advisers that helped steer the auto industry out of bankruptcy. That was followed by a call from panel member Dennis Kneale to just shut down the whole Post Office and allow FexEx and UPS to buy it and in his words to “chop it up.  Fox Pundit To Rural America: If Privatized Postal Service Doesn’t Work For You, You Can Always Move!   |


$641 million: The price of disgruntled employees

Federal Times - Besides paying tens of billions of dollars each year in compensation, operations and overhead costs, the financially strapped U.S. Postal Service has another huge annual expense: hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements to disgruntled employees and former employees. This year, the Postal Service more than doubled its projections of "probable" liabilities related to employee grievances and lawsuits: $641 million, according to the agency's latest quarterly financial report. The mail carrier booked another $88 million for possible payouts stemming from environmental, contract and tort claims.   |  


Poster Boys For Lean Accounting & Strategic Pricing:

 Evolving Excellence- The Post Office cost structure is pretty much all fixed. Buildings, labor, trucks with steering wheels on the wrong side, fuel, and maintaining bulletin boards with many of my friends and family members pictures on them costs the same thing whether they bring me 1 piece of mail, or 20. In fact, the cost doesn't change on a day when they bring me nothing at all.   |  


Proposal to end FERS is dishonest

Federal Times - One of the most draconian proposals now before Congress' deficit-cutting supercommittee calls for ending FERS pension program. It would immediately be killed for new and current employees with fewer than five years of service. Pensions for FERS employees with more than five years' service would be recalculated to be "proportional" to their existing time in service.  The recommendation's author — Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.  — would move new and current employees with less than five years of service to a proposed "defined contribution plan," for which he provides no details. This new plan would be "payable at Social Security age to supplement the Thrift Savings Plan" — which is, itself, a defined-contribution plan."  |  


The Postal Service Runs Amok: How Not to Close a Post Office

Save The Post Office - In the classic guidebook for lawyers, The Art of Cross-Examination, Francis Wellman advises, “A lawyer should never ask a witness in cross-examination a question unless in the first place the lawyer knows what the answer would be or in the second place didn’t care.”  This week lawyers for the Postal Service cross-examined Mark Strong, president of the National League of Postmasters, about his testimony before the PRC concerning the Retail Access Optimization Initiative . In response to questions posed by the Postal Service, the League prepared a “Notice of Additional Material”...  The material paints a picture of the public meetings that is anything but flattering to the Postal Service, and it cites practices that seem in direct violation of the USPS Discontinuance Guide (Handbook PO-101).   |  


The Postal Workers Strike of 1970: ‘Our Backs Were Against the Wall"

The Indypendent - There was no way that Congress was going to pass a pay raise for us at that time. We had the Vietnam War and the failed War on Poverty, and we had massive budget deficits. It was almost like the situation today–not as bad economically, but where we were trying to have an austerity budget, , cut federal spending, do away with the “waste” from the War on Poverty, get rid of all those programs that were helping people because we were wasting too much money in Vietnam. I guess over the last 40 years, this country hasn’t learned anything either. Well, not the country, but the people in charge of it. We’ve learned something–that’s why we’re here.  |  


NY group pledges to "take the lead" in saving 17  Bronx Post Offices from closing

Postal Service trapped on a route to failure - Times Union


October 22,  2011

West Valley man fights USPS over missing gold coins

Detroit postal contractor paid bribes for 8 years before helping feds

Mail frauders headed to federal prison - Your Houston News


October 21,  2011

Editorial: FERS & CSRS Disability Retirement – Defending a Necessary Benefit -

by Attorney Robert R. McGill - As a Constitutional entity, it is absolutely proper that U.S. Postal workers should enjoy the benefits of Federal sector employees. ... they also enjoy the benefit of Federal Disability Retirement. Federal Disability Retirement is especially a needed benefit when one considers the type of arduous physical requirements which craft employees, supervisors and postmaster must endure in the daily course of their working lives. Perhaps the everyday American is not aware of the extent of repetitive use of one’s neck, shoulders, back, knees, wrists, etc., that the Postal Clerk, Letter Carrier, Mail Handler or Mail Processing Clerk, among many other craft employees, must engage in on a daily basis.  |  


Video: Ross Goes Hollywood And Talks USPS Bailout On Fox News

Congressman Dennis Ross it seems has been working overtime the last few days trying to convince the American people his views are correct  on what ails USPS.. A few days ago Ross tweeted me this message, "@postalreporter prefunding is not the cause of the USPS problems." which was in reply to my tweet that GAO may be part of the problems USPS is facing today.  |  


Out of Thin Air: New Numbers on Declining Mail Volumes

Save The Post Office - : "Someone please give Phil Herr at the GAO a Xanax. The guy has been focused on USPS doomsday scenarios for so long, it’s apparently making him depressed and clouding his vision. His new GAO report paints a dire picture of the Postal Service’s future, but it’s based on numbers that seem to be pulled out of thin air"  GAO: Restructuring USPS Business Model Could Eliminate Prefunding for Retirees Health Benefits |  


PMG Video To Employees discusses proposal to move away from current Health Care Plan - In his latest “State of the Business” video to employees, PMG Pat Donahoe says the proposal to move away from the current Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP) to a USPS-sponsored benefit is a vital element of a more sustainable business model.  GAO wrote in 2002: (prior to PAEA) ".. an attempt by the USPS to terminate its participation in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP) would be subject to statutory constraints .   |


USPS Issues New Policy For Postal Employees On Use Of Social Media

Effective October 20, 2011, the Postal Service™ is revising the Administrative Support Manual (ASM), by adding new Part 363 which delineates the Postal Service policy concerning social media.The web is not anonymous. Generally, everything that you post is accessible to anyone with a browser. Assume that everything you post can be traced back to the Postal Service and to you personally. |


Letter: Mail Carriers Overworked

Redondo Beach, CA Patch: If you live in Redondo Beach, have you noticed over the past two-and-a-half weeks that your mail delivery might be arriving at midnight, 10 p.m. or 8 p.m.—or not at all? We have. I found out that Redondo Beach, until 2 1/2 weeks ago, had 50 delivery areas. Now there are 35 areas. Because the postal service has reduced the number of areas, mail carriers are forced to work until 10 p.m. or midnight. We have gone without mail a couple of times. |


Postal Service proposes closing Gaylord mail processing center

Postal workers mark 10 years since anthrax attacks = Washington Post

Merchants Say 2012 Postal Rate Increase Means Less Catalogs Mailed - Multichannel Merchant

Ex-Postal Employee Charged With Postmaster Attack

No Windfall Possible for UPS and FedEx from USPS Problems


October 20,  2011

 APWU, USPS Questions and Answers On The Contract

The APWU and the USPS have agreed to a set of Questions and Answers regarding the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris has announced. |


Burrus: Pick Your Fight

One of the web sites that focuses on postal issues recently suggests that I favor "throwing in the towel" on 5 day delivery by supporting the Obama plan for postal reform.  This analysis misinterprets my suggested course for addressing the USPS’ dilemma. Burrus: What’s Next for the Issa-Ross Bill Throwing in the Towel on 5-Day Delivery?   |


The Postal Service’s Radical Downsizing Plan: Be Careful What You Wish For -Publishing Executive

USPS Deficit Puts NY City Post Offices On The Chopping Block - NY1 News

Nebraska postal worker indicted for misuse of Voyager card -Omaha World Herald

Mailers Getting Cold Feet About Postal Service Cuts - Dead Tree Edition 

Analysis: UPS, FedEx poised to gain from USPS pain - Reuters

October 2001 Anthrax Attacks: Remembering Postal Heroes - APWU


October 19,  2011

Flashback: Congress Says 2006 Postal Reform Bill Will Make USPS Viable for 21st Century  -

Are we in the 22nd Century yet? On December 20, 2006, the "Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006" was passed in both House and Senate (Darrell Issa was there at the time). This legislation was supposed to "modernize the United States Postal Service and make it  viable for the 21st century. The legislation, the first major overhaul of  the USPS since 1970, will help stabilize mail volume and stamp prices." So what has happened in FIVE years?  Postal workers should be allowed to tell what is going on inside the Post Office. We will tell a much different story than postal pundits., starting with the rate changes.  |


Why Mailers Support Radical Downsizing of the Postal Service

-Dead Tree Edition... mailers think the Postal Service is ripe for some serious downsizing. (But they had better be careful what they wish for, as Dead Tree Edition will explain tomorrow in “Mailers Getting Cold Feet About Postal Service Cuts”.)  |


Is it time to update the Hatch Act? - Washington Post

Postal Worker Reunites Owner with Dog after Crash Caused by Suspected Drunk Driver - KSPR

Postal workers fired up about changes in Dayton - WDTN TV

USPS, Help! Send Trays!!! (or at least have a Plan B) - Postal Affairs Blog


October 18,  2011

USPS To Raise First Class Postage By a Penny Starting in January 2012

Beginning early next year, it will cost just a penny more to mail letters to any location in the United States, the first price change for First-Class Mail stamps (Forever stamps) in more than two and a half years. The new 45-cent price for Forever stamps is among price changes filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission today.   |


A Conflict of Visions: The Pension Dispute, Periodicals Mail, and the Great Postal Debate -  Save The Post Office - The management of the Postal Service, along with the mainstream media and many stakeholders in the mail industry, are advancing a narrative that blames the Internet and postal workers for the “crisis” in the postal system. The Internet is making the post office “irrelevant,” and workers’ wages and benefits are egregiously out of line with the private sector and other federal workers. The solution? Optimize the system by closing post offices and cutting the workforce and benefits.  |


Ex-postal worker accused of assaulting Hartford Postmaster

NBC News - The former employee, who was recently let go, stormed into the postmaster's office, pushed her to the ground and left, officials said.   |


Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Mail and Worker's Comp Fraud

Mayor: City not told about post office hearing - Lawrence MA Eagle Tribune

Post office closings could put an end to some Kansas towns -Salina Journal News

Chicago's Chinatown Residents Worried Post Office Might Close - My Fox Chicago

A Decade Later: USPS Remembers Anthrax Crisis - USPS News Link

USPS Announces Recommended Holiday Mailing Dates for Military Mail - USPS Press Release



October 17,  2011

Postal Reform After the House Committee Markup

Courier Express and Postal Observer - As it will likely pass the House of Representatives, H.R.2309, does not generate enough immediate cost savings or revenue increases to allow the Postal Service to stay within a $25 billion debt ceiling in the next three fiscal years. Congress has two choices if it wants to use H.R. 2309 as the basis for final legislation.  NALC: How the GAO report supports H.R. 1351 |


APWU Video: Fighting for Our Lives

A video of the union’s fight to save America’s Postal Service can be viewed online. Fighting for Our Lives was first shown at the APWU All-Craft Conference. .  |


Privateers' prepare to plunder post office

Ithaca Journal - Republican members of Congress, is alive and well today in the United States. Far from being lawless, its practioneers are lawmakers themselves. John Boehner, Darrel Issa and a host of other pols make Captain Kidd, an honest pirate, look like Tiny Tim. The mission of the new privateers is simple: privatization of public service agencies. |


Ohio Lawmakers Express Concern Over USPS Lack Of Transparency in Toledo Mail Processing Plant Study - Press Release - Regrettably, neither the process nor clear guidelines seem to be in place for the evaluation of the Toledo Mail Processing Plant. It has been brought to our attention that the study has been expedited and that community members have not been consulted. We ask that the USPS clarify its process for studying consolidation in Toledo.  USPS has reduced its Ohio workforce by over 3000 jobs since March 2010. We are concerned that that further reductions, at a time when Ohio’s unemployment rate is at 9 percent, are counterproductive and will undermine USPS efficiency. Kucinich Issues Statement and Video of Support for Postal Employees |


Lawmakers inch closer to compromise over Postal Service rescue plan

The Hill - Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), signaled this week that one possible area of consensus was a $6.9 billion overpayment that USPS is generally believed to have overpaid into a federal retirement program. Officials have discussed possibly using those funds to entice fully vested Postal Service employees into their retirement, which would help the agency downsize its labor costs. Legislation could allow Postal Service to use its own money  |


For 3rd time in two weeks Postal Worker robbed in North Miami
WSVN TV - Late Monday morning, a postal worker was robbed at gunpoint. That worker was not injured. Friday, in the same city, a female postal worker was robbed and beaten, and the thieves responsible stole her master key. Several days earlier a third worker was robbed and beat up.   |


There's light at end of the USPS budget tunnel - Federal News Radio

Commission begins review of USPS closures - Federal News Radio

New AmazonLocker Service Offers Postal Delivery Options - Tech Daily News

 USPS faces $642m shortfall in print media mail services  - Post and Parcel

 What should the Postal Service do to become more profitable?  Wall Street Journal

Memphis truck company admits taking postal service for $100,000 ride - Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 16,  2011

Letter Carriers Bring in Top Financial and Policy Experts to Advise upon Postal Reforms  - Fredric V. Rolando, President of the NALC, announced the retention of its advisors to 1,500 regional and local NALC leaders gathered in a national conference to consider the current USPS financial crisis and the long-term strategic, structural and business challenges facing the USPS.  NALC Brings in the Big Guns | Postal Union Turns to Wall Street for Advice  |

October 15,  2011

Burrus: What’s Next for the Issa-Ross Bill

The Issa/Ross Bill has now been voted out of Committee but it is a long way from finalization. Obama's proposal includes 5 day delivery which is strongly opposed by the unions but the decision must be made on which fights to engage in and with whom.  Do we fight the Republican efforts to destroy the Postal Service and the unions or do we fight the Obama inclusion of 5 day delivery.  This is a legislative and executive decision but it is time to decide and serious consideration must be given to the results if you don't prevail.  In American Politics you can be right and lose. Throwing in the Towel on 5-Day Delivery?   |Comments (202)


U.S. still needs viable postal service

Waterbury Republican-American - Corporations are encouraging the attacks on the USPS, for they welcome a lucrative future in privatizing a reliable public service. A focus on profits would mean discontinuing deliveries to the less profitable rural and low income areas, as well as the usual cuts in the work force, lower wages, and the elimination of benefits. Now we can't even afford the mail? Please - "The Postal Service is the richest broke company you'll ever see" |


Postmasters Say Issa Bill A Victory for Rural Post Offices?

League Of Postmasters - in recognition of the importance of small rural post offices— would limit the closing of rural post offices to only 10% of all the post offices being closed. That means that, for every ten post offices that would be closed, only one of them would could be rural. But let us make several things clear. First, this bill is still not acceptable to the LEAGUE and would cause great harm to the Postal Service.  |


NALC President Rolando’s seven-point proposal to the ‘super-committee’ - President Rolando has written a letter to the members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, better known as the "super committee." He outlines seven proposals the NALC urges the committee to consider. "Americans are begging you to act in a bipartisan manner to address the nation’s problems," he wrote. "Bolstering the Postal Service, a service mandated by the Constitution, is a good place to start.  |


Issa Urges Super Committee not to include postal reform in its recommendations - Issa claims White House proposals will increase postage and end Saturday delivery. He also claims the proposals will only be a temporary fix for USPS. Issa also recommends : Changing the pension formula salary base to cover the highest five year's average salary;  Increasing the employee FERS contribution by 6.2 percent; Increasing the employee Civil Service Retirement System contribution from 7 percent to 10 percent beginning in 2013; |


Revolt in Virginia Hollow Complicates Postal Service Survival - Businessweek

2 Teenagers Rob Postal Worker, Steal Box Key

Postal pin-ups pose for a cause - KRQE TV



October 14,  2011

House Panel Approves Postal Destruction Bill

The APWU has denounced the bill, H.R. 2309, as a “reckless assault on postal services and postal employees.” The bill demands that the USPS implement $3 billion worth of cuts in post offices and mail processing facilities in a two-year period. It also would reduce “door delivery” by 75 percent.  

archive:  Opinion: Congressmen Issa-Ross Ignores 226 of their colleagues on Postal Reform legislation    |


Postal worker charged with stealing drugs from mail - NY Post


October 13,  2011

Video: The GOP’s War on the Postal Service Rages On

A Republican bill to kill the Postal service advances.” Video from MSNBC “The Ed Show” Oversight Committee Approves Issa-Ross Postal Reform Bill (|


USPS OIG Responds to GAO Report

The current OPM methodology is neither fair nor modern nor does it comply with the 2003 law. We agree with you that action from Congress is necessary to settle this issue once and for all. We believe Congress did just that in 2003. If OPM cannot be convinced of the need to change its methodology, the only alternative is for Congress to compel OPM to act by adding even more explicit reform language to the legislation currently being prepared. GAO Rep ort On USPS Overpayment | NALC President Rolando issues sta tement |   | Summary from Issa committee meeting | USPS not pleased with overpayment report | Cummings: Save the Postal Service Through Innovation   |


GAO Says Postal Service Isn't Owed A Big Refund

 GAO Supports Issa-Ross Arguments - Washington Post - Transferring tens of billions of dollars in federal worker retirement accounts back to the U.S. Postal Service would not address its long-term debt problems and would force unfunded liabilities on to taxpayers, according to a new government report. The conclusions set for release Thursday by the Government Accountability Office run counter to the opinions of postal regulators, the postal inspector general and congressional Democrats, who say Congress should refund as much as $75 billion to the Postal Service for improperly overpaying federal retirement accounts since the 1970s. GAO concluded otherwise, writing in its report that "We have not found evidence of error of these types. Any attempt to refund money to USPS "would be a significant change from a policy" in place since the 1970s, it said. Returning money to the Postal Service for past and future retirement payments would cause as much as $85 billion in losses for taxpayers "which must then be paid by the federal government through tax revenue or borrowing," GAO said. And any refund "would not be sufficient to repay all of USPS's debt and address current and future operating deficits." |


Family Personally Delivers Party Invitations, Gets Charged Postage Anyway - Time

Michigan rural carrier suffers head injury in crash - Mt Pleasant Morning Sun

Ex-postal worker admits illegally opening package, leafing through book at sorting facility

Communities fight back against post office closings

Empty Mailbox Blues

Periodicals Mail Study, September 2011 (PDF)  |  Postal study is bad news for publishers

Postal Service worker suffers head injury in crash between mail truck, pickup -The Saginaw News

Mailers Now Facing Large Rate Increase

Idaho Letter Carrier Pleads Guilty to Mail Theft


October 12,  2011

Unions, Veterans Tell House Committee: Vote No on Issa-Ross Postal Bill

The APWU has united with a prominent veterans’ organization and other postal unions to urge members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to vote no on H.R. 2309 when the committee deliberates on Oct. 13.  NAPUS Supports Braley Post Office Protection Amendment to HR 2309 At tomorrow’s House Oversight and Government Reform “markup”, Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) intends to offer an amendment to help protect small town and rural post offices. The amendment would strike a number of provisions from the Issa-Ross postal bill that would have a destructive impact on universal postal services. The Postal Service debate, round two (Or three? We've lost count.) |


Burrus: From Here to there – Focus is now turned to the hiring of PSEs

Burrus Journal - Well intended efforts were undertaken by the union to initiate changes in contractual provisions providing additional protections to employees but they have been overtaken by events. Additional jobs was a worthy contractual goal but the total number of postal employees will be decided in a different forum and when the dust settles on consolidations and 5 day delivery, if enacted or not, there will be at a minimum 50,000 fewer jobs than existed prior to the Watershed agreement.  |


USPS' Change Of Address ‘welcome kit’ raises privacy concerns

Washington Times - The change-of-address confirmation letter comes in an official-looking USPS envelope with the words “verification required” and “do not discard,” but it contains mostly ads and coupons from companies. “In this case, you have a federal agency collecting information for one purpose, forwarding mail, and using it for a wholly different purpose, direct marketing.” But it’s unclear how anybody who signs up for the change-of-address program can opt out of receiving commercial advertisements. Among those who have served on the Imagitas board of directors is Mary Elcano, former general counsel for the USPS, Imagitas also has past ties to the Carlyle Group, where the chairman of the USPS Board of Governors, Louis J. Giuliano, is a senior adviser. Imagitas is owned by Pitney Bowes.  |


Want to Save Your Post Office? Read This How-To Book 

Orlando Sentinel - NAPUS first printed the Red Book in the 1990s. Although it contains no political secrets, it does offer practical tips for postmasters and customers who have never faced losing their post office. And it offers hope. Redbook (PDF)  |


House Committee Releases Very Misleading Video On Who Supports Issa-Ross Postal Reform Bill - This news release and video suggests that the entire House Committee On Oversight and and all Senators support the Issa-Ross-McCain Postal Reform Bill as well as the views on the USPS overpayment. However, only one member of the Committee has signed on as a co-sponsor for HR 2309. Very misleading on all fronts.   |


Postal Manager’s Demotion for Dropping His Pants Upheld

On June 19, 2010, the agency demoted Natty to a PS-04 Part-Time Flex Mail Handler based on a finding of unacceptable conduct. Natty appealed his demotion and the Administrative Judge  found that Natty's comments about race and sex, and the intentional dropping of his pants, supported the unacceptable conduct charge.  Natty claimed he did not drop his pants intentionally.  |


Workers' comp costs Postal Service more than it should, IG finds

Federal Times - The U.S. Postal Service could save at least $335 million on its yearly workers' compensation tab if the federal government adopted some of the cost-cutting techniques used by private companies, the agency's inspector general concludes in a new report.   |


Idaho Letter Carrier Pleads Guilty to Mail Theft

Delivering Postal Service Reform, by Darrell Issa - National Review


How Netflix went wrong: Qwikster was good for company, not the customer - Christian Science Monitor



October 11,  2011

Senators Pursue Unanswered Questions from PMG on Rural Post Office Closures

- Press Release - A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators representing rural America is aiming to get PMG Donahoe on record in response to questions he has so far failed to answer about potential closures of hundreds of post offices in their states, and the elimination of Saturday delivery. Senators angry at threatened postal closures  |


Highlights of PMG’s Visit to Morgan P & DC

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe visited Morgan P&DC in New York City on Monday October 3, 2011. Donahoe spoke to the employees of the overall condition of the Postal Service and about what he believed was needed to address the severe financial crisis that the Postal Service was experiencing.  |


APWU Local Presidents Call For Resignation of PMG Donahoe

The APWU National President's Conference attendees passed a resolution unanimously asking for the resignation of Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe for not bargaining in good faith (not wanting to stand by what was agreed to in Collective Bargaining) and attempting to dismantle the USPS. The NPC also discussed the PMG wanting to take away the No Lay-Off Clause after it was negotiated. Also, those wanting to retire soon should wait, there may be incentive coming in the near future.   |


Haste Makes Waste: The Hidden Cost of Closing Post Offices

Save The Post Office - The vast majority of post offices being reviewed for closure are leased properties, and most of them will have months or years left on the lease when they close.  The Postal Service could run into some serious buy-out costs over the coming year, perhaps as much as $100 million.  |


Please Mr. Postman, Look and See, If There's a Six-Pack in Your Bag For Me - Dead Tree Edition

Commissioners Robert Taub and Mark Acton begin their new terms at the PRC

NRLCA Elects Jeanette P. Dwyer as First Female National President

Rock Bottom Postal Wages in 6 Easy Steps-  Postal Sanity

Mailing List Broker Roundtable: USPS Finances and Direct Mail - Chief Marketer

Mailbox Bomb Shakes Albuquerque Neighborhood -  KOAT


October 10,  2011

USPS Early Retirement Offer With Incentives Coming?

APWU President Cliff Guffey told the delegates to the APWU National Presidents Conference in Las Vegas today, I am certain there will be an early retirement offer for APWU members with incentives once the Postal Service fully complies with our demands |


Tennessee Congressman to Super Committee: Stop Early Retirements

Press Release -  Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. in a letter this week urged the Congressional "Super Committee" tasked with finding trillions of dollars in savings in the federal budget to put a stop to early federal retirements. Duncan wants Federal pension to start at age 62 as in Social Security. |


DVDs Will Be Staying at - Press Release

Editorial: Free the post office - New Britain CT Herald

5 Day Delivery FAQs -

Postal workers help coworker - Upper Michigan Source

Postal Service to continue post-anthrax safeguards - Washington Times

Hallmark CEO: Cutting Saturday Delivery No Answer to Postal Dilemma - National Newspaper Association.

Wounded Knee Post Office Under Siege: Citizens Fear Losing a Critical Service - Indian Country Today



October 9,  2011

Why Are the Postal Service's Financial Problems Such a Surprise?

 Dead Tree Edition - "The U.S. Postal Service's financial problems have, of course, been big news lately, but they should hardly be a surprise. It didn't take a genius to see this coming; here's what appeared in Dead Tree Edition almost two years ago: "Although the Postal Service is on track to become insolvent within a couple of years, Congress has shown no appetite for wrestling with the problems that vex the USPS. The Postal Service's requests to stem the financial tide -- by eliminating Saturday delivery and eliminating the prepaid retiree-benefit requirement, for example -- will inevitably lead to a Congressional discussion of whether postal rates should be raised." |  


Wisconsin letter carrier arrested in suspected drunken driving

A 45-year-old postal service employee was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving on Saturday after police received a call that a mail delivery vehicle had struck other vehicles and was attempting to drive away without reporting the collisions, Waukesha police said Tuesday.  |


The Anthrax Files - PBS

Postal service revenue can't keep up with payroll - Courier Press  - The workforce remains well-compensated despite the fiscal woes.

Postal Workers Union PAC: We'll Stick to Regular Mail  - NY Times: The Internet may be the new standard for communication, but snail mail still rules at the political action committee of the APWU.


October 8,  2011

Postal Workers among Groups Protesting in Downtown Tulsa - KRMG News Talk Radio

Customers List Their Choices For Living Stamp Subjects - USPS News Link


October 7,  2011

Postal Workers Allowed To Campaign Against Mail Changes

APWU - "there is no dispute with the USPS at this level that postal workers have the right, protected by the First Amendment, to publicly oppose the closure or consolidation of postal facilities, including the reduction of postal services." USPS Warning to Postal Employees About Campaigning Against Mail changes  |  


Twisted government accounting behind Postal Service woes

MSNBC - Politicians have been raiding Postal Service revenues for years, using them to make the federal deficit appear smaller than it really is. The fiscal gyrations are so twisted that the Postal Service is right now forced to pre-pay health care benefits for employees the agency hasn't even hired yet — in fact, for many future employees who haven't even been born yet — all to artificially shrink the federal deficit.Welcome to the wacky world of Washington, D.C., accounting.   |  


Five Songs U.S. Postal Service Woes Have Changed Forever

Nobody's saying the postal carrier will disappear, but the ramifications of an abbreviated number of delivery days and slower service could have a ripple effect on all segments of our society. Take for example, popular song. To illustrate our point, here are five pop classics that we'll never listen to in the same way: Please Mr. Postman, Sign, Sealed, Delivered and more..   |  


Police find mail contractor suspected in hit-and-run that killed woman -KATU TV
USPS posts notices for potential closures at 38 Montana offices - Billings Gazette

Florida Postal Supervisor Guilty of Mail Theft Gets Federal Prison Time - First Coast News

Bipartisan Support for Bill to Save Post Offices - KTVZ

Mailman beat up for not loaning cellphone to teen - Stamford Advocate

Congressman Issa Goes Postal - Huffington Post


October 6,  2011

Hiring Freeze helped soften hit of USPS reorganization

Only 31 U.S. Postal Service employees have been laid off following an administrative reorganization that eliminated some 7,500 positions, a spokesman for the mail carrier said this week. Another 1,800 USPS workers took advantage of $20,000 buyouts and left last spring. Employees in the remaining 5,600-plus positions either left on their own terms or were moved into vacant positions.  |  


Two More USPS Plants Post Non-Traditional Full-Time Jobs

Two more plants complying with HQ's order to post NTFT bids in October. Nationwide in scope, all plants will be given the go ahead .  APWU, USPS Establish Guidelines on Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures  -The time limit for grievance appeals and meetings at each step is governed by Article 15, with a clarification regarding disputes involving Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments. The 14-day time limit for appeals of NTFT roll-out disputes starts on the date the duty assignment is posted for bid, the MOU says. USPS, APWU Q & A regarding NTFT |  


Postmasters Request Meeting With USPS to Discuss RIF Avoidance Strategies - On Monday, League President Mark Strong and NAPUS President Bob Rapoza sent a joint letter to USPS Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Megan Brennan, requesting a meeting to discuss the impact that the Retail Access Optimization Initiative (RAOI) may have on Postmasters whose offices are on the study list.   |


APWU Challenges Proposed Changes to USPS Service Standards

The APWU is challenging proposed changes to USPS service standards that would result from a major reduction in the number of mail processing facilities. The Postal Service announced plans to eliminate 252 mail processing facilities on Sept. 14, and one week later published an “advance notice” of the proposed changes in service in the Federal Register.  |  


USPS proposes to modify Express Mail waiver of signature procedures

The Postal Service proposes to modify Express Mail Label 11-B and Label 11-F, by eliminating the “waiver of signature” check box. A mailer sending an Express Mail item, and requiring an addressee's signature, must select the new “signature required” box on the new Express Mail label dated January 2012.   |


Why the Postal Service Exists - Courier Express and Postal Observe

 Postal Service Remains in Limbo -

Postal Workers Rally at Legislators Offices - Yes Weekly

Postal Service Stops Delivering To Bronx Building Due To Leaky Pipe CBS New York

USPS Faces $$$ Crisis, Employees Ask for Support BC Courier

Tree falls onto mail truck - North County Times (CA)



October 5,  2011

Baucus Introduces Bill to Aid Cash-Strapped Postal Service, Keep Remote Rural Offices Open - Senator Max Baucus  (D-Montana)- Prevents the Postal Service from closing any Post Office where another office is not available within 10 miles   |


Idle Sioux City postal workers to earn $1.7 million

"The situation has prompted some of Iowa’s top elected officials to sound further alarms about the rationale behind the federal government’s decisions to close some postal operations. “My question is: Are there actual cost savings in this move?” asked U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, a Democrat. Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican, echoed a similar sentiment. “If the Postal Service is determined to close this facility to save money, then it better make sure that it’s saving money,” Grassley said. note by Don Cheney: "Hundreds more mail processing plants like this one (Sioux City, Iowa) would be closed if service standards are relaxed."   |


Editorial: Does USPS Workplace Bullying Exist?

The report  on federal job discrimination complaints mentions “of the Cabinet-level and large federal agencies, the U.S. Postal Service was a significant contributor to the total number of discrimination complaints and investigations in fiscal 2010, the report found. Postal employees make up 18.6 percent of the federal workforce, but the agency accounted for 40.2 percent of counseling incidents, 31.2 percent of all complaints filed and 28.9 percent of completed investigations.”   |


USPS Warning to Postal Employees About Campaigning Against Mail changes

"As you are aware, in specific circumstances some of our Postal employees have actively become engaged in discontinuance study community meetings, to the detriment of USPS communications with actual customers. Some of our Postal employees have written congressmen and senators, beseeching their assistance in stopping discontinuance studies. Some have banded together with Postal retirees, in an effort to sidestep pr stop processes geared toward bringing our organization back to financial stability. This type of activity is restricted."   |


MSPB Begins Posting Nonprecedential Decisions On Its Website - Press Release 

Congressmembers Ask PMG to Take Buffalo, NY Off Closure List - Press Release

Former Postmaster Relief Sentenced for Embezzling Money Orders - Press Release

Closing rural post offices would hurt businesses - Press Connects

Why the Postal Service Exists - Courier Express and Postal Observer

Little People Paying for Big Postal Service Problems -Salem AR News

Congressional offices confront an increasing amount of mail - Washington Post

New Post Office Ad Backfires in at Least One Case - The Atlantic

OIG: Digital Currency: An Opportunity for the Postal Service? USPS OIG

Postal Workers Rally In Buffalo -WGRZ Buffalo

Idle Sioux City postal workers to earn millions -Des Moines Register

The Case for the Post Office  - Huffington Post

USPS could help 73m ‘unbanked’ people into digital economy -Post & Parcel

Rural carriers miss a paycheck because of USPS "glitch" -KARE TV

Direct marketing spending to hit $163 billion in 2011 - DM News



October 4,  2011

Rep. Stephen F. Lynch: Postal bill has support

Patriot Ledger- The Lynch bill has 222 co-sponsors, including 27 Republicans, making it likely to be part of any compromise. "True, postal unions support the bill. But so do postal supervisors, small businesses, postal customer groups and the U.S. Postal Service itself. H.R. 1351 uses the $6.9 billion that is owed to the Postal Service to stabilize its financial position unlike the Republican version that uses taxpayer funds." Issa's postal bill has a ..(drum roll)....whopping ONE co-sponsor, Rep. Dennis Ross. |


Hundreds Question Possible Sunriver Post Office Closure

Postal Service readies for change in Erie, elsewhere

Congressional offices confront an increasing amount of mail

Former postal worker is charged with stealing Netflix videos, gift cards

Bucking the National Trend of Post Office Shutdowns, Goleta Processing Center Grows


October 3,  2011

Issa: USPS must shave labor costs

Issa still talking about first booting out retirement eligible postal employees -  The California Republican reiterated at a Monday event that he believes his USPS legislation would allow the agency to shed as many as 200,000 workers in the next few years that would already be eligible for retirement. But Issa also unfavorably compared America’s handling of the Postal Service with Greece, which moved to shed 30,000 government jobs this weekend.“Greece is finally coming to grips with retiring those who should be retired sooner rather than later,” Issa said. “Greece is actually ahead of us on that.”  |


Post Office Closings: Updated List and Projections

Save The Post Office - The pace of post office closings and appeals is picking up, and it’s only going to get worse over the coming months. If Congress doesn’t do something soon, by the end of the year we’re going to see post offices closing at a rate of several per day.  |


Two Massachusetts Postal Employees Charged With Selling Drugs While On Duty - Press Release - Two United States Postal Service employees, along with two others, were indicted on charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine. At a hearing this afternoon, the prosecutor told the court that the Postal employees allegedly sold cocaine while on duty at the Somerville Post Office.  |


Fight to survive: USPS's management, four unions at odds over plan of action
El Paso Times - How the nation's 236-year-old postal system will operate in the future is uncertain as the Internet and competitors continue to cut into its business while politicians, management and unions argue over how to keep the institution alive. The Postal Service's four unions are fighting to keep jobs while management wants Congress to give the Postal Service the power to lay off thousands of people as part of its plan to make the agency leaner and return it to profitability by 2015. Are We About to Lose the Postal Service?   |


Postal service teeters on brink as Congress watches

Sioux City's USPS Mail Processing Center closes for good



October 2,  2011

Setting the Record Straight, part two: The NY Times Does It Again

Setting the Record Straight, part one: The Postmaster Takes the National Review to School

These Are the Postal Service's Sad Ads Against Email

Mailers must back postal cuts
Why Mailers are Taken for a Ride
The Fight To Save The U.S. Postal Service


October 1,  2011

 GOP Gearing Up to takeover USPS Finances via a Control Board?

Federal News Radio - "The continuing resolution passed Monday by the Senate included a measure to give the Postal Service until Nov. 18 to pay a $5.5 billion debt to the Treasury. The House is expected to approve the legislation Monday. Postal officials warn that they will not be able to make a November deadline, either. They expect to have just one week's worth of cash left by the end of October. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is expected to mark up Republican legislation in October that would authorize a control board to seize Postal Service finances if the agency is more than 30 days late in paying its debt."  Rep. Amash Issues Statement on USPS Sept. 30 Default |  Rep. Dennis Ross says USPS default deadline is extended until Nov. 18.  |


Carry the Rally Cry and protest PMG’s proposed changes to service standards - by Omar Gonzalez - The Postmaster General's dastardly plan to close mail processing plants and postal facilities REQUIRES him to change service standards. Management is "selling" these proposed changes as a good thing. But the documentation required and posted in the Federal Register clearly reveals the impact:   |


GAO Recommends Recruiting Mail Carriers, Postal Retirees As Temporary Takers For 2020 Census - Opportunities exist for the Bureau to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of USPS mail carriers, including retirees. Bureau and USPS officials agree that USPS city and rural mail carriers are familiar with the local living conditions in their communities and that this knowledge could help the Bureau conduct aspects of the 2020 Census more effectively. But it may not be cost effective.  In 2010, the average USPS mail carrier was paid about $41 (city) or $34 (rural) per hour including benefits for regular time worked, compared to the average hourly pay of about $15 paid to census enumerators. GAO cites benefits of Census-USPS teamwork --  |


PMG Names Richard Uluski New Northeast Area VP

Poll: Should Congress privatize the Postal Service?

Witness for the Post Office: The Mayor testifies, the Postal Service cross-examines

Marketers forge through dire times for US Postal Service
Postal service teeters on brink as Congress watches