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Colorful Pay and Holiday Postal Calendar for 2013 (PDF)

Thanks to Jim Edwards, Bloomington IL Area APWU Local 228 for sharing calendar with PostalReporter readers. The easy to read colorful calendar shows paydates, pay periods and holidays.


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FSS Deployment Schedule
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Postal Employee Legal Cases


News from Postalblog

USPS Management Proposing A New Retirement System

Under the Postal Reorganization Act, the Postal Service is obligated to provide wages and benefits comparable to those provided in the private sector. However, Postal Service management believes that the FERS system is more costly and does not compare to retirement benefits provided in the private sector.   Comments (Count)


PMG Tells Senate: USPS in Midst of Financial Disaster, Liquidity Remains Dangerously Low financial condition is so precarious, and the legislative process is so uncertain, we’ve reached the point that we have to consider price increases above the rate of inflation,” said Donahoe. In Senate Testimony, Guffey Blasts Carper-Coburn Postal Reform Bill |



Senator McCaskill Aims for Responsible Postal Reform |


NALC: Few surprises in first of two hearings on S. 1486   Comments (Count)


GAO: USPS Proposed Health Plan Could Improve Financial Condition, but Impact on Medicare and Other Issues Should Be Weighed before Approval The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) would likely realize large financial gains from its proposed health care plan, primarily by increasing retirees’ use of Medicare. Some elements of USPS’s proposal would add uncertainties that could reduce funds available for its employees’ and retirees’ future health care. GAO: USPS Healthcare Plan Would Hurt Medicare, Postal Worker s |USPS Plan to Pull Out of Fed Health Benefits Could Cost Postal Workers USPS Plan: Make Medicare Pay Our Bills  Comments (Count)

Video: Caring California Letter Carrier gets $500 from co-worker via TV show

Kevin Wonten wanted to pay it forward to his long-time friend Frank Betancourt. Both men are veteran letter carriers with the United State Postal Service.   Comments (Count)


PMG Responds to GAO Report On USPS Healthcare Plan

Post and Pa rcel - Without addressing the cost issue in a responsible way, the Postal Service may be unable to afford to provide health care benefits to retirees. Our proposal assures that we will.    Comments (Count)


USPS Seeking National Contract for Rental, Leasing of Minivans & Cargo Vans

According to USPS: Presently, there are not sufficient capital funds to purchase new equipment.  Comments (Count)


USPS Loss For January 2013 $437 Million -- Year To Date loss for FY 2013 $1.7 billion -  USPS reported a net operating loss of $437 million for the month of January 2013.  Comments (Count)


USPS To Close Wichita Remote Encoding Center --797 employees affected

The U.S. Postal Service today announced the Wichita Remote Encoding Center (REC)  will close no sooner than September of 2013, as technology enhancements have made the need for RECs virtually obsolete.   Comments (Count)



USPS to Launch New Product Line of Apparel and Accessories

The agreement leverages Postal Service intellectual property by introducing the Rain Heat & Snow brand of apparel and accessory products.  Comments (Count)


USPS spending $2.2 million to send execs to National Postal Forum

Documents obtained by MacFarlane show the event will cost the agency approximately $2.2 million, including travel and $220,000 for exhibit space. Postal Service Defends Pricey Conference| The National Postal Forum Is NOT a Party | Lawmakers demanding answers over postal conference | Video from KTVU 2: :USPS conference   Comments (Count)


24 Senators Urge USPS not to take any action on eliminating Saturday mail delivery unless authorized by Congress - On February 15, 2013 24 members of the Senate wrote to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to express their concerns on USPS' intent to end Saturday mail delivery service in August and its legality.   Comments (Count)



USPS Announces Moratorium on DUO and POStPlan Implementation

Postal officials notified NAPUS that Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) implementations and Post Office closures will be suspended temporarily starting Monday, November 19 and continuing through Friday, January 4, 2013. Comments (Count)



USPS, NALC Sign Agreement to convert 6,000 PTF carriers to full time, hire 3,400 TEs  . Comments (Count)


USPS Management and Privatizers: Reading from the Same Script

 Congress must make Postal Service a priority |  


GOP Sets Postal Service On Fire and Demand They Put Themselves Out   |  


Arbitrator Orders Los Angeles District Manager to Apologize to Employees For Fired Abusive Supervisor - "Arbitrator goes after the Los Angeles District Manager for their lack of enforcing their own "ZERO TOLERANCE" policy. The district Manager has to now do a written apology to the employees at the Redondo Beach California Office."  |  



Postal Service Set to Default on Billions in Health Payments   |  


Congressman Issa Takes Aim At The USPS And Saturday Delivery   |    


New PMG Video To Employees explains how USPS will continue moving forward  - Donahoe tells employees that new service standards were instituted July 1. The new standards will allow the Postal Service to consolidate up to 140 network facilities, while still providing excellent service to customers. Updated with video.  |

Romney Working To Eliminate The US Postal Service

Mitt Romney and his economic advisors like Kevin Hassett have a clear message in how a Romney administration would address the US Postal Service. It’s fairly simple they would eliminate it. ” .|  



Editorial: Who is Stephen Crawford and How Will He Affect the Post Office?   |    



Issa targets six-day provision in appropriations bill  |  


Rural Carriers have a New contract - In an interest arbitration award dated July 3, 2012, the NRLCA and USPS finally have a new National Agreement, which is effective from November 21, 2010 through May 20, 2015.See Arbitration Award  |  



USPS Ends FY Second Quarter With $3.2 Billion Lost – YTD $6.5 Billion

The Postal Service continues to suffer from a severe lack of liquidity caused by over $25 billion of cumulative net losses in the past five fiscal years which included $21 billion of Congressionally-mandated payments for prefunding retiree health benefits NALC: USPS reports that pre-funding accounts for $6.2B of the $6.5B in red ink. |








































































USPS Announces FY 2014 Pay for Performance Program and NPA Corporate and Unit Indicators - Workers Compensation Reduction -Target is 3% reduction to SPLY. Overtime Grievance Cost Reduction -This indicator focuses on reducing overtime grievance payout costs    Comments (Count)


USPS Defaults on $5.6 Billion for Future Health Benefits

The U.S. Postal Service on Monday defaulted yet again on a prepayment for the healthcare of its future retirees as its finances remain in the red and legislative reform remains elusive Senators Carper and Coburn Issue Statements  Comments (Count)


Federal Judge blocks sale of historic post office in Stamford, CT

U.S. District Judge granted a temporary restraining order last week to group who claims USPS failed to follow proper procedure in closing the facility and didn’t take the $5.5 million high bid for the building last year (USPS accepted bid of $2 million . Lawsuit Filed to Protect Endangered Stamford, Connecticut Post Office  Comments (Count)


OIG Report Say USPS Retiree Health Care Benefits Liability Is $2.3 Billion Higher This report presents the results of our self-initiated review of Using U.S. Postal Service-Specific Assumptions for Calculating the Retiree Health Care Liability . Our objective was to review the assumptions used for the Postal Service’s retiree health care liability calculation and determine what effect those assumptions may have on the retiree health care liability calculation estimate   Comments (Count)

OIG Report: USPS FERS Surplus $12.5 Billion and Not $3 Billion

Demographic differences between Postal Service and other federal employees impacted the calculation of the FERS liability estimate. Specifically, Postal Service employees have distinguishing employee characteristics (salary growth, termination, retirement, disability, death, and life expectancy) that the OPM does not take into consideration when applying actuarial assumptions. OIG: USPS CSRS Liability Should Be Reduced by $1.3 Billion - Postal Employees have higher life expectancy than other Federal Employees  Comments (Count)

USPS did not recognize Labor Savings From Outsourcing Roof Maintenance

PRC to Review USPS Request for Annual and Exigent Rate Adjustments

Video: USPS collection mailbox set on fire in Sheboygan, WI

Fire damages Kitts Hill, OH Post Office

Outburst at Man’s Hearing in Postal Worker Deaths

Shortchanging postal customers; Closing regional sorting centers harms small businesses and postal patrons

Google’s BufferBox Expands Its Shipping Kiosk Service For Parcel Pickups To San Francisco

VIDEO: 'Behind the Scenes' ... at the Lawrenceville, GA post office

Santa Clara residents resist plan to close downtown post office

Post office goes small: Kiosk-type post offices springing up to replace traditional locations

USPS considers downsizing three Charlotte locations


FSS Postage Rates Will Raise Issues for Cataloguers, Publications, Printers, and USPS Because of a provision in the recently announced postal rates, mailers and printers have four months to overhaul the way they prepare catalogs, magazines, and other flat mail. The coming changes raise a variety of uncertainties for flats mailers, printers, and the U.S. Postal Service itself. And they will make it difficult for many mailers to project how much the new rates will cost them.  Comments (Count)


NALC President explains to Senate why Carper-Coburn Bill would be damaging to USPS - Rolando indicated that NALC and the Postal Service were working together to develop a set of FEHBP reforms that would achieve this goal, which the union could support as part of an overall package of acceptable reforms to strengthen the Postal Service.   Comments (Count)


USPS Takes Kingsport, TN post office off the market

Rochester: USPS truck stolen at gunpoint

Postal Service refuses to release Lecompton revenue figures

Village Post Office Opens At Express Auto in Tiltonsville


Profiting from the 3-cent increase on postage stamps?

An economist and a journalist) provide a step-by-step guide to profiting from the 3-cent increase on postage stamps scheduled for Jan. 26, 2014  Comments (Count)


Lady Justice turns a blind eye: The PRC dismisses the Freistatt appeal as untimely

Sentencing of postal worker who admitted embezzling postponed


USPS OIG is Officially Closed due to government shutdown

USPS OIG Shutdown Plan to OMB The OIG estimates that it will take no more than a full day to complete the shutdown PRC Closed Due to Government Shutdown

Shutdown Plan for the Postal Regulatory Commission - Furloughed Employees will be placed in a leave without pay status for the duration of the furlough  Postal Service open for business   Comments (Count)


Why the Exigent Postal Rate Increase Will Backfire

Let’s be honest: Given the U.S. Postal Service’s dire financial condition, the 4.3% emergency rate increases it announced yesterday are hardly exorbitant. That won’t prevent the move from being a disaster for nation’s mail system. I have little doubt that some Congressman will blast the USPS Board of Governors for putting forth relatively small “exigent” (greater-than-inflation) price increases. But the micro-managers on Capitol Hill, who should be focused on getting their own house in order, need to understand why the governors aren’t pushing for more. Affordable Mail Alliance Stands United in Opposition to Exigent Rate Increase | Mailing Industry Suffers Setback in Fight to Ward Off Exigent Postal Hike   Comments (Count)


Video: Sorting machine downgrade could be beginning of the end for Roanoke Mail Distribution Center

Proposed 2014 Promotions and Incentives, from the USPS Price Filing

Juneau: 83-year-old strikes post office with vehicle

Escondido fighting post office closure

Postal officials to meet with Rolling Meadows residents

British Postal Service Valued at $5.3 Billion in I.P.O


September 26, 2013

GAO: USPS Health and Pension Benefits Proposals Involve Trade-offs

GAO has reported that Congress needs to modify the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) retiree health benefit payments in a fiscally responsible manner. GAO also has reported that USPS should prefund any unfunded retiree health benefit liability to the maximum extent that its finances permit. Deferring funding for postal retiree health benefits could increase costs for future ratepayers and increase the risk that USPS may not be able to pay for these costs. Key considerations for funding postal retiree health benefits include Comments (Count)


GAO: Information on USPS Workforce Injuries Arising During Mail Delivery

GAO obtained and reviewed 2009 through 2012 USPS data on workforce injuries by various route types (as classified by USPS's Office of Safety and Health, Employee Resource Management), including data on the frequency, circumstance leading to injury, and the severity of injuries  Comments (Count)


There's no stamp for that: Postal Service’s 83-acre Bolger Center running deficit -As a result, although the Postal Service reported a loss for the facility of about $3.5 million in FY 2012, it saved about $4.5 million in hotel and meal costs by conducting Postal Service events at the Bolger Center, instead of using an outside hotel and conference center.  Comments (Count)


Shades of deception: The PMG testifies to the Senate

There was one brief exchange between Senator Coburn of Oklahoma and the Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe that’s worth noting. They are discussing the impact of labor on costs. Senator Coburn: It is presently the law that an arbitrator cannot consider the financial health of the Postal Service in arbitrating a contract. Is that correct? PMG Donahoe: That is correct. The problem here is that the senator offered a false premise— in point of fact, arbitrators can consider the financial health of the Postal Service — and then Mr. Donahoe confirmed the senator’s premise. The PMG thus gave false testimony in a Congressional hearing. Never mind, Donahoe stated in the hearing that he "misspoke"   Comments (Count)


Video: USPS bio-terror program maybe coming to an end

USPS and Department of Health and Human Services has asked Congress for $5 million to fund the bio-terror program an additional 3 years. Without it they cannot expand to other cities or maintain personnel already trained to respond in the event of a bio terror attack. A Government shutdown could mean an end to this particular program. Comments (Count)


Video: USPS claims immunity after allegedly wrecking car



September 25, 2013

U.S. Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2014

The United States Postal Service today announced proposed price changes, including an increase in the price of a First-Class Mail single-piece letter from 46 cents to 49 cents. The proposed changes, which would go into effect in January 2014, are intended to generate $2 billion in incremental annual revenue for the Postal Service Chairman of USPS Board of Governors Explains Vote For Rate Increase | Carper Statement on Postal Service’s Rate Increase | Association of Magazine Media Reacts to USPS Exigency Filing | American Forest & Paper Association Opposes USPS Postal Rate Increase Plan | CHART: Even With 3-Cent Hike, Postage Still Cheap by Historical Standards    Comments (Count)


Audit: Postal Service made $1.3B in ‘non-competitive purchases’

The U.S. Postal Service bought $1.3 billion worth of goods and services in recent years without resorting to competition, according to a newly released inspector general’s audit. Of those “non-competitive purchases” made in fiscal 2011 and 2012, about $210 million (16 percent) lacked documentation to justify the use of a sole-source approach, the IG’s office estimated. Employees also “were unaware of policy, did not explore all alternatives practicable in their justifications not to compete purchases, and did not always obtain required contract documents from international suppliers due to cultural and language barriers,” the audit report said.  Comments (Count)


Video: PMG Looking at plan to generate additional funds

PMG Patrick Donahoe on Fox Business News Channel about efforts to boost revenue and cut costs for the USPS.  Comments (Count)


Berkeley: Hancock resolution supports post office protection

Man buys Aripeka post office; wants mail restored.

Post Office Investigating Missing Mail in Canton, MA


September 24, 2013

USPS Reports Net Income Loss of $648 Million for Aug 2013

The US Postal Service filed its eleventh month preliminary financial report of the 2013 fiscal year (unaudited) with the PRC . USPS reported a net operating loss of $648 million for the month of August 2013   Comments (Count)


OPM Announces 2014 Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Premium Rates The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has announced the average premium rate for the 8.2 million people covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program will increase by 3.7 percent in 2014.  That percentage is only slightly higher than last year’s increase of 3.4 percent and less than the national average increase in 2013.    Comments (Count)

USPS Capital Metro Area VP Dave Fields will retire Oct. 3
As the Capital Metro Area VP since 2011, Fields has overseen gains in service performance and scanning rates, repeatedly earning first place among all areas in weekly scanning performance rankings. He also has managed several high-profile pilot projects in his area, including gopost and the Amazon proof-of-concept project.    Comments (Count)

Late-Night Mail Delivery Surprises Chevy Chase MD Residents

USPS Mobile Buy It Now promotion Offers Postage Discount For Mailers

USPS OIG: Staff reduction and facility closures could be cause of decline in passport revenue

Man pleads guilty in aggravated robbery of Lawtell, LA post office

DOJ: The Postal Service 'Forever' Linked to 'Sordid Scandal'

What we have here is a failure to communicate: Learning from Jekyll Island

Editorial: Congress doing what snow, rain & gloom of night can’t

Feds Reject Armstrong's Motion To Dismiss Whistleblower Suit

USPS Eyes Sale of Lowell's Phoenix Ave. Site


September 23, 2013

NAPS: Senate Hearing to Focus on Postal Health Care Benefits

Thursday's Senate postal hearing will focus on the Postal Service's top legislative priority -- authorizing USPS to establish a postal-only health plan for its active and retired workers, one better integrated with Medicare to receive federal subsidies and bring down premium costs. Donahoe is expected to suggest at Thursday's hearing that the cost savings delivered by a USPS health plan.  Outside the Box: Reforming and Renewing the Postal Service, Part II- Thursday’s hearing will focus on promoting a 21st Century Postal workforce, including postal health benefit proposal Testimony of Fredric V. Rolando Before Today's Senate Hearing (PDF | Summary of today's Senate hearing on the USPS | Future of Postal Employees’ Health Care Uncertain as Senate Moves Forward With Reform  Comments (Count)


Video: Senator Sanders: Big Money Bullies - GOP, A party who are beating up on helpless people-From Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) House Republicans are trying to undo the Affordable Care Act, throw millions of children and the elderly off food stamps and continue across-the-board sequestration cuts that have slashed Head Start, Meals on Wheels, home heating assistance and other programs. That’s just the agenda for this week when the Republicans are using the threat of a government shutdown on Oct. 1 to try to get their way.   Comments (Count)


Rarest Stamp Error in U.S. History Reprinted

Maine Mailman files complaint after allegedly seeing resident ‘buck naked’

Postal Service Inducts Ray Charles into Music Icons Stamp Series

Dedicated to Pushing the Envelope: William H. Gross Stamp Gallery at National Postal Museum

Do Amazon's Lockers Help Retailers? Depends on What They Sell

The alcohol is in the mail?

Maybe the U.S. Postal Service can't be profitable

Privatizing the Postal Service is a Bad Idea, and the UK Has Proof

Postal Service Prepares to Sell Email Encryption


September 22, 2013

Aripeka, FL residents work together to bring back their mail service

Postal Service, Americana and an eBay auction

Vancouver, WA: Letter Carrier and Neighbor help woman escape from burning house


September 21, 2013

USPS consultant to divine future of stamps under $500K+ contract

What might the future hold for the humble postal stamp? The U.S. Postal Service is paying a New York consulting firm named Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve more than a half-million dollars to find out. “Who will be buying stamps in 2019, 2024 and 2034? What will they be used for?,” reads the company’s statement of work for the $566,000 task order awarded last month. “How can we embed innovation and new thinking into stamps, to engage America’s coming generations and the [USPS’s] existing and new customers?” Comments (Count)


Exigent Postal Rate Increase Expected Next Week

Expect a request for an exigent rate increase to be filed by the Postal Board of Governors when they meet in Kansas City, KS, next week. That’s the dire warning from direct mail industry officials following hearings held by the Senate on the Postal Reform Act (PRA) yesterday.“It was pretty obvious after listening to the Postmaster General that the Board of of Governors is ready to file an exigent rate increase, so I think the industry should be prepared for that,” says DMA SVP of Government Affairs Jerry Cerasale, who testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs  To Be or Not to Be a Monopoly  Comments (Count)


World’s Largest Stamp Gallery Opens Sept. 22 at National Postal Museum

Former letter carrier must repay $18,000 he defrauded workers’ comp

Shabby-looking flagpole at Phillipsburg, NJ Post Office gets makeover

18 Percent Of Americans Expect Death To Be Their Retirement: Study

Federal TSP millionaire tells how to join the club

Vermont sculptor wins historic settlement from Postal Service in copyright case

The return of a loop-de-loopy postal mistake

Mailman from Crystal Lake Injured in Traffic Accident

Tiny Rolling Hills post office will close after more than 75 years of operation.

Mailing Industry Denounces Proposal to Give USPS More Control Over Pricing

Postal Service to default on retiree health care payment - again

Army/Air Force PX's, Commissaries and Exchanges to Stop Selling 891 Magazines (PDF)

Chattanooga Postal Worker Caught Mishandling Packages
$25,000 reward offered in Studio City post office robbery
UPS to expand in FedEx's home base, bringing jobs, competition


September 20, 2013

NPMHU Files Unfair Labor Practice Against USPS for Unlawful Formation of Lean Mail Processing Teams - the Union asserts that the USPS violated Sections 8(a)(1) and 8(a)(2) of the Act through the unlawful formation and domination of labor organizations in the form of so-called Lean Mail Processing Teams. .Comments (Count)


Encampment, WY residents Want Postmaster Ousted

 whether through firing or transfer. No misconduct has been found so far, though residents don’t believe they’re getting the service they deserve. Where many have to have a Post Office box to receive mail unless they’re on the rural route, several residents’ mail is apparently just not getting delivered, or getting delivered to the wrong address. A public meeting to discuss the behavior of the Encampment/Riverside postmaster took place at 7 p.m. About 70 people attended, and testimony was heard for more than an hour.  Comments (Count)


Postal Service eyes digital dollars

The Postal Service Could Be Totally Out of Cash by November

Postal Service to default on retiree health care payment - again

Gun traffickers going postal

Saving the Postal Service's New Deal Masterpieces

"Makes no sense at all": Ewa Beach Post Office headed for closure

Democracy rests finally upon us: Saving the Bronx General Post Office

Postal Service closes Stamford CT post office: A "relocation" with no new location


September 19, 2013

PMG Tells Senate: USPS in Midst of Financial Disaster, Liquidity Remains Dangerously Low Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe told a U.S. Senate committee today that the U.S. Postal Service is in the midst of a financial disaster and that its cash liquidity remains dangerously low. Donahoe is seeking legislation that will enable the Postal Service to act with speed and flexibility in the mailing and shipping marketplace and help it close a $20 billion budget gap by 2017. Unfortunately, because our financial condition is so precarious, and the legislative process is so uncertain, we’ve reached the point that we have to consider price increases above the rate of inflation,” said Donahoe. In Senate Testimony, Guffey Blasts Carper-Coburn Postal Reform Bill | | Senator McCaskill Aims for Responsible Postal Reform | NALC: Few surprises in first of two hearings on S. 1486   Comments (Count)


The Postal Service’s 30-Year Relationship with Email

The federal government, a key innovator in the early years of computing, knew at least 30 years ago that email was going to disrupt the United States Postal Service   Comments (Count)


A voting risk in using stamps that lack traditional 'postmark'

Lack of postmark could make some balloting materials invalid, commissioners are told. Reid said that consumers could avoid difficulty by avoiding print-on-demand stamps with barcodes. Another idea: "The best way to ensure a postmark," she added, "is a one-to-one transaction with a Postal Service employee.   Comments (Count)


Post office offers $25,000 for attempted abduction of Virginia mail carrier

FedEx to increase shipping rates for 2014

September 18, 2013

OIG: USPS Followed Policies When Returning Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Employees To Work - This report presents the results of our audit of the U.S. Postal Service's Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Employees Returned to Work  The report responds to a request from the U.S. Postal Service’s Office of General Counsel due to a recent class action case that alleges violations of the Rehabilitation Act.1 Our objective was to determine whether Postal Service officials followed applicable policies and procedures when returning limited duty and rehabilitation employees to work.    Comments (Count)


USPS Focuses on Bringing the Mail and Digital World Together

In his annual state of the business address to the mailing industry, Postmaster General and CEO Patrick R. Donahoe today said by effectively leveraging data and new technology, mail can be much more powerful and competitive than other marketing channels.  Comments (Count)


Protesters occupy postal management offices, demand end to privatization

Eleven protesters invaded the office space of Portland’s senior US Postal Service management today. Slipping past security barriers on the third floor of the Main Post Office, the group occupied the hallway outside the offices of Brenda Jackson, transportation manager for the Portland 6 district    Comments (Count)


Aripeka residents: Post office was for more than just mail

iPad App sends handwritten cards in the mail

Ohio Post Office Reopens After Woman Crashes Into Lobby

The U.S. Postal Service doesn’t know how to make friends in the Santa Fe area

Sutersville PA residents fight for post office

Canada Post: Yukon residents complain of waiting weeks for post office deliveries while worker goes on holidays


September 17, 2013

USPS: Headquarters organizational changes

USPS is making changes in the Marketing and Sales structure at headquarters to increase strategic alignment, streamline operations and take advantage of natural synergies among coordinating work groups.  Comments (Count)


Pleasant Hill, CA post office to remain open and share use of building

USPS Contract Driver admits to theft of diamond rings and Sports Cards from Mail

Seven Colorado Post Offices Return to Full Operations

Ex-postal worker in MS pleads guilty to mail theft

Handle with care: guns, grenades arriving in Canada by postal mail

Suspicious postal packages lead to sophisticated pot operation

USPS: Flag at half-staff For Victims of Sept. 16 Shootings

Homeowners upset over plan to relocate mailboxes

Should You Go Paperless? -  Answer...probably not.

Great Expectations of Online Shopping

Parcel workers’ union wants labor board to void UPS-Teamsters contract


September 16, 2013

USPS Selects Company to design-build a $42 million facility in Houston, Texas

The renovation (713,000 square feet) and expansion (319,000 square feet)  Comments (Count)


APWU: Guffey to Testify Before Senate Committee

APWU President Cliff Guffey will testify before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Sept. 19. The hearing will address “reforming and renewing the Postal Service” and a bill proposed by Cob  Comments (Count)


Photos: Letter Carriers Delivering Mail During Colorado Flooding

And USPS Service Alert - USPS is closely monitoring conditions in the Boulder Colorado area. Due to widespread flooding and road closures, delivery has been impacted   Comments (Count)


USPS using innovative marketing for Inverted Jenny FDOI

Ohio: Post Office Closed After Car Crashes Through Lobby

50-year-old eastside post office closing

Million-mile man: Montana postal worker honored for safe driving


September 15, 2013

USPS OIG Q & A on Postal Management's Proposal For a New Retirement System - Update: Don Cheney discovered another typo in the OIG's solicitation- The USPS OIG has posted Questions and Answers on the retirement benefits study. The amendment is the USPS OIG's second attempt at trying to correct mistakes made in the first Questions and Answers. The USPS OIG explained Amendment 2 as "The purpose of this amendment is to correct the answers to the questions posted in Amendment 1."    Comments (Count)


USPS Help Man's Already Dismissed $341.99 Insured Mail lawsuit Get Reopened This is a case that had the District court judge basically shaking his head in disbelief. As the judge noted: "the Postal Service inexplicably snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by filing a notice of removal and thereby shifting the plaintiff’s motion for reinstatement of the complaint—and presumably the entire case—into federal court. The Court also finds that the Postal Service has clearly and unequivocally chosen the federal court path in adjudicating this $341.99 claim, despite the fact that leaving well enough alone would certainly have been the easier, less-costly, and more efficient option for resolution of this dispute."  Comments (Count)


Groundhog Day at the Post Office: Time for an exigent rate increase, again?

Over the past few years, we’ve watched thousands of towns fighting to save their local post office.  We’ve seen postal workers demonstrating on the street to protect their jobs and benefits.  We’ve heard from individuals, small businesses, newspapers, and many others about how much they depend on the postal system. It's clear that the postal system represents much more than a means to deliver advertising.  The postal network is a fundamental and essential infrastructure that sustains our basic democratic values   Comments (Count)


Postal customers preparing for curbside delivery
A recent request sent in a letter to postal customers throughout the United States asking that they erect postal boxes for curbside delivery was taken so seriously by customers in Woodward, OK that many local hardware stores have run out of postal boxes and supplies for the task, Montegue said. "It was a national initiative where we asked postal customers to voluntarily move there boxes from their homes or doors that require walking delivery out to the street for curbside delivery, Montegue said. The goal, Montegue said, is to have all curbside boxes in place by Sept. 30 so that a faster, more efficient and less costly type of delivery can begin, she said.   Comments (Count)


Congress turning to social media as use of mail privileges declines

Franking spending comes as Congress also deals with the need to reform the U.S. Postal Service, which reported a $1.9 billion loss in the second quarter of this year. While annual Congressional franking represents a fraction of the USPS’ revenue, which was $65 billion in 2012, members may have to grapple with the future closure of offices in their districts. With other cutbacks possible, delayed access to constituents via traditional mail could become a drawback.  Comments (Count)


More postal workers report delays in mail operations

Missouri: More employees of the Richard G. Wilson Processing and Distribution Facility in Cape Girardeau have come forward and said they have noticed a delay in local mail operations and delivery. They also are concerned about their future employment with the mail-processing facility.   Comments (Count)


Video: Dayton,OH Letter Carrier mauled by pit bull is improving

On same route, Chelmsford, MA carrier follows in father's footsteps

Postal investigators target drug trade through U.S. Mail

Louisiana Postal Employees Guilty Of Theft

Abington Post Office gets second black eye


September 14, 2013

Chula Vista woman says postal worker who pepper-sprayed dog was not in danger

Goodbyes sealed with sadness as Pope Post Office closes

Boulder: Postal facilities relocated due to flooding

Thieves target the postal worker’s master key to gain access to hundreds of mailboxes and personal information, officials say

September 13, 2013

Will the Removal of Congress and their Staff From FEHBP Help PMG Donahoe’s Proposal? The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) recently sent comments opposing OPM's proposed rule  Pursuant to the Affordable Care Act, to remove members of Congress and their staff (employed by their official / personal office) by the federal government  Comments (Count)


USPS develops facility ranking strategy to align staffing across entire mail processing network USPS continues operational efficiency initiatives As a part of its network optimization effort, USPS has developed a facility ranking strategy to align staffing across the entire mail processing network. Included in this strategy are processing and distribution centers, processing and distribution facilities, logistics and distribution centers, network distribution centers, international service centers and annexes. Comments (Count)


USPS collaborates with eBay to sell, auction postal merchandise

USPS has announced it will be collaborating with eBay, one of the world’s largest marketplaces, to open a Postal Store The new website will offer stamps and other USPS-related merchandise for sale   Comments (Count)


USPS Names Nemec Consumer and Industry Affairs VP

USPS Schedules Full-Service Intelligent Mail Webinars

USPS official says consolidation of Long Beach mail processing with LA facility went ‘smoothly’.

Meet The U.S. Postal Service Worker Who Stole Hollywood Mail
Police investigating Postal Robbery in Patterson CA

Township officials call on congressman to help resolve Chinchilla Post Office issues

Postal Service Faces Major Societal Shift

Royal Mail privatization - the key questions answered


September 12, 2013

Ohio Mailman Walks Again After 2012 Accident

After 16 surgeries and several months of physical therapy, a central Ohio mailman seriously injured in an accident is once again walking. Doug Poole's legs were crushed in January, 2012 when a car struck him as he stood behind his mail truck.   Comments (Count)


Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Dental Care Crisis In America

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging, will hold a hearing to discuss the dental crisis and call attention to the lack of access to affordable dental care for millions of Americans. The hearing will focus on the factors contributing to the high cost of dental care, the cost of untreated oral health problems, and models to improve access to dental services. More than four out of 10 American adults skipped trips to the dentist because they lacked insurance and could not afford out-of-pocket payments Comments (Count)


Congressman Graves Asks USPS to Reassign Certain Zip Codes in North Missouri

Senate Postal Hearing on September 19th

Unions' Misgivings On Health Law Burst Into View

USPS Workers Part of Program To Distribute Meds in Bio-Attack

Fighting Goliath: In defense of the post office and the public trust

The Postal Service has a brand new bag: A post office or mail delivery, but not both

Covington man admits taking stamps from Metairie post office

Here’s Why You Can Mail Scorpions But Not Spiders

Neighborhood mourns death of popular San Rafael mail carrier

Manhattan mail goes missing for a month.

US Bankruptcy Court Approves Cenveo’s Acquisition of National Envelope

Britain defies unions with plan to sell Royal Mail in weeks


Cash-strapped Postal Service to rent mail vans


September 11, 2013

NALC’s Rolando asks AFL-CIO convention for help with postal reform

Speaking on Sept. 11 to the delegates to the 2013 AFL-CIO convention, NALC President Fredric Rolando delivered a number of messages that took many of those gathered inside the Los Angeles Convention Center by surprise. AFL-CIO Adopts Pro-Postal Resolution- On the final day of the AFL-CIO convention, postal unions joined forces to win passage of a resolution favoring “Innovation and Growth, Not Downsizing and Decline” for the U.S. Postal Service | NPMHU Hegarty Calls On AFL-CIO to help defeat anti-unionism in debate over postal reform - President Hegarty commented that the NPMHU with support from other postal union affiliates of the AFL-CIO have worked to build broad public coalitions to resist more damaging austerity in the Postal Service and to build support for sensible reform.   Comments (Count)


Apple Quietly Drops USPS Delivered Greeting Cards App For iPhoto Sent via FedEx - The Cards app was suppose to be a "new revenue stream for USPS" that is generated online. USPS said, "Forget the talk that electronic messages will spell the end of traditional mail. The initiative is an excellent example of how it’s working with industry to infuse the mail experience with technology." .    Comments (Count)


Mailers in Talks with Postal Unions to Forestall Rate Increase

The governors gave us two weeks to see if mailers and postal employees could rally to push for postal reform,” says Jerry Cerasale, SVP of government affairs at the Direct Marketing Association, a member of the AMA. “So we have been talking with all four unions and we hope that, if they see some movement in the right direction, the governors will ask for an increase based on the Consumer Price Index and not file for an exigent increase. Comments (Count)


Large Mailers Undeserved Rate Discounts

Burrus Journal - To maximize the use of postal automation and employees, mail that is discounted is routinely mixed with non-discounted mail and the Postal Service absorbs the cost without payment by the mailer(s). The bluff by the large mailers that volume will be affected if forced to pay the full rate is their constant threat but is as described – a bluff. This is a form of blackmail that unless the Postal Service provides a service that is subsidized by single piece first class mail they will not use the service. This is hogwash and is unrelated to the use of mail to achieve commercial activities.    Comments (Count)


Truth-Out: Don't Shrink the Postal Service; Expand It

Ballots Mailed in Election of APWU National Union Officers

Ex-postal worker nabbed for fraud on 'Price is Right' gets probation

Well known postmaster earns trip to Washington, D.C. Dianne Feinstein's Husband Sells Post Offices to His Friends, Cheap

New Report Describes Conflicts of Interest

Navajo Nation: Nazlini gets a new post office

Federal workforce shrinks further


September 10, 2013

Opinion: Five-day mail delivery burdens letter carriers

This reduction of service will, among other things, result in letter carriers being unable to complete their rounds until late afternoon or early evening on Mondays. As a recently retired carrier, I can attest to the fact that Mondays already are usually the most burdensome day of the week, what with no mail delivery on Sundays. With Saturday delivery eliminated, letter carriers will be delivering three days worth of mail on Mondays. Even worse, seven or eight times a year, there will be an unprecedented three consecutive days of no mail delivery. This will be the result of a federal holiday falling in the Friday through Monday range.  Comments (Count)


Rosemarie Fernandez named USPS Employee Resource Management VP

PMG Pat Donahoe has announced the selection of Rosemarie Fernandez as Employee Resource Management VP, effective immediately. Fernandez has held the position on an acting basis since June 3, 2013.   Comments (Count)


Video: NRLCA Calls for Restoration of Bioterrorism Protection Program

In the weeks and months following the September 11 attacks, rural letter carriers nationwide stepped forward to volunteer for a program called the National Postal Model (formerly part of the Cities Readiness Initiative), which utilizes the U.S. Postal Service’s one-of-a-kind delivery infrastructure to respond to potential bioterrorism attacks. Unfortunately, this program’s funding is at risk of elimination through federal budget cuts ”  Comments (Count)


Step by step Careful process of preserving Post Office murals

USPS lends a helping hand to Sierra Leone’s postal service

Will a Busy Fall Congressional Schedule Derail Postal Reform?

Video: Flyers Handed Out As Hunt Resumes For Masked Mail Carrier Robber

Workers Stage Emergency Drill at Kearny Postal Distribution Center

Mail carrier bitten by dog in Flint: a recurring problem, say USPS authorities

Postal service announces halt in delivery to Pojoaque cluster boxes


September 09, 2013

Federal Unions Raise Concerns About Health Care And Workers Compensation Provisions in Postal Bill “The health insurance provisions,” the unions wrote in a letter dated Friday, “will undermine the successful, longstanding Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) and increase costs for millions of federal employees, retirees and their families.” That legislation, they wrote, would allow the Postal Service “to cherry-pick the largest areas of cost savings from the (Federal Employees Health Benefits Program), which will destabilize the FEHBP and raise costs for federal employees, retirees and their families.”  Comments (Count)


NAPS Analysis of the Carper/Coburn Postal Reform Bill

NAPS believes that the legislation falls short of the progress made by the Senate in its passage of S. 1789 during the 112th Congress. While we compliment Chairman Carper and Ranking Member Coburn for their bipartisan efforts, we believe the bill should be revised in conformance with the following comments. Our comments are organized by section of the bill and incorporate descriptions of the provisions contained in the section-by-section summary prepared by HSGAC staff.    Comments (Count)


Most dangerous jobs: Postal work tops list among federal civilian positions

In terms of federal jobs, postal work is by far the most dangerous: Last year, postal employees constituted a third of all federal civilian employees in the United States who died on the job, according to preliminary numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2012, 54 feds were killed on the job, a sharp jump from 41 in 2011. Postal workers made up 18 of those in 2012, up from 15 in 2011. The numbers include federal civilian employees within the United States and not civilians overseas, such as Foreign Service or intelligence workers, and they exclude employees who died because of an illness or who are military personnel.   Comments (Count)


APWU: No Email-Addresses Will Be Released To Any Candidate

Video: Masked man robs Florida Letter Carrier of Truck Key

Mail stolen from boxes in Northumberland County

Mail-processing center will move from Durango, CO To Albuquerque, New Mexico

Forum set for Escondido postal closure

Video: Pennsylvania Post Office Closed After Car Rams Into Building

Neopost USA Launches Multi-Channel Document Delivery System

Fate Unclear for Closing House Post Offices' Space


September 08, 2013

Did You Know USPS Grants Rate Discounts Between $14-$18 Billion Per Year?
 Burrus Journal - A Ponzi Scheme -That’s right, $14 to $18 billion every year.  Recently, in response to a question by a Congressman the postmaster general gave this unbelievable number.  It is unacceptable that he did not have an exact number with a range of four billion dollars, but rate discounts have become such an integral part of subsidizing commercial businesses that he could only provide an estimate.  You have heard repeated announcements about the five billion dollar annual future health care payment but not one word about this $14 billion subsidy.    Comments (Count)


Occupy bike swarm blocks private truck at Portland mail facility

Communities and Postal Workers United Occupy Portland's bike swarm joined "postal protectors" to block a private mail truck leaving the Mt. Hood Distribution Center (US Postal Service) today, demanding that postal management stop subcontracting the trucking of "the people's mail."  (9/08/13)  Comments (Count)


Berkeley looks at new zoning to help save post office

Activists have worked for more than a year to stop the sale of the historic downtown (Berkeley, CA) post office. Now they may get a new weapon in their fight against the United States Postal Service sale: A zoning law to restrict the use of the post office property and the use of other nearby historic sites, Speaking for the U.S. Postal Service, Clark Morrison, an attorney argued against the proposal." We are concerned that this is an attempt to chill any possible sale of the facility should the property be placed on the market....Commissioners became visibly frustrated questioning Morrison, when he was unable to detail the steps the Postal Service is taking to sell the post office building and relocate its functions or to say what might result from the dialogue he was proposing.  Comments (Count)


Rural mail carrier's book "The Laughing Postman "

Postal Service doesn’t want your spiders

The Greeting Card Industry Has a Special Message for the Postal Service

Video: Postmaster at small post office in Fisty, KY gets a surprise on last day



Alabama mail carrier arrested on charge of opening mail


September 06, 2013

Father and son plead guilty to million-Dollar bulk mail fraud

USPS commemorates Battle of Lake Erie on stamp

Video: Park Hills, MO residents angry over new mailbox policy

USPS: All Postal Facilities to Fly American Flag at half -staff on September 11th

USPS to hold public meeting on Vallejo, CA Post Office's fate

Aspen to get new postmaster in October, filling oft-vacant post

Post office flag flap angers military mom

2 Abington postal workers charged with ID theft


September 05, 2013

USPS BOG postpones price increase decision

The Postal Service Governors met today at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. As part of the agenda, the Governors considered pricing issues, including the possibility of filing for price adjustments," the USPS said in a statement. "The Governors continue to listen to stakeholders and have postponed final pricing decisions until the next scheduled Board of Governors meeting, Sept. 24 – 25, 2013."We Spoke. They Listened. Postal Governors Delay Decision on Postal Rate Increase   Comments (Count)


USPS Revision to Privacy and FOIA Handbook Includes Contacting Former Employees - the Postal Service is revising Handbook AS-353, Guide to Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act, to include the several modifications  Comments (Count)


Will mailers be asked to pay more to help the US Postal Service?

The Postal Board of Governors is scheduled to meet behind closed doors Thursday to consider a path to solvency for the money-losing U.S. Postal Service that includes a potential price increase that's alarming mailers of newspapers and magazines, advertising and other bulk correspondence. Lobbyists: Postal Service will try to hike stamp price   Comments (Count)


APWU Files Charges With PRC Over USPS Failure to Comply With Service Standards - The APWU filed a complaint with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) on Sept. 5 charging that the USPS is failing to comply with its own service standards and is depriving individuals, small businesses and organizations of the service they are entitled to by law.   Comments (Count)


Ten Postal Employees and Two Doctors Indicted For Worker's Compensation Fraud - The investigation initially focused on doctor and the medical documentation he completed to support the permanent disability of USPS claimants.   Comments (Count)

Video: Albany, GA Post Office to keep lease for another year

Clarksburg, WV facility shifts from mail processing to retail center only

UPDATE: Kentucky Mail carrier finds bone marrow match

USPS Mailing Standards revision requires balloting materials to show postage must be paid

USPS To Issue Ray Charles Forever Stamp on Sept. 23rd

Mail Processing Moves to Albany, NY

A New Tool from the TSP

Return of Overtime Helps Cut Retirement Backlog in August

The Stamp Stop: A look at ATM innovation

Postal delays in Wisconsin State Farmer  newspaper delivery increasing

Car Drives Into Gearhart Post Office

USPS Names New Phoenix Postmaster

Who Owns 100-year-old mailbox removed from Torrington, CT Main Street?

Yale University Post Office faces continued delays

Customers receiving bogus USPS emails

USPS enforces "No dogs allowed" policy at Post Office in Minnesota

Postal truck struck, killed 79-year-old pedestrian in Perris, CA

Postal carriers will collect eyeglasses on Friday


September 04, 2013

NAPS: USPS to Offer Early Retirement to all PCES and Field EAS

In the last few days, the Postal Service’s plan to re-rank mail processing plants has become public knowledge despite their best efforts to keep the information confidential until September 6, 2013

USPS Notifies Postmaster Organizations that Postmasters will be Included in VER Offer   Comments (Count)  


Video: The Labor Picture – How to Save The USPS

The Big Picture” with Thom Hartmann. Interview with NALC President Fredric Rolando.  Comments (Count)


Court Ruling Grants Equal Access to Email Lists for APWU Challenger Candidates - In a win for the principles of union democracy, incumbent officers of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) must allow challengers running for union leadership positions to use the organization’s database of member email addresses to send out campaign literature APWU: No Email-Addresses Will Be Released To Any Candidate”  Comments (Count)


NC Postal Supervisor Sentenced To 16 Months in Prison for Lying on Workman’s Comp Document  As a condition of his receipt of compensation benefits, Catone was required to periodically report, among other things, any employment, self-employment and volunteer work he had undertaken or income he had earned in the preceding fifteen months on the DOL OWCP Form EN1032  Comments (Count)


Hallmark struggles to update its card empire

Man gets 33 months in prison for trying to rob Woodville, TX post office

Postal Service rolling out 175,000 mobile phones to collect real-time data


September 03, 2013

Could a New Union Leadership Stop Sell-Off of Post Office?

Labor Notes - A diverse slate of local leaders is making a bid to unseat the national officers of the American Postal Workers Union—and the stakes couldn’t be higher. “We’re at a crossroads,” said Mark Dimondstein, the Members First Team’s candidate for president. “At the core of this whole struggle is whether the post office is going to be decisively privatized and turned over to profit-making entities and low-paid, non-union jobs—or remain a public entity that serves all the people and maintains good-paying union jobs.” Comments (Count)


Congressional action, not price hike, USPS answer

by  Jerry Ulickey plant director of Quad/Graphics -  It is often said that small businesses fuel the country's economic engine, and statistics certainly back up this assertion. The U.S. Postal Service recognizes the importance of this sector to our overall economy and its continued recovery, as illustrated by its 2012 marketing campaign targeting small businesses to support the USPS's growth and financial stabilization. That's why it's puzzling that USPS would propose to raise postal rates beyond inflation and risk devastating millions of the very "mom and pop" companies it just targeted for more business. But that is exactly what the USPS could decide to do. As early as Thursday, the USPS Board of Governors could use "exigent" (legalese for "emergency") authority provided by Congress to impose price hikes far in excess of inflation.  Comments (Count)


Mail Truck iPhone, iPad APP for Kids

Recently, I found this fun and cute interactive app "Mail Truck" for Kids .  The app has been around since last  year.  The app is compatible with: iPod Touch 3 & 4 generation, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 & all iPads.   Comments (Count)


Retirement Funds Return to the Red in August

St. Paul Postal Building to Become Apartments

BERNER: Addressing Mailbox Obsolescence

Roseburg letter carrier retires after 53 years

How the USPS merges compliance, security in its huge enterprise

USPS augments computer network to handle ever-expanding service

Missouri Letter Carrier Under Investigation for Exposing Himself To Female Customer

3D Printing: Sparking an E-Commerce Revolution

Postal Services To Resume In Pike County After Fire Destroys Post Office

Students do not expect to be affected by USPS cuts


September 02, 2013

What in the world has happened to our U.S. postal system?

Column: Postal mindset must improve -  We were at the local post office the other day asking to renew our passports. The lady behind the counter said, “I can't help you today. I am the only one working today and you will have to come back.”  What? Besides her lament of being a lone clerk in a city of 26,000 people, there was a room full of customers patiently waiting their turn at the counter. One person on duty on a busy business day in our town and only one person available to wait on mail customers is a miscarriage of what we as Americans stand for.  The U.S. mail is one of the strongest stalwarts of our society, and to hinder this process by understaffing this centuries-old institution is just plain unfair to the residents of our community   Comments (Count)


St. Louis processing center overwhelmed following switch to earlier mail pickup time - Greg Davidson, president of American Postal Workers Local Union 4088, works the night shift manually sorting flats, or large envelopes, catalogues and newspapers, at the Richard G. Wilson Processing and Distribution Facility in Cape Girardeau. Davidson said he has witnessed customers receive newspapers two days after their publication date, and residents of Gideon, Mo. get water shut-off notices two days after their water was shut off. He said the delay in the mailing system stems from the mail processing center in St. Louis being overwhelmed by the volume of mail  Postal Service says facilities not experiencing delays   Comments (Count)


Texas: Owner of “Mail Drop” Convicted of Manufacturing and Selling Counterfeit Postage

US Postal Service to re-evaluate plans for Coralville post office

The Postal Service updates its five-year plan: A Labor Day Story

A million miles through snow, rain, heat

USPS Targeted in E-mail Borne Malware


September 01, 2013

OIG Studying Opportunities for USPS to Reduce its Leave Benefits Costs

The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General intends to award a firm fixed price contract to a Supplier who possesses specific subject matter expertise in employee benefits.   Comments (Count)


USPS Management Proposing A New Retirement System

Under the Postal Reorganization Act, the Postal Service is obligated to provide wages and benefits comparable to those provided in the private sector. However, Postal Service management believes that the FERS system is more costly and does not compare to retirement benefits provided in the private sector.   Comments (Count)


Police release sketch of Palo Alto,CA post office bandit