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EEOC: USPS must provide ‘reasonable accommodation’ to postal employees with diabetes - In 2013, USPS agreed to adhere to provisions by the EEOC regarding reasonable accommodation of diabetic employees. But this EEO case shows not all postal officials got the memo.  Comments (Count)


OPM announces 2016 FEHB Premiums for Postal, Federal Employees - The overall average Postal rate increases shown are based on the Postal contribution for Category 1. The Postal employee groups in Category 1 can change from year to year.  


USPS to begin testing handheld Surface Visibility (SV) mobile scanners The Postal Service will soon begin testing Surface Visibility (SV) mobile devices, new equipment that will help USPS boost efficiency and better serve business customers.    Comments (Count)


USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information - The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


USPS new Delivery Management System (DMS) tracks location of letter carriers

Should a carrier deviate from his or her designated geographic zone during street delivery, an alert is sent to the supervisor in an email or text message.  Comments (Count)


OIG cites lack of supervision, letter carriers wasting, late mail for  $7.2m extra workhours cost in USPS San Francisco District - OIG observed city carriers loading mail into vehicles on office time rather than clocking to street time, talking excessively, making multiple trips away from their case.   Comments (Count)


USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information - The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


USPS awards contract for Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles valued at $351 Million - Replacing USPS fleet could reach $10 billion over the next few years. At least 4,500 vehicles purchased  (8/28/15) Comments (Count)


Senator Sanders urges Postmaster General to reinstate overnight mail delivery - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sent a letter today to Postmaster General Megan Brennan urging the Postal Service to reinstate overnight mail delivery standards in light of a recent report finding significant delays in the delivery of mail.    (8/26/15) Comments (Count)


APWU files National Dispute over primary duties of Small Parcel Sorting System (SPSS) The APWU maintains that the SPSS is involved in mail processing and/or distribution of mail and this work and the essential allied work is the work of the Clerk Craft.   (8/25/15)

 Comments (Count)


Congressman takes complaints of slow mail delivery to U.S. postmaster; days later, his town hall invites get delayed Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska recently sent a letter to the U.S. postmaster sharing Nebraskans’ grievances over slow mail delivery, including overdue charges because of late credit card payments and delayed arrival of prescription drugs.Then, just days later, Fortenberry found himself with a major snail mail gripe of his own.   (8/24/15) Comments (Count)


USPS awards LLV maker $257 million contract for Walk In Body Delivery Trucks

USPS has awarded  long-time supplier a contract for over 3,000 Walk In Body Intermediate Delivery Trucks. Comments (Count)


Video: USPS GPS device transmits letter carriers location to supervisors every minute

USPS mail carriers are getting a “panic button” The unofficial U.S. postal creed says neither rain, nor sleet, nor heat, nor gloom of night will keep carriers from their rounds. Thieves and vicious dogs, however, may be another matter. So the Post Office is delivering a solution.  Comments (Count)


Washington State Letter Carrier saves mail before truck goes up in flames A letter carrier saved the mail in her truck after it caught fire


House Oversight Chairman requests info on assets, revenue for USPS “package delivery” products

GOP Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz seeks information from USPS about competitive product assets, revenue, service performance and other materials. Comments (Count)



on his route  Comments (Count)


APWU: Behind the Scenes, Corporations Influence USPS Policy

Many of the most significant changes that have negatively affected the Clerk Craft and the Postal Service are the result of recommendations made by a little-known group that operates behind the scenes at USPS headquarters – the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee, or MTAC  (5/17/15)   Comments (Count).

Major Changes in 2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated April 3, 2015

USPS made last minute “public” changes some facilities; some facilities move dates that were changed just last week has changed again. Approximately TWENTY-ONE (21)  facilities have had their move dates changed to “To Be Determined” (TBD) or “Not Applicable” (N/A) and four (4) facilities move dates changed to an earlier or later date. (4/4/15) Comments (Count)


Judge orders Postal Service to pay damages to whistleblower

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) sued the United States Postal Service (USPS) for retaliating against a Safety Specialist at the Seattle, Washington Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) (2/26/15) Comments (Count)


Sen. Tester to incoming PMG Brennan: delivery standards have become a disaster for USPS - Tester meets incoming Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan to discuss strengthening USPS . Tester also concerned about USPS failing to comply with GAO request for data on mail volume. Senator Schumer urges incoming PMG to honor promise to keep Buffalo, NY plant open  Comments (Count)


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November 30,  2015

Amazon May Have a Secret Air Cargo Operation Called Aerosmith

UK postmen will take photographs when they leave parcels behind to prove delivery

Postal Views Podcast #18: (Combo of USPS Things Edition)

Historical Huston Post Office still open


November 29,  2015

Video: USPS Truck Driver Killed in Crash in Fort Worth

One person died after an 18-wheeler crashed into a guardrail on Loop 820 and burst into flames on Sunday morning, officials said. Video: 2 Seriously Injured After USPS Truck Lands on SUV Comments (Count)


Postal Service bumps up collection times at hundreds of points across Kansas

Complaint about accessibility to Seymour CT post office investigated


November 28,  2015

USPS to Pay Oakland Maintenance Postal Employees Nearly $2 million over Staffing

APWU Oakland (CA) Local #78 filed a grievance over USPS failing to staff or work all of required workhours at the Oakland P & DC and Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF) as required by the MS-47 Handbook.  Comments (Count)


No arrest 2 years after Rock Hill native postman killed outside DC

Postal workers put down razors to support former colleague

USPS investigating how seven pounds of weed was delivered to new Arlington home

USPS to deliver mail 7 days a week during holiday rush

Post Office delivers for the homeless

Photographing the post offices of Michigan's Upper Peninsula -

Postal worker charged with stealing $3,500
Man accused of sending threatening letters to U.S. presidential candidates


November 27,  2015

USPS revises Handbook M-41: City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities

Effective November 26, 2015, the Postal Service is revising Handbook M-41, City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities, to update policies and procedures related to carrier duties.  Comments (Count)


Video: Postal Carriers Getting Extra Security During Holiday Season

On the roads across South Florida, postal carriers are keeping a tight schedule. Their trucks are loaded with more deliveries as the holiday season kicks off. Sadly, it's also the time the odds increase they can be targeted by those looking to steal.  Comments (Count)


Shoppers encouraged to ship holiday packages early

Gering postal clerk Marker set to retire

Post Office delivers for the homeless


November 26,  2015

Video: Postal Worker who admitted to stealing gift cards, cash is still on the job

A [postal support employee-pse] worker at the Clinton Post Office was arrested Monday and charged with stealing mail.  Comments (Count)


Newly hired letter carrier with history of drug use gets probation for mail theft

A former Pueblo mail carrier who had a dependence on opiates was sentenced Wednesday to serve five years on probation for stealing drugs from the mail  Postal Worker facing 10 years in prison for stealing $30 Comments (Count)


Legal Case: Another Postal Worker pregnancy discrimination case

Here is another pregnancy discrimination case regarding a PSE Permanently Separated on her 360th Day due to pregnancy and the complications thereof.  Comments (Count)


Accused Muslim-hating Postal Worker says “I’m not crazy, I work in the post office” — but hearing voices in April“ I’m not crazy, I work in the post office,” Postal Worker told his victim after he threatened to burn the Muslim woman’s mosque down during the Friday evening hate crime. Back in April, cops showed up at his home and treated him as an emotionally disturbed person after he began drinking heavily and claimed to hear voices. The city letter carrier was hired in 2014  Comments (Count)

Waiting for the service in U.S. Postal Service


November 25,  2015

USPS OIG seeking vendor to train agents on tracking social media and Internet footprint

USPS OIG agents will be getting Internet Reconnaissance Training next June on methods to find target individual's social media and Internet footprint.  Comments (Count)


Postal worker struck in head by metal object thrown at vehicle

A transport driver for the USPS in Lubbock was traveling southbound thru Ropesville, Texas when his vehicle was struck by a metal object that penetrated the front windshield   (Comments (Count)


Postal employee arrested while shooting up heroin in his postal truck

A U.S. Postal employee was arrested while on duty for possession of heroin, methamphetamine and assorted drug paraphernalia.  Comments (Count)


Package thefts hit Thornton neighborhood

Canada Post's new community mailboxes frozen shut on Prince Edward Island

Amazon may soon give FedEx, UPS and USPS the boot

Video: Thieves Break Into Coloma Post Office Before Holiday Rush
Thefts from USPS vans prompts community alert



November 24,  2015

USPS workforce at lowest level in nearly 50 years, over 258,000 less employees in 7 years

The USPS FY 2015 annual report released on November 13, 2015 contained several interesting issues which has not been covered by mainstream media. One issue was the Postal Executive pay raises, bonuses and perk(s) that covered a few days ago. Another issue is the number of career postal employees. The size of the USPS career workforce.  Comments (Count)


USPS Shipping revenue has increased almost 50% in last five years, CFO reports

The Postal Service’s shipping revenue has increased almost 50 percent during the past five years, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett reports in his latest “Dollars and Change” video. USPS employees deserve much credit for this success, Corbett says.  Comments (Count)


Video: UPS, Fedex fuel surcharges earns place on Consumer Reports list of “naughty” companies for Christmas 2015 - Fuel prices are plunging, but that hasn’t stopped FedEx and United Parcel Service from charging customers a fuel surcharge.  Comments (Count)


Video: Albuquerque mailman shot at while on the job

Investigators said a local U.S. Post Office mail carrier was shot at while on the job. The accused shooter told investigators he only wanted to scare the mailman.  Comments (Count)


Q & A: Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act of 2015

Video: Family grieves daughter’s loss for the second time after ashes are lost in the mail

Michigan postal worker avoids jail for stealing over $10,000

Public holds Postal Service in high esteem, poll shows

Video: U.S. Postal Service Apologizes for Misplaced Mail

Video: Bakersfield CA residents frustrated by repeated cluster mailbox thefts

APWU: Holiday Clerk Assistants will not work window, PSEs, Peak Season Exception Period

Postal Worker Arrested In Alleged Hate Crime Against Muslim Women In Brooklyn

Former postal worker charged with soliciting co-workers, residents on mail route in investment scam

USPS Letters FROM Santa Program Santa’s Personalized Response to Your Child’s Letter

Video: Man Believed To Be Postal Worker Wanted In Alleged Hate Crime On Muslim Women In Brooklyn


November 23,  2015

ABM Security loses challenge for USPS $250 million contract awards to Command Security Corporation

Earlier this year ABM filed a bid protest (business disagreement) with the USPS contracting officer. This press release FROM Command Security Corporation is an update of what happened TO ABM Security Services protest:   Comments (Count)


Postal News Recap: USPS Execs Pay Increase. Bonuses, $250 Million contracts, mail delivery

USPS mail truck (LLV)  rolls onto side after front tire comes off

Post Office Delivers Cute Letter With Drawn-On Stamp


November 22,  2015

Video: Residents of Oklahoma town report irregular mail delivery

One resident said the not only is her mail frequently delivered late, but sometimes it’s not delivered to the right home at all   Comments (Count)


Fargo postal worker tackles man accused of stealing package

On Sundays, the Amazon mail must go through

Ketchum, ID council looking at home mail delivery


November 21,  2015

APWU: Tell the Postmaster General – Make Postal Banking a Reality Now 

Video: At the Heart of the Holidays – US Postal Service Shipping

Idaho Postmaster Relief Sentenced for Stealing over $7000 from Post Office

Idaho Woman Pleads Guilty to Possessing Stolen Mail

Video: Residents of Housing Development Fuming Over Postal Plans to Remove Mailboxes

NAPUS: Part time postmasters will earn $15.63 per hour to equal pay of Postal Support Employees

Video: Mail Stolen From Burlingame California Postal Facility

Video: Douglas Hughes enters guilty plea for landing gyrocopter on Capitol lawn

Video: Neighbors On Alert After Woman Caught On Camera Breaking Into Mailbox

Branson postal worker accused of falsifying subscriptions as payback for co-worker rebuffing his sexual advances to face trial

On Sundays, the Amazon mail must go through

USPS to host passport fairs around New Mexico

USPS announces Sunday deliveries through Christmas

USPS is Going Down, And It's Taking Billions With It


November 20,  2015

USPS Execs Get Pay Increase, Bonuses and PMG, DPMG get new perk for FY2015

Although USPS financials were widely reported in mainstream media and postal related news websites –nothing was reported about USPS executive’s pay or the new policy for PMG and DPMG.  Comments (Count)


How to lose $5 billion - The USPS has more troubles than long queues
Mail Delivery Danger Zones
Long Beach Man Arrested for Altering Purchased Money Orders
Pottstown Police announce conviction in mail carrier assault

After Sale, What Comes Next for the Bronx General Post Office?

Postal Service Sends Its Holiday Card Early

Mail Carrier Hospitalized After Collision

Video: Suspect In Custody For Northeast Philly Post Office Robbery


November 19,  2015

Video: How customers in Duluth MN are adjusting to USPS mail delivery delays - Benson's papers, which are delivered by the US Postal Service, face delayed delivery times and pushed up deadlines which he says have cost him subscribers. Some customers in Jackson WY notice mail delivery delays  The payroll stubs were stamped Oct. 26, shipped as U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. But the envelope, sent from a sister store in Seattle, didn’t reach Jackson until Nov. 11   Comments (Count)

Anchorage mail carrier stole drugs from mail
No Mail Delivery in Much of Eastern Washington Wednesday
eBay scammer steals identity of OIG agent investigating him


November 18,  2015

Update: Question – Should USPS hire Postal Supervisors off the street?

The reader found three more EAS jobs posted and (again) career postal employees are ineligible to apply. Is USPS having difficulty in finding career postal employees interested in being promoted?   Comments (Count)


NY Postmaster with 30+ years service convicted of stealing over $6,000 from USPS

Postmaster pled guilty and was sentenced in federal court for embezzling money orders and cash Comments (Count)


New mission won’t save U.S. Postal Service

USPS Proposes New Print Technology Promo for 2016


November 17,  2015

Postal Supervisors are Co-Workers court claims in dismissing TE’s sexual harassment lawsuit

In a weird twist, the court viewed Postal Supervisor as merely a “co-worker” rather than her boss, which reduced the Postal Service’s potential liability.  Comments (Count)


Nine New Jersey Postal Workers Indicted on Charges of Unemployment Benefits Fraud

Nine U.S. Postal Workers Indicted on Charges they Stole Nearly $50,000 by Fraudulently Collecting Unemployment Benefits While Employed   Comments (Count)


Survey: Bipartisan Majority Favors Giving US Postal Service More Freedom to Act Like a Business

The coming changes to the U.S. Postal Service will affect millions of citizens, not to mention thousands of federal employees. Now, regular Americans are weighing in on USPS reform.  Comments (Count)


Alabama Mail Carrier Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes to Deliver Drug Packages

Store Coming to Lakewood's Historic Post Office

Family wants jail time after postal worker's traffic death

Man reports mail theft after encountering fake postal worker was misunderstanding



November 16,  2015

Postal Workers among 28 charged in $9.5 million massive health care fraud scheme to steal money from OWCP

The criminal felony Information filed today charges 21 claimants, four doctors or medical providers, a senior claims examiner at DOL, a claims representative, and a medical provider’s employee in the scheme. Comments (Count)


APWU: USPS Financial Reports of Losses Are ‘Essentially a Fraud’

The Postal Service’s latest financial report, which showed an operating profit of $1.2 billion, is good news, said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. The Postal Service continues to show a net loss of $5.1 billion, “but that’s essentially a fraud,” Dimondstein said.  Comments (Count)


APWU: 13,386 Postal Employees to receive $56 Million Settlement Payout before Christmas

The Postal Service has notified APWU Clerk Craft officers that employees who are eligible for a portion of a $56 million monetary settlement are expected to receive payment prior to Christmas. However, our message is: Don’t spend it before you get it!   Comments (Count)


Video: TV Station looks into delayed mail complaints at North Houston post office
Measure to Measure: Data, management, and the reliability of the mail

New Mexico post offices overwhelmed with passport requests

Postal banking would defeat predatory lending for good

More than just window dressing: Front clerk at Brainerd Post office retires after 22 year

A New Social Engineering Mission Won't Save the Postal Service

Delivery economy: Receiving parcels evolving for consumers as volume expands

Brooking's Paper On the Postal Service Gets the Facts Wrong

Measure to Measure: Data, management and the reliability of the mail


November 15,  2015

Video: Las Vegas Mail Carrier killed in 3-vehicle crash

A 62-year-old U.S Postal Service carrier died in a three-vehicle crash  Saturday afternoon, Las Vegas police said Video: Postal Worker/Retired Vet killed in crash was planning to retire soon ||  Family wants jail time after postal worker's traffic death Comments (Count)


New Mexico post offices overwhelmed with passport requests


November 14,  2015

Senator, Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Suggests Doing Away With The Postal Service

Paul would pare down the federal government so much that he might even do away with the U.S. Postal Service. Comments (Count)


USPS to Implement Sweeping Regulatory Change with Projected $55 Million Impact Leaving Less than 2 Months to Comply

Senator Murphy calls on USPS to find new location for Oxford CT Post Office ASAP

Modesto police, Postal Service see rise in mail theft

 Man crashes car into Placentia post office

Maine book dealer latest to receive an upright Jenny Invert pane

Portland proposes $6.5 million for USPS relocation to Troutdale

Constitution-loving Rand Paul wants to kill the postal service

APWU Motion to Request Info on Statistical Design Plan (PDF)

Main ABQ post office: No available passport appointments until 2016


November 13,  2015

USPS FY2015 $5.1 Billion Loss Due to Prefunding Healthcare

The net loss is largely due to certain statutorily mandated payments over which the Postal Service has no control. NALC President: USPS $1.2 billion in annual operating profits is terrific news  | USPS Form 10-K (PDF)  Comments (Count)


Federal jury awards $150,000 to disabled letter carrier who sued Postal Service

A federal jury has found that the U.S. Postal Service failed to provide a postal worker in Auburn with reasonable accommodation for his disabilities  Comments (Count)


Legal Case: Federal Court Decision on Injured Postal Worker’s Restoration Benefits

The appellant was a San Juan, Puerto Rican postal clerk complaining about his restoration benefits after being on OWCP compensation for many years.  The court said that the time spent receiving OWCP benefits does not earn retirement annuity credit.  Comments (Count)


Letter Carriers to receive 1% wage increase; CCAs to receive two on November 14th

The paycheck boost, which will take effect Nov. 14, is the third under the terms of the 2011-2016 National Agreement between NALC and the USPS  Comments (Count)


Alabama Postal Worker Pleads Guilty for Involvement in $1.5 million Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud Ring

Postal News Recap – Postmaster gets 1 day jail, APWU backs Sanders, mail delivery halted

USPS Contract Driver Charged With Stealing U.S. Mail


November 12,  2015

Video: Frustration mounts as lines at Las Vegas post office stretch over two hours

Video: Tennessee homeowner says postal worker manhandled his mail

Video: Santa Fe woman says USPS worker drove through her yard

Off-duty postal police officer wounded in shooting in Newark


November 11,  2015

APWU Executive Board Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

The APWU National Executive Board voted on Nov. 5 to endorse Bernie Sanders for president. “Politics as usual has not worked,” said President Mark Dimondstein. “Enough is enough!”  Comments (Count)


Transgender postal employees at center of controversy over restroom at Pittsburgh post office

In June 2015 OSHA issued ‘A Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Workers’  with little fanfare. This issue should have received wide media coverage so workers nationwide would know of the new policy on use of restroom facilities.  Comments (Count)


Corrected ‘mistake’ stamps could net Waterville bookstore owner up to $60,000

Video: USPS temporarily stops delivering mail to neighborhood because of ‘aggressive dog’


November 10,  2015

Is USPS moving mail processing back to Duluth MN?

The postal service moved mail processing from the facility on W. Michigan Street in Duluth, MN to St. Paul, MN earlier this year.  However, according to media reports the move added several days to mail delivery times. Comments (Count)


Ohio postmaster to spend one day in jail for misuse of USPS gas card

A postal worker will spend a day in jail after pleading guilty to using a government credit card to put gas in her personal car  (11/10/15) Comments (Count)


Missouri Postal Worker pleads guilty to stealing over $5,000

Caught on cam: mailman ‘air-mails’ package

Video: Residents of California community upset at USPS for lack of action on protecting their mail

Video: USPS worker fired after THROWING $199 package of delicate electronics from customer’s driveway

Japan: Fed up postal worker stashed 29,000 undelivered items at her home


November 9,  2015

Bernie Sanders' passion for the prosaic - or why the Post Office is part of what makes America great

Sanders’s crusade to save the struggling U.S. Postal Service from extinction, which long predates his campaign for the Democratic nomination, is a powerful emblem of what he says can work in government as he fights against big banks, for a higher minimum wage and for more taxes on wealthy households and corporations.  Comments (Count)


Youngstown mail-processing center still processing

Warning: FEHB ‘Self-Plus One’ option can cost more than family coverage

Four suspects arrested in Southern California on charges of mail, identity theft

Tractor-trailer crashes in front of post office

Trailblazing mailwoman to movie stars

Postal worker recalls exhausting rescue mission

Postal Views Podcast #16 (2015 NALC Heroes Award Dinner)

A postal trove of undelivered letters from the 17th century


November 8,  2015

Alaska contract Post office investigation still unresolved

Colorado postal worker admits to stealing computer
What the US government doesn’t like about Japan’s post offices
Confusing regulations stymie postmark hand-back service
Fourth Dayton area postal worked charged with illegal conduct this year


November 7,  2015

Former Ohio postmaster relief, indicted on theft charge
Postal Service’s ‘Priority’ Should Be Delivering Mail

Congressman Blum spends the day as a postal carrier

November 6,  2015

APWU Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge in Response to ‘Stay Survey’

The American Postal Workers Union has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in response to the “Stay Survey  Comments (Count)


Video: USPS Worker Throws Greensboro, NC Man’s Package To Front Door

Sacramento couple sentenced for 2012 burglary of postal vehicle

Postal worker who landed gyrocopter outside Capitol will plead guilty



November 5,  2015

USPS Expects to Deliver More than 15 Billion Pieces of Holiday Mail, Packages This Year

Additionally, the Postal Service plans to hire 30,000 employees for the 2015 holiday season to meet the needs of its customers. Comments (Count)


Senator Thomas Carper: “Reforming the Postal Service”

VIDEO: Woman says postal worker damaged her package

Video: Racy flyers showing nude women OK in U.S. mail?

Video: Absentee voters miss mark: Why the mail may be to blame

Video: Former Pennsylvania Postal Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing Cash

Video: Indiana carrier accused of stealing prescriptions out of mail

Postal Employee thinks his son is taking him to Niagara Falls, Watch son spring a big surprise

Former APWU steward sworn in as new postmaster of St. Helena, CA

Kenya Post bets on buses to roll up revenue

New postmaster takes over at Olive Hill

Posey Co. postal carrier accused of stealing prescriptions out of the mail

Amazon Prime Offering Midnight Delivery For Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Moscow creates vast new bank from Post Office

Postal worker claims NYPD beat, harassed him for unwittingly giving directions to cop killer

Shares in Japan Post Surge After IPO Raises $12 Billion


November 4,  2015

APWU: NLRB Calls Interference on Staples

The APWU won an important legal victory on Nov. 4 when the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled unanimously that Staples cannot intervene in hearings on charges that the USPS illegally subcontracted work to the office-supply chain.  Comments (Count)


Ohio Mail Carrier/Vietnam vet has bullet removed after nearly 50 years

Lodged in his body for 49 years, it was a grim souvenir of the combat wound he suffered in South Vietnam. The bullet itself has never caused health problems. But when he scheduled back surgery, the doctor asked him if he wanted to keep it following removal.  Comments (Count)


Illinois Mail Carrier Pleads Guilty to Workers Comp Fraud

Two West Virginia Postmaster Reliefs charged with stealing funds from USPS

How the Postal Service Thinks It Can Predict the Next Cyber Breach

Postal worker fed up with rude customers
Brookings paper on the Postal Service gets the facts wrong
Police Investigating Reports Of Mail Tampering In Massachusetts town


November  3,  2015

USPS Mocked for Asking Movie Bloggers to Plug Peanuts Stamps

California Post Office finds mural of Pre-WWII missing for decades in basement

Long Island Postal Workers Rally Against Cuts To Benefits, Wages
Police Investigating Reports Of Mail Tampering In Ashland
Postal Service advised to turn competitors into partners


November  2,  2015

California Letter Carrier dies from injuries suffered on the job in 2004

Haynes died Oct. 17 at the Care Meridian facility in Fairfax from injuries he suffered on the job with the U.S. Postal Service in 2004. Comments (Count)


APWU: USPS, Staples Produce a Mound of Documents

After months of refusing to provide documents subpoenaed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the APWU, the USPS and Staples produced a mound of paperwork on Oct. 20, less than two weeks before a hearing scheduled for Nov. 2.   Comments (Count)


USPS partnership with bipartisan political consultants group could boost revenue

Political campaigns across the nation will learn how to better use the mail under a new partnership between a top trade association and USPS.  Comments (Count)


Postal News Recap – USPS health care, mail delays, theft, fehb, owcp, osha, new rates

Postal workers decry cuts in service, wages at Melville rally

UPS Deploys 18 New Zero Emission Electric Trucks In Texas

Retiring Post Office Clerk Honored by Local Business Organization

Yuma: Landscapers hired to clean up post office after community concerns

Postal Views Podcast #15 (USPS Military Veterans Edition)


November  1,  2015

How a USPS customer should NOT be treated

A  Jacksonville, Florida postal customer shares with the treatment she received from Postal Supervisor while picking up an express mail package at the post office.   Comments (Count)


NALC, USPS health care funding proposal would switch postal retirees to Medicare

 Representatives from the Letter Carriers union and the U.S. Postal Service have agreed on a proposal to fund health care for workers and retirees, National Association of Letter Carriers President Fredric Rolando says  Comments (Count)


Video: USPS Driving Fail – Postal Worker Backs Vehicle into Power Pole

Walmart Wants to Use Delivery Drones, Our Skepticism Reaches a New High

PRC Invites Public Comments on Postal Service Metrics

UPS retirees brace for pension cuts


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