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Major Changes in 2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated April 3, 2015

USPS made last minute “public” changes some facilities; some facilities move dates that were changed just last week has changed again. Approximately TWENTY-ONE (21)  facilities have had their move dates changed to “To Be Determined” (TBD) or “Not Applicable” (N/A) and four (4) facilities move dates changed to an earlier or later date. (4/4/15) Comments (Count)


Judge orders Postal Service to pay damages to whistleblower

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) sued the United States Postal Service (USPS) for retaliating against a Safety Specialist at the Seattle, Washington Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) (2/26/15) Comments (Count)


Sen. Tester to incoming PMG Brennan: delivery standards have become a disaster for USPS - Tester meets incoming Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan to discuss strengthening USPS . Tester also concerned about USPS failing to comply with GAO request for data on mail volume. Senator Schumer urges incoming PMG to honor promise to keep Buffalo, NY plant open  Comments (Count)

USPS updates notifications to APWU and Mail Handlers on involuntary reassignments in 2015 - USPS has updated notifications to APWU and NPMHU of its intent to involuntarily reassign Clerks, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) and Mail Handlers in the Pacific Area  Comments (Count)


USPS seeks to overturn OSHA citation, penalties in heat-related death of Missouri letter carrier - USPS is asking a federal court to review and set aside the final order of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC)  Comments (Count)


Hackers may have postal employees’ OWCP medical records dating back to 1980

Potential victims include current and former postal employees who filed injury compensation claims between November 1980 and August 2012. USPS data breach also affected workers comp files of 485,000 postal workers - USPS data breach affected bank and medical information of nearly a million current and former postal workers injured on the job  Comments (Count)


NALC and USPS new agreement allows hiring retirees to work as ‘Holiday Carrier Assistants’- The NALC and USPS have entered into the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Holiday Carrier Assistants – 2014 . NALC and USPS agree to new joint route adjustment process Comments (Count)


Oakland APWU Local Strikes Back at Abusive Postal Supervisor

The APWU Oakland Local #78 took the unusual step of launching an office-wide petition against Tour 1 Postal Supervisor. The petition, which has more than 100 signatures, details years of unacceptable conduct.  Comments (Count)


USPS gets approval for ‘customized delivery’ market test of groceries, other prepackaged goods - On September 23, 2014, the Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) announcing its intent to conduct a market test of an experimental product called Customized Delivery. Customized Delivery is a package delivery service offering that will provide customers with delivery of groceries and other prepackaged goods, primarily during a 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. delivery window.   Comments (Count)


USPS's latest solution for aging Long Life Vehicles--keep body, replace frame

USPS would like to retain the best qualities of the current right hand drive long Life Vehicle (LLV) without having to redevelop what has been proven to work. (9/9/14) Comments (Count)


Video: 15,000 postal service jobs could disappear

Republican attack against the United States Postal Service grows, as the do-nothing Congress down make your mail delivery significantly slower. Ed Schultz and Sen. Bernie Sanders discuss Comments (Count)


Issa Postal Reform bill discussion allows residents to pay ‘fee’ to continue door to door delivery - National Association of Postal Supervisors - The draft also permits the Postal Service to reduce the delivery of first class mail to five days per week. Requires the Postal Service to deliver of packages six days per week until December 31, 2018. Obama administration’s 2015 Budget Policy recommendations for USPS updated 4-22-14  - Issa Prepares Postal Reform "Lite" - Rep. Darrell Issa (D-CA), chair of the House oversight committee, is drafting a new stripped-down postal bill that he says tracks the Obama Administration’s primary proposals for overhauling the Postal Service.  (It doesn’t, at least not entirely.)  Comments (Count)


USPS Records FY 2014 Second Quarter Loss of $1.9 Billion

Some comments in recent news reports suggest that all we need from Congress is help with restructuring our retiree health benefit plan,” said Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Joseph Corbett. “Nothing can be further from the truth. Our liabilities exceed our assets by $42 billion and we have a need for more than $10 billion to invest in new delivery vehicles, package sortation equipment, and other deferred investments. USPS Reports $1 Billion Operating Profit in First Half of Fiscal Year - So Why is Postal Management Cutting Service? | NALC Rolando: Results reconfirm the steady improvement in USPS’ finances ||  Comments (Count)


USPS seeking Reduction in Force (RIF) Administrator

USPS created news position to develop and implement policies and procedures governing the conduct of all reduction-in-force activities  Comments (Count)


CBRE CEO also serves on Board of Staples

Buried in the story is an interesting fact that no one seems to have noted before: CBRE CEO Robert Sulentic also serves on the board of Staples, a position for which he received $300,000 in 2011. “Asked whether he had played a role in the retailer’s USPS pilot program, a USPS spokesperson answered that the program ‘was solicited publicly through a [Request for Proposals].’  CBRE answered, ‘Mr. Sulentic is not involved in the day-to-day management of Staples,’ and referred questions regarding Staples’ programs to Staples   Comments (Count)



March 31,  2015

Federal Court dismisses twenty-one year old lawsuit against NALC

If readers may recall David Noble was employed at  NALC headquarters from 1981 to 1993 as an assistant to the late NALC President Vincent R. Sombrotto. Noble’s job ended at  NALC headquarters reportedly after he complained that the officers breached their fiduciary duties under federal law.  Comments (Count)


Video: USPS National Recycling Operation

Rural mail carrier has been making her rounds for 47 years

Cape Girardeau: Mail-processing change could create delays, postal employees say

Congressman speaks out against USPS plans to close Eureka's processing center


March 30,  2015

Deceptive Study on USPS so-called "unfair competitive advantage" Financed by UPS

UPS has advocated privatization of the Postal Service for more than 30 years,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “So it’s not surprising that the company would make these wild claims.  Comments (Count)


Maya Angelou Stamp Dedication to Feature PMG, Oprah Winfrey, Ambassador Andrew Young and other Notables

USPS OIG: Mail Left in Mail Transport Equipment Dispatched to Dallas, TX MTESC

Postal Contract Employee sentenced for stealing nearly $478,000 in USPS equipment

EEOC to Study Workplace Harassment

Maryland Postal Worker sentenced for seven-year disability scam

Residents in Flatbush fed up with mail delivery issues


March 29,  2015

Car Collides with Postal Truck in Oceanside NY

Postal Service launches new search tool for lost mail

The USPS and PRC ponder the meaning of "post office": The appeal on the Careywood, Idaho CPO

USPS Eliminates First Class domestic and international Mail and Ordinary Parcel Pricing Choices From the Online Customer Postage Price Calculator

Opinion: Get Ready, New Canaan, For the Pop-Up Post Office


March 28,  2015

APWU files National Dispute over USPS removing scheme qualifications

The APWU takes the position that the notification dated February 20,2015 is a unilateral action in violation of the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Comments (Count)


Postal truck burns in Colorado Springs

Berkeley post office: Judge asks USPS to rescind documents
Online scammer sent empty boxes to victims
Michigan letter carrier injured in accident

USPS Changes Will Upend Delivery Service in NE Georgia

APWU: Arbitrator Sustains Grievance on Motor Vehicle Craft Subcontracting


March 27,  2015

PMG Brennan discusses Postal Pulse survey and USPS growth initiatives

In the March Edition of Postmaster General Megan Brennan’s “Business Focus,” the PMG discusses how the Postal Pulse survey will help improve USPS workplaces. The Postal Pulse features shorter questions that will allow USPS to better leverage employees’ feedback.   


USPS delays implementation of price changes scheduled for April 26

The USPS Board of Governors decided today to delay the implementation of new market-dominant and competitive rates and classification changes until all of our proposed market-dominant changes are approved by the PRC. Comments (Count)


2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated March 27, 2015

List of postal facilities that have changed move date. South Bend, IN, Houston, TX, Central Massachusetts, Norfolk, VA and Augusta, GA 


USPS officials confirm mail delays starting in April due to consolidation

US Representative Rick Nolan says the Postal Service is using its “manufactured financial problems as an excuse to cut one day service to three to four day service.” Rep. Nolan adds the Duluth facility, and others, set for consolidation, are among the most productive.   Comments (Count)


Two Georgia drug dealers get prison for armed robbery spree targeting letter carriers

Two drug dealers have been sentenced to prison for their roles in an armed robbery spree that targeted U.S. Postal Service letters carriers in Decatur and Lithonia, Georgia.    Comments (Count)


PRC Evaluates USPS Performance in 2014 Annual Compliance Determination

Suspicious letter sickens woman, prompts Hazmat scare at St. Mary's post office

Mail delivery seem slower than usual? You're not alone

New York City Carrier Assistant pleads guilty to throwing away mail

More mail box thefts in California
Calls for a US stamp to commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising


March 26,  2015

Missouri Postal Workers indicted for throwing away mail, stealing $5,000

During their investigation, postal inspectors installed a covert camera in letter carrier's delivery vehicle. The letter carrier was observed on video drinking five to eight beers each day while delivering his route. The other employee was also caught on camera stealing. Comments (Count)


USPS: March 31 is deadline for postal employees to sign up for free credit-monitoring service

The U.S. Postal Service is offering all current, some retired and former postal employees an Equifax credit-monitoring service for one (1) year.  USPS is offering the  credit-monitoring services after a data breach compromised employees’ personal information


The mail must go through … the fence? Truck crashes, no one hurt

Chagrin Falls postal supervisor indicted for embezzling $11,000


March 25,  2015

USPS operating profit $1.4 billion for first five months of FY 2015

For the month of February 2015, the Postal Service had a $76 million operating profit, down slightly from the results for the same month last year, but a higher result than planned. Workhours and  numbers for career employees and non-career employees  were up.  Comments (Count)


Rep. Huffman to New Postmaster General: Don’t Close Petaluma and Eureka Mail Processing Center

“I continue to be frustrated with the USPS’s refusal to provide my office with requested information and the lack of interest in fully explaining these changes to the public,” Huffman wrote. “I do not believe it is wise to move forward with a plan to consolidate operations without knowing the full financial and service impact of such a change, and I ask that you halt this change until your analysis is complete and the public has had time to review the new data and provide comments.”   Comments (Count)


USPS Proposes “Forever” Status for Five Additional First-Class Stamp Categories

The Postal Service seeks to eliminate the need for customers and the Postal Service to acquire and distribute new denominated stamps in anticipation of price changes affecting these stamp types, each time a price change occurs.  Comments (Count)


APWU update on disbursement of $56 Million Global Settlement Remedy

APWU Clerk Craft Director Clint Burelson has updated union members on progress toward disbursing a $56 million settlement that was signed Dec. 5, 2014, to resolve disputes over postmasters and supervisors in small offices performing bargaining unit work. 


Video: Convicted sex offender, mail carrier taken off school’s delivery route

A convicted sex offender and mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service has been reassigned after concerns that he was going to deliver to local schools.  Registered sex offender will continue to deliver mail despite complaints Comments (Count)


US Supreme Court revives pregnant worker’s discrimination case against United Parcel Service

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with a former driver for UPS Inc by giving her another chance to argue that the package delivery company discriminated against her when it refused to lighten her work duties while she was pregnant. 


PRC rejects USPS request for Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) with Discover

The Postal Service was seeking to add a new negotiated service agreement (NSA) with Discover Financial Services (Discover) to the market dominant product list. Discover threatened to shift from mail to digital alternatives if NSA is not approved.  Comments (Count)


Police seek owner of pricey jewelry left in mailbox


March 24,  2015

Video: Chicago Mailman shot to death on his way to work

A 27-year-old letter carrier was shot to death early Tuesday morning in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. Friends, relatives gather to remember slain mail carrier   Comments (Count)


USPS Station Manager sentenced to prison in bribe scheme

Station Manager Received over $500k in Bribes for Inflated Invoices for Landscaping and Cleaning Services  (3/24/15)


Woman arrested after police discover other people's mail in her posession
 Columbus Man Sentenced For Attacking Postal Worker, Stealing Package Full Of Pot
Woman arrested after police discover other people's mail in her possession

Wisconsin postal contractor convicted of stealing gift cards, cash


March 23,  2015

Nonprofit Mailers Scramble, Again, to Fight Postal-Rate Increases

Vehicle Crashes Into Hedgesville Post Office

Careywood Post Office Appealing Closure

USPS Delivery Truck Involved in Crash That Killed Motorcyclist

Network Consolidation: It Takes Two … Phases

Postal Service looks to repurpose Stewart sort center

Body of man found at Morristown Post Office

Video: Postal Worker caught on camera throwing fragile packages on customer’s porch


March 22,  2015

Indiana postal worker accused of throwing away mail

Twenty years later: Montclair, NJ looks back at Watchung Plaza Post Office shooting

Alabama carrier, 60, jailed on child porn charge after taking computer for repairs

Michigan: Kalamazoo Mail Plant To Close, Expect More Delays

Eugene Postal Worker Reaches Settlement in Dog Attack Case

Patrons Plead for Post Office


March 21,  2015

Video: Tucson to get cluster mailboxes with improved security that thwart thieves

2 sought in postal carrier robberies in Coral Springs, Tamarac

March 20,  2015

Congresswoman Barbara Lee introduces bill to halt sale and consolidation of Historic US Postal facilities

The Moratorium on US Historic Postal Buildings Act would prevent USPS from selling any facility


USPS OIG Audit Report: 911 Emergency Services Policy

"According to district and information technology managers, it is not possible to dial 911 from some telephones within the Bay-Valley District facility."  


2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated March 20, 2015

Man Convicted in 2013 Holiday Shooting , Robbery of Massachusetts Letter Carrier

Pennsylvania Letter Carrier admits to stealing from mail

Who Remembers the Nationwide Postal Wildcat Strike of 1970 (and Why Does That Matter)?

Amazon gets FAA approval to test drones

Amazon launches one-hour delivery service in Baltimore

Postal Inspectors Offer Reward For Armed Robber

Iowa mail carrier sentenced for tossing mail off a bridge

Fighting For A Post Office

Video: Detroit postal worker beat up, hospitalized after trying to break up fight

Suspect arrested in Georgia postal robbery


March 19,  2015

LaFayette GA Postal worker charged with stealing post office keys, trying to make copies

USPS expands grocery delivery test

Video: Oklahoma letter carrier accused of stealing mail from elderly residents

Car slams into Woodlawn VA Post Office, causes extensive damage
Timely Mail, Sunday Packages: Can Burlington's Acting Postmaster Deliver?

Mail woes continue in New Jersey town

Texas postal worker indicted on drug delivery charge


Letter Containing Cyanide Mailed to White House

USPS Worker Who Stole Victoria Secret Coupons Sentenced

April Postal Increases Worry Nonprofit Magazine Publishers

Tallying Postal Service Complaints in Greenburgh, New York


USPS will no longer require ‘scheme qualifications’ on postal clerk bid duty assignments

This is due to the continuing reduction in mail volumes requiring manual scheme knowledge. Furthermore, eliminating scheme qualifications on Clerk bid duty assignments will reduce the substantial annual costs for scheme training. Comments (Count)


House budget ‘plan’? Cut letter carrier pay (again)

NALC Legislative News - The federal spending plan for Fiscal Year 2016 released by the House of Representatives on Tuesday once again aims to cut letter carriers’ pay.   Comments (Count)


Postal Service reissues Policy on Workplace Harassment

This policy: Reaffirms the Postal Service’s commitment to pro­viding a work environment free of harassment.  Comments (Count)


Who Owns the Postal Service?

Who is the post office designed to serve?  What is the system’s ultimate function? These questions are fundamental to the future and the fate of the post office, the postal network, and postal services in this country. Comments (Count)


PRC Again Remands Price Adjustments Back To USPS: Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services Products Affected - For the second time in this case, the Postal Regulatory Commission returned a Postal Service proposal to adjust rates for Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services.


Postal Unions notified letter addressed to President Obama tested positive for cyanide

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Postal Service was made aware of a suspicious parcel addressed to the President of the United States (POTUS). Upon opening the package a sealed container containing a liquid was discovered.  NALC: Employee safety paramount following suspicious letter report  Comments (Count)


Chief Marketing Officer Manabe to leave Postal Service

Nagisa Manabe, chief marketing officer for the United States Postal Service and supervisor of the stamp program, told associates she plans to leave. Comments (Count)


USPS expands test of larger mailboxes

The Postal Service has expanded its test of larger mailboxes to rural and suburban communities in California, Colorado and North Dakota  Comments (Count)


Video: Letter Carrier and Customers Protect Mail From Burning LLV

Video: Postal Worker Robbed In Valdosta GA

Vandals damage 17 postal vehicles in Omaha NE

Rules Tightened on Low-Cost Marketing Parcels

Soldiers build postal capacity from ground up in Iraq

Postal Service Looks to Improve on 9 Miles Per Gallon


Pacific Area Cancels Most Involuntary Reassignments

Area postal officials have issued the Region written and verbal notice canceling most of the “excessing” impacts scheduled for implementation in California in April and July of this year  Comments (Count)


NAPUS: PMG Brennan Pledges to Keep Mail Relevant

Postmaster General Megan Brennan addressed Postmasters at NAPUS’ Leadership Conference Monday, March 16. Attendees warmly welcomed the new PMG. She thanked them for being at the conference and working to advance comprehensive postal reform legislation to ensure the long-term viability of the Postal Service and mailing industry. Comments (Count)


Des Moines Post Office faces thousands in fines for safety violations

A post office in central Iowa is facing a sizeable fine for alleged safety violations, according to Scott Allen, spokesman for the U.S. Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. “OSHA did issue citations to the Des Moines Main Post Office for one repeat and two serious safety violations involving standards for power industrial vehicles and forklifts,” Allen says. “They were fined $49,500.  Comments (Count)


An Expanding US Postal Service is Very Possible

The ongoing, preventable plight of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is an important issue for those of us who have observed its steady decline over the last several years due to unimaginative management, huge prepayment obligations imposed by Congress  Comments (Count)


Maryland Letter Carriers plead guilty to drug distribution conspiracy and accepting bribes

Former letter carriers pleaded guilty to bribery and drug conspiracy in which they accepted bribes to divert packages of marijuana sent through the mail and deliver the packages to co-conspirators Comments (Count)


USPS: Customer Connect program nears $2 billion in revenue

Mail truck catches fire in Coralville Iowa

Fairbanks AK judge won’t sign off on postal worker’s plea deal for stolen prescriptions

Mailbox rivalry goes postal

Jersey City man charged with robbing Bayonne mailman

Lost since 1969: Topsham man’s water bill returned after 46 years in postal limbo

USPS plans to reduce carbon emission by 20% by 2020

Postal truck catches fire in Kirkwood MO



Does the new PMG see the glass as half-full?

NALC - You can’t judge a new CEO on the basis of only one week on the job. That would be like judging a book based on its opening chapter or the color of its cover. But I was encouraged by the performance of Megan Brennan during her first week on the job as the 74th postmaster general of the United States—at least in comparison with her predecessor. Three things stand out.  Comments (Count)


Can One Union Save the Slumping Post Office?

"We Deliver for Amazon": The Postal Service's New Priority


US Postal Service Might Be Just Fine Without a Chief Data Officer

The value of a government-owned postal service

Atlanta postal worker taps $400K prize in Georgia lottery

Postal Service change leads to delays in video disc mailings


March 12,  2015

Postal Pulse employee survey aims to strengthen USPS workplaces

The streamlined questions will yield better data that supervisors and managers can use to put employees’ feedback into action, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson says in a new video about the Postal Pulse  Comments (Count)


Postal Worker Shot while delivering mail

Erie, PA - He was taken away on a stretcher to be treated at UPMC Hamot, with non-life threatening injuries.  Comments (Count)



The Real Cost of 'Amazon Sunday'

- Mail carriers are at the mercy of a brutal postal management looking to appease Amazon.With the enactment of what many postal employees have come to call “AmazonSunday,” a program offering Sunday package delivery for Amazon’s Prime customers, the United States Postal Service management began the compulsory seven-day workweek for its City Carrier Assistant workforce.The toxic work environment USPS management and Amazon Sundays created affected each and every CCA; the stress and strain of unrelenting work is wearing people thin.  Comments (Count)


Longwood tenants fed up with postal service problems

Harborton postmaster retires after  49 years of service

Couple upset about deaths of shipped baby chicks


March 11,  2015

Taking the oath : PMG thanks employees, family during installation

In addition to discussing the Postal Service’s future during her March 6 installation, PMG Megan Brennan thanked employees for their dedication. “Our employees do great work every day,” Brennan said. “They serve every community in America, visiting every business and residence, and they do so with deep pride in our mission.”

Video: Postal Service Swears in First Female Postmaster General

Megan Brennan was sworn in on Thursday, March, 6 2015 as the first female postmaster general at the Postal Service. Brennan received the honor in an installation ceremony in Washington D.C.  Postal Service must continue improving, PMG says during installation ceremony  (3/6/15) Comments (Count)


Senator Heitkamp Calls for Improved Rural Mail Service in Meeting with New Postmaster General

Heitkamp met with Megan J. Brennan, U.S. Postmaster General and United States Postal Service (USPS) Chief Executive Officer, who took over as head of the Postal Service last month. Heitkamp stressed to Brennan that she hopes the agency will bring a stronger focus to addressing the mail delivery, service, and postal worker challenges in rural areas like North Dakota.  Comments (Count)


APWU Contract Town Hall Call March 19

Mailing Groups Cautiously Optimistic New Postal Leadership Will Stop All the Fighting

Mail issues plague Lombard Road businesses in Illinois

Cupid and his friends at the post office are fighting back against flimflamming privatize

Police Searching For Two Suspects In Virginia Post Office Robbery


March 10,  2015

Video: Deaf woman says Port Orange FL post office discriminated against her

A deaf woman said a post office in Port Orange discriminated against her when staff members refused to communicate via writing. .    Comments (Count)


Ex-postal driver sentenced for stealing more than $1000 from mail

Women postmasters honored in Palmetto Heritage Festival

First women: From the beginning women have shaped USPS

Video: USPS Is Falling Down On Job, Residents of NY Town Sa


March 9,  2015

Postal Service to push for compromise reform bill  

But while Brennan's predecessor Patrick Donahoe advocated trimming the workforce by tens of thousands of employees, Brennan said the overall workforce size should be dictated by the amount of business the agency conducts and whether the agency can make it more efficient..Brennan said the agency has increased the number of non-career employees while advances in technology have allowed the Postal Service to use its existing workforce better.  Comments (Count)


Uptown Residents Petition to Improve Poor Post Office Package Delivery

Authorities: Dealers using Postal Service to ship drugs cross-country

Your Christmas gifts are changing the Postal Service

Australian government backs two-tier mail delivery service proposal -

Maryland postal employee alerts apartment residents to fire

Video: Thieves targeting cluster mailboxes in Davis CA using crow bar

Car runs into Belfair WA post office


March 8,  2015

Say goodbye to the lick-and-stick U.S. stamp
Postal history: Colonists sent letters by native American messengers, says new book


March 7,  2015

Connecticut postal worker charged with stealing money orders

Marking 50 Years Since Selma


March 6,  2015

Video: Postal Service Swears in First Female Postmaster General

Megan Brennan was sworn in on Thursday, March, 6 2015 as the first female postmaster general at the Postal Service. Brennan received the honor in an installation ceremony in Washington D.C.  Postal Service must continue improving, PMG says during installation ceremony   Comments (Count)


PRC Remands Proposed Price Adjustments to USPS

the Postal Regulatory Commission returned proposed rate adjustments for Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services classes to the Postal Service to allow for modifications that comply with applicable legal requirements. Comments (Count)


American Postal Workers Union Assembles Team of Experts To Oppose Staples-Office Depot Merger

The union is urging the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to block a merger that it sees as monopolistic and unlawful. The union also will reach out to members of Congress and state and local officials to raise objections.  Comments (Count)


USPS restores ten mail handlers positions at Mansfield Oh post office

Galveston postal workers stop 90-year-old man from sending last of savings to scammer

Maine: Theft nets former East Vassalboro PMR 3 months in federal prison

Norfolk mail carrier accused of dumping mail four times

Mail theft in California town getting worse

Fight to save Stamford post office suffers another setback

USPS, rivals and mailers knock heads over alleged cross-subsidy of products



March 5,  2015

DOL wanted injunction against USPS to protect whistleblowers in all postal facilities

In a recent whistleblower lawsuit against USPS, the Department of Labor (DOL) had requested broad "injunctive relief, nationwide in scope, to vindicate the public interest in promoting safe workplaces and protecting those who dare to advocate for them." Postal Service employees and managers testified to a culture of hostility toward OSHA and its goals at both the Seattle P&DC and USPS Queen Anne District Office. A Senior Postal Manager told the casual employee involved in this case that “no one can touch us,” immediately following her threat to terminate the casual unless she retracted her OSHA complaint.  Comments (Count)


Transportation Companies Dominate List of Top U.S. Postal Service Suppliers in Fiscal Year 2014

Transportation contractors held five of the top 10 spots in the list of the agency’s Top 150 U.S. Postal Service Suppliers for fiscal year 2014. Federal Express Corporation was again the U.S. Postal Service’s largest contractor, a position it has held since 2002.  Comments (Count)


Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipients To be Recognized on Forever Stamp Sheet

Nonprofits Reel From Proposed Periodicals Postage Increases

The postman never rings at all at Queens apartment building

Hartland: Seven ZIP Codes for 15,000 People?

What We Lose With a Privatized Postal Service

Waggoner Post Office is Indefinitely Closed

Cold, Ice No Match for USPS Letter Carriers

Why Are We Still Calling Postal Workers 'Mailmen'?


March 4,  2015

Some areas of website down today

The Postal Store page was unreachable for an unknown amount of time.


Oklahoma Postal Worker dies in two-car crash

A rural carrier in Ada, OK,  died in a two-vehicle crash Tuesday morning, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported. 


Mail truck overturns after being rear-ended in South Carolina

Postal Worker Sentenced for Stealing Mail

USPS unveils Dr. Maya Angelou forever stamp image

Customer drives into Alabama post office


March 3,  2015

APWU files Labor charge protesting USPS new ‘Postal Pulse’ employee survey

The APWU and USPS are facing off over management’s latest scheme: The Postal Pulse, a new employee opinion survey. “The APWU vehemently opposes Postal Pulse – and any other employee opinion survey – despite management notices that say otherwise,” said President Mark Dimondstein.   Comments (Count)


Senators reintroduce bill to strengthen postal managers appeal rights

Senators Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) today reintroduced legislation to strengthen labor rights for American postal workers.  NAPS Applauds Introduction of Postal Employee Appeal Rights Legislation   Comments (Count)


Man follows mailman, steals package off doorstep — but contents were Diapers

Postal Worker says she hoarded, stole mail because it was too much to deliver

North Carolina letter carrier delivers hope to homeless veterans

Postal carrier retires after 39 years

Earth Class Mail, once a highly touted Oregon startup, files bankruptcy ahead of planned sale

Postage stamps to rise to $1 as part of Australia Post shake-up

Where is the Love from Low Fuel Prices?


March 2,  2015

Here’s What USPS Is Looking For In Its Next Generation Delivery Vehicle

In a presentation by USPS to prospective suppliers the next mail truck would need total cargo space of 330 to 400 cubic feet, a minimum clear floor space of 72" by 108", 76" of headroom, and a clear bulkhead passage that's 30" wide. USPS is requiring a larger vehicle to accommodate the growing parcel business. USPS: New delivery vehicles will be more efficient, CSO says  Comments (Count)


$60 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed By Family Of Woman Killed By U.S. Postal Truck

 - OC Weekly - he surviving family of an elderly Trabuco Canyon woman run over and killed by a U.S. Postal truck in October 2013 has filed a $60 million wrongful death lawsuit . Mary Honda, 85, had been placing mail in her mailbox when postman ran over her "several times" and caused serious trauma, according to the lawsuit.  Comments (Count)


Video: Tax payments burn, wedding ring safe in mail truck fire

At Auburn post office, money order request handled shabbily


March 1,  2015

USPS revising ‘Privacy’ rule to share postal workers employment , wage data with BLS for research

USPS is proposing to modify a General Privacy Act System of Records (SOR) to support the sharing of employment and wage data with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for their Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program.  Comments (Count)


200 postal jobs moving from Roanoke VA to Greensboro NC

Video: Taylor Ridge, IL post office armed robbery suspect in custody


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