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Major Changes in 2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated April 3, 2015

USPS made last minute “public” changes some facilities; some facilities move dates that were changed just last week has changed again. Approximately TWENTY-ONE (21)  facilities have had their move dates changed to “To Be Determined” (TBD) or “Not Applicable” (N/A) and four (4) facilities move dates changed to an earlier or later date. (4/4/15) Comments (Count)


Judge orders Postal Service to pay damages to whistleblower

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) sued the United States Postal Service (USPS) for retaliating against a Safety Specialist at the Seattle, Washington Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) (2/26/15) Comments (Count)


Sen. Tester to incoming PMG Brennan: delivery standards have become a disaster for USPS - Tester meets incoming Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan to discuss strengthening USPS . Tester also concerned about USPS failing to comply with GAO request for data on mail volume. Senator Schumer urges incoming PMG to honor promise to keep Buffalo, NY plant open  Comments (Count)


USPS updates notifications to APWU and Mail Handlers on involuntary reassignments in 2015 - USPS has updated notifications to APWU and NPMHU of its intent to involuntarily reassign Clerks, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) and Mail Handlers in the Pacific Area  Comments (Count)


USPS seeks to overturn OSHA citation, penalties in heat-related death of Missouri letter carrier - USPS is asking a federal court to review and set aside the final order of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC)  Comments (Count)


Hackers may have postal employees’ OWCP medical records dating back to 1980

Potential victims include current and former postal employees who filed injury compensation claims between November 1980 and August 2012. USPS data breach also affected workers comp files of 485,000 postal workers - USPS data breach affected bank and medical information of nearly a million current and former postal workers injured on the job  Comments (Count)


NALC and USPS new agreement allows hiring retirees to work as ‘Holiday Carrier Assistants’- The NALC and USPS have entered into the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Holiday Carrier Assistants – 2014 . NALC and USPS agree to new joint route adjustment process Comments (Count)


Oakland APWU Local Strikes Back at Abusive Postal Supervisor

The APWU Oakland Local #78 took the unusual step of launching an office-wide petition against Tour 1 Postal Supervisor. The petition, which has more than 100 signatures, details years of unacceptable conduct.  Comments (Count)


USPS gets approval for ‘customized delivery’ market test of groceries, other prepackaged goods - On September 23, 2014, the Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) announcing its intent to conduct a market test of an experimental product called Customized Delivery. Customized Delivery is a package delivery service offering that will provide customers with delivery of groceries and other prepackaged goods, primarily during a 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. delivery window.   Comments (Count)


USPS's latest solution for aging Long Life Vehicles--keep body, replace frame

USPS would like to retain the best qualities of the current right hand drive long Life Vehicle (LLV) without having to redevelop what has been proven to work. (9/9/14) Comments (Count)


Video: 15,000 postal service jobs could disappear

Republican attack against the United States Postal Service grows, as the do-nothing Congress down make your mail delivery significantly slower. Ed Schultz and Sen. Bernie Sanders discuss Comments (Count)


Issa Postal Reform bill discussion allows residents to pay ‘fee’ to continue door to door delivery - National Association of Postal Supervisors - The draft also permits the Postal Service to reduce the delivery of first class mail to five days per week. Requires the Postal Service to deliver of packages six days per week until December 31, 2018. Obama administration’s 2015 Budget Policy recommendations for USPS updated 4-22-14  - Issa Prepares Postal Reform "Lite" - Rep. Darrell Issa (D-CA), chair of the House oversight committee, is drafting a new stripped-down postal bill that he says tracks the Obama Administration’s primary proposals for overhauling the Postal Service.  (It doesn’t, at least not entirely.)  Comments (Count)





July 31,  2015

Video: How Amazon Convinced USPS to Work on Sundays

Or How another competitor profits off of USPS The U.S. Postal Service has become an extension of Amazon and is courting other e-commerce giants    Comments (Count)


Bloomfield Township residents walk mailman’s route in his memory

Reggie Bennett had a lot of friends, both on the job where he was beloved by his fellow mail carriers and in the community where he had delivered mail on the same route for 30 years. 


USPS testing program that offers customers digital preview of their mail

Real Mail Notification offers customers daily email alerts USPS is continuing to test a program that offers customers a digital preview of the mail they’ll receive later that day.  Comments (Count)


Video: How Amazon Convinced USPS to Work on Sundays

Texas Teen pleads guilty to shooting Postal Worker

Video: Houston homeowner upset after letter carrier throws package towards front porch

Cape Coral postal driver goes 32 years without accident

Green Harbor postmaster retires after nearly 30 years

USPS beefing up on-demand delivery services
Mail Will Soon Get Cheaper With USPS Rate Increase Set to Expire Next Spring
Hanover postal employee charged with stealing postal money


July 30,  2015

OSHA Slams Postal Service with Five Citations, $16,000 in Fines

After an onsite inspection, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) slammed the Postal Service with five citations for violating safety standards at a post office located in Kent, WA,  Comments (Count)


Video: Freight Train Hits Mail Truck In Addison IL

A mail truck was hit by a freight train Thursday morning in west suburban Addison. A Canadian National train hit the semi, which was carrying mail. ( Comments (Count)


Congresswoman Jackie Speier Introduces Bill to End Ban on Shipping of Alcohol Through the Mail

Video: Teen Accused of Trying to Steal Postal Worker’s Master Key

Roads open after U.S. Postal truck drops 14 mail crates

Kalamazoo residents who refuse to remove brick, stone mailboxes could face $900 fines

Fire closes Mascot, TN post office

Canada Post won't reveal scale of Fraser Valley mail crime

Our View: Thank Blunt for championing rural mail service


July 29,  2015

Video: Postal Service admits error in leaving bins full of mail unattended in lobby

the U.S Postal Service admits hundreds of pieces of mail were mistakenly left unattended inside a Winter Haven post office Comments (Count)


PRC Resolves Issues on Remand in Exigent Rate Case– USPS to collect additional $1.2 billion in contribution - Today the Postal Regulatory Commission issued Order No. 2623 to address issues presented in the exigent rate case that was recently remanded to the Commission by the United States Court of Appeals  Comments (Count)



Texas Postal Worker arrested for threatening to shoot co-worker

A 20-year USPS Mail Processing Clerk has been arrested for threatening his co-workers. In April a mail carrier was  arrested after allegedly using a gun to demand that his coworkers at a Fort Worth post office get on the floor.  Comments (Count)


USPS selects Helios to manage pharmacy benefits for injured workers

Helios is a national provider of workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit management services serving Government Agencies, Employers, Third-Party Administrators and Insurance Carriers.  Comments (Count)


Video: Post Office Investigating Mail Dumped Into Trash Cans

Video: Postal Carrier Caught on Camera Dropping Package

Missing package remains a mystery

Help save Napa’s historic post office from the wrecking ball

Lowes post office closed due to mold, moisture

Kirchhoff retiring after 22 years as Wilber postmaster

Mail Left Unattended in Winter Haven Post Office Lobby

Will Real Mail Notification Make USPS a Digital Channel?


July 28,  2015

Senator McCaskill Requests Study of Rural Broadband and Postal Access

Senator looks to examine lack of access to broadband technology in rural areas, dependence on reliable postal service Comments (Count)


Dog hit and killed by postal worker in family's driveway

Should residents be forced to remove brick, stone mailboxes?

People who mailed themselves in boxes


July 27,  2015

The true cost for restoring service standards and why the Postal Service can afford it

Unfortunately, the CBO, C21, and the media reports all seem to have misunderstood the amendment, and they are obfuscating the main issue — how much would it actually cost the Postal Service to comply with the Fattah amendment? The amendment would simply require undoing what has happened since the beginning of the year, when the interim standards ended, and the cost would not be anything like $1 or $2 billion. As the following discussion explains, the amendment would probably cost something like $50 million, and the Postal Service could easily afford it .  Comments (Count)


Video: Man says postal worker threw package out of delivery truck

Former Letter Carrier Convicted of Drug Trafficking and Bribery

Former Virginia Beach RCA pleads guilty to mail theft
There is hope for near-term exigent surcharge removal
Yonkers Post Office Fails With Mail

Forward with the Postal Service: Not so fast

Tieton Post Office mosaics project hits fundraising goal  |  Dear USPS: Please Say Yes

While Its Streaming Service Booms, Netflix Streamlines Old (Postal) Business

California: Napans rally to protest earth-quake damaged post office demolition plans

Nebraska Man Credits Postal Worker With Saving His Life
With $5,000 prize in the bag, Virginia Beach postal clerk chips in for a family visit


July 26,  2015

Senator Cory Booker Introduces Postal Innovation Act to Help Expand Cost-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Technology USPS has long been a provider of critical communications services, yet needs to explore ways to keep pace with the changing needs of consumers. Comments (Count)

The rest of the story: Mail carriers lack air conditioning
Ben Franklin, postal purveyor

Working to save items from truckload of burned mail
Georgia letter carrier saves elderly woman's life
Man arrested in connection with $60,000 worth of pot found at post office
Gyrocopter trial: No regrets on turning down plea deal

Postal Vehicle Struck By Driver In Quechee
Alabama letter carrier puts out grease fire
The Future in Focus: NALC’s 2015 National Conference in Houston
Bernie Sanders rallies with federal workers for ‘$15 and a union’
Canton Postal Carrier Receives Hero Award


July 25,  2015

Video: Another Georgia USPS Mail Carrier Caught Throwing Package

8 Reasons Your Retirement Estimate May be Inaccurate

Letter finds woman 47 years after postmarked; why it got to her so late a mystery

Postal employee and wife arrested for fake doctors excuses

Video: Mold Closes Orwigsburg PA Post Office


July 24,  2015

Video: USPS testing package-sized mailboxes

Package delivery can be tricky – sometimes a box can’t be left without a signature and those dropped at the front door could be damaged by weather.) Comments (Count)


OIG’s Short Look at USPS $100 million Retail Systems Software (RSS) Business Transactions

The U.S. Postal Service is currently replacing its existing retail point of service software with Retail Systems Software (RSS). As of May 2015, the Postal Service has deployed RSS to about 3,400 of the 17,781 retail units. The Postal Service plans a complete nationwide deployment by May 2016. Comments (Count)


Antitrust group urges FTC to look closely at proposed Staples/Office Depot merger

The American Antitrust Institute (AAI) today issued a white paper.  The paper urges the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to carefully scrutinize the competitive impact of the proposed Staples/Office Depot merger.  Comments (Count)


Surveillance camera catches postal worker tossing package at DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga home

Car crash temporarily closes Kismet Post Office

IG: Postal Service could generate millions by partnering with wellness services


July 23,  2015

USPS: Some postal employees could be affected by both OPM cybersecurity incidents

The cybersecurity incidents announced recently by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) could affect some Postal Service employees.  Comments (Count)


Postal Inspector Supervisor pleads guilty to stealing Playboys, pills, drug trafficking

A U.S. supervisory postal inspector once named a federal employee of the year pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing mail containing prescription pills, jewelry, passports, collectible Playboy magazines and other items in San Jose.  Comments (Count)


Tractor-trailer fire damages, destroys mail headed to USPS plant in Iowa

Video: Postal Worker finds two bodies at Arizona home

'He saved my life' - Carrier Helps Postal Customer
Phenix City, AL Post Office without air conditioning for five weeks
Man who landed gyrocopter at Capitol rejects 10-month deal
Postal Inspectors Catch Company Behind Fraudulent Tax Property Bill Mailings
Downtown Flint post office will close, USPS confirms


July 22,  2015

Rural Carrier arrested after trespassing, wearing resident’s high-heel boots

Dover police said they arrested a postal worker after a resident saw the trespasser in her home on a surveillance video walking through the house and wearing her woman's high heel boots. Comments (Count)


Video: Charlotte County VA Fed Up With Slow Mail Delivery

The sight of an empty mailbox in Charlotte Courthouse is more than just an inconvenience for businesses and citizens. It’s straining communication and commerce in the county, and now even public officials have had enough.   Comments (Count)


USPS quashes plan to create the coolest post office in America

The U.S. Postal Service has declined a civic improvement group’s proposal to replace the Tieton Post Office’s facade with a giant mosaic resembling a historic postage stamp.   Comments (Count)


Philly Letter Carrier Had Over 22,000 Pieces of Mail in His Car and Garage

The information that letter carrier was employed by the U.S. Postal Service between May 2014 and January 2015 when he obstructed the passage of approximately 22,500 pieces of mail.  22,500 Pieces Of 'Missing' Mail Finally Getting Delivered   Comments (Count)


USPS: Claims of privatization are false and misleading

USPS released the following statement regarding “Providing convenient customer access to postal products and services” and privatizing the Postal Service:  Comments (Count)


Video: Growing concern Fresno mail delivery may no longer be safe

There’s growing concern nationwide that mail delivery may no longer be safe. Mail delivery shouldn’t be stressful. But for one Fresno woman, it is.   Comments (Count)


Video: City Officials wants all door mail delivery switched to PO boxes

Video: Postal Workers prepare for long shift and changing temperatures

Letter carrier convicted of stealing from his union pleads guilty to mail theft

Mail carrier rescues injured Hope Hull man trapped for 10 days

Former Ohio postal worker pleads guilty to embezzling nearly $15,000
Postal Service broke its own rules by creating collectible stamp, IG says
Wisconsin 22-year postal worker charged with mail thefts
USPS botched plan to make money off the most famous stamp error in history, watchdog says


July 21,  2015

USPS new Delivery Management System (DMS) tracks location of letter carriers

Should a carrier deviate from his or her designated geographic zone during street delivery, an alert is sent to the supervisor in an email or text message.  Comments (Count)


APWU, USPS Reach Settlement On PSE Fingerprint Compensation, Costs

The APWU and the Postal Service signed an agreement on July 15, 2015, that will compensate Postal Support Employees (PSEs) for the time they spent and costs they incurred to obtain fingerprints for background investigations Comments (Count)


Video: Postal worker’s car towed while getting mail for his delivery route

A South Boston mail carrier says the city’s policy on towing went too far after his car was removed while he was delivering mail.  (7/21/15) Comments (Count)


Feds Dodge GOP's Proposed Cut to Their Retirement Benefits

Video: USPS driver hits mailbox, drives away
Postal Service IG criticizes creation, distribution of upright Jenny panes

Tieton Post Office mosaic redo drive tops $40K

House Tour: From Post Office to First Class Home

Post office delays closing of Youngstown sorting facility

Fast Company: The Post Office in the Cloud


July 20,  2015

$1 billion to restore USPS service standards? Did the CBO get it wrong?

According to the CBO, in order to return to the earlier service standards, the Postal Service would need to add work hours, reopen facilities that have been closed or sold, and replace equipment it no longer owns. The CBO offers to provide Senator Carper with further details on the $1 billion price tag, but the letter itself does not explain how the number was arrived at. If you look at what’s happened over the past few months, the $1 billion doesn’t seem credible, and one wonders if the CBO has misunderstood what the amendment is all about. . Comments (Count)


OIG audit suggests USPS cybersecurity is not ready for primetime

This was a self-initiated audit to determine whether the structure, operations, and resourcing of the Postal Service’s cybersecurity functions align with best practices to support the enterprise. .Postal Service response to OIG cyber security audit Comments (Count)


Mail truck hits and kills toddler in New Jersey

A two-year-old is dead and two other pedestrians, including another child, are hurt after they were struck by a postal truck in New Jersey, authorities said.  .


Congresswomen Introduce bill to Stop All Tobacco Sales through USPS

Connecticut Congresswomen Rosa DeLauro and Elizabeth Esty today introduced the Stop Tobacco Sales to Youth Act of 2015.   Comments (Count)


Alaska: Post office addresses eagle attacks

Rolando: Preserve valuable U.S. Postal Service

Legislation could aid effort to save Michigan mail centers


July 19,  2015

Hillary Clinton Faces Unrest Among Organized Labor

Video: Drought Means Booming Business At Tiny Yosemite Post Office

Letter Carriers collect thousands of school supplies

Post office gives 'lifeline' to community 12 miles out to sea



July 18,  2015

Louisiana Mailman Falls Victim to Summer Heat

“You think you know your own body,” says Paul Newman/ Monroe Mailman. Extreme summer heat can take it’s toll quicker than you think. Especially if you work outside like mailman, Paul Newman, it almost took his life. Comments (Count)


on his route  Comments (Count)


If you are confined to a wheel chair you will not be able to get into the Xenia post office. USPS spokesman says, “If they aren’t happy with the service we provide at that location they are welcome to go to one of the nearby post offices that are handicap accessible,” Comments (Count)


Blind dog accused of threatening mail carriers

Smokey is a 15-pound blind dog labeled as a threat to United States Postal Service mail carriers in Galveston. Comments (Count)


Video: Questions surround veteran mailman’s suspicious death

Portland OR police say bullet holes found in USPS vehicle after shooting

Ex-letter carrier pleads guilty to delivering heroin in mail

Video: Breast-feeding incident at Janesville WI post office sparks plan for ‘nurse-in’

Hundreds of pieces of mail dumped in Baltimore County storm drain


July 17,  2015

Former Ohio postmaster charged with stealing over $57,000 from USPS and customers

The former postmaster of the Gates Mills Post Office was charged today with theft of property used by the U.S. Postal Servic Comments (Count)


Wyoming postal employee honored for prizefighting past

Florida: Pasco mailbox broken into; deputies warn ID theft possible

In wake of theft, Palm Desert post office reduces hours


July 16,  2015

OIG: USPS $498 million Mobile Delivery Devices (MDD) not performing as expected

MDDs are single devices intended to support multiple requirements — such as Sunday delivery and dynamic routing — report scan data faster, and support future software enhancements. When the Postal Service cannot provide real-time delivery information to its customers, it can lose customers and its brand and reputation can suffer. Comments (Count)


NTEU President Kelley to Congress: Say No to Changing TSP’s G Fund

The head of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) urged Congress this week to reject proposals to weaken the federal Thrift Saving Plan’s (TSP) G Fund. Congress is reportedly considering tapping the personal retirement savings of federal employees, retirees and members of the military   Comments (Count)


Video: Pile of mail dumped on Richmond VA woman’s front steps

County supervisors want to save Napa's historic post office

American Canyon, CA mailboxes vandalized, mail stolen
Federal appeals court upholds ruling that FedEx drivers were employees, not contractors


July 15,  2015

CBO Estimated Costs of USPS compliance with Amendment to restore service standards

“The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to restore postal service standards on June 17, 2015. The legislation would rescind the lower service standards the USPS implemented on Jan. 5   Comments (Count)


Postal Service bid to end Saturday delivery fades away

“While the topic of five-day delivery was a large part of the legislative ask in the last Congress, we are currently looking to gain consensus and we have not been promoting five day as a key tenet,” said Postal Service spokeswoman Sue Brennan.  Comments (Count)


USPS plant employees will soon receive new surface visibility devices

USPS plant employees will soon receive new surface visibility devices that will make it easier for business customers to know the whereabouts of their mail and packages. Comments (Count)


Video: Texas Woman Claims Mailman Won’t Deliver Mail

Chicago Postal Employee to appear on BET singing show “Sunday Best” Video: Mail truck rolls over in Texas

Postal Worker sentenced to home confinement for dumping mail

Aspen postal worker asked to submit weapon inventory
Amazon Prime Day... A Monster In The Making Or Out To Replace Black Friday?

Union members protest at Staples in LaGrange, GA
Canada Post's Community Mailboxes Are a Disgrace


July 14,  2015

APWU: ‘Stakeholders’ Urge Congress To Give USPS Legislative Relief

The APWU is part of a group of 50 postal unions, management associations, and mailers that has asked Congress to help the agency during the current nationwide financial difficulties  Comments (Count)


Sen. Peters Introduces Bill to place moratorium on USPS closures, ensure permanent 6-day delivery

U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) today joined his colleagues in introducing legislation to improve rural mail service and delivery and provide protections for post offices and postal employees  Comments (Count)


APWU: Labor Leaders Meet with Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders

A “meet and greet” was held at the office of the American Postal Workers Union this evening between more than 40 U.S. labor leaders and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is running for president.    Comments (Count)


Has the Internet Finally Killed the Greeting Card?
Letter: U.S. Postal Service is anything but obsolete
High country postmaster sees triple the traffic

Newark apartment complex discovers there is no delivery without proper mail boxes

July 13,  2015

Video: Postal worker, neighbor save the day after lightning sparks house fire

USPS: Postal Employees required to take cyber security course

USPS truck accidentally dumps recycled paper from post office lobby along highway

Video: USPS credit card policy – All credit cards must be signed

July 11,  2015

Fourteen Plead Guilty to Mail Theft Conspiracy in South Carolina

USPS: New Forever Stamps Showcase some of America’s Favorite Summer Foods

July 10,  2015

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta resigns in wake of massive data breach

Video: Woman snaps pic of postal worker appearing to steal toy donations

Senator Warner latest lawmaker calling for OPM Director to Step Down

Senators new bill would mandate lifetime identity theft coverage for millions affected by OPM Data Breaches


July 09,  2015

APWU: PRC Documents Shed Light on Shady Staples Privatization Deal

In response to a lawsuit filed by the APWU, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has coughed up 231 documents that shed new light on the secretive deal between Staples and the Postal Service.  Comments (Count)


Senator Heitkamp Introduces Bill to Improve Postal Employees Morale, Rural Mail Delivery

Senator Heidi Heitkamp today introduced legislation to improve rural mail service and delivery,  Comments (Count)


OPM confirms over 22 million people impacted by 2 separate cyber-security incidents

OPM recently discovered two separate but related cyber-security incidents that have impacted the data of Federal government employees, contractors, and others     Comments (Count)


NALC: Two national-level arbitration cases decided

Both the APWU and the NPMHU intervened in one of the two arbitrations.  Comments (Count)


DNA evidence links retired Calif. postal worker to woman’s 1974 cold-case murder: DA
Did You Notice That Our Mail Isn’t Being Diverted to Medford as Planned?
USPS mail standards keep getting worse
Mural comes down at former Iowa City post office building
Staples Deal With USPS Is Illegal: NLRB


July 08,  2015

USPS passes on implementing ‘Phased Retirement’ for postal employees

, The final rule states that agency implementation of this program is not mandatory; rather, implementation is discretionary for each agency. Agencies choosing to implement the program decide whether phased retirement will be available  Comments (Count)



NALC Election notice

the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) has entered into a voluntary agreement with OLMS to conduct a new officer election for the position of NALC director of retired members, under OLMS’ supervision .


Video: Postal Worker dies after shooting firework off his chest

Colorado County sheriff’s officials said a Columbus man died after shooting a firework off his chest. 


Hero: Mississippi postal worker’s quick thinking, fast feet saves child

Quick thinking, fast feet save child Florence, MS, Rural Carrier Charles Anderson recently stopped by a store after work and saw a woman running through a nearby field. She looked upset and flustered, and Anderson soon realized why: The woman was trying to catch a small child. t. 


New York Postal worker injured in mail truck rollover

USPS: Equipment Maintenance Allowance (EMA) Schedule for Rural Carrier Routes

USPS revises Rural Carriers Handbook PO-603 to include additional compensation for DPS flats

Swiss Post to start testing delivery drones this month

Woman crashes car into Highland Post Office

Shrewsbury postal center to remain open after all

Why the USPS is excited about NASA's mission to Pluto


July 07,  2015

Michigan Rep disappointed about potential closure of Flint post office

Deutsche Post reaches pay deal to end strike

National Labor Relations Board to rule on Staples, Postal Service deal

Convicted rapist dressed as postal worker in home invasion bid, cops allege

USPS unable to show savings from stamps printed on unsoakable paper

National Labor Relations Board to rule on Staples, Postal Service deal

Mail theft by the numbers


July 06,  2015

USPS awards LLV maker $257 million contract for Walk In Body Delivery Trucks

USPS has awarded  long-time supplier a contract for over 3,000 Walk In Body Intermediate Delivery Trucks. Comments (Count)


Video: USPS GPS device transmits letter carriers location to supervisors every minute

USPS mail carriers are getting a “panic button” The unofficial U.S. postal creed says neither rain, nor sleet, nor heat, nor gloom of night will keep carriers from their rounds. Thieves and vicious dogs, however, may be another matter. So the Post Office is delivering a solution.  Comments (Count)


Post Office in Clinton Iowa still in disarray 9 months later

Postmaster tells customer repairs at postal facilities must be “prioritized”

Video: Mail Truck catches fire in Wisconsin

USPS truck burns after crash along North Freeway in Texas

Delivery problems continue for Wisconsin newspaper

Powder scare sends worker at Dallas’ main post office to hospital
Postal Service Considers Entering Banking Industry to Shore Up Budget


July 05,  2015

OPM Updated FAQs on Data Breach: Were postal worker records affected?

It’s possible that Postal employees were affected. They may be affected if they fit certain conditions. OPM Update on the Cyberintrusion Investigation  Comments (Count)



Postal Retiree: Hillary ships only USPS and Bernie offers UPS option for online campaign merchandise

Postal Retiree finds some notable differences between the two operations--distinctions that seemed to speak about important differences in these candidates' campaigns and, perhaps, in the candidates themselves. Comments (Count)


Cutting back Postal Service hits Bangor, everywhere else


July 04,  2015

Rapid City woman refuses to accept the post office's excuses
Post office lockouts in Steamboat follow national USPS protocol
Hauling the mail: Mail Boat Barbara S. Wiles makes first delivery of summer to Skaneateles Lake homes
In summer, water is ‘lifesaver’ for Vegas area mail carriers


July 03,  2015

Senator McCaskill Seeks GAO Review of USPS Ability to Meet Delivery Standards

Senator to top federal watchdog: ‘fixing these programs starts with a firm understanding of the facts’Comments (Count)



Gyrocopter flying mail carrier Doug Hughes fired by Postal Service

The mail carrier who landed a gyrocopter on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol has been fired from the United States Postal Service, Comments (Count)



Video: Mail Carrier Hospitalized After Rollover Accident In Springfield TN

Report: Postal Service Leases New Downtown Stamford Site

USPS proposes demolition of Napa post office building

Videos: Packages stolen from stoops, porches in Minneapolis

The U.S. is pushing to reform the international postal treaty that subsidizes Chinese shipping

ZIP Codes Tamed The Postal Service Boom 52 Years Ago

McAllen Neighbors Frustrated by Mail Thefts

Japan Post testing electric vehicles for postal duties


July 02,  2015

Kickstarter campaign to create coolest post office in America in Tieton WA

To people who live in small towns, post offices are vital. You’ve got to have a good post office, said Ed Marquand, It’s so distressing seeing these post offices close, Marquand added. Part of our motivation was to shine a light on … this piece of our heritage that keeps getting eroded away.  Comments (Count)


Video: Florida postal worker hit woman in face in road-rage incident

A Florida 17 year city letter carrier was arrested Wednesday after police said he hit a 55-year-old woman in the face in a fit of road rage.  Comments (Count)


USPS 240th anniversary coming up July 26th

USPS to celebrate 240th anniversary this month and they want postal employees to share favorite postal moments .Comments (Count)


Mail Carrier arrested for theft of over $1 Million In Tax Refund Checks

The USPS mail carrier, was arrested this morning and is expected to be presented later today in Manhattan federal court

   Comments (Count)


Postal Service Previews Elvis Presley Forever Stamp and Music CD

National League of Postmasters Takes First Step Towards Consolidation

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is challenging the possible closure of Tucson's main post office

Video: Postal Worker robbed at gunpoint in Memphis

Berkeley seeks to open communication with Postal Service on downtown building


July 01,  2015

APWU: NLRB Strikes Major Blow to USPS-Staples Deal

In a major blow to the Postal Service’s deal with Staples, Region 5 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a complaint charging that the USPS illegally subcontracted work to the office-supply chain  Comments (Count)


PMG and Congressman address Postmasters on opening day of National Convention

While Brennan talked of potential closures in facilities and upgrades to equipment to increase capacity at other locations, she also affirmed the need to have predictable two- and three-day service.   Comments (Count)


USPS truck burns in Manitowoc, Wisconsin some mail destroyed

Four Sentenced To Over 10 Years For Stealing Checks From Mailboxes, Bank Fraud

Video: USPS sends lost mail items to Atlanta to be claimed or auctioned online

Maine letter carrier delivers a rescue on her route

ETOEs – What are they worth to the Postal Service?  USPS OIG
Woman killed in Portsmouth fire worked for post office
A first-class farewell - Residents Will Miss 'Peaceful Dave' As Their Postal Carrier
UK: Amazon Prime Now to offer one hour delivery on wine and spirits
Norway Goes Postal With Electric Vehicle Order

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