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Quad Graphics: Recent USPS Hiring Practices Make No Sense

If you've seen the recent Dead Tree posting related to USPS' hiring binge, it should cause you to ask, "Why would any company that is losing total volume each year and has supposedly consolidated more than 300 facilities in the last couple years need to hire 125,000 new workers    Comments (Count)



Co-Workers defend Postal Worker indicted on assaulting USPS supervisor

Some postal workers spent Tuesday defending Martin and decrying what they call bad management at the United States Postal Service Office in Downtown Memphis. Video: USPS supervisor attacked; worker found, arrested for assault  Comments (Count)


USPS drops plan to outsource sorting of “Non-Machineable Outside Parcels (NMO) ” To UPS

In a memorandum to all Local Presidents, NPMHU President Paul Hogrogian and CAD Manager T.J. Branch disseminated information relative to the NPMHU's National-level grievance over the possible subcontracting of sorting and processing Non-Machinable Outside (NMO) parcels.   Comments (Count)



USPS workforce at lowest level in nearly 50 years, over 258,000 less employees in 7 years - The USPS FY 2015 annual report released on November 13, 2015 contained several interesting issues which has not been covered by mainstream media. One issue was the Postal Executive pay raises, bonuses and perk(s) that covered a few days ago. .  Comments (Count)


Trucks on fire: USPS Long Life Vehicles outlive their lifespan - Save The Post Office - Most LLVs are Right Hand Delivery (RHD) vehicles that were purchased between 1987 and 1994.  They weren’t built to last forever.  In fact, they were designed to go for 24 years, and many of them are already well past their expected lifespan.   Comments (Count)


New Jersey’s longest-serving mail carrier retires after 52 years - Postal officials say Glanville is the longest-serving city mail carrier in New Jersey. He was honored in a ceremony before he went out for his last day.   Comments (Count)


USPS Execs Get Pay Increase, Bonuses and PMG, DPMG get new perk for FY2015

Although USPS financials were widely reported in mainstream media and postal related news websites –nothing was reported about USPS executive’s pay or the new policy for PMG and DPMG


Will USPS resume Network Rationalization Consolidations/Closures Schedule in 2016?

After USPS consolidated and/or closed mail processing facilities service standards were not met in the second quarter of fiscal year 2015 (January through March), despite the fact that the standards were lowered.   Comments (Count)


Chrysler to Supply 9,113 New 2016 Ram ProMaster Vans to USPS - As PostalReporter reported last month FCA US LLC  will supply 9,113 new 2016 Ram ProMaster 2500 cargo vans to USPS.   Comments (Count)


Video: Pittsburgh postmaster will stand trial on charges of intimidating subordinates Pittsburgh postmaster Daniel P. Davis, accused of intercepting private packages and opening them in a hunt for drugs, will stand trial on charges of intimidating subordinates said to be aware of his allegedly illegal activities, a district judge ruled today.    Comments (Count)


USPS issues Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) Prototype Request to prequalified suppliers

The first segment of the USPS field-testing will require that letter carriers drive the prototype vehicles over simulated and actual delivery routes. The route testing will include all aspects of the driver’s daily routine   Comments (Count)


EEOC: USPS must provide ‘reasonable accommodation’ to postal employees with diabetes - In 2013, USPS agreed to adhere to provisions by the EEOC regarding reasonable accommodation of diabetic employees. But this EEO case shows not all postal officials got the memo.  Comments (Count)


OPM announces 2016 FEHB Premiums for Postal, Federal Employees - The overall average Postal rate increases shown are based on the Postal contribution for Category 1. The Postal employee groups in Category 1 can change from year to year.  


USPS to begin testing handheld Surface Visibility (SV) mobile scanners The Postal Service will soon begin testing Surface Visibility (SV) mobile devices, new equipment that will help USPS boost efficiency and better serve business customers.    Comments (Count)


USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information - The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


USPS new Delivery Management System (DMS) tracks location of letter carriers

Should a carrier deviate from his or her designated geographic zone during street delivery, an alert is sent to the supervisor in an email or text message.  Comments (Count)


OIG cites lack of supervision, letter carriers wasting, late mail for  $7.2m extra workhours cost in USPS San Francisco District - OIG observed city carriers loading mail into vehicles on office time rather than clocking to street time, talking excessively, making multiple trips away from their case.   Comments (Count)


USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information - The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


USPS awards contract for Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles valued at $351 Million - Replacing USPS fleet could reach $10 billion over the next few years. At least 4,500 vehicles purchased  (8/28/15) Comments (Count)


Senator Sanders urges Postmaster General to reinstate overnight mail delivery - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sent a letter today to Postmaster General Megan Brennan urging the Postal Service to reinstate overnight mail delivery standards in light of a recent report finding significant delays in the delivery of mail.    (8/26/15) Comments (Count)


APWU files National Dispute over primary duties of Small Parcel Sorting System (SPSS) The APWU maintains that the SPSS is involved in mail processing and/or distribution of mail and this work and the essential allied work is the work of the Clerk Craft.   (8/25/15)

 Comments (Count)





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April 30,  2016

'New Yorker' gets a lot of things wrong about the USPS

How Will the Presidential Election Affect Mail?

Postal Views Podcast #39 (USPS Neighborhood Hunger)


April 29,  2016

Video: Cape Coral FL businesses tell post office: End late deliveries!

Post office pulls off Tax Day miracle for Buffalo Grove woman

Three Connecticut Residents Charged with Cashing over $300,000 in Stolen Postal Money Orders

Postal workers forced to find parking

NJ Letter Carrier Admits Role In Stealing over $400,000 in Tax Refund Checks

A Day in the Life of a Postal Worker

Amazon Stock Soars With Latest Earnings Report


April 28,  2016

Former Illinois letter carrier pleads guilty to mail theft

NALC CCA Resource Guide Now Available Online

South Orange Calls Meeting with USPS Over Residents’ Complaint

Sleepy Eye Mail Carrier Promoted to Postmaster in Springfield

Royal Mail may ban deliveries over mail snatching cat


April 27,  2016

Thinking about the future of the post office: An interview with USPS Amanda Weaver

An interview with Amanda Weaver, Market Research Analyst at USPS OIG, Risk Analysis Research Center by Melody Kramer April 26, 2016 Imagine receiving a text message every time a new letter was placed in your mailbox, or your city receiving a notification when there was a new pothole in your neighborhood   Comments (Count)



Come on Down ! North Carolina letter carrier to appear on Price is Right  today

Some parts of Tuesday, Feb. 2 are still a little blurry for letter carrier, and people can see for themselves the reason why on Thursday, April 28.The Zebulon. NC resident was scheduled to be in Los Angeles for a church conference that week in February, so he did what many people dream of doing and registered for tickets to the CBS game show “The Price is Right.” Fast-forward a few months, and life mostly carries on as normal for Phillips – except for the part about him expecting to receive any day now the five prizes plus cash he won while making it as a finalist on the popular television game show. 


GOP Congressman requests USPS OIG to intervene in Nebraska mail problems

A constituent told me he had received the invitation to the meeting that same day. Although the invitation had been sent in a timely manner, most people in the community saw it when they returned home from work—after the event. I found the whole thing quite embarrassing.   Comments (Count)


'Neither Snow nor Rain' showcases colorful history of US Postal Service

Four Ways the USPS Thinks it Could Redefine its Diminishing Role in Your Life

Family Blames USPS Truck for Causing Crash

Drunk mail carrier crashes into sign, registers nearly .30 BAC 

Karpenko, Penner receive appointments in USPS Market and Sales

Senate Committee Approves Jeffrey Rosen nomination to USPS Board, Carper Urges Action by Full Senate

Post Office to Teton park: Your stamp isn't in the mail

Post office mural stands the test of time

Berkeley: Activists celebrate legacy of 17-month post office occupation


April 26,  2016

USPS Recognized as 2016 Top Federal Agency for Supplier Diversity

USPS Can’t Be Sued Over Delayed Wedding Invitations, Judge Says

Video: Man Admits To Blowing Up Mailbox With Pipe Bomb To Impress Girlfriend
Postal Service to Hold Job Fair in Sioux Falls


April 25,  2016

USPS: Ambassadors to train postal managers across nation to help improve workplace environments

The Postal Service is committed to changing its culture,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams. “The ambassadors will help us improve our organization, one workplace at a time.”   Comments (Count)


Queens: Cops arraigned in beating of postal worker

USPS, VA Shuffle Chairs of IT Executives

Man accused of 'going postal' at Taunton MA post office

NYPD cop charged in postal worker beating was sued for allegedly whacking man with baton



April 24,  2016

Senator McCaskill questions if USPS is undercharging competitors for “Last Mile” delivery

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill today questioned the U.S. Postal Service’s pricing for its “last mile” of delivery in rural areas, and why she believes it may be losing money by under-charging competitors   Comments (Count)


Thieves raiding San Fernando Valley mailboxes prompt USPS to take action
Mary-Anne Penner appointed USPS stamp services director


April 23,  2016

USPS: Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park Stamp 

Video: Problems with mail delivery continue for Orange County FL residents

Video: Mailbox Theft Plagues Vallejo CA Residents


April 22,  2016

USPS awards $96 million contract for 3,339 Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles

Last year USPS signed a contract worth over $250 million to  purchase 9,113 2016 Ram ProMaster 2500 commercial vans as extended capacity delivery vehicles.  The contract  was awarded  to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles LLC (FCA). The purchase was separate from the pending  USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) contract and contract award for USPS Intermediate Walk-In Body Delivery Trucks.  Comments (Count)


The Nineteenth-Century Idea that Could Keep the U.S. Postal Service Alive

Why does the U.S.P.S. seem to be so comparatively uncreative? To find out about new initiatives that I might have missed, I called Gary Reblin, the service’s vice-president of new products and innovation,  Reblin told me that, in order to cut costs, he and his colleagues have been looking at closing some post offices and, instead, offering smaller-scale postal services—an app   Comments (Count)


Orlando post office CCA accused of stealing checks

USPS Closing Pocahontas Post Office under "emergency suspension" Citing Numerous Safety Concerns

Postal Worker Helps Police Nab Package Thief

USPS: Hundreds of people fishing mail out of collection boxes in NY


April 21,  2016

Video: Postal Worker Sues NYPD For $100 Million After Detectives Allegedly Beat Him

A U.S. postal worker is filing a lawsuit against the NYPD, after two officers were indicted for allegedly assaulting him. NYPD cop charged in postal worker beating was sued for allegedly whacking man with baton ||  Two New York PD detectives indicted for assaulting postal worker   Comments (Count)


Letter Carrier Doug Hughes gets 120 Days in prison for flying Gyrocopter without pilot license

Hughes pled guilty on Nov. 20, 2015, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, to a felony charge of operating as an airman without an airman’s certificate.   Comments (Count)


Senate Committee held hearing today on nomination of Jeffrey Rosen to USPS Board of Governors

Senate Committee moves quickly on nomination of Jeffrey A. Rosen to USPS Board of Governors. Rosen was nominated March 17, 2016.  See USPS Board of Governors nominee is former Mitt Romney adviser, pushed for privatizing Amtrak Comments (Count)


Post Office Robberies

It appears criminals are targeting post offices lately - West Haven CT police investigate armed robbery at post office || Two plead guilty in New York Post Office robbery || Video: Two Charged in Holdup at Mississippi Post Office   Comments (Count)


USPS: Stamp Highlights San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Two plead guilty in New York Post Office robbery

Video: Two Charged in Holdup at Mississippi Post Office

Letter: Postal service makes do with skeleton crew

The MPA, the Postal Service, and the Battle for Affordable Shipping


April 20,  2016

Video: Veteran Postal Worker Pepper Sprayed Over Traffic Incident in Pasadena CA

A 23-year veteran postal carrier was pepper-sprayed in what Pasadena police were calling a possible road rage attack Comments



Two New York PD detectives indicted for assaulting postal worker

Two New York City Police Department detectives have been indicted by a Queens County grand jury on charges of assaulting postal worker.  Comments (Count)


Video: Postal Workers Honored for Saving Coworker

Detroit: Mail carrier steals cash from letters, uses it to gamble

Man on motorized mountain bike crashes into postal delivery van

Mount Rainier National Park featured in National Park Centennial stamp series


April 19,  2016

McConnell EEO Class Action case challenging USPS NRP still in limbo

Don’t expect for McConnell…et al  vs USPS to be settled anytime soon  Comments (Count)


Good Money After Bad? Mailers Try to Block FSS Expansion

Where the U.S. Postal Service sees an opportunity to expand the Flats Sequencing System to more ZIP codes, mailers see a backdoor rate increase.  Comments (Count)


USPS announces Ed Phelan as Acting Northeast Area VP for retiring Rick Uluski

PMG announced that Richard P. Uluski, Vice President, Area Operations, Northeast Area, plans to retire from USPS Comments (Count)


Here's How USPS Cut $10 Billion in Labor Costs Since 2006

Southampton’s vacant post office sells for $3 million

Postal worker, juvenile shot in SE DC


April 18,  2016

USPS: Shirley Temple Becomes the 20th Inductee in the Legends of Hollywood Stamp Series

OIG: Tis the Season for Political Mail

OIG: Peeling the Onion: The Real Cost of Mail

Why Amazon Still Can't Crack the Grocery Industry

Coachella's Tiny Post Office Struggles

Petition to Reassign Head of Canada Post to Deliver Letters

USPS Works on a Fix to the Package Pickup Problem

Fort Yukon Residents Fly to Fairbanks to Mail Tax Returns After Post Office Closure


April 17,  2016

Postal Views Podcast #37 (USPS: Who Benefits?)

APWU: Union Negotiates New Health Benefits for PSEs

Drones Could Soon Be Delivering Mail in the Land Down Under


April 16,  2016

Miles for Merritt covers route of mail carrier two years after her death in intentionally set fire

To deliver the mail, you have to learn to drive the truck

Postal Service Will Close Collection Boxes Along Boston Marathon Route

Postal worker's fun project: A big rubber-band ball

Stolen in 1955, Famous 'Inverted Jenny' Stamp Resurfaces


April 15,  2016

USPS: Haleakalā National Park celebrated in National Park Stamp Series

'Completely ridiculous' mandate hinders mail delivery to Maine island


April 14,  2016

APWU Wraps Up Opening Round In Contract Arbitration

The Postal Service’s demands, including a new, lower-tier career workforce, elimination of cost-of-living allowances, and weakening the no-layoff clause are insulting and outrageous. Comments (Count)


USPS called out by Senator McCaskill for use of ‘emergency suspension’ to close Post Offices

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is calling out the U.S. Postal Service for its use of “emergency suspension” authority to close down Missouri post offices  Comments (Count)


Retired USPS Executive Sentenced to Probation

United States Postal Service executive has been sentenced to probation for an offense committed in the Eastern District of Texas. Comments (Count)


Postal Regulatory Commission Seeks Public Comment on Report to President and Congress

USPS Previews 9th of 16 Stamps Celebrating National Park Service’s Centennial

Check was in the mail - for 69 days

Alabama postal employee arrested for distributing drugs at work


April 13,  2016

NRLCA membership approves new 3-year contract with USPS

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) membership has ratified a new three-year labor contract with the Postal Service. .  Comments (Count)


Updated: Postal Worker arrested after bomb threats, carrying grenade while on mail route

A rural carrier who has been working for USPS since May 1979 has been identified.  A postal worker is behind bars Wednesday after allegedly making terroristic threats at the Baxter Post Office Annex  Comments (Count)


Senator Tester urges PMG to abandon USPS consolidation plan

Senator Jon Tester is urging the Postmaster General to abandon the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) consolidation plan that would shutter mail processing facilities across the nation and likely cost the Postal Service millions of dollars.   Comments (Count)


Video: USPS mail truck stolen in Oakland recovered, mail gone

Someone stole a mail truck in Oakland, and all the mail that was in it, about to be delivered, was also gone. Victims will have to see if anything important never got delivered.  Comments (Count)


USPS Responds to article by Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Other points in Mr. Williams’ column warrant further clarification.  For instance, Mr. Williams worries that taxpayers will be called upon to provide a bailout to return the Postal Service to financial stability. Such an outcome is totally preventable through passage of key legislative reforms and ongoing postal leadership initiatives that will put the Postal Service back on a sustainable financial path.  Comments (Count)


Missouri Postal Worker sentenced for redirecting mail to personal addresses

Mail truck catches fire in downtown Jackson TN

Former 30 year Colorado postal worker faces workers comp fraud charges
Will Publishers Be Ready for the USPS's Data Deluge?

USPS is still working to resolve a situation with lead contamination

The high price of suddenly cheaper postal stamps

Sue Johnson, Longtime Duvall Postal Clerk, Retires After 33 Years

Former South Dakota APWU State Treasurer Who Stole $30,000 Gets One Year Federal Probation


April 12,  2016

Georgia Postal Employee killed in wreck with logging truck

Georgia State Patrol is still investigating what caused the death of a postal employee on Highway 27 at Collard Valley Road on the Cedartown bypass earlier this afternoon. Log Truck Ran Red Light   Comments (Count)


Postal police evict Berkeley Post Office occupiers

Connecticut mail carrier accused of trafficking marijuana on route

Seventh National Parks centennial stamp features Glacier Bay National Park

NY State Police, US Postal Inspection Service arrest 22, seize drugs, weapons and cash in ‘Operation Pandora’s Box’

Senator Carper Reiterates Need for Congress to Pass Postal Reform


April 11,  2016

OSHA proposes $88,000 in penalties at USPS Urbandale, Iowa mail facility

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration said in a news release Monday that the citations follow an October 2015 OSHA investigation of a complaint.  Comments (Count)


Indiana Postal Employee accused of using heroin at work

Beginning in early March, 2016 the United States Postal Inspector General’s Office began an investigation into the suspected drug use of a postal employee, while on duty.  Comments (Count)


An 80-year-old woman threatens to blow up the Chagrin Falls, OH Post Office

USPS Previews 6th of 16 Stamps Celebrating National Park Service Centennial

Can USPS Price Increase Rollback Get EDDM Moving Again?

Houstonians offer their 2 cents on stamp price decrease
Editorial: Another blow to USPS
Germans to build own unique electric vans for postal service


April 10,  2016

Hands, heads and robots work in sync at Amazon warehouses


April 9,  2016

Video: Army veteran wins lawsuit against USPS to get career status back

A Marietta, GA  Army veteran says she was forced to go to court to get her job back when she returned from serving her country.


Video: Wanted suspect accused of ‘fishing’ $23,000 worth of checks from U.S. mailboxes

Same-day service: How does Amazon do that?

Postal Views Podcast #36 (USPS: Open Mic)

Broom Guy welcomed back to post offices


April 8,  2016

Kristin Seaver named USPS CIO, Kevin L. McAdams Acting Capital Metro Area VP

USPS announced two key officer appointments this week to fill critical roles with the organization.


Man sentenced for assaulting and robbing South Carolina mail carrier

USPS: Carlsbad Caverns is 5th stamp celebrated in National Parks series

Forced USPS Price Reduction Begins This Weekend

Car in Ohio crash filled with USPS mailbags, packages, IDs, debit cards

Video: Victims of mail theft say broken boxes aren’t getting fixed

New York letter carrier pleads guilty in mail theft case

Inspectors Look Into Possible Mail Theft At South Tulsa Post Office

Video: Postal inspectors seize large amount of stolen mail in Albuquerque hotel


April 7,  2016

Former postal workers blame Congress for collapse of service

As a former insider, Bunch has a more informed perspective on mail delivery issues than many. For some good reasons, he places the blame for current delivery problems squarely on Congress..


Video: Apartment manager – I caught mail man throwing letters in the trash

Pitney Bowes: US Businesses to Benefit from Historic Postal Rate Reduction

Robots set to aid postal workers with parcel deliveries in Germany

Albuquerque: Postal inspectors seize large amount of stolen mail

Edgartown selectmen tackle 'horrific' post office closure

Osage Postmaster living her dream


April 6,  2016

USPS Previews 3rd of 16 Stamps Celebrating National Park Service’s Centennial

APWU: Legislative Director John Marcotte Appointed Health Plan Director

DOL investigating Richmond VA local postal union election
Vehicle crashes into Arkansas PO
FedEx May Not Lose To Amazon, The Competitor; But Has Surely Lost Amazon, The Customer



April 5,  2016

Illinois postal worker needs your help

George Williams a postal worker at the USPS Cardiss Collins PEDC in Chicago, IL. went in for knee surgery in 2015. However due to unknown causes he developed a spinal condition that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. .

Kansas City letter carrier charged with conspiracy to distribute PCP through the mail

Mail carriers are paying for your mail

Former postal worker accused of dumping mail, too "overwhelmed" to deliver

Unhappy Edgartown postal customers trek to Vineyard Haven

Postal Worker Assaulted in Colorado Springs

Buying stamps can be an ordeal at San Antonio post office

Postage Rates to Decrease April 10

OIG: Modernizing the Postal Money Order

OIG: Time for a Money Order Reboot

OIG: Delayed Mail Data in the Enterprise Data


April 4,  2016

Wyoming letter carrier sentenced for selling heroin while on workers comp

The letter carrier  will no longer receive federal workers’ compensation benefits as a result of this felony conviction.


Indianapolis post office boots blind 'Broom Guy' after 60 years

Principled Leadership Needed at the US Postal Service

NALC: April 2016 transfer opportunities under M-01856



April 3,  2016

Drunk driver critically injured in crash with caravan of USPS trucks

The Nissan Maxima collided with a westbound United States Postal Service truck that was being delivered and was one of seven that was traveling in a caravan

The disappearing post offices of the rural south


April 2,  2016

Plainclothes NY cop arrests letter carrier for pot after routine traffic stop - A routine traffic stop in the Bronx led to the arrest of a postal worker caught with marijuana in his car and brass knuckles in his pocket, cops said.About 9 p.m., Friday, plainclothes anti-crime officers pulled over a 2002 Jeep with a defective brake light When the officers approached the car to get more information, they detected a strong smell of pot, officials said.The city letter carrier, who wearing his postal uniform, was charged with possession of a weapon, the brass knuckles, as well as possessing pot   Comments (Count)


Postage Rates Decreasing? April Fools!



April 1,  2016

National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary to be Celebrated on Forever Stamps

Springfield OH postal worker pleads not guilty to stealing mail
Death Halts Knights Ferry Mail Service

Stamping Out Mail Fishing in S. Queens

Penn State's Mike the Mailman calls it quits after 48 years

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