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Quad Graphics: Recent USPS Hiring Practices Make No Sense

If you've seen the recent Dead Tree posting related to USPS' hiring binge, it should cause you to ask, "Why would any company that is losing total volume each year and has supposedly consolidated more than 300 facilities in the last couple years need to hire 125,000 new workers    Comments (Count)



Co-Workers defend Postal Worker indicted on assaulting USPS supervisor

Some postal workers spent Tuesday defending Martin and decrying what they call bad management at the United States Postal Service Office in Downtown Memphis. Video: USPS supervisor attacked; worker found, arrested for assault  Comments (Count)


USPS drops plan to outsource sorting of “Non-Machineable Outside Parcels (NMO) ” To UPS

In a memorandum to all Local Presidents, NPMHU President Paul Hogrogian and CAD Manager T.J. Branch disseminated information relative to the NPMHU's National-level grievance over the possible subcontracting of sorting and processing Non-Machinable Outside (NMO) parcels.   Comments (Count)



USPS workforce at lowest level in nearly 50 years, over 258,000 less employees in 7 years - The USPS FY 2015 annual report released on November 13, 2015 contained several interesting issues which has not been covered by mainstream media. One issue was the Postal Executive pay raises, bonuses and perk(s) that covered a few days ago. .  Comments (Count)


Trucks on fire: USPS Long Life Vehicles outlive their lifespan - Save The Post Office - Most LLVs are Right Hand Delivery (RHD) vehicles that were purchased between 1987 and 1994.  They weren’t built to last forever.  In fact, they were designed to go for 24 years, and many of them are already well past their expected lifespan.   Comments (Count)


New Jersey’s longest-serving mail carrier retires after 52 years - Postal officials say Glanville is the longest-serving city mail carrier in New Jersey. He was honored in a ceremony before he went out for his last day.   Comments (Count)


USPS Execs Get Pay Increase, Bonuses and PMG, DPMG get new perk for FY2015

Although USPS financials were widely reported in mainstream media and postal related news websites –nothing was reported about USPS executive’s pay or the new policy for PMG and DPMG


Will USPS resume Network Rationalization Consolidations/Closures Schedule in 2016?

After USPS consolidated and/or closed mail processing facilities service standards were not met in the second quarter of fiscal year 2015 (January through March), despite the fact that the standards were lowered.   Comments (Count)


Chrysler to Supply 9,113 New 2016 Ram ProMaster Vans to USPS - As PostalReporter reported last month FCA US LLC  will supply 9,113 new 2016 Ram ProMaster 2500 cargo vans to USPS.   Comments (Count)


Video: Pittsburgh postmaster will stand trial on charges of intimidating subordinates Pittsburgh postmaster Daniel P. Davis, accused of intercepting private packages and opening them in a hunt for drugs, will stand trial on charges of intimidating subordinates said to be aware of his allegedly illegal activities, a district judge ruled today.    Comments (Count)


USPS issues Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) Prototype Request to prequalified suppliers

The first segment of the USPS field-testing will require that letter carriers drive the prototype vehicles over simulated and actual delivery routes. The route testing will include all aspects of the driver’s daily routine   Comments (Count)


EEOC: USPS must provide ‘reasonable accommodation’ to postal employees with diabetes - In 2013, USPS agreed to adhere to provisions by the EEOC regarding reasonable accommodation of diabetic employees. But this EEO case shows not all postal officials got the memo.  Comments (Count)


OPM announces 2016 FEHB Premiums for Postal, Federal Employees - The overall average Postal rate increases shown are based on the Postal contribution for Category 1. The Postal employee groups in Category 1 can change from year to year.  


USPS to begin testing handheld Surface Visibility (SV) mobile scanners The Postal Service will soon begin testing Surface Visibility (SV) mobile devices, new equipment that will help USPS boost efficiency and better serve business customers.    Comments (Count)


USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information - The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


USPS new Delivery Management System (DMS) tracks location of letter carriers

Should a carrier deviate from his or her designated geographic zone during street delivery, an alert is sent to the supervisor in an email or text message.  Comments (Count)


OIG cites lack of supervision, letter carriers wasting, late mail for  $7.2m extra workhours cost in USPS San Francisco District - OIG observed city carriers loading mail into vehicles on office time rather than clocking to street time, talking excessively, making multiple trips away from their case.   Comments (Count)


USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information - The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


USPS awards contract for Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles valued at $351 Million - Replacing USPS fleet could reach $10 billion over the next few years. At least 4,500 vehicles purchased  (8/28/15) Comments (Count)


Senator Sanders urges Postmaster General to reinstate overnight mail delivery - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sent a letter today to Postmaster General Megan Brennan urging the Postal Service to reinstate overnight mail delivery standards in light of a recent report finding significant delays in the delivery of mail.    (8/26/15) Comments (Count)


APWU files National Dispute over primary duties of Small Parcel Sorting System (SPSS) The APWU maintains that the SPSS is involved in mail processing and/or distribution of mail and this work and the essential allied work is the work of the Clerk Craft.   (8/25/15)

 Comments (Count)





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March 31,  2016

USPS Board of Governors nominee is former Mitt Romney adviser, pushed for privatizing Amtrak

Last week NALC reported that "Another Postal Board of Governors nomination announced." The White House nominated Jeffrey A. Rosen to become a member of the Postal Service Board of Governors to serve a term expiring on Dec. 8, 2021. Surprisingly, not one media outlet mentioned Mr. Rosen's background.   Comments (Count)


NYPD Officers Involved In On-Duty Postal Worker’s Arrest Disciplined

The NYPD lieutenant who supervised the cursing plainclothes cops who arrested an on-duty postal worker in Brooklyn earlier this month has been stripped of his badge and gun,   Comments (Count)


USPS Failed to Meet Service Targets in 2015, PRC Report Says

According to the Postal Regulatory Commission’s (PRC) Annual Compliance Determination Report (ACD), the Postal Service failed to meet the majority of service performance targets in fiscal year 2015. , Comments (Count)


Handbook AS-353 Revision: Administrative Support for USPS Health Connec

Montana Postal Worker denies stealing almost $8K from USPS

Is the US Postal Service the Next Target for Corporate Plundering?

OIG: How Inviting is Your Post Office?

PRC Report: USPS “faces significant financial challenges”

New report finds your mail is not being delivered on time

Olympia neighborhood says goodbye to beloved mailman

Amazon's automated warehouses push limits of quick shipping

Final delivery: Pittsfield letter carrier to retire after 30 years walking downtown route


March 30,  2016

PRC Tells the Postal Service to Account for Decline in Flats Service

Indictment: Kansas Postal Clerk Stole over $13,000 from Post Office

Ohio: Police searching for thieves who steal checks from mailboxes

Livermore CA: Mail theft alert issued

USPS responds to PRC report


March 29,  2016

Postal Worker helps Jackson MS police capture robbery suspect
PRC reports “failures in overall service performance” from USPS
Charges to be filed for burning down Pennsylvania Post Office


March 28,  2016

Video: Postal worker speaks out on controversial NYPD arrest caught on video

Postal Worker injured on way to police station when plainclothes cops rear-ends car. The New York Police Department is investigating alleged disorderly conduct after the controversial arrest of a postal worker while he delivered packages on his route,Comments (Count)


EEOC Awards Disabled Vet Postal Employee $120,000

U.S. Postal Service Discriminated against Disabled Veteran Letter Carrier in PTSD case, EEOC Judge Comments (Count)


Kalama WA Post Office to reopen Monday after flood
2 Dead, Venomous Snakes Found in Package at Western PA Post Office


March 27,  2016

Fair Oaks CA neighbors uneasy after confrontation with postman


March 26,  2016

Video: Postal worker struck, killed in Southwest Philadelphia

Police say a 64-year-old man was crossing the street when he was struck by a white 2001 Mitsubishi, operated by an 18-year-old male driver.

 Comments (Count)



N.J. pair charged with stealing from U.S. Postal Service in $75K gas scam


March 25,  2016

USPS Reports $248 million profit for month of February 2016

According to a report filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Postal Service reported an operating revenue profit for the month of February 2016 Comments (Count)


Duo Used Fake Cash to Buy Money Orders

Postal worker helps stop woman from being scammed

Postman logs 1 million miles without an accident

22-year-old made $16K/month shipping pot through USPS


March 24,  2016

California Postal Worker, Deputy Sheriff and two others charged in drug trafficking conspiracy

Did California postal carrier club, stab wild turkey to death?

Postal worker helps stop woman from being scammed

Canada: What if it had fallen on top of a child?' Postal worker hurt by falling mailbox

Springfield postal worker accused of stealing mail

Overnight Tech: Netflix scores win over Postal Service

Video: Another Albuquerque mailbox theft caught on camera


March 23,  2016

Update: Husband not a suspect in Nevada carrier's shooting death

Sheriff's deputies investigating the shooting death of a U.S. Postal Service worker in rural Nevada say they don't consider her husband a suspect in what he originally reported was an accident.

Postal Worker shot on-duty in Nevada

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that 26-year-old rural carrier succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained yesterday around 11:30 a.m. Husband of Postal Worker shot and killed on the job questioned  Comments (Count)


Postal Worker struck and killed in parking lot of Kearny NJ distribution center

The 54-year-old postal worker was struck by a 2012 Nissan NV driven by a co-worker at the facility. Police back at NJ postal facility to probe crash that killed worker; OSHA notified | Postal Service offering co-workers counseling after clerk is killed in parking lot accident   Comments (Count)


Former Virginia postal clerk pleads guilty to stealing $7,000 and other mail

USPS IG report on 2016 political mailings

USPS Fails in Bid to Raise Prices on Netflix

Gas leak temporarily evacuates Omaha's main post office
Unusual letter arrives at Athol MA post office
Imagining a green, sustainable US Postal Service


March 22,  2016

Video: NYPD arrests on-duty letter carrier for shouting at them — leaves mail truck unattended

Top NYPD brass should deliver a strong rebuke to four plainclothes officers and a lieutenant who cuffed an on-duty postal worker last week because he shouted at them, One officer can be heard telling the letter carrier to "stop resisting" as he is being handcuffed. "I'm not resisting," the letter carrier in a frustrated tone. "Yes, you are," the officer says. "Stop resisting." A second officer says to the letter carrier, "You're going to get hurt unless you give me your f***ing hand." Comments (Count)


Grand Alliance Baltimore Hearing on USPS: Will Slow Mail Affect U.S. Elections?

On Wed., March 23, A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service, a coalition of more than 130 national and local organizations, will convene the first of five hearings in Baltimore, MD. on "U.S. Postal Service: Will Slow Mail Affect U.S. Elections?" APWU: ‘Grand Alliance’ Holds Field Hearing in Baltimore  Comments (Count)


Video: Off-duty correction officer in Waterbury assaults mailman, yells racial remarks

An off-duty correction officer was arrested and charged after assaulting a mailman. According to police, when officers arrived they found the 24-year-old mailman lying on the ground with a large bruise above his eyebrow.  Comments (Count)


OPM: Federal Employees Life Insurance (FEGLI) Open Season Guidance

As the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced last year the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI) will have a life insurance Open Season.


Minnesota Postal Employee sentenced for mail theft

Post Offices in San Francisco improve dismal recycling rates

USPS semi crashes on I-4 West in Florida


March 21,  2016

USPS confirm plant consolidations on hold until update of Area Mail Processing studies

USPS Commits to Take Fresh Look at Postal Plans Plans to Consolidate Postal Facilities Remain in “Deferred Status”  Comments (Count)


Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Over Ban on Guns at Post Offices

The Supreme Court won’t hear a dispute over a U.S. Postal Service regulation that bans guns from post office property and adjacent parking lots.   Comments (Count)


U.S. Postmaster General Unveils Digital Strategy to Support Mailing Industry at National Postal Forum

Mail preview app to launch nationally in 2017; Postal Service to seek approval for “third ounce free” for commercial customers  Comments (Count)


Packages Make Postal Service Sing a New Tune

Fairbanks: Ex-postal worker heads to prison for stealing medication

Postmaster General to Address Postal Forum at Opryland Hotel

Postal Service can't deliver long-term stable jobs

Mike the Mailman Receives Congratulatory Letter From President Obama

Residents fight Westbrookville post office closing

Postal Views Podcast #33 (Postal Focus March 2016)


March 20,  2016

Mail complaints are getting Congressional attention

NALC:  Jeffrey A. Rosen  nominated to become member of USPS Board of Governors to a term expiring Dec. 8, 2021


March 19,  2016

Vermont Rural Carrier Saves Life While Delivering Mail

Alaska postal worker sentenced to prison for stealing medication

Slow Delivery Could Cost the Postal Service Millions This Election Season

FedEx Hints At Increasing Shipping Rates

Postal Inspectors looking into alleged assault of Oak Harbor mail carrier
Police blow up ‘suspicious’ package left at Maricopa Post Office


March 18,  2016

Postal Employee Indicted For Theft Of More Than $2 Million In Social Security Checks

Man pleads guilty to attempting to rob post office in New Orleans

Postal banking didn't work in 1910 - and it won't now

Postal employee to be honored for heroism

Mail theft becoming more common in the Sacramento area

Postal worker injured after falling into manhole

FedEx is not afraid of Amazon's delivery ambitions


March 17,  2016

APWU, USPS Resolve Dispute Over PSE Transfers in MVS Craft

NAPUS honors Senator Heitkamp with award for protecting rural mail service

USPS Resumes Direct Mail Service to Cuba

Ohio postal employee charged with opening mail that contained Oxycodone

First Flight for Direct Postal Service with USA Arrives in Cuba
FedEx: It Would Take Amazon Way Too Much Money And Time To Compete With Us
FedEx Rides Online Shopping to Beat Wall Street Forecasts
APWU: Staples Rings NASDAQ Bell, Protesters ‘Ruin Their Day’
Postal Supervisor, letter carrier admit to bribery and conspiracy to distribute pot


March 16,  2016

USPS Mail Contractor’s request for ’14-hour rule’ exemption is denied again

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announces that it has denied the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association application to exempt its contract carrier members from the “14-hour rule” of the Agency's hours-of-service (HOS) regulations. USPS was also denied its request several times over the years to exempt contract drivers from the 14 hour rule.  Comments (Count)


San Angelo Mail Carrier Stars in National USPS Commercial

USPS workers stop elderly man from throwing away part of his life savings


March 15,  2016

OIG: Staffing, outdated operating plan created delayed mail at consolidated North Houston P & DC

The North Houston P&DC had difficulties processing mail on time. After the North Houston P&DC began processing mail from the Beaumont and Houston P&DCs, it became the largest Postal Service processing facility in terms of volume nationwide (see Table 1). However, prior to these changes, North Houston P&DC management did not fully understand all operational impacts of the consolidations,    Comments (Count)


Pittsburgh Postmaster accused of intimidating employees wants case thrown out

The charges stemmed from a federal investigation into allegations that Mr. Davis was illegally opening mail without permission.   Comments (Count)


OIG: USPS compound drug related costs increased by millions due to Department of Labor

Management reiterated the DOL is the sole administrator of the FECA; therefore, they have no authority to impose administrative controls on the claims process. In addition, they stated the concern is more than just costs; they are also concerned about the health and safety of Postal Service employees. We also estimate that if the DOL does not implement best practices to control compound drug costs, the Postal Service’s costs and the related administrative fees could accumulate to over $1.2 billion and over $60.3 million, respectively, over the next 3 years.   Comments (Count)


Former Kansas City postal employee sentenced for multiple thefts

Modesto-area mail thieves may be using counterfeit keys

Making the Postal Service—and Its Employees—Better

Postal Worker in Aspen firearm case deported back to UK

Neighbors celebrate mailbox’s return with wine and festivities

What Amazon Logistics Means for FedEx, UPS

OIG: Digital Head Count


March 14,  2016

Mail thieves strike across San Diego's East County
Hyattsville MD residents complain of spotty mail delivery
Amazon Confirms Plans For Air Cargo Network
Where are you on the TSP totem pole?


March 13,  2016

Postal News Recap – postal facility deaths, trump bumper sticker, plant consolidation costs

Residents in Bakersfield CA neighborhood catch mail thieves on camera

Postal Views Podcast #32 (1970 Post Office)

2 injured after USPS contract truck slams into south LA burger restaurant


March 12,  2016

OIG audit finds security problems with some of USPS Active Directory Domains

The USPS OIG’s objective was to “determine whether selected domains were configured and managed in accordance with policy and industry best practices. Without proper controls and requirements over the domains, the Postal Service is at an increased risk of unauthorized users gaining access to Postal Service resources.   Comments (Count)


Flooding closes Texas post office


Ex postal worker gets 6 months for $200K workers comp scam

Former Maryland Rural Carrier Charged With Theft

Man is accused of trying to cash $5,000 worth of stolen money orders at a New York post office

Lakeside, OR Board chair files complaint with Postal Service

Fed retirees: Nervous outside the civil service


March 11,  2016

APWU: Contract Arbitration Update

Three more days of hearings in the arbitration for a new contract wrapped up on March 10.  Comments (Count)



Two Postal Worker brothers have accumulated over 4,500 hours of sick leave

Dedication runs in the Pentico family — and brothers Ronald and Ricky each have sizeable sick leave banks to prove it.  Comments (Count)


Starship Technologies introduces delivery robots to United Kingdom

Starship Technologies, a company launched by the former co-founders of Skype, is announcing today that the UK will be the first major country to host trials of its revolutionary self-driving delivery robots,   Comments (Count)


Video: Idaho congressman says USPS does not realize just how slow mail has become in Pocatello

Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID 2nd District) met with local officials in Pocatello on March 10th. Simpson and local officials discussed the rise in number of inmates and jail overcrowding in the county and what a Ted Cruz presidency would mean for local federal facilities. The local officials biggest complaint was slow mail service since the closure of Pocatello mail processing facility.   Comments (Count)


Video: Idaho congressman says USPS does not realize just how slow mail has become in Pocatello

Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID 2nd District) met with local officials in Pocatello on March 10th. Simpson and local officials discussed the rise in number of inmates and jail overcrowding in the county and what a Ted Cruz presidency would mean for local federal facilities. The local officials biggest complaint was slow mail service since the closure of Pocatello mail processing facility.  Comments (Count)



Video: Idaho congressman says USPS does not realize just how slow mail has become in Pocatello

Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID 2nd District) met with local officials in Pocatello on March 10th. Simpson and local officials discussed the rise in number of inmates and jail overcrowding in the county and what a Ted Cruz presidency would mean for local federal facilities. The local officials biggest complaint was slow mail service since the closure of Pocatello mail processing facility.  Comments (Count)



Post Office in North Dakota to replace flagpole after complaint

A customer, who is a ride captain in the North Dakota Patriot Guard, said the post office, which operates on limited hours, was closed at noon and so he took the matter into his own hands. The customer said he raised the flag up the 30-foot flagpole and lowered it to 10 feet from the top.“I raised it to the proper (half-staff) level and she (the Spiritwood postal worker) came in this (Tuesday) morning and put it back down.”  



85-year-old driver could have license revoked for striking post office

Amazon building superfast delivery empire

Man Arrested In 2012 Postal Worker Robbery Case



March 10,  2016

Former letter carrier has treasure trove of historic postcards, rare stamps

Dallas: Have You Seen This Stolen USPS Truck?

85-year-old arrested for hitting, spitting on postal worker



March 9,  2016

Video: APWU demands answers after 5 workers die at Pontiac facility in 14 months

American Postal Workers Union leaders are demanding more answers and further investigation after five US Postal Workers at the mail center in Pontiac have died on the job. More details on Methane Detection System problems at Pontiac mail center

Recently there was a report posted on the internet that dealt with a concern raised by the APWU regarding issues associated with the Methane Detection System in place at the Pontiac MI. Metroplex. Video: Postal employee deaths at Pontiac facility raise questions   Comments (Count)


Video: USPS apologizes after rural carrier leaves letter asking residents to boost mail volume during route count - The USPS is apologizing to a group of its customers in Highlands Ranch after a postal carrier left fliers in homeowner’s mailboxes, asking for them to artificially increase their mail volume   Comments (Count)


Senator McCaskill questions USPS on increased costs after plant consolidations

Senator Claire McCaskill has sent a letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan requesting documents related to the Phase II Network Rationalization Plan.   Comments (Count)


Video: California Postal Worker on “The Voice”

A 10-year Mail Handler made her first appearance on "The Voice" .   Comments (Count)


Bipartisan group of 33 lawmakers call on USPS for updated plant consolidation plans

Our constituents, many of whom are seniors, veterans, active voters and small business owners, depend upon reliable, timely service, whether it be traditional mail services or package delivery,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan. “As such, we find these closures and consolidations and the slowed mail delivery times that accompany them to be of great concern.” Video: Possible closure of Cherrybell mail center has Tucson voters concerned  Comments (Count)


Video: USPS may finally resolve neighborhood’s 5-year mailbox problem after TV station gets involved

.... unlike most of the other streets in this subdivision, this neighborhood never got a cluster box. It was the first street built in the development and the developer went bankrupt without taking care of the mailbox problem.  Comments (Count)


Kent, CT postmaster removed; reason unknown

Large rock falls from Portland overpass onto mail truck driver

Postal Truck Overturns In Collision With Bus In Downtown Los Angeles

Maryland man gets 3 years in prison for bribing postal worker to distribute marijuana via U.S. Mail

California: Duarte post office decreases lobby hours -- people using facility as place to sleep overnight

International team to speak about 17th-century postal discovery

Thieves increasingly target residential mailboxes

Indiana post office closes temporarily over safety concerns


March 8,  2016

Amazon deliveries and at-risk workers lead to more accidents and injuries at the USPS

Last week the Postal Service shared some information with the Postal Regulatory Commission about accidents and safety issues. As one might expect, the increased use of all those recently hired postal workers - 117,000 in 2015 - is leading to more injuries and accidents   Comments (Count)


Donald Trump bumper sticker lands postal worker in hot water

The CCA put a Trump bumper sticker on his car and hung up a newspaper clipping inside his locker at the Leola post office, where he works. The CCA thinks it was his support of Trump, rather than some other candidate, that ticked off his supervisor. The CCA hopes hopes to be naturalized as a citizen in time for the general election so he can vote for Trump  Comments (Count)


APWU: Expect More Attacks on Injured Postal, Federal Workers

Over the last decade, attacks on injured federal employees and postal workers, led primarily by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) , have been relentless. But she isn’t the only one who has tried to dismantle the comprehensive coverage provided by the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA).  Comments (Count)


Canada Post’s Underclass of Women Workers

Postal inspectors offer $50K reward in Spring Creek, TN Post Office robbery

Passing the delivery milestone

Judge gives Lance Armstrong partial win in $100 million lawsuit



March 7,  2016

Five postal employees deaths at Michigan facility prompts safety concerns of methane detection system

This management alert presents a safety concern of the methane detection system observed at the U.S. Postal Service Michigan Metroplex Processing and Distribution Center located in Pontiac, MI. USPS has assured OIG that there is no safety or health problem with the MDS.    Comments (Count)


Fire destroys postal truck, ignites field

A postal truck went up in flames in a Windsor neighborhood early this afternoon, igniting a nearby field before being extinguished. Comments (Count)


California postal worker retires at age 85

After a 26-year career with the USPS, Elmer Canevascini has retired from being a letter carrier.  Comments (Count)


USPS uses new technology to target voters

USPS is using its popular mobile app to show political campaigns how they can use the mail to communicate with voters this election year.     Comments (Count)


Postal News Recap – Postal Employee deaths, harassment, llv fire, mail theft

USPS: Free Tickets Available for Sarah Vaughan First-Day-of-Issue Stamp Ceremony

Gyrocopter pilot refutes U.S. claim that Capitol flight risked midair collision

Ray Tomlinson: He Invented Email. Now Try to Imagine Life Without Him. You Can't
Could Abuse Spell the End of Free USPS Boxes?
OPM Falling Further Behind on Retirement Applications Backlog


March 6,  2016

Postal truck theft leaves Bronx residents without mail


March 5,  2016

First African American Postmaster installed at Selma, AL post office

Postal Officials Assure Bethesda and Chevy Chase MD Residents that Service Problems Will Be Fixed
USPS Contract Driver charged with theft of mail

Texas: Husband and Wife sentenced in Postal Insurance theft scheme

Ohio postal worker indicted for post office theft
Only misdemeanor charges filed in mail theft case


March 4,  2016

USPS reissues policy on “Workplace Harassment”

This policy: Reaffirms the Postal Service’s commitment to providing a work environment free of harassment. Comments (Count)


Ohio Postmaster pleads guilty to stealing $160,419

A former postmaster in Groveport, OH is accused of stealing more than $160,400 in post-office money   Comments (Count)


USPS reissues Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

Video: Small town Indiana post office suddenly shut down

Iowa postal clerk arrested on theft complaint

NY Postal Employee pleads guilty to stealing $6,500 in gift cards from mail

UPS using alternate package drop locations as e-commerce soars -package may be dropped off at a barber shop

Authorities searching for 5 teens who allegedly assaulted postal worker

Postal Service apologizes for poorly maintained downtown Plant City parking lot

Postal worker honored for helping injured man

Video: Texas mailbox theft victims want lasting solutions

Video: Woman’s cremated remains arrive with large hole in the box



March 3,  2016

Video: Postal worker rescues toddler found wandering in middle of street

USPS to sell envelopes commemorating Broncos' Super Bowl win

Boston teens attack letter carrier

Mail goes up in flames in Auburndale

Des Moines: Late packages and mail never showing up

A piece of America dies, nobody notices

Measuring employee engagement: The Postal Service shares its scores on Postal Pulse


March 2,  2016

USPS GPS tracking of Letter Carrier leads to felony charge for throwing away mail

According to Crane, officials tracked some of Beals' movements that day through what is called a Regional Intelligent Mail Server. The data allegedly showed irregular movements on her route   Comments (Count)


Rep. Huffman Introduces Bipartisan Legislation To End Wrongful Postal Facilities Closures

In a press release issued by Congressmen Jared Huffman’s (D-CA)- office, a bipartisan bill was introduced Tuesday with the goal of stopping the unnecessary shutdowns of mail processing centers all across the country.  Comments (Count)


Dog owner attacks mailman with aluminum bat


March 1,  2016

APWU: USPS testimony addresses plans outsource retail work to Staples

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearing on the Postal Service’s deal with Staples continued on Feb. 25 and 26, with APWU Manager of Negotiations Support Phil Tabbita testifying about USPS documents that discuss management’s plans to transfer retail work from post offices  Comments (Count)  to Staples.


USPS names Luke T. Grossman as Finance and Planning VP

Postal manager charged with felony after stealing $700 from envelope

Illinois letter carrier sues couple claiming he was attacked by their dogs

Video: Toledo woman looks for father’s missing remains lost in the mail

Car Hits Elk Grove Post Office

Newtown supervisors offer support to homeowners in dispute with post office over mailboxes

USPS OIG: Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

NALC President  appointed AFL-CIO finance committee vice-chairman

USPS OIG: Management Advisory - Fiscal Year 2015 Statistical Test Review

USPS OIG: Contracting Officers' Workload Postal Reporter provides postal news, postal resources and other postal information for Postal Workers, Postal Employees and other Postal related communities.. is not affiliated with the U.S. Postal Service or any other organization. Opinions expressed in articles linked to and from this page are those of the authors.

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