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Gift Guidelines    Gift Guidelines for USPS Employees
USPS Man-Year Reports   This page contains links to USPS Man-Year reports for the 2000 contract in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. These reports are used to apply provisions of the Collective Bargaining  Agreement
OSHA   Online Form: Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards
OSHA 4/17/03  OSHA Releases Workplace 'Emergency Exit Routes' fact sheet
LOBBY DIR. Program Guide    
AS-353[PDF] | [HTML 9/03 Guide to Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act
AS-504 7/99 Space Requirements: "This handbook provides rules and guidelines for developing the various types and sizes of facilities found in the Postal Service. It also provides templates of the equipment to be housed in those facilities."
AS-508 8/02 Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
AS-805 10/30/03 Information Security
ASM 541.11   Regulations: Postal Facility Heating & Cooling Temperatures

ASM ZIP html


Administrative Support Manual -Revisions Through July 10, 2003

CA 2 PDF Fillable Version   Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation
CA 2a   Notice of Employee's Recurrence of Disability and Claim for Pay/Compensation
CA 7 PDF Fillable Version   Claim for Injured on Duty Compensation
CA 7a   Time Analysis Form -Complete this form if LWOP was used for Injured on Duty claim
CA 7b   Leave Buy-Back Worksheet/Certification Form
CA-14 PDF Fillable Version   OWCP process for notifying claimants of their entitlements and claim number

DMMPDF Fillable Version


Domestic Mail Manual

DM-901PDF Fillable Version 9/04 Registered Mail (12.48 MB)
ELM 17 7/06 Employee and Labor Relations Manual
EL 304PDF Fillable Version 4/97 Maintenance Selection System Handbook

EL 307PDF Fillable Version


Guidelines on Reasonable Accommodations

EL 312


Personnel Operations-Updated With Postal Bulletin Revisions through Jan 20, 2005

EL 401PDF Fillable Version 8/00 Supervisor's Guide to Scheduling & Premium

EL-502PDF Fillable Version


Retirement Guide

EL 505 zip


Injury Compensation Procedures updates thru 1997

EL-510-2003 10/03  Annual Leave Sharing Program
EL 603PDF Fillable Version 7/96 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Processing
EL-660-2004PDF Fillable Version 5/25/04 Limited Personal Use of Government Office Equipment

EL-801 PDF Fillable Version


Supervisors Safety Handbook

EL-802 PDF Fillable Version 4/02 Executive's & Manager's Safety Compliance Guide

EL-806PDF Fillable Version


Health and Medical Services

EL-809 4/01 Guidelines for Area/Local Joint Labor-Management Safety and Health Committees

EL-814PDF Fillable Version


Employers Guide to Safety

EL 860 PDF Fillable Version 5/15/98 Employee Medical Records



Supervisors Guide to Handling Grievances



Post Office Accounting Procedures (Updated 9/4/03)



Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation,



Time and Attendance



Federal Employees' Compensation Act

HR-001PDF Fillable Version 6/00 Light Duty Request Form
IMMPDF Fillable Version 8/30/04 International Mail Manual
M-05 Scheme Training 8-80 (2.77 MB)
M-39 PDF Fillable Version 3/98 Management of Delivery Services Revisions Thru 3/ 18/ 2004
M-41 PDF Fillable Version 3/98

City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities

Revisions Through April 5, 2001

MS-47 1983 MS-47-Housekeeping-Postal-Facilities-1983.pdf
PO-102  PDF Fillable Version 5/99 Self Service Vending Operational and Marketing Program
PO 603 PDF Fillable Version 6/01 Rural Carriers Duties & Responsibilities
PO 701 PDF Fillable Version 3/91 Fleet Management Revisions Through September 21, 2000
PS 991 PDF Fillable Version 10/93

Application for Promotion or Assignment

PS 1216PDF Fillable Version 6/93 Employee’s Current Mailing Address
PS 1717PDF Fillable Version 1/82

Bid for Preferred Assignment

PS 2146 11/87 Employee's Claim for Loss or Damaged Personal Property
PS 2591 PDF Fillable Version 3/99 Application For Employment
PS 3189PDF Fillable Version 2/86

Request for Temporary Schedule Change for Personal Convenience

PS 3970rPDF Fillable Version 8/99 Request to Receive Donated Leave
PS 3971PDF Fillable Version 3/08 Request for Leave (Fillable Form available)
PS Form 4000-A 2/04 Retail Lobby Observation
PS Form 4000-B 2/04 Retail Employee Observation
PS 3666 PDF Fillable Version 9/03 Certification for USPS Employment of Individuals with Severe Disabilities
PS Form 5920 PDF Fillable Version 6/03 Motor Vehicle Operator and Tractor-Trailer Operator Assessment Worksheet
PS Form 8038 1/04 Employee Statement To Recover Back Pay.
PS Form 8039 11/96 Back Pay Decision/Settlement Worksheet
PS Form 8076PDF Fillable Version 4/01 Authorization to Hold Mail Form

POMPDF Fillable Version


Postal Operations Manual (this is not the latest  version)

Postal Bulletin updated every two weeks
Poster 7PDF Fillable Version 4/99 Rules & Regulations Governing Conduct on Postal Property
Poster 315PDF Fillable Version 9/03 The Reasonable Accommodation Process
How to Initiate a Reasonable Accommodation Request
Poster 500PDF Fillable Version 10/99 Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse, & Mismanagement
Publication 32PDF Fillable Version 5/97 Glossary of Postal Terms-updated thru 11/4/99
Publication 52PDF Fillable Version 7/99 Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail
Publication 60-A 6/01  Test Orientation Guide for Major Entry-Level jobs.
Pub 71PDF Fillable Version 5/05 Notice for Employees Requesting Leave for Conditions Covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act
Pub 94PDF Fillable Version 9/03 Resolve Employment Disputes Reach Equitable Solutions Swiftly (REDRESS)
Pub 100PDF Fillable Version 9/03  History of the US Postal Service
Pub 102PDF Fillable Version 8/01 Mediating Postal Disputes
Pub 107PDF Fillable Version 5/97 Crisis Management Plan for Incidents of Violence in the Workplace
Pub 108PDF Fillable Version 3/07

Threat Assessment Team Guide

Pub 119PDF Fillable Version 7/01 Sources of Historical Information on Post Offices, Postal Employees, Mail Routes, and Mail Contractors
Pub 133PDF Fillable Version 5/03 What You Need to Know About EEO
Pub 146PDF Fillable Version 10/03 A Law Enforcement Guide to Postal Crimes
Pub 164PDF Fillable Version 8/07 Compensation, Relocation Benefits, and Reinstatement Policies for Career Employees
Pub 165PDF Fillable Version 5/99 Compensation Programs Applicable to Transitional Employees
Pub 223 6/99

Directives and Forms Catalog -Updated With Postal Bulletin Revisions Through September 18, 2003

Pub 316PDF Fillable Version 9/03 Reasonable Accommodation in the USPS:
A Guide for Employees and Applicants
Pub 317PDF Fillable Version 9/03 Manager’s Guide to Reasonable Accommodation
Pub 902 1/02 Mediating a Formal EEO Complaint with USPS REDRESS II
Purchasing Manual 12/25/03 updated with Postal Bulletin revision through October 1, 2004
Test 473 11/04 for Orientation Guide Major Entry-Level Jobs

Title 39


United States Code, Postal Reorganization Act

USPS   Legal Administrative Decisions
Three Cautions on the Use of USPS Publications
1. Check for the latest issue. The Postal Service updates its various manuals and handbooks according to different schedules. (For instance, the ELM has been revised several times during the past couple of years.) To see if you have the current edition of a particular publication, obtain the latest Publication 223, Directives and Forms Catalog, from the USPS Web site, http://www.usps.com. Use the site’s search function to locate a publication.


2. Some provisions may be under NALC challenge. Any of the USPS handbooks, manuals or publications provided on this site or available on the Web may be under an NALC challenge in the grievance procedure. NALC’s distribution of or links to these materials is not in any way an admission that they are contractually sound or otherwise free from challenge. Check with your NALC branch officers or national business agent about the validity of a particular publication or provision.


3. Some items may not be covered by Article 19. Some handbook and manual provisions—for example, much of the M-39, M-41 and ELM—are enforce-able as part of the contract under Article 19. However, certain other USPS publications may not be covered by Article 19 (source: NALC)

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PUB 108, Threat Assessment Team Guide