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Postal Uniforms Information


Work Clothes and Uniforms -ELM 17.6 Chapter 930 (start on page 30 of PDF file)


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TANNER SECURES USPS PROMISE TO CHANGE UNIFORM POLICY-U.S. Rep. John Tanner has been notified that the United States Postal Service has changed its uniform manufacturing policies. Tanner said the change means postal uniforms will be manufactured in the United States, assuring that companies like Fechheimer/Martin Manufacturing will continue to produce USPS uniform items.



Clerks, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle

  • Uniform and Work Clothes Program Allowances for 2006–2011 Under the USPS-APWU National Agreement

    Employees covered under the 2006–2011 United States Postal Service-American Postal Workers Union (USPS-APWU) National Agreement who are eligible to receive annual clothing allowances, as specified in Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) section 932.1, are entitled to an annual allowance increase effective on allowance anni­versary dates occurring on or after November 21, 2006, as follows:

    Regular Uniform Program (ELM 932.11)

    Current Amount

    New Amount

    $414 (first-year employees)




    $161 (first-year employees)




    Work Clothes Program (ELM 932.13) 

    Current Amount

    New Amount

    $68 (Clerical, Motor Vehicle Maintenance)


    $130 (Contract Program – Custodial Maintenance)


    $164 (Contract Program – Vehicle Maintenance)


    All other allowances will be updated as anniversary dates are due. In accordance with the agreement, the next scheduled increase will be on November 21, 2007. Allow­ance increases will be announced in future issues of the Postal Bulletin.

  • Letter Carriers


    Changes to Uniform Program Allowance, 2001-2006
    Employees covered by the 2001-2006 USPS-NALC National Agreement who are eligible to receive annual clothing allowances, as specified in Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) 932, Uniform Requirements, are entitled to an annual uniform allowance increase, effective on those uniform allowance anniversary dates occurring on or after November 21, 2001, as follows:

    • Annual allowance for all eligible employees shall be increased from the present $298 per annum to $328 per annum. (See Article 26, Section 2, Item A.)

    • A newly eligible employee entering the uniform program will receive an additional credit to the employee's allowance of $76 if entitled to $328 per annum. (See Article 26, Section 2, Item B.)

    Transitional Employee (Carrier)

    In the event that the Postal Service requires transitional employees to wear uniform items, local Postal Service management, at its option, may provide such uniform items, which will be returned at the time of separation. For each 3 months of service during the first term of appointment, the transitional employee may be entitled to purchase up to 25 percent of the $277 uniform allowance. The uniform purchases are reimbursed by the Postal Service direct to the vendor. Purchase and payment provisions will continue as previously agreed to by the Postal Service and NALC. (See Article 26, Section 3, Transitional Employee.)

    Employee accounts have been retroactively updated to November 21, 2001, and will continue to be updated as individual employee anniversary dates occur.

    - Labor Relations Policies and Programs,
    Labor Relations, 9-19-02

    Mail Handlers

    Changes to Uniform and Work Clothes Program Allowances 2004-2005

    Effective November 21, 2004 contract  uniform allowance increases to $127 per year and $130 effective November 21, 2005 and the work clothes program allowance to $64 per year effective November 21, 2004 and $65 effective November 21, 2005).

Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) (source Postal Bulletin 1/23/03)

9 Labor Relations

930 Work Clothes and Uniforms

932 Uniform Requirements

932.1 Employees Required to Wear Uniforms and Work Clothes

932.13 Work Clothes

This program is separate from the contract uniform program. It is for employees who are not presently eligible for uniforms or contract uniforms. Affected are certain mail handlers, maintenance employees, motor vehicle employees, and clerical employees involved full time in pouching and dispatching units, Parcel Post sorting units, bulk mail sacking operations, and ordinary paper sacking units:

e. Assigned full time in the specified duty assignment:

[Revise item e (29) to read as follows:]

(29) Maintenance support clerk.

- Labor Relations Policies and Procedures,
Labor Relations, 1-23-03

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