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USPS to spend nearly $120 million to build or modify mail, vehicle facilities

USPS to build new Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) and a new Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF) in Portland Oregon. USPS is also modifying several mail facilities on the East Coast.  Comments (Count)



USPS Reports FY 2016 Second Quarter Results – Operating Profit $1.8 billion without prefunding

The U.S. Postal Service reported operating revenue of $17.7 billion for the second quarter of fiscal year 2016 (January 1, 2016 - March 31, 2016), .


USPS Flats Sequencing System (FSS) locations and number of machines

List of the most current FSS locations and Map of 47 FSS Sites and Number of Machines Comments (Count)


McConnell EEO Class Action case challenging USPS NRP still in limbo - Don’t expect for McConnell…et al  vs USPS to be settled anytime soon  Comments (Count)


NRLCA membership approves new 3-year contract with USPS

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) membership has ratified a new three-year labor contract with the Postal Service. .  Comments (Count)


USPS: Shirley Temple Becomes the 20th Inductee in the Legends of Hollywood Stamp Series



Updated: Saturday | July 30, 2016  


Video: Thirteen postal workers hospitalized with heat related illness at Chicago’s River North Post Office

Ambulances rushed 13 employees at a River North post office to the hospital with heat-related illness Saturday morning (7/30/16) Comments (Count)


APWU: Three New Signoffs in the Clerk Craft

APWU Clerk Craft officers and the Postal Service signed three documents on July 29:  They agreed to a new set of Questions & Answers on the POStPlan, Filling Residual Vacancies, and Travel; signed a Step 4 Settlement on Postal Support Employees (PSEs) staffing Level 4 RMPOs (Remotely Managed Post Offices) working outside their installation, APWU Retirees Wanted for Holiday Work Again This Year -  APWU, USPS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to reemploy retirees as Holiday Career Assistants (HCAs) during the “peak” season.  (7/29/16) Comments (Count)

USPS still undecided on type of vehicles needed for replacement of LLVs

The Postal Service has announced plans to replace its aging Grumman Long Life Vehicle fleet with 180,000 new vehicles over eight years.  Comments (Count)


USPS seeking to expand package sorting capability with Automated Delivery Unit Sorters (ADUS)

The United States Postal Service (Postal Service) has issued a Request for Information (RFI for the purposes of conducting and obtaining market information regarding commercially available Automated Delivery Unit Sorters (ADUS).  Comments (Count)


New York Judge halts retired postal worker’s Trump University lawsuit

A New York judge on Thursday halted a lawsuit by a retired U.S. postal worker who claimed Trump University bilked him out of thousands of dollars  (7/29/16) Comments (Count)


Group Proposes $333 Billion in Cuts to Feds’ Pay and Benefits

Pay cuts, pension elimination and fewer vacation days all suggested. (7/29/16) Comments (Count)

Hacker claims stolen USPS credentials offers access to it servers

The US Postal Service told Tech Insider its corporate information security office would conduct “criminal investigations into these activities.”  (7/26/16) Comments (Count)

Postal Employee charged with helping 8 others in scheme to turn USPS into drug delivery service

Eight -year City Carrier Charged In Manhattan Federal Court With Trafficking Kilograms Of Cocaine Through The U.S. Mail System. (7/26/16)

In the Dog Days of Summer USPS Motor Vehicle Service Drivers Want Air

With temperatures soaring, many Motor Vehicle Service Craft employees have complained about management’s failure to maintain functioning air conditioning systems in their trucks   (7/25/16) Comments (Count)


APWU: President Obama Honors Postal Heritage Day

President Obama in honoring Postal Heritage Day, July 26, writing a tribute to the Postal Service and the workers who carry out its mission. (7/26/16) Comments (Count)


Clinton's Vice Presidential Pick Has a Record of Supporting Federal Employees

Since Sen. Tim Kaine was elected to the Senate in 2012, he has supported proposals to protect the compensation and benefits of federal workers and military families   (7/25/16) Comments (Count)

Postal Inspector charged with soliciting prostitute proceeds with attempt to suppress evidence

On Friday July 22, 2016, the city’s police chief testified Friday that upon being pulled over, a federal postal inspector suspected of hiring a prostitute at a Sycamore spa showed officers his government credentials and asked for a “professional courtesy.” (7/23/16) Comments (Count)

Video: Mail carrier arrested, accused of stalking woman on his route

A local woman says she had to get a protection order to keep the family’s mail carrier away, but despite that, the post office didn’t change his route.  (7/23/16) Comments (Count)

New APWU Pay Rates to Take Effect Aug. 6, Retroactive Pay Expected Nov. 4

According to information provided by the Postal Service, the new pay rates under the new APWU-USPS contract will begin on Aug. 6  (7/20/16) Comments (Count)

Attention Postal Employees: Potential USPS PS Form 2488 EEOC Class Action Certification Survey

Attorney Glenn L. Smith, a longtime advertiser is conducting a survey in order “to determine if there are enough postal employees who were asked to sign a PS Form 2488 or to disclose their medical records  (7/21/16)

Keep promises made to Postal retirees

For postal retirees and survivors who are satisfied with their current coverage, that means another $122 per month or more to keep their current health insurance. This flies in the face of fairness and changes the rules for individuals who do not have the ability to increase their income.Why is Congress forcing this additional cost on postal retirees and their survivors? The answer is unconvincing. The proposal has support because the current system, in which postal retirees have the option of declining Medicare and keeping their current health insurance does not save quite as much money for USPS.  (7/20/16) Comments (Count)






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July 29, 2016

Postal Carrier Sues Over Porch Collapse

Rockford Mail Carrier Retires After 50 Years

Iredell postal workers join Million Mile Club

Update on USPS, Mail Handlers contract negotiations

UPS Reports Strong Second Quarter Results

APWU: New Pay Scales Posted

Intent on faster delivery, Amazon spends heavily

Longtime Athens post office employees retiring

Are you allowed to use those stamps for postage?

Amazon's Profits Grow More Than 800 Percent


July 28, 2016

Many feds face horrible choices in November

USPS in no rush to reopen Texas post offices damaged by floods

Long Career with Postal Service Inspiring a Decatur Man's Music

USPS - 2017 Postal Pricing Considerations
PRC strongly rejects USPS attempt to circumvent the CPI cap through rules changes
ID and mail theft scam impacts at least 20 in New Haven area


July 27, 2016

Fonda, NY woman accused of delivering mail under influence of narcotic

Postal Workers Confront Canada Post

Postal worker feels privileged about career


July 26, 2016

Video: American flag burned at Alabama post office

Video: Miami letter carrier hospitalized after pitbull attack

Mailman OK after driving his truck into a home

Postal workers find ways to stay cool in hot weather

Meet Your Neighbor: Postal worker feels privileged about career

Postal Worker is Caught Being Kind

How GPU-Powered Analytics Improves Mail Delivery for USPS


July 25, 2016

New Contract Now Available Online

Virginia Lawmakers Demand Answers on Long-Term Care Insurance Price Spike

Feds Move Nearly $2 Billion in TSP Savings to Safe, Low-Yield Investments Post-Brexit

USPS: Holiday Window Views Featured on Forever Stamps

Letter carrier saves life of girl, 14, from being choked by 300 pound psychiatric patient

Why Hillary Clinton thinks making the Postal Service a bank too, is a good idea

Ex-Postal Worker Sentenced For Opening Mail From Route

Postal inspector probes theft of birthday money

USPS Supports Proposed Terminal Dues Structure


July 24, 2016

Postal workers meet challenge of delivering kids' postcards


July 23, 2016

Adrift for 19 Months: The U.S. Postal Service

Amazon is planning midnight deliveries for a secret product

Postal Views Podcast #44 (USPS Diplomatic Immunity)


July 22, 2016

Man Fatally Struck by Postal Service Vehicle on Long Island

OIG finds maintenance, safety and security issues in post offices leased by USPS

San Antonio: Mail vandals repeatedly targeting the same subdivision

Mail carriers try to beat the heat

Feces-filled envelope addressed to Hillary, went to inspectors

Plaza mailbox saved for another day

Frustrations grow as local post office falls apart

4 keystones of USPS' reform wish list


July 21, 2016

Prison for postal worker who didn't deliver veteran's drugs

Mail mix-up affecting downtown Seattle businesses

Postmaster raises safety concerns about Wilmore routes

Schumer: Prattsburgh needs a post office

Mail thieves hit southwest Reno community

Video: Lost in the Mail

OIG: Riding the Waves of Postal Digital Innovation

Postmaster raises safety concerns about Wilmore routes

NALC: Celebrate ‘Postal Heritage Day’ on July 26

Opening other people's mail brings prison for Muskegon postal worker
GOP Platform Has Some Bad News for Government Employees
Chaffetz Bill Builds Hope for Postal Reform by Year's End


July 20, 2016

Rumors of Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

Speak Now or Hold Your Peace on Low Postal Rates From China


July 19, 2016

Holland Michigan Man Sentenced For Identity And Mail Theft

Video: Hot Jobs – A day in the life of a mail carrier


Trump’s VP Pick Supports Shrinking the Federal Workforce, Cutting Workers' Bargaining Rights

Federal long-term care premiums rising by triple digits


July 18, 2016

U.S. Postal Inspection Service offers reward after armed robbery of Savannah letter carrier

Northampton MA letter carrier gains Instagram fame

Letter 'To Grandma, From Abby' delivered by determined postal worker

USPS OIG: The Social Medium of Mail

USPS OIG: The  Postal Service and Its User Base (PDF)


July 17, 2016



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