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Updated: Sunday | April 20, 2014  

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Two Men Charged in Robbery and Shooting of Postal Truck Driver in Georgia -  Comments (Count)
USPS lost over $1 billion with prefunding for Jan 2014; operations income $122 million without - . Comments (Count)

North Dakota Senator Asks GAO to Conduct Study on USPS Service Standards

 Comments (Count)

USPS Jobs among list of occupations with bleak future

Overall employment of Postal Service workers is projected to decline 28 percent from 2012 to 2022. Automated sorting systems, cluster mailboxes, and tight budgets will adversely affect employment.   Comments (Count)

Appeals Court Upholds Demotion Of Postal Manager Claiming Whistleblower Retaliation   Comments (Count)

DOL Accuses USPS of Destroying Evidence in Whistleblower Case

 Comments (Count)

UPS sued for overcharging customers and Fedex sued for shipping untaxed cigarettes - Comments (Count)
Postal worker catches twin baby boys tossed from a burning third-floor apartment in Bronx  Comments (Count)

Video: Santa’s Sleigh Delayed After Snags at UPS, FedEx

 Comments (Count)

PRC Approves USPS Request for Exigent Rate Increase; Rejects Permanent Price Increases -  Comments (Count

Editorial: USPS New Night Rider Policy

Comments (Count)


Congresswoman Norton Seeks Answers From PMG On Postal Employees Delivering Mail After Dark -

Inspector general to probe late mail delivery

 Lose a Life to Save a Dollar’  |

Video: USPS Criticized Over Third Mailman Murder Since 2010

Comments (Count)

Amazon and USPS Now Delivering Packages on Sunday

 Comments (Count)


Postal Clerks Suspended For Not Asking Hazmat Question About Perfume?

Comments (Count)


Edmond Walker Class Action EEO Against USPS Settled for $17.25 million

current and former employees in permanent rehabilitation assignments during the period March 24, 2000 to December 31, 2012.   Comments (Count)



How Are BAIN Capital, The Staples CEO, and The USPS All Connected?

New Hampshire Labor News - Senator Bernie Sanders told me and other union members last weekend that if conservative ideologues get control of our government, then the Postal Service would be privatized in five minutes. This privatization will put all postal employees’ jobs/retirements in peril and eliminate our country’s most trusted government service that millions of people depend on. It seems like the USPS – Staples partnership may be the first step toward that outcome.   (4/19/14) Comments (Count)

USPS responds to erroneous report that it hoards ammunition

USPS responds to report(s) that it is stocking up on ammunition. This subject matter has taken on a life of its own. Earlier this year USPS posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website.  The notice simply said that  the "United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition."  (4/18/14) Comments (Count)

New York Congressman to introduce Bill to Force USPS to Halt Sales of Historic Post Offices  - Today the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) issued a scathing report on the actions and processes employed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in selling off their inventory of historic post offices across the country, and made several recommendations to improve the process. One of key recommendations of the report, which was mandated by Congressman José E. Serrano in a recent appropriations bill, called on the USPS to halt all sales of historic properties until the Postal Service has adequately implemented the recommendations in the report. Advisory Council says USPS should suspend any further actions on Historic Post Offices - The report results from congressional concerns that the USPS may not be fully meeting the requirements of Section 106 and other sections of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) when closing and disposing of historic post offices. (4/17/14) Comments (Count)

Minnesota woman sentenced to prison AGAIN for post office bomb threats

The woman pleaded guilty in November 2013. In her plea agreement, she admitted sending the letters to Minnesota post offices. In 2010, she was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for threatening to bomb Minnesota post offices. (4/17/14) Comments (Count)

USPS cancels $3.05 million deal to sell the Half Moon Bay post office

The U.S. Postal Service has canceled a $3.05 million deal to sell the Half Moon Bay branch office to a local art dealer, halting the sale just days before it was to be completed.Postal officials explained they had a change of heart over plans to downsize and rent out a smaller space in the large Half Moon Bay building. Instead they intend to keep the facility along Stone Pine Road as the central distribution hub for the Coastside.  (4/17/14) Comments (Count)

Video: APWU President and Ed Schultz discuss impact of USPS -Staples deal

A new partnership between the U.S. Postal Service and corporate giant Staples could be detrimental to union workers. Ed Schultz and Mark Dimondstein discuss the impact. A New Postal Union Leader Really Doesn't Want Mail Sent From Staples | Postal Union Fights Staples Partnership: 'A Big Step Toward Privatization'  (4/17/14) Comments (Count)

USPS wants to mine and sell data about your mail

 The United States Postal Service is looking to get in on the big-data-for-profit game played by tech giants like Facebook and Google, and begin mining and selling private data gathered from personal mail sent from and received by Americans everywhere.  (4/16/14) Comments (Count)

Panic at the Post Office as Hundreds fail to file tax returns on time

Many expected post offices to stay open until midnight, rather than close at 5pm (4/16/14) Comments (Count)

Postal Unions Alliance sends letter to Issa opposing Obama’s postal reform proposals - The presidents of the four postal employee unions—NALC, APWU, NRLCA and NPMHU—wrote a letter to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) to share the unions’ views on President Obama’s budget proposals for 2015 - APWU: Postal Unions Write to House Committee Leaders  (4/15/14) Comments (Count)

Wisconsin Rural Carrier sentenced to probation for mail theft

One of the victims spoke on the impact of the mail theft. ..The woman explained that she lost her only daughter.  Many of the letters of condolence or sympathy cards that arrived at her home had been opened and resealed, and some cards or letters intended for her that were intercepted by the rural carrier were never delivered. Florida Postal Clerk admits stealing gift cards from mail  (4/15/14) Comments (Count)

Congresswoman Calls on PMG to Correct Problems With New Address Recognition System on Guam - In the wake of numerous complaints from both island residents and businesses, Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo has written to the U.S. Postmaster General calling on him to correct the problems with the Postal Service’s new address recognition system now in effect on Guam.The computerized system now in place has resulted in the return of numerous letters, bills and other documents because the system does not recognize the addresses.- (4/15/14) Comments (Count)

USPS: Travel card payments are employees’ responsibility

Out of half-a-million employees, the actions of a few bad apples can make life difficult for everyone — including the vast majority of employees who have USPS individually billed travel cards and use them responsibly and only for travel-related business purposes.  (4/14/14) Comments (Count)

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Yesteryears: When it came to making post office a welcoming place, veteran clerk delivered
TV Review: ‘Signed, Sealed’ delivers a sweet message



Video: Protesters use postcards to oppose Postal Service’s use of private trucking

To Increase Productivity, UPS Monitors Drivers' Every Move

Video: Rural Postal Problem – 17 families without mail service in Salina, Kansas

Video: Thieves Targeting South Florida Mailboxes for Tax Refunds

Gasoline reported stolen from postal vans in Paris, Texas

Rutland Residents Fight Reduction in Post Office Hours

Canada: Letter carriers ponder life off route 



Anchorage Postal Worker Charged With $334K Workers Comp Fraud

Mississippi Postal Support Employee Indicted for stealing $7,000 in postal funds

Montana postal contractor gets probation for failing to deposit $70K in employee benefit plan

Kentucky postal worker pleads guilty to federal drug and theft charges

Video: Mail Pallets Fall Off Truck In Hollywood



PostalReporter NewsBits – April 17, 2014

Pennsylvania Postmaster Sentenced to House Arrest for theft of $13,255

West Virginia letter carrier rescues woman from creek

California’s only river route floats Delta mail carrier’s boat
Dickinson County residents want mail service restored

Suspect sought in Milwaukee post office robbery

Scammers using fake USPS emails to steal personal information

Nerves on edge in Chattanooga as mystery box stirs fear 

Is 5-Day Delivery USPS's Way of Saying It's Giving Up on Mail?

South Carolina postal employees intercept mail from fraudulent work-at-home scam

Photo: USPS truck promoting Mail Boxes in DC 1916



NNA, mailers group says PRC erred by allowing postal rate increase

Retired postal worker picks $1M winner

Man Finally Receives Postcard Sent in 1940

Florida Postal Clerk admits stealing gift cards from mail

A Post Office Lifer's 7-Point Survival Plan for USPS
Mail Stolen From Postal Boxes On Long Island

Florida letter carrier robbed while delivering mail
Winter postal woes tip of iceberg, residents of Chicago neighborhood say

NY mailman finds man and woman dead in bathtub



USPS testing same-day delivery service in New York

USPS receives this amount of tax dollars

Global Piracy and Counterfeiting Consultants Offers Assistance to USPS to Stop Delivery of Chinese Counterfeit Drugs

PHOTOS: Car knocks over post office van

Pa. man sues U.S. Govt. over accident with USPS worker

USPS Plans to Open Hubs to Retailers Competing with Amazon

When a mail carrier spends too much time on the cellphone

Mysterious postcard becomes window into past

Postal service might end in one Cape community 

Crime alert: Don't click on e-mail about a package for you

Post offices: No extended hours for April 15's Tax Day 



Man sentenced to 24 years for assaulting and robbing postal worker.

Chicago Airport backlog causing delays in mail sent to service members overseas

Deadly Letters: Connecticut Woman, 94, An Unlikely Victim Of 2001 Anthrax Mail Attacks

Southern California letter carrier arrested for Workers’ Comp fraud

Pit bull attacks prompt debate over breed's safety

Second suspect under arrest in Virginia mailbox break-in case
Why not add banking to the postal service?
Netflix Postal Advantage Comes to an End

Guam: Many Complain of Returned Mail After USPS Stops Manual Sorting at Barrigada Main Facility



Lower Pay Rates Are Boosting USPS's Finances
Dead Tree Edition - Partly because of a shift to lower-paid employees, the U.S. Postal Service experienced a rare improvement in its business last year, according to a Postal Regulatory Commission analysis. But the PRC warned that USPS is still on shaky ground – losing money for the seventh year in a row, short on cash, and unable to borrow money or invest in new equipment. In other words, the good ship Postal Service is still sinking, but it’s not taking on quite as much water as it used to.   Comments (Count)


Tax returns go from post office to digital

ACHP to report on disposal of historic post offices this week; the sales go on



Maine Congressman Calls on House Speaker to Bring Postal Reform Bill to Floor after Recess Rep. Michaud has sent a letter to the Speaker urging him to take action following the April recess. If Speaker Boehner refuses to act, postal facility hours will be cut, service standards will be reduced, and thousands of postal jobs will be lost. NAPUS: Issa to Introduce President Obama’s Postal Proposal  Comments (Count)


California: USPS wants to consolidate bulk mailing services Rancho Palo Verdes

Oregon: Eugene postal worker sues over attack by 'abnormally dangerous' dog

Insights from Postal Vision 2020

Goldway Says USPS Dissed Mailers With Load Leveling 

FedEx Truck Hits Bus, Kills 10 in California

Consumers Expect the USPS to Deliver



9 Arrests to Date in 2010 murder and robbery of Florida letter carrier

Parton was a Letter Carrier at Miami’s Norland Post Office in northern Miami-Dade County. A 30-year veteran, Parton was murdered on December 6, 2010, while delivering... Pikerson Mentor shot Parton and took his arrow key  Comments (Count)


Video: Chicago Postal Worker Who Sorted Mail on Trains Retires After 61 years

He's had one of the longest careers in the U.S. Postal Service, but after 61 years, Chicagoan Robert Neumann is retiring.A party was held in his honor Friday at Chicago's main post office. When he began his career, a postal stamp cost 3 cents.  Comments (Count)


Help Save Our Historic Post Offices

Many of these post office buildings boast art from our finest New Deal artists. Our taxpayer dollars paid for this art that shows the personality and heritage of our communities…Art that chronicles our journey…Art to inform and enrich this generation and every generation yet to come  Art that belongs to the people. Comments (Count)


Who’s winning the shipping war? Infographic Shipping Comparison – USPS vs UPS vs. FedEx Stamps.com recently compiled an infographic revealing new data on how UPS, FedEx and the USPS compare in package tracking events, delivery times and overall costs. Stamps.com staff shipped 144 packages to all eight shipping zones across the U.S. from three separate locations.   Comments (Count)


Charlton Heston Immortalized on Forever Stamp

Harvey Milk Forever Stamp to be Dedicated at White House May 22

Alaska: Postmaster couple retire

Postal Union Chief: Think of USPS as Asset, Not a Cost Center

PRC Chair Urges Postal Service to Tap Its Human Capital

Postal Service is profitable, doesn't need to cut services

U.S. Postal Service selling out workers and… America

Car Crashes Through Fence at Farmington Post Office



APWU: Local 'Staples Protests' Growing in California and Atlanta

Dozens of locals, state organizations and retiree chapters are preparing for the April 24 National Day of Action to protest the Postal Service’s sweetheart deal with Staples, which puts “postal” counters in the office supply stores — and staffs them with low-wage Staples employees. But APWU members in California and Georgia, two of the four trial areas for the program, have already organized dozens of protests — and their ranks are growing. Video Highlights Chicago APWU Members ‘Stop Staples’ Protest  Comments (Count)


UPS re-hires 250 drivers who were terminated for protesting co-worker’s firing

The deal rescinds the termination notices given to 250 Queens drivers after they walked out for 90 minutes on Feb. 26 to protest the firing of longtime driver Jairo Reyes, a union activist. Reyes also gets his job back   Comments (Count)


Advice From a TSP Millionaire – Retirement Planning

Cops: NY postal worker sold marijuana from mail truck at post office

UPS re-hires 250 drivers who were axed for protesting co-worker’s firing

APWU plans San Ramon protest over Postal Service 'privatization'

Oregon: A Changing of the Guard at NALC 

USPS owes us an explanation

Postal Service is profitable, doesn't need to cut services 

In Defense of the United States Postal Service

Going Postal: Stamp Collecting Leads to Unexpected Places

Post office stops delivery on 'unsafe' Ashburnham street

California: Postal Workers Union to Protest 'Privatization of U.S. Postal Service' this Week



USPS load leveling plan takes effect April 10

Implementation of load leveling means that DSCF Standard Mail, when accepted on Fridays and Saturdays, will have a delivery expectation of up to 4 days.Comments (Count)


South Carolina Postal Worker pleads guilty to stealing Secret Service mail

A 46-year-old former postal worker has pleaded guilty to taking counterfeit bills from the Secret Service and spending it on drugs, among other things.   Comments (Count)


Government's Credential Exchange, Hosted by USPS, to Go Live Soon

Obese Feds Will Now Have Their Diet Pills Covered

Could Social Media Help Catch Abuse of Disability Benefits?

Northern California man arrested after run-in with postal employee

Letter: This might explain why Postal Service is hurting

Finally, a Direct Mail Feelgood Story

Arson fire disrupts service at Texas post office
Condo residents targeted by mail thieves twice in 1 month




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