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USPS OIG evaluation of Window Retail Customer Service

Between FYs 2012 and 2013, an increasing number of customers expressed dissatisfaction with the service they receive at retail facilities.  Comments (Count)


ABM Security challenging USPS $250 million contracts awarded to Command Security Corporation - CSC’s record of integrity and business ethics should render the company ineligible for award of the USPS contract.  (FAA).  Comments (Count)


USPS seeks to overturn OSHA citation, penalties in heat-related death of Missouri letter carrier - USPS is asking a federal court to review and set aside the final order of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC)  Comments (Count)


USPS awards contract for maintenance management worth up to $450 million -The contract was awarded to Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (JLL), located in Chicago, IL. The initial contract is for a two (2)-year base period and up to four (4) – two (2) year renewal option periods. The initial contract is estimated at $45,000,000 per year


USPS Re-Issues Policy on Oakland Postal Employees Calling 911 in Emergency

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit had confirmed that the policy at the Oakland distribution facility does in fact dictate that in the event of a medical emergency, an employee must find a supervisor, who must contact the postal police and ask them to call 911.  Comments (Count)


USPS explanation of the Network Rationalization Service Standard Impacts . Video: USPS to Begin Cuts in Service Monday  Comments (Count)
USPS 911 Policy may have caused critical delays in death of Oakland Postal Worker - (Oakland, CA) No one saw how postal ckerj, was injured but coworkers later said they found him lying on his back, barely conscious.   Comments (Count)
Senator Sanders: New PMG pursued damaging proposals to cut services and eliminate jobs - “Despite increased revenues and some very positive trends, Postal Service management seems hell-bent on slowing down mail delivery    Comments (Count)
USPS Q & A on cyber intrusion and employee data compromise -Why were employees not told of the breach immediately after it was discovered? Comments (Count)


Updated:  Thursday | February 26, 2015  


Judge orders Postal Service to pay damages to whistleblower

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) sued the United States Postal Service (USPS) for retaliating against a Safety Specialist at the Seattle, Washington Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) (2/26/15) Comments (Count)

2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated February 20, 2015

USPS repeats changes for Fayetteville, NC P & DC and Fayetteville, NC Annex consolidation schedule date “To Be Determined” (TBD) and Beaumont, TX from April to TBD.  Also included is the list of plants scheduled for closure /consolidation in April 2015.  (2/26/15) Comments (Count)

USPS reports $195 Million Operating Profit for January 2015 – YTD $1.325 Billion

First-Class Mail volume was up by 1.4 percent, Shipping & Packages volume was up by 5.4 percent, and Standard Mail volume was down by 3.3 percent (all compared to the same month last year).  (2/26/15) Comments (Count)

USPS Re-Issues 911 Policy

As PostalReporter reported in January, USPS changed its 911 policy at the Oakland mail processing facility after an NBC Bay Area investigation exposed the rules that may have caused critical delays in a life and death situation. NBC Bay Area reports the story that aired February 25, 2015  (2/26/15) Comments (Count)

Did nerve gas sicken Orlando postal worker?

A former U.S. Postal Service supervisor who says he was exposed to toxic chemicals from a package at an Orlando facility in 2011 could lose his fight for answers at a hearing Thursday,   (2/25/15)

Postal Worker convicted of union embezzlement now charged with mail theft

A Westmoreland County postal worker previously convicted of union embezzlement is now charged with mail theft.  (2/25/15)

PRC Approves USPS First-Class Mail Price Adjustments

Today the Postal Regulatory Commission issued Order No. 2365­­­­­­ on Price Adjustments for First-Class Mail finding the Postal Service pricing proposals to be consistent with the Consumer Price Index.  (2/24/15) Comments (Count)

Another Baltimore Postal worker charged with delivering weed packages to same drug dealers

A CCA since 2014 was charged with bribery and participating in a pot-dealing conspiracy—the same conspiracy in which another 21 year city letter carrier, was charged last year. The city letter carrier worked at the same station where a postal manager was convicted last year of  bribery.   (2/24/15) Comments (Count)

Determined South Dakota resident calls foul on Postal Service and wins

A well-researched complaint by a curious Newell resident could save her and some of her neighbors from paying a fee for getting mail. As a result of Anna Hermanson's diligence, the U.S. Postal Service has backtracked on a policy that required some Newell residents without mailboxes to rent a post office box. .   (2/23/15) Comments (Count)

USPS: Some Mail Deliveries may be affected by winter storm in Dallas-Fort Worth area

U.S. Postal Service employees in facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan and Texas Panhandle areas affected by severe winter weather will be working around-the-clock to process and deliver mail. Video: Winter weather causes mail delays, injuries to 6 Nashville carriers  (2/23/15)

What Postal Services Do People Value the Most?

The OIG has conducted a nationally representative quantitative survey on the relative value of some key services provided as part of the universal service obligation (USO).   (2/23/15) Comments (Count)

Contract Negotiations Begin: At Opening Session, APWU Breaks with Tradition

Contract negotiations between the American Postal Workers Union and the U.S. Postal Service got underway on Feb. 19 with a dramatic break with tradition. Joining the APWU at the opening session were actor-activist Danny Glover and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (2/19/15) Comments (Count)


Video: Danny Glover fights to save US Postal Service

U.S. Postal Workers gained a star partner in their fight to save the national mail carrying institution.   (2/19/15) Comments (Count)


USPS, Shame on you!

Shame on you, Mr. Postmaster General, for doing everything you can to convince Congress and the media that we are a company on the verge of going broke, with an overpaid workforce and a “failing business model,” as you put it. Shame on you for trying to eliminate Saturday delivery, then agreeing to deliver parcels on Sunday, sending a mixed message to the public and our mailers. Shame on you for telling us on employee videos what a great job we’re doing, then trashing us to everyone else behind our backs.  (2/19/15) Comments (Count)


Postal Employee Salary Database Updated 2015

Postal Employees Names, Salaries, Position, Date Hired And Work Facility (2/16/15)


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February 26,  2015

Woman charged with battery after pushing postal worker for late mail

How this winter is challenging your mail carrier

Neighborhood frustrated after three months of no mail delivery


February 25,  2015

The Root profiles pioneering mail carrier Mary Fields aka “Stagecoach Mary”

U.S. Postal Service investigates missing mail in Uncasville

Unusual parcel asks postal workers to snap pictures for art project

Newly hired Ohio letter carrier accused of using, selling drugs on the job

How Waffle House Could Replace Your Post Office


February 24,  2015

New York state and NYC sue United Parcel Service (UPS) for illegally shipping untaxed cigarettes

Legal battles over Berkeley’s main Post Office continue
Mail theft on the rise in one Seattle neighborhood

The dead letter office endures in the digital age


February 23,  2015

Photo: Mail truck catches fire in Walnut Creek CA

Homestead man sues U.S. after being struck by mail truck

USPS: Maya Angelou to be honored on forever stamp

Postal Vehicle Catches Fire In Lexington, Kentucky

Retired postal worker can't get response from OPM or Congressman over pension

Napans 'bomb' post office with love

Kentucky: USPS hopes to make 'all' deliveries Monday


February 22,  2015

Video: Sluggish mail delivery angers Kentucky residents

USPS Vehicle Catches Fire in Sandwich MA

Post office not a game for those affected by cuts

USPS says road conditions have delayed 18,000 Louisville deliveries

Kathie Renken retires as Bakersfield postmaster


February 21,  2015

Postal service says Akron mail-sorting operation to close in April

How to deliver internal training videos to Postal Workers

Berkeley: Suits test whether postal service must follow some preservation laws

Alliance Objects to Nonprofit Postal Discrimination

Roof collapse closes post office in Massachusetts

Postal Carrier Accused of Throwing Out Mail in Connecticut

Newspapers to get postal decrease


February 20,  2015

DOL criminal enforcement actions against postal union officers

Former postal worker indicted


February 19,  2015

Hackers scam California attorney out of $289,000 using USPS email address

The scam started with Feb. 9 email that appeared to be from the postal service, from an email address ending in usps.gov   Comments (Count)



Former rural carrier sentenced to probation for stealing credit cards from mail along his route

USPS Goof Gives Publishers a Break on Postal Rates

Truth about the Postal Service - by NALC President Rolando via The Dodgeville Chronicle

USPS travel cards to become safer, more secure

As temps go down, mail carriers layer up

Boca Raton: Postal employee bandits strike again

No mail for a week in one Amherst neighborhood

Southfield, MI residents report mail mystery


February 18,  2015

USPS and Postal Inspection Service team up to educate consumers about scams targeting older Americans

Mail theft continues to be a problem for neighborhoods with cluster mailboxes

Ukiah tries again to bring back post office mural

Former Pines postal facility up for sale


February 17,  2015

Tweets from the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers covering today’s MTAC meeting

Consumers not aware of postal service standards but do notice consistent delivery time each day
USPS COO Dave Williams says first class 3-5 day Q1 service performance down to 91.84%. 
Comments (Count)


Postal Workers and USPS to Open Contract Negotiations Thurs. Feb. 19

In a First, Union to Put Issues Such as Postal Banking, Expanded Hours and Additional Customer Services on the Bargaining Table  Comments (Count)


USPS looking for Postal Employees to appear in upcoming TV ad

Postal Service employees are invited to audition for a TV commercial that will debut in the spring. No prior acting experience is required. 


PMG names Linda Malone as USPS Network Operations VP

She will report to Chief Operating Officer David Williams, who previously held the position.


2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated February 13, 2015  

USPS changes Fayetteville, NC P & DC and Fayetteville, NC Annex consolidation schedule date


Mail truck overturns in Arizona; neighbors say speed an issue

Lake Forest, Il mail theft investigation continues as second person reports problems

USPS OIG Phase 2 Audit: Postal Inspection Service Mail Covers Program

USPS may finally close Stewart plant in July


February 16,  2015

OIG White Paper: USPS financial condition, higher postage rates due to prefunding - Be Careful What You Assume: Postal Service closer to being fully funded, or potentially overfunded. In the past 8 years, the Postal Service’s financial condition has significantly worsened from making large prefunding payments for retiree health care. Postal Service customers were charged for increased postage, in part, because of these prefunding requirements. The Postal Service’s research and development and infrastructure maintenance were poorly funded because of its financial condition.  Comments (Count)


Postal Employee Salary Database Updated 2015

Postal News Recap – February 16, 2015

New York: Postal carriers brave bitter cold to deliver

Posts or puzzles, mail carrier has a way with letters

Sale of Historic Princeton Post Office Moves Forward


February 15,  2015

USPS Struggles With Wave of New Hires

The U.S. Postal Service’s shift to a lower-paid workforce comes with a steep price. By the agency’s own admission, the hiring of more non-career employees has led to lower productivity, worse service, higher injury and turnover rates, and increased investment in new training programs. USPS has historically been staffed by long-serving employees, but currently 103,000-plus employees -- one of every six active postal workers -- has been with the agency less than a year. That's triple the newbie rate of just four years ago.  Comments (Count)


PMG Brennan delivers first video message

USPS will repurpose space to support its growing shipping services and invest in new package-sorting equipment and vehicles.  Comments (Count)


Congresswoman Kaptur statement on closing of Toledo USPS sorting facility

The Board of Governors of the Postal Service, and certain Members of Congress, are responsible for this latest blow to the Postal Service in our community and region. For too long, the Board has not been acting in our nation’s best interests. Many recent Board appointees hold private interests that conflict with the time-tested public service interests of the Postal Service mandate to deliver affordable universal service to all Americans equally.  Comments (Count)


South Bend USPS distribution center starting transition to consolidate with Fort Wayne's center

If you think walking in Boston is bad, try delivering mail there

GM, FCA Reportedly Interested In Making New US Postal Service Vehicle

Postal Workers Deliver Mail During Storm


February 14,  2015

San Jose Mailman Who Dumped Mail in Trash Resigns

Duluth postal center moves toward closure

Mounds neighborhood could lose mail delivery due to treacherous roads


February 13,  2015

USPS network outage causing possible security and financial problems for postal clerks - USPS reported earlier today that some Post Offices are experiencing system outages. But USPS is facing a much bigger problem if POS systems are out in most of the post offices.  Comments (Count)


USPS says network back to normal after outage

The U.S. Postal Service says it’s fixed the electronic glitch that had disrupted some services


USPS network outage affecting some post offices

Some Postal Service information technology applications continue to be non-functional today following yesterday’s unplanned network outage.  eBay Sellers Concerned Over USPS National Outage  Comments (Count)


First Class Mail Taking Days Longer

Postal routing makes Tamaroa water bills up to two weeks late

Video: U.S. Postal Museum Features Stories of Slave-Carried Mail

Postal Worker Helps Save Man's Life

Postal Workers Stage Ongoing Protest at Antioch Staples

San Jose Postal Worker trashed Mail

The push for postal banking is headed to the bargaining table

Section 106, Protective Covenants, and Sale of Historic Post Offices

Postal Inspection Service Mail Covers Program Phase 2


February 12,  2015

64 National Organizations Launch ‘Grand Alliance’ to Save Our Public Postal Service - On Feb. 12, 2015, more than 60 national organizations joined forces to launch A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service. The debut of the Alliance included the premiere of a video featuring actor-activist Danny Glover, the creation of a new website, and many messages on social media. NALC joins ‘Grand Alliance’ to Save Our Public Postal Service Comments (Count)


USPS Contracting Officer and Contractor Charged with Bribery Scheme in Connection with Awarding of Mail Delivery Contracts - A former U.S. Postal Service contracting officer, along with a mail delivery contractor, were indicted today for engaging in a scheme to defraud the Postal Service through bribery and kickbacks in connection with the awarding of contracts to deliver the mail.    Comments (Count)


U. S. Senate in no hurry to fill 6 vacancies on USPS Board of Governors

In December 2014 ,Senator Tom Carper urged his colleagues to confirm all USPS BOG nominations. Now there are 6 vacancies and 2 members serving with expired terms.  Comments (Count)


Man charged with stealing, crashing unlocked Postal Service truck in Barrow

New Zealand Post cuts deliveries to three days a week

U.S. Postal Service to seek bids on next delivery vehicle


February 11,  2015

APWU: MVS Continues the Fight for Administrative, Technical Jobs

The union is pursuing our demand that management create at least 60 new administrative and technical duty assignments in the Motor Vehicle Service Craft, as required by the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Four years after signing the CBA, the USPS still has not created the positions. Comments (Count)


Customers upset with area post office for unpredictable midday closures

Several customers in the Northland are angry after learning a post office is closing during the day, in the middle of listed hours.


Zero tolerance: USPS promotes threat-free workplace

The Postal Service is committed to fostering a positive and safe work environment that’s free of threats, fear and violence for every employee.  Comments (Count)


Two postal workers robbed at gunpoint

Two postal workers say they were robbed early Wednesday morning at a United States Postal Service processing center.  Comments (Count)


Postal pioneer: Jackie Strange, first woman DPMG, dies

Anthem data breach: Some members’ personal information compromised

Mail delivery halted at apartment complex over security issue

Snow banks create challenges for mail carriers

North Dakota: In-Town Mail Delivery Begins With 45 cluster mail boxes

Snow piles affecting mail delivery

Jalopnik: The Weirdest Postal Vehicles  |  Photo archive:  Postal Jeep Hot Rod

Seeing Double: Post office twins provide stellar service with a smile

Can the Postal Service still cling to the hope that people want paper bills?

Woman claims postal worker ran over dog and kept driving

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Federal Disability Retirement - Robert R. McGill

California Federal And Postal Attorneys, MSPB, EEOC

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