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Michigan APWU Local 300 President Charged With One Count of Embezzling $6,720

USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information

 The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


Former Postal Supervisor heads to federal prison for theft

A former supervisor with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been ordered to federal prison following his conviction of theft of money from the government, .  Comments (Count)


USPS reverses Craft Determination decision for SPSS operations from Mail Handlers to Clerk Craft

On August 7, 2015, the USPS notified the NPMHU of their decision to reverse the craft determination for operation of the Small Parcel Sorting System (SPSS).   (8/8/15) Comments (Count)


Video: How Amazon Convinced USPS to Work on Sundays - Or How another competitor profits off of USPS The U.S. Postal Service has become an extension of Amazon and is courting other e-commerce giants    Comments (Count)


Postal Inspector Supervisor pleads guilty to stealing Playboys, pills, drug trafficking

A U.S. supervisory postal inspector once named a federal employee of the year pleaded guilty y to stealing mail containing prescription Comments (Count)


Rural Carrier arrested after trespassing, wearing resident’s high-heel boots

Dover police said they arrested a postal worker after a resident saw the trespasser in her home on a surveillance video walking through the house and wearing her woman's high heel boots. Comments (Count)



USPS new Delivery Management System (DMS) tracks location of letter carriers

Should a carrier deviate from his or her designated geographic zone during street delivery, an alert is sent to the supervisor in an email or text message.  Comments (Count)


USPS Issues Primary Craft Determination: Mail Handlers to Perform Duties Associated with SPSS Operation Union received the Postal Service’s determination of craft jurisdiction for employees operating the Small Parcel Sorter System (SPSS)
Obama, GOP pushing cuts to Workers’ Comp for Federal and Postal Workers President Obama’s administration, with support from House Republicans, is pushing reductions to workers’ compensation for federal employees
Washington State Letter Carrier saves mail before truck goes up in flames A letter carrier saved the mail in her truck after it caught fire

Video: Mail Carrier delivers package by throwing it over 12 foot fence – TWICE!

The store was closed so the mail carrier decides to toss the package over a 12 ft. fence.

APWU: Behind the Scenes, Corporations Influence USPS Policy

Many of the most significant changes that have negatively affected the Clerk Craft and the Postal Service are the result of recommendations made by a little-known group that operates behind the scenes at USPS headquarters – the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee, or MTAC  (5/17/15)   Comments (Count).


House Oversight Chairman requests info on assets, revenue for USPS “package delivery” products

GOP Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz seeks information from USPS about competitive product assets, revenue, service performance and other materials. Comments (Count)


Pacific Area Cancels Most Involuntary Reassignments

Area postal officials have issued the Region written and verbal notice canceling most of the “excessing” impacts scheduled for implementation in California in April and July of this year  Comments (Count)


House passes budget targeting postal, federal workers

the House of Representatives approved a budget bill that targets the earned health and retirement benefits of postal and federal employees. Comments (Count)


APWU files National Dispute over USPS removing scheme qualifications

The APWU takes the position that the notification dated February 20,2015 is a unilateral action in violation of the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Comments (Count)


USPS will no longer require ‘scheme qualifications’ on postal clerk bid duty assignments

This is due to the continuing reduction in mail volumes requiring manual scheme knowledge. Furthermore, eliminating scheme qualifications on Clerk bid duty assignments will reduce the substantial annual costs for scheme training. Comments (Count)


USPS, Shame on you!

Shame on you, Mr. Postmaster General  Comments (Count)


USPS OIG evaluation of Window Retail Customer Service

Between FYs 2012 and 2013, an increasing number of customers expressed dissatisfaction with the service they receive at retail facilities.  Comments (Count)


Updated: Friday | August 28, 2015  


Senator Sanders urges Postmaster General to reinstate overnight mail delivery - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sent a letter today to Postmaster General Megan Brennan urging the Postal Service to reinstate overnight mail delivery standards in light of a recent report finding significant delays in the delivery of mail.    (8/26/15) Comments (Count)
USPS kicks off Q4 2015 with boosts in shipping revenue, employee workhours increase  (8/25/15)
APWU files National Dispute over primary duties of Small Parcel Sorting System (SPSS) The APWU maintains that the SPSS is involved in mail processing and/or distribution of mail and this work and the essential allied work is the work of the Clerk Craft.   (8/25/15) Comments (Count)

USPS responds to Washington wildfires

The record-breaking wildfires roiling Washington state prompted about a dozen Post Offices to adjust operations last week   (8/26/15)

Video: Pecos TX Postmaster Accused of Racial Discrimination

A group of U.S. Postal Service mail carriers accused a Pecos postmaster of racial discrimination, civil rights advocates and union leaders said.  (8/25/15) Comments (Count)

USPS Third-quarter report highlights new vehicles, equipment The Postal Service has approved investments of more than $1.5 billion since last October, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett reports in his latest “Dollars and Change.  (8/24/15)
USPS PROPOSES ACCOUNTING CHANGE THAT MAY EFFECT THE FINANCIAL EVALUATION OF THE IMPACT ASSOCIATED WITH POStPLAN On August 12, the Postal Service asked the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to begin a proceeding to change the way in which the agency accounts for certain costs associated with POStPlan-impacted small and rural post offices.  (8/24/15)
APWU, USPS Resolve Dispute Over Commercial Driver’s License Training (CDL) The APWU and USPS agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding re: Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Training for Automotive Mechanics and Technicians on Aug 18, Motor Vehicle Service Craft Director Michael O. Foster has announced.  (8/24/15)
USPS looking to rent package-delivery vans for holiday season The US Postal Service has issued a solicitation seeking contractors to rent vans and minivans for use in delivering packages during holiday season. Last year USPS spent approximately $712,000 to rent the same type of vehicles  (8/24/15) Comments (Count)
Congressman takes complaints of slow mail delivery to U.S. postmaster; days later, his town hall invites get delayed Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska recently sent a letter to the U.S. postmaster sharing Nebraskans’ grievances over slow mail delivery, including overdue charges because of late credit card payments and delayed arrival of prescription drugs.Then, just days later, Fortenberry found himself with a major snail mail gripe of his own.   (8/24/15) Comments (Count)
Senator Heitkamp Urges Study of Rural Postal Service and High-Speed Internet Access - Cuts to the U.S. Postal Service Have Disproportionately Hurt North Dakota’s Rural Communities, Where Reliable Mail and Internet Are Critical  (8/21/15) Comments (Count)
USPS to review government email use for infidelity site Ashley Madison - The U.S. Postal Service and its internal watchdog plan to review whether or not some of the agency's employees may have violated federal policies by using their government email on the infidelity website Ashley Madison.  (8/20/15) Comments (Count)
Postal Carrier Required To Remove Rebel Flag From SUV After Resident Complains - After a resident submitted a complaint, a postal carrier oin North Carolina is no longer flying a small Confederate battle flag while delivering mail,   (8/21/15) Comments (Count)
Two PMRs from same post office charged with stealing over $110,000 - Two former postal workers in Anaktuvuk Pass have been separately indicted by a federal grand jury in Anchorage for a combined total of 68 counts of misappropriating postal funds. Postal Supervisor charged with stealing over $15,000 from NAPS in Fairbanks AK (8/20/15) Comments (Count)
Video: Last Man Standing – Politics paralyzes USPS Board of Governors - Several ideas have surfaced to improve the postal service’s bottom line, but the board which oversees its operations is essentially paralyzed. The problem is political. (8/20/15) Comments (Count)
EEOC: USPS must provide ‘reasonable accommodation’ to postal employees with diabetes - In 2013, USPS agreed to adhere to provisions by the EEOC regarding reasonable accommodation of diabetic employees. But this EEO case shows not all postal officials got the memo. (8/19/15) Comments (Count)
Video: Man Spots Postal Service Driver Texting While Driving in Rush Hour Traffic - A driver in Jamaica, Queens witnessed danger on the road during rush hour on Monday morning. “This guy is texting while driving a truck. (8/20/15) Comments (Count)
APWU: Hearing on USPS-Staples Deal Dominated by Legal Wrangling - A hearing on charges that the Postal Service illegally subcontracted work to Staples was dominated by procedural wrangling on Aug. 17 and 18.   (8/18/15) Comments (Count)

New FEHB option available to employees this year

You’ll have a new option when choosing your health coverage during this year’s open season: Self Plus One.  (8/17/15) Comments (Count)






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August 28, 2015

Hidden Treasures: The New Deal post office art of Palm Beach County

USPS wants to go high-tech without losing jobs

NJ police say heroin-using postal carrier had 1,000 undelivered pieces of mail in car

Crozet Post Office Dealing With Decrease in Electricity

The Delivery Revolution in Your Neighborhood

Post Office Delays? We Want to Hear From You


August 27, 2015

Motorist sues Postal Service, driver over alleged injuries after accident


August 26, 2015

Former U.S.postal exec gets CEO gig at Sarasota business

TSP’s F Fund Spikes Amid Market Turbulence

Postmaster threatened by callers

Postal Service data shows decline in vacant Detroit addresses

Postman Rovella's long career is in the bag

Postmaster threatened by callers

Canada: Postal Workers Upset About Location of New Super Mailbox

Police work with USPS to investigate mail and parcel thefts

The mail keeps arriving late, and it isn't even meeting the Postal Service's lower standards

USPS Official: First Priority With Internet of Things is Cost Cutting

Postal driver charged after hitting cop training for charity ride

Mail delivery restored after Postal Service tried to have cluster boxes installed


August 25, 2015

Ex-Postal Service Employee Indicted for Workers Comp Fraud

Postal Truck hits off duty police officer riding bicycle

Video: Kurten, TX Residents Frustrated After Post Office Abruptly Closes

Video: Post office holds couple’s mail after chihuahua complaint


August 24, 2015

Post office property needs a cleanup

Postal Service to deliver Amazon packages on Sundays, holidays

USPS officials to gather comments on proposed closure of Corpus Christi center


August 23, 2015

Former oil industry manager finds peace as a letter carrier

Postal service in NY stamped with rash of carrier crimes


August 22, 2015

Kurten TX Post Office closed after building deemed uninhabitable

USPS restricts mail services in new neighborhood

Packages could one day be delivered by unicycle drones

Beverly Hills Post Office 90210 service disrupted again

NALC: 6th Contract COLA: $0


August 21, 2015

USPS reviews 5,000 more post offices for reduced hours

Post office where brown recluse spiders found is reopening

Minnesota postal worker allegedly stealing mail

Fairbanks Mail Clerk Indicted for Stealing Mail

82 yr. old former Alabama attorney pulled gun on postal worker, used racial slur after road rage


Video: Armed man robs Northeast Philadelphia post office

Michigan APWU Local 300 President Charged With One Count of Embezzling $6720


August 20, 2015

Erasing History at USPS

Video: USPS Impersonator and Accomplice Hold Up Family In Texas

Video: For Spartanburg SC Neighborhood, Getting Mail Is A Struggle


August 19, 2015

USPS proposing to eliminate 3 clerk positions at busy Decatur Post Office

Four charts explain the Postal Service’s financial struggles

Business as Usual at Santa Fe Post Office

USPS worker drives 30 years without an accident

Delivery Driver Saves Mail From Burning Truck

Here's how the Post Office is taking on UPS, FedEx and Amazon

Minnesota postal worker allegedly stealing mail
Alaska Mail Clerk Indicted for Stealing Mail

DeKalb Watershed says Theft from post office mailboxes increasing in Moorpark

USPS glitch caused water bills not to be delivered
Retired postal worker warns of scam
Where did the principle of secrecy in correspondence go?

USPS Is Open To Delivering Anything To Raise Cash
Postal Service Increasing Same-Day Delivery to Compete
'Let's End De Facto Rate Increases,' Mailers Plead
If you like your post office, can you keep your post office?
Late Deliveries Raise Concerns of Mailers
The Mailbox Incident and Political Anger
Bezos says Amazon's drones will be as common as mail trucks
Louisiana woman fights to get dogs back after attack on mail carrier
Jenny Come Lately
Junk mail: the bulk of it
USPS thinks political candidates are first class, sees voters as bulk mail
When No Postal Rate Increase Is a Bad Thing
Postal service needed in rural areas


August 18, 2015

Postal Worker Killed On The Job In Two-Vehicle Accident

U.S. Rural Mail Carrier Killed On The Job In Western Kentucky  Comments (Count)


Video: San Francisco Postal Worker can’t work after police officer error on ticket -The ABC7 News I-Team investigates how a long-time driver for the U.S. Postal Service can't work, because a police officer got one number wrong on the ticket he gave her.  Comments (Count)


USPS, Mail Handlers Union reach agreement on procedures to fill residual vacancies


New York based Law Firm Files Class Action Against OPM for “Most Devastating” Cyber Attack


Postal Support Employee charged with mail theft

Video: Residents worried about mail thefts in North Las Vegas

Video: Hot jobs: Heavy bags, long walks, high heat for letter carriers


Postal News Recap – USPS database, New FEHB option, mail carrier uninjured wearing seat belt and more


August 17, 2015

New FEHB option available to employees this year

You’ll have a new option when choosing your health coverage during this year’s open season: Self Plus One.  Comments (Count)


Former New Mexico Postmaster gets probation for stealing over $450,000 in postal funds - Former Postmaster of Capitan Post Office Sentenced for Federal Embezzlement Conviction   Comments (Count)


USPS responds to error-riddled article by Americans for Tax Reform - The entire piece is based on a competitor-funded paper fraught with errors about the financial status of the Postal Service that the Americans for Tax Reform organization unquestioningly parrots. Comments (Count)


Elvis stamp sends wrong message to youth
The relationship of USPS lease costs and lessor location


August 16, 2015

Bronx Post Office Remains Closed After Testing Positive For Legionella Bacteria


Nemacolin post office closing puzzles residents

Postal Views Podcast #5


August 15, 2015

USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information

 The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


Delegation from A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service meets with Postmaster General

Mail Carrier wearing a seat belt uninjured in rollover accident

Postal Worker convicted of Workers Comp, OPM disability retirement fraud

Could ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ be the next US blockbuster stamp issue?
Letter Carrier who stole money from greeting cards put on probation

USPS thinks political candidates are first class, sees voters as bulk mail


August 14, 2015

USPS OIG: Substantial Increase in Delayed Mail after service standard revisions - The purpose of USPS OIG alert is to immediately address the timeliness of mail processing following the January 5, 2015, service standard revisions. Mail was not being processed timely throughout the country.  Comments (Count)


NPMHU files lawsuit against USPS, APWU over SPSS craft determination reversal - NPMHU says mail handlers as a result of the Postal Service contract violations have suffered and will continue to suffer substantial injuries.  Comments (Count)


Former Mail Carrier still pushing for USPS to approve redesigned Uniforms, launches

petition - A former postman is looking for a stamp of approval from the U.S. Postal Service when it comes to updating the agency’s uniforms.  Comments (Count)


Former Postal Supervisor heads to federal prison for theft

A former supervisor with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been ordered to federal prison following his conviction of theft of money from the government, .  Comments (Count)


Hot jobs: Heavy bags, long walks, high heat for letter carriers

Postal worker treated for minor injury after package leak

Copy of Postal Service Audit Shows Extent of Mail Surveillance


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