USPS To Involuntarily Reassign 1,048 Motor Vehicle Drivers/Clerks in California

USPS In a letter to APWU Western Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez wrote: "By copy of this letter, we are advising the Districts to proceed to meet with their local union officials and then proceed to issue the 60 day Notices of Proposed Excessing." note: most of the facilities listed below were previously announced last month.

Bay Valley - Article 32 -PVS Oakland -123

Bay Valley - Article 32 -PVS San Jose -38

Bay Valley - Article 32 -PVS San Francisco NDC -18

Bay Valley - F4 - Clerk- Bethel Island, Angwin, Yountville, Pinole, Oakland -44

Los Angeles - F3A -Clerk- 9

Los Angeles- F1 - Clerk- 30







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