USPS To Consolidate Central Forwarding System (CFS) Operations

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The USPS is closing the Sacramento CFS unit. The work will be added to the Santa Ana CFS unit.

This information is from a USPS document in which the USPS plans to consolidate Computerized Forwarding System(CFS) units. The USPS plans to reduce from 44 sites to 14 sites.

The gaining sites are to be staffed by October 8, 2012.

USPS Plans call for the CFS Network to cross Area and District lines.


USPS plans on hiring Postal Support Employees and creating CFS bids (NTFE) prior to activation date.




Proposed gaining and losing sites are listed below.

Gaining CFS Sites:

  • Northeast Area: Kingston, Worchester, and San Juan

  • Capital Metro Area: Merrifield

  • Southern Area: Dallas and Tampa

  • Great Lakes Area: Indianapolis and Royal Oaks

  • Western Area: Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, and Anchorage

  • Pacific Area: Santa Ana and Honolulu


Losing CFS Sites:

  • Northeast Area: Flushing, New York, Syracuse, New Brunswick, Hartford

  • Capital Metro Area: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New Brunswick, Raleigh, Columbia, Chattanooga

  • Southern Area: Forth Worth, Little rock, Memphis, Jackson, Montgomery, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Lake Mary

  • Great Lakes Area: Louisville, South Suburban, Saint Louis, Columbus, and Rochester

  • Western Area: Milwaukee, Wichita, Salt Lake, and Phoenix

  • Pacific Area: Sacramento

Consolidation Timeline

Per the APWU Collective Bargaining Agreement excess activities can only take place on specific dates determined by USPS.

  • CFS Consolidations resulting in an external excessing event will be effective October 6, 2012
  • CFS Consolidations resulting in an internal excessing event must be effective no later than September 22, 2012
  • All completed CFS Consolidation Packages must be submitted to HQ by July 16, 2012.



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