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Northern California Attorneys Specializing in Representation of Postal Workers and Federal Employees


John H. Bix

318 Harrison Street, Ste. 102

Oakland, CA. 94607

John Bix can be contacted at (510) 465-9393 or

Susan D. Kramer

318 Harrison St., Ste.102

Oakland, CA. 94607

Susan Kramer can be contacted at (510) 763-2555 or


Ms. Kramer and Mr. Bix have worked as co-counsel on numerous Postal and Federal Employee cases.  Their knowledge of MSPB and EEOC regulations and law, thorough preparation and over 50 years of combined legal experience produce winning results.



Attorney Profile:

Susan D. Kramer: For over 25 years, Ms. Kramer has dedicated her law practice to championing the rights of postal and federal employees.  She has represented hundreds of employees in disciplinary appeals before the MSPB and discrimination cases before the EEOC.   She has had excellent success, including substantial back pay and compensatory damage awards in disability, discrimination and sexual harassment cases before the EEOC.  Ms. Kramerís experience before the MSPB and EEOC has gained her a solid reputation as a formidable and vigorous advocate on behalf of her clients.

Attorney Profile:

John H. Bix: A cum laude law school graduate and law review member, Mr. Bix is admitted to the Bar in both Minnesota and California.  An experienced criminal defense attorney as well as a federal labor attorney, he has practiced before the MSPB and EEOC for 20 years. He has been particularly successful in challenging removals and other disciplinary actions, as well as representing federal employees who are victims of discrimination or harassment throughout California.


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