USPS OIG recommends Partially Staffing Vehicle Maintenance Facilities With Injured on duty employees

Rehabilitation Assignments for Employees Injured on Duty

The Postal Service has contract work that can potentially be made available as rehabilitation assignments to employees injured on duty. Specifically, we identified a contract that provides auto services, including transporting vehicles in need of repair and maintenance, to 28 vehicle maintenance facilities (VMFs) or repair garages. We found that employees who have been injured on the job and are able to return to work could perform some of this work at 10 of the 28 aforementioned VMFs. There is also the potential for other VMFs to provide similar rehabilitation assignments.

We recommended that management establish and implement a plan (that includes staffing and training) to allocate a portion of the vehicle transport services performed at the 28 VMFs to employees injured on duty. We also recommended assessing the feasibility of providing similar rehabilitation assignments at the remaining 281 VMFs.


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