USPS offers retirement opportunity to APWU employees

Offer includes a financial incentive

USPS is offering a Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) and Special Incentive Offer to employees represented by the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). Eligible APWU employees who want to leave under the VER — as well as APWU employees who have reached their minimum retirement age and service requirements, and those who wish to voluntarily resign — are eligible for this special cash incentive.

Major provisions are as follows:

  • All career employees covered by the USPS-APWU National Agreement are eligible for the incentive offer, with a few exceptions that are detailed in the agreement.
  • The total incentive amount for full-time APWU bargaining unit employees is $15,000. Eligible participating APWU employees will receive an initial incentive payment of $10,000 on May 24, 2013 (less required deductions and withholdings). USPS will pay the remaining $5,000 on or about May 23, 2014 (less required deductions and withholdings).
  • The incentive program is available to eligible full-time employees and non-traditional full-time employees scheduled 40 or more hours who notify USPS on or before Dec. 3, 2012 of their intent to participate in the VER, optional retirement, or who voluntarily resign and separate effective Jan. 31, 2013.
  • Part-time career employees also are eligible for an incentive based on a prorated schedule and will have a separation date of Feb. 28, 2013. These employees have until Jan. 4, 2013 to notify the Postal Service they intend to take advantage of the offer.

All eligible APWU employees will receive an offer letter and additional information from the Postal Service the week of Oct. 10. The letter and information will be mailed to the employee’s home address of record.

Details of the Special Incentive Offer and general VER guidelines will be posted as Frequently Asked Questions on the Workforce Connection website on LiteBlue.

8 thoughts on “USPS offers retirement opportunity to APWU employees

  1. to ralph mancine, go to apwu homepage and search under foq,s concerning incentive. go to page3 question #1. i have the same retirement date as you and it appears we will get the cash

  2. I retired on aug.31 because I was told the union was putting a hold on incentives untill they could get what they wanted. Am I eligible for this?

  3. I retired effective Sept 30, 2012. After reading of this incentive, I will try to see if I can get it for my case.
    The union’s website terminated my EID and so did LiteBlue, so communication will be more difficult. Site has no e-mail addresses in its pages nor any obvious way to communicate with the union. I’ll keep at it.
    Does Postal Reporter have any ideas for me?

    Regards, RM

  4. Well, congrats. Did Guffy save our Truck driving jobs though??? Maybe that was part of the negotiations.

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