USPS Balks At APWU Offer To Retrofit Motor Vehicles

From APWU:

As of this date the Postal Service has not responded to the APWU’s offer to pay for the retrofitting of the trucks. In addition, the P.O. continues with the implementation and has begun to issue “60 day” letters. The APWU has met with the Postal Service several times during the past week at different Districts to discuss the implementation of the conversion. Their story has remained unchanged and they have not been able to provide much in the way of information at these meetings. The P.O. states this is a National level decision they are instructed to implement. Furthermore, they have acknowledged during these meetings they do not have sufficient vacancies to accommodate the excessed employees.

From Omar Gonzalez, Coordinator, APWU Western Region:

USPS HQ issued a letter to APWU HQ in June of their intent to subcontract all of Pacific Area PVS.

The Union launched inquiries and gave counter proposals to the point of a reported Union offer t pay for the retrofitting of the vehicles.

Management apparently balked at the counter proposal. And to add insult to injury decided that the retrofitting of the customer service and cargo vans would be subcontracted to private mechanics.

USPS Balks At APWU Offer To Retrofit Motor Vehicles