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Updated: Thursday | August 21, 2014  

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USPS seeking Reduction in Force (RIF) Administrator

USPS created news position to develop and implement policies and procedures governing the conduct of all reduction-in-force activities  Comments (Count)


USPS to assign duties of National Recycling Program to mail handlers, custodians - According to USPS the National Recycling Program involves backhauling recyclables from Associate Offices (AOs) to its servicing Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC).   Comments (Count)

DOL sues USPS on whistleblower retaliation against 35+ years postal worker

"The Postal Service not only disciplined this long-term employee for reporting unsafe working conditions,  NDC managers referred to the more than

35 yrs BEM Maintenance employee variously as a disgruntled, drug user, dangerous, unstable, and “a terrorist." .  Comments (Count) 


Appeals Court upholds firing of Postal Manager with 44 years of service

The proposed removal was based on charges including a failure to report an accident (dog bite) and multiple failures to perform assigned duties.  Comments (Count)  

USPS to resume consolidations next year for up to 82 facilities

The Postal Service will continue the network rationalization of its mail processing operations next year,  Comments (Count)


Editorial: USPS Gearing Up for Contract Talks

management is signaling probable targets for hard bargaining. On the bargaining table will likely be health benefits, pay, leave, holidays and work flexibility . Comments (Count)  

GAO: USPS conversion from door-to- door to less costly delivery could yield large savings  .Comments (Count)


USPS Fights Federal Agency and Foreign Business in latest Trademark cases USPS files petition to protect its brand and files protest against federal agency’s attempt to register “post office”  Comments (Count)

Editorial: Traps in the Pittman vs. USPS EEO Settlement

by Don Cheney - Buried in the Release are some severe consequences to be aware of  


USPS Records FY 2014 Second Quarter Loss of $1.9 Billion

Some comments in recent news reports suggest that all we need from Congress is help with restructuring our retiree health benefit plan,

 Comments (Count)


30 Members of California House Delegation Urge PMG To Reject USPS-Staples Pilot Program -

 Staples Protest is not just about the jobs of postal workers; it’s saving middle-class jobs  Comments (Count)

OIG: USPS does not track sales or know how many historic properties it owns

 Comments (Count)


USPS lost over $1 billion with prefunding for Jan 2014; operations income $122 million without - . Comments (Count)
Appeals Court Upholds Demotion Of Postal Manager Claiming Whistleblower Retaliation   Comments (Count)

DOL Accuses USPS of Destroying Evidence in Whistleblower Case

 Comments (Count)

Editorial: USPS New Night Rider Policy

Comments (Count)



Dear Colleague Letter Sent to All House Members Seeking Moratorium on Postal Closures - The primary message of an NPMHU-endorsed August 15, 2014 “Dear Colleague” letter by Congressman David Joyce sent to all House members is to Support the Preservation of First-Class Mail Delivery Standards. In response to the United States Postal Service’s plans to close 82 mail processing facilities throughout 37 states in January of 2015  NAPS send Letter to House Members supporting 1-year Moratorium on USPS closures (8/20/14) Comments (Count)
Deputy PMG: USPS reports quarterly losses in the $2 billion range due to pre-funding How bad is the outlook for the Postal Service? Ronald Stroman, deputy postmaster general, doesn’t hesitate.   (8/20/14) Comments (Count)

APWU: Bipartisan Group in House calling for moratorium on USPS cuts and closures - Tell Your Congressman: Sign the Letter! A bipartisan group in the House of Representatives – five Republicans and five Democrats – has drafted a letter to leaders of the House Appropriations Committee calling for a one-year moratorium on Postal Service plans to close mail processing plants and slow down mail delivery.

NALC fights back against plant closures, consolidations

This ill-conceived idea will do nothing but disrupt residential and business customers from receiving timely deliveries -- ultimately leading to more late deliveries and driving away business,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said.   (8/20/14) Comments (Count)

NLRB Orders Postal Service to Give APWU Info on Staples Deal

USPS Guilty of Bad Faith, Unlawful Tactics - Shortly after the program got underway in October 2013, the APWU requested detailed information about the terms of the arrangement as well as correspondence between the USPS and Staples. The Postal Service claimed the union had failed to establish the relevance of the information it sought and said the APWU’s request was “overly broad” and “burdensome.” Management also asserted that much of the information was confidential.   (8/20/14) Comments (Count)  Staples Joins USPS’s Approved Shipper Program

Customers who currently use one of the 82 Staples locations for their mailing and shipping needs can continue to do so, just as they had done during the pilot. The transition into the Approved Shipper Program at these locations will have no effect on the product offerings or the convenience of being able to ship and mail on nights and weekends  (8/20/14) Comments (Count)

California Man Charged with Stealing Batteries from USPS Mail Trucks

Garcia stole vehicle batteries from U.S. Postal Service mail trucks parked at the U.S. Post Office in Selma.   (8/20/14) Comments (Count)

Postal Employees Have Free Speech Rights

I would like to commend the postal employees in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for speaking out on the delay of their customers’ First-Class Mail. Federal Lawmakers call for action on delayed mail claims. Some of it was caused by the collection time of mail being moved up from 5 pm to 1:30 pm to allow for its transportation from Cape Girardeau to St. Louis. I find Vern Davidson’s quotes disturbing, “Postal Inspectors and OIG say, ‘We do not investigate service standard issues.’ (8/19/14) Comments (Count)

Video shows Atlanta mail carrier throwing fragile package onto home’s doorstep

The video shows how one mail carrier delivered one package in Atlanta on Monday, when he might have thought no one would be watching.  (8/20/14)

USPS is moving more packages for its competitors UPS, FedEx

USPS is increasingly moving packages for its competitors, according to newly published numbers that underscore the Postal Service’s unique delivery capabilities. With FedEx And UPS Rate Increases Looming, Shippers Explore Their Options (8/19/14)

Roanoke Postal Workers Plan Picket to make public aware of USPS New Delivery Standards - A an informational picket is planned outside Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s office this week as a way to let the public know about coming proposed changes. Video: Picketers protest against post office consolidation in Roanoke   (8/18/14)
Video: Texas Postal worker throws package across driveway of deputy constable - In a five-second video clip captured from Martin Garret’s home security cameras in Sienna Plantation, you kind of get the feeling the mail carrier caught on camera is not having a very good day. She walks up to the edge of his yard and throws a package on his concrete driveway  (8/18/14)

Video Update: Postal Worker wanted to kill himself in front of supervisor -

The postal employee accused of bringing a gun to work Monday says he didn’t intend to hurt anyone but himself. Video Update: Postal Worker in custody after shot fired at Albuquerque New Mexico mail facility - He allegedly went after a supervisor with the firearm, but investigators said he missed. One employee who contacted News 13 on Monday says he saw it all happen and watched his co-workers wrestle the shooter to the ground when the gun was fired. Postal Inspector says the employee is a mechanic and that the one shot was fired shortly before 6 a.m. as the mechanic and other employees reported for work Monday morning.(8/18/14) Comments (Count)

OIG: Should the Postal Service continue its consolidation plan?

the planned consolidations are likely to rankle some. At least one postal union has already come out strongly against the plan, saying it will degrade service and lead to mail delays. It intends to vigorously fight the closures. On the other hand, industry has generally supported Postal Service efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, as long as service isn’t irreparably harmed.   (8/18/14) Comments (Count)

2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated August 13

With the switch to 24-hour plant operations, most jobs in the gaining facilities will likely be reposted. Parking will be scarce during the tour overlaps. Maintenance people will have a big challenge keeping the machines running continuously and the floors clean. (8/16/14)

Maine Postmaster Relief pleads guilty to stealing over $20,000 worth of mail and money orders - PMR made out money order in the name of a postal clerk, stole customers mail (8/19/14)

New York mail carriers have armed Postal Inspectors as escorts after shootings

Four mail carriers who work in the area have armed escorts from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service accompanying them on their rounds  (8/18/14) Comments (Count)

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August 21, 2014

USPS' Rate Reductions May Pose a Threat to UPS and FedEx's Market Share

My Plan to Replace the Postal Service's Truck Fleet

Texoma Postmasters Affected by Upcoming Postal Program

Former Waynesboro Postal Worker Sentenced for Failure to Deliver


August 20, 2014

Mail Handlers, USPS reach agreement on bidding rights during probationary period

Video: DC Mail carrier says she was assaulted over missing mail, but police tell different story

Postal worker finds young man dead at East St. Louis home

Meet The Latest Uber For Home Delivery: Uber.

Mailman to the rescue

USPS: If postal employees have questions about ice bucket challenge

Mailman mugged in Lexington, KY neighborhood

With FedEx And UPS Rate Increases Looming, Shippers Explore Their Options

Staples Is Closing A Ton Of Stores


August 19, 2014

Postal Inspectors ring twice to return $14 million to victims of Moneygram Scam

Video: South Carolina letter carrier saves baby's life

Van Crashes Into Post Office

Why we should bring back the Postal Banking system

Retired Mail Carrier Walking 300 Miles to Ease Hunger in Minnesota


August 18, 2014

Former CSAC member endorses Former PMG’s criticism of stamp program

Cary Brick, a former congressional staffer who left the committee last year, said in an Aug. 7 statement that he also fears marketing officials are having too much influence on stamp selections.   Comments (Count)


Customers take reduced hours at rural post offices in stride

Video: Third party sites charge outrageous fees for address changes


August 17, 2014

Tennessee mail carrier chosen to appear in new USPS TV commercial

Elections bring millions in direct-mail revenue to USPS


August 16, 2014

Michigan rural mail carrier injured in nearly head-on collision

Video: California TV Station helps woman recover package stuck in mailing loop


August 15, 2014

USPS To Monitor Carriers street delivery thru Geo-Fence Technology (GPS) Starting September 30th- Geo-Fence Technology in Delivery Operations takes effect on September 30th. Carriers’ progress delivering their mail will be continuously monitored by GPS.  Comments (Count)

Mail theft up in San Antonio, Texas

Video: Texas Veteran’s mail delivery woes finally addressed

Residents shocked super mailbox in Calgary left wide open

Postal worker fired after caught dumping mail into Bond Hill dumpster


August 14, 2014

Video: Delaware letter carrier’s school-supply drive receives an A+

In addition to helping children with back-to-school items and a clothing drive in the spring, Hamlin gave away gloves and hats to kids he saw on his route during the winter months. Many of these items he got from his Facebook friends. Daryl Toombs, manager at the Lancaster Avenue post office Hamlin works out of, said these efforts show how the postal service is a community service organization – "either on the clock or off the clock." Mail carriers collect school supplies donated by residents in Charlotte, NC area   Comments (Count)


Video: Federal Lawmakers call for action on delayed mail claims in Cape Girardeau, MO -  I pressed US Postal Service spokeswoman Stacy St. John for a reason as to why USPS does not think there's a problem here in Cape Girardeau. She told me they regret the workers in my story "damaged the integrity of their workforce. Rep. Jason Smith sent a letter to the Inspector General, asking why the worker was first told by the OIG to gather evidence last December. Then he had a different agent tell him last month to stop.  Comments (Count)


50 U.S. Senators Call for 1-Year Moratorium on USPS ‘Cuts and Plant Closures

Half of the U.S. Senate has called for a one-year moratorium on Postal Service plans to close mail processing plants and slow down mail delivery. Comments (Count)


APWU: It's Okay to Post Wanted Poster of PMG on Bulletin Boards

The poster features a picture of Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe and accuses him of “crimes against the public Postal Service.” Displaying the poster is considered “protected union activity” under federal law.  Comments (Count)


Dallas Company claims its secure locking mailboxes can provide safety Postal Vault Corporation and its branded product line Postal Vault secure locking mailboxes, based in Dallas, TX., can help ensure the safety of your mail and your identity Comments (Count)


Nebraska Postal Worker Sentenced to Probation, ordered to repay $3,961 for postal theft

USPS Apologizes for Denying Mail Deliveries to Israel

USPS, NALC Sign MOU on bidding during probationary period

USPS announces selection of Judy de Torok as Manager, Industry Engagement & Outreach

OSHA extends comment period on proposed rule to improve tracking of workplace injury and illnesses

Video: Kentucky Postal employee arrested on mail theft charges


August 13, 2014

Postmaster General sued after letter carrier reports alleged discrimination

A Texas letter carrier is suing over claims she was discriminated against in her position as a letter carrier and her employment was terminated after an injury on the job. She is also claiming retaliation after complaining about hostile work environment. The letter carrier  was off on sick leave for three (3) days and then she was told to report to work where she was made to sit in a room for eight hours a day  Comments (Count)


USPS official can’t deliver answers on move of Horsham, PA post office

When it came to answers about what a new facility would supply residents, council members were perturbed at USPS real estate specialist’s frequent “I don’t have that information.”  Comments (Count)


Portland Postal arrestees’ charges dropped

“I suspect the authorities dropped the charges because their persecution just emboldened us to further spotlight waste, fraud, and abuse at the people’s postal service,” said Rev. John Schwiebert. Schwiebert was one of the “postal protector” arrestees who were charged with “impeding a mail delivery vehicle” and “blocking a loading platform” in two separate protests against the dismantling and privatization of the US Postal Service.   Comments (Count)


Oklahoma Rural Carrier Killed, RCA injured in crash while delivering mail

A Ponca City rural mail carrier died of massive injuries at the scene of a two-vehicle collision Tuesday. A rural mail carrier associate was riding with her to learn the route suffered head and trunk internal injuries.   Comments (Count)


Video: Postmaster General blames Congress for $2 Billion loss

“The problem we face … is we are required by law to prefund retiree health benefits to the tune of about $5.7 billion a year. And we don’t have enough money to make that up right now. And that’s the bulk of the losses,” Donahoe said in a “Squawk Box” interview.  Comments (Count)


Video: The beleaguered check book of the U.S. Postal Service

UPS and FedEx invest in technology to meet soaring demand

Atlanta-area family loses $3,000 worth of wedding invites

Post office employee accused of hiding, throwing away mail


August 12, 2014

USPS Implements ‘Text Tracking’ to notify customers on delivery status of package - USPS Text Tracking is a new mechanism by which customers can be notified of the status of their package. There are currently two ways that customers can request Text Tracking.  Comments (Count)


Oklahoma Postal Worker attacked and stabbed while delivering mail

Officers say postal worker was on her postal route and walked up to the porch to deliver the mail.     Comments (Count)


USPIS: Solving 2013 murder of Maryland letter carrier is still a top priority

USPIS: $100,000 Reward- Solving the 2013 murder of the Maryland letter carrier, Tyson Jerome Barnette is still a top priority, according to a spokesperson for the Postal Inspection Service   Comments (Count)


APWU to Teachers, Parents: Don’t Buy School Supplies at Staples

USPS: New counter displays promote Global Express Guaranteed

USPS: Tennessee letter carrier has 5,000 hours of sick leave

Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder Of Henning, TN Postal Workers


August 11, 2014

Issa on $2 Billion Postal Service Loss: Bailout Not the Answer

“The Postal Service’s latest reported loss illustrates the urgent need for postal reform to prevent a taxpayer funded bailout of the Postal Service,” said Chairman Issa.  (8/12/14) Comments (Count)


USPS Reports 2.0 Percent Revenue Increase, $2.0 Billion Loss in Quarter 3

The U.S. Postal Service ended the June 30, 2014, quarter with a net loss of $2.0 billion, compared to a net loss of $740 million for the same period last year. The Postal Service has recorded a loss in 21 of the last 23 quarters, the excepted quarters being the two in which Congress rescheduled the Retiree Health Benefits prefunding payments. APWU: The Postal Service’s Best-Kept Secret – It’s Making Money from Operations  |  NALC: Congress needs to preserve and strengthen USPS while fixing pre-funding  | Senator Carper Says USPS $2 billion lost shows its locked in ‘downward financial spiral’ | Exigency Pays Off for USPS in Q3   (8/11/14) Comments (Count)


USPS signs lease for 4th customer care center in Wichita, KS

The Customer Care Center employs approximately 250 employees, many of whom worked at the Remote Encoding Center.  Comments (Count)


Idaho Letter Carrier performs CPR on elderly customer

Amazon Opens First of Expected 15 'Sortation' Centers

Local USPS worker retires after three decades of service to city

Video: Postal truck driver in critical condition after driving off highway in Mississippi

Postal worker makes special delivery to children

After 45 Years, Willow Street Postman Earns USPS 2 Million Mile Award

Believe it: Ripley's contest gets weirdest stuff by mail


August 10, 2014

Rocky River Municipal Court in Ohio abandons USPS for more costly FedEx

The Rocky River Municipal Court is changing the way it mails court documents, saying it believes commercial carriers offer more dependable service than the U.S. Postal Service.   Comments (Count)


Consolidation of Florence, SC USPS center moves along despite opposition

To help stem the tide, the USPS is consolidating some of its centers, including plans for the R.N. Beck main post office in Florence.The USPS announced in 2011 that according to a study, it concluded that the Florence office would be a good case for consolidation. Wukela added that privatizing is dangerous because the duties of the mail aren’t motivated by profit margin.“What happens when the mail handler is a clerk working at some local retail establishment?” he said. “Where’s their loyalty? ... Prompt, safe and reliable delivery is that’s important. It’s a government function.”   Comments (Count)


Mail carriers collect school supplies donated by residents in Charlotte, NC area

Thanks to Channel 9’s partnership with the U.S. Postal Service, folks in the Charlotte area left school supplies at their mailboxes and their letter carriers picked them up as they delivered the mail.   Comments (Count)


Letter Carriers at Tropico station in Glendale, CA get change of address


August 9, 2014

Video: USPS suspends Ohio worker caught throwing mail into dumpster

 The fallout continues from in a local postal service scandal that caught a worker tossing mail into a dumpster in Bond Hill.The woman who threw away mail is suspended, USPS said in a statement. FOX19 also learned that she’s been with the postal service for less than 90 days. Video: Cincinnati Postal Worker Caught Tossing Mail Into Dumpster  Comments (Count)


Reminder: Postal Employees can be members of both Pittman, McConnell class action EEOC cases

East St. Louis postal supervisor sentenced to probation for stealing mail

Florida letter carrier who stashed mail in his house after being overwhelmed gets probation


August 8, 2014

USPS Honors Groundbreaking Singer Janis Joplin on Limited-Edition Forever Stamp

Four charged in nationwide ‘Grandparent Scam’

Mailman runs inside burning Commerce Twp. home trying to save pit bulls


August 7, 2014

Video: Mail in Cape Girardeau, MO is being intentionally delayed?

These men believe the first round of processing center closings led to an overwhelming amount of mail at the St. Louis Network Distribution Center, or NDC. So, they believe some of that mail got sent into basically a 24 hour no-man's land. It traveled to Cape Girardeau, then Park Hills, then back to Cape Girardeau, and back to St. Louis."And what that did was, that prevented that mail from being scanned into the postal mail stream," Walker explained. Comments (Count)


Is USPS hurting Its “Brand” by opening Village Post Office inside liquor store

The Postal Service Standards of Conduct, ELM 665.26, says “employees must not have or bring any container of beer, wine, or other intoxicating beverage into any Postal Service facility or premises, whether or not the container has been opened. Employees found to be violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.” Is there an exception for postal contract facilities?"  Comments (Count)


Photo: One of USPS biggest fans is actress Drew Barrymore

Today in 1912 a rural carrier used automobile to carry mail on route

Former Hawaii mailman sentenced to jail for theft

USPS: ELM Revision – Reduction In Grade for City Carriers and Mail Handlers

Postal workers continue fight keep Roanoke mail processing center

Postal Service needs leaders who are qualified

The Fire Sale of the Post Offices

Postal inspectors offer $10K reward for info in recent mailbox burglaries

Long-Lost Love Letters of WWII Finally in the Right Hands

Bill would provide veterans with extra sick leave

Amazon expands same-day delivery to six more cities

IG: USPS facility nearly 4 months late paying contractors

Two postal workers observed following suspicious package scare

Postal Service facility in CA sells for $6.8 million

NAD Asks Postal Service to Disclose Restrictions on Ads

NYPD says harmless package found at post office in Rosebank

Postal Service to issue wage garnishment rule, despite controversy


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