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OIG cites lack of supervision, letter carriers wasting, late mail for  $7.2m extra workhours cost in USPS San Francisco District - OIG observed city carriers loading mail into vehicles on office time rather than clocking to street time, talking excessively, making multiple trips away from their case.   Comments (Count)


USPS to begin testing handheld Surface Visibility (SV) mobile scanners The Postal Service will soon begin testing Surface Visibility (SV) mobile devices, new equipment that will help USPS boost efficiency and better serve business customers.    Comments (Count)


OIG cites late mail, letter carriers wasting time as reasons in $7.4m extra workhours cost for USPS Southern California District - OIG observed city carriers at 21 of the 30 delivery units loading mail into vehicles on office time rather than clocking to street time, talking excessively, making multiple trips away from their case.  Comments (Count)


USPS awards contract for Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles valued at $351 Million - Replacing USPS fleet could reach $10 billion over the next few years. At least 9,000 vehicles purchased   Comments (Count)


Michigan APWU Local 300 President Charged With One Count of Embezzling $6,720

USPS Building Database of Postal Employees Health Information - The Postal Service is seeking to provide a new wellness benefit to its employees and their dependents by offering USPS Health Connect  Comments (Count)


Former Postal Supervisor heads to federal prison for theft -A former supervisor with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been ordered to federal prison following his conviction of theft of money from the government, .  Comments (Count)


Video: Last Man Standing – Politics paralyzes USPS Board of Governors - Several ideas have surfaced to improve the postal service’s bottom line, but the board which oversees its operations is essentially paralyzed. The problem is political. Comments (Count)


EEOC: USPS must provide ‘reasonable accommodation’ to postal employees with diabetes - In 2013, USPS agreed to adhere to provisions by the EEOC regarding reasonable accommodation of diabetic employees. But this EEO case shows not all postal officials got the memo.  Comments (Count)


New FEHB option available to employees this year

You’ll have a new option when choosing your health coverage during this year’s open season: Self Plus One.  Comments (Count)


USPS reverses Craft Determination decision for SPSS operations from Mail Handlers to Clerk Craft

On August 7, 2015, the USPS notified the NPMHU of their decision to reverse the craft determination for operation of the Small Parcel Sorting System (SPSS).   (8/8/15) Comments (Count)


Video: How Amazon Convinced USPS to Work on Sundays - Or How another competitor profits off of USPS The U.S. Postal Service has become an extension of Amazon and is courting other e-commerce giants    Comments (Count)


Postal Inspector Supervisor pleads guilty to stealing Playboys, pills, drug trafficking

A U.S. supervisory postal inspector once named a federal employee of the year pleaded guilty y to stealing mail containing prescription Comments (Count)


Rural Carrier arrested after trespassing, wearing resident’s high-heel boots

Dover police said they arrested a postal worker after a resident saw the trespasser in her home on a surveillance video walking through the house and wearing her woman's high heel boots. Comments (Count)



USPS new Delivery Management System (DMS) tracks location of letter carriers

Should a carrier deviate from his or her designated geographic zone during street delivery, an alert is sent to the supervisor in an email or text message.  Comments (Count)


USPS Issues Primary Craft Determination: Mail Handlers to Perform Duties Associated with SPSS Operation Union received the Postal Service’s determination of craft jurisdiction for employees operating the Small Parcel Sorter System (SPSS)

OIG: USPS $498 million Mobile Delivery Devices (MDD) not performing as expected

MDDs are single devices intended to support multiple requirements — such as Sunday delivery and dynamic routing — report scan data faster, and support future software enhancements. When the Postal Service cannot provide real-time delivery information to its customers, it can lose customers and its brand and reputation can suffer. Comments (Count)


Updated: Monday | October 5, 2015  


Update: FMLA Claim Postal Worker’s 4th Pregnancy was too much for Norwalk Ohio Post Office - TEs, CCAs and PSEs may be separated “for lack of work or for just cause.”  Being over the cap doesn’t qualify as either. (10/5/15) Comments (Count)

FMLA Claim – Postal Worker’s 4th Pregnancy was too much for Norwalk Ohio Post Office - A PostalReporter reader questions the decision in this case. The reader also raises an overlooked question about the appointment of rural letter carriers and city carrier assistants.  (9/28/15)  Comments (Count)

APWU, Federal, Civil Rights Groups Oppose Nominees to USPS Board of Governors - APWU, Federal Unions and Civil Rights groups sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid expressing opposition to USPS Board of Governors nominees —particularly James Miller III and Mickey Barnett.  (10/01/15)  Comments (Count)
Pennsylvania letter carrier sues USPS, NALC alleging termination after probationary period ended - A Cumberland County resident is suing the U.S. Postal Service claiming that she was unjustly fired and that the union that represented her allegedly refused to back her claim. But there is one little problem with her claim.  (10/01/15)  Comments (Count)

Head Of Local Post Office Shows Up At Guy’s Door To Personally Apologize For USPS Package Tracking Mix-Up

the new postmaster in charge of his local office showed up on Wednesday to personally apologize to customer for the mix-up.  (10/01/15)  Video: USPS Says It Tried To Deliver My Package, But Home Security Video Shows Otherwise  Anyone who’s ever been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a promised package might know the sheer frustration of waiting around at home all day, only to check the tracking later and find that a carrier attempted delivery when you finally left the house.  (9/29/15)  Comments (Count)

Video: Pittsburgh postmaster will stand trial on charges of intimidating subordinates Pittsburgh postmaster Daniel P. Davis, accused of intercepting private packages and opening them in a hunt for drugs, will stand trial on charges of intimidating subordinates said to be aware of his allegedly illegal activities, a district judge ruled today.   (9/30/15)  Comments (Count)
APWU, USPS sign agreement to hire retirees as Holiday Clerk Assistants - 50-Mile Limit - Minimizing Excessing Memo Extended - Two Related MOUs and Maintenance-Specific Step 4 Settlement Facilitate Extension   (9/29/15)  Comments (Count)
Chrysler to Supply 9,113 New 2016 Ram ProMaster Vans to USPS - As PostalReporter reported last month FCA US LLC  will supply 9,113 new 2016 Ram ProMaster 2500 cargo vans to USPS. USPS awards contract for Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles valued at $351 Million  (9/29/15)  Comments (Count)
OPM announces 2016 FEHB Premiums for Postal, Federal Employees - The overall average Postal rate increases shown are based on the Postal contribution for Category 1. The Postal employee groups in Category 1 can change from year to year.   (9/29/15)
FMLA Claim – Postal Worker’s 4th Pregnancy was too much for Norwalk Ohio Post Office - A PostalReporter reader questions the decision in this case. The reader also raises an overlooked question about the appointment of rural letter carriers and city carrier assistants.  (9/28/15)  Comments (Count)






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October  5,  2015

What happened in Petworth? A DC Suspension Story

Longtime customers recall their encounters retiring postal worker Bob Delvishio


October  4,  2015

Video: Mail caught on camera tossing package with rare china

Geneva, Illinois mail carriers honor colleague with procession following his route

You can’t send mail right now to Ireland---here’s why


October  3,  2015

Battle brewing over USPS delivery times

USPS is profitable, lean, mean
Release of "Peanuts" stamp coincides with strip's debut in Morning Call
Amazon Has Found a New Way to Deliver Packages
Wyandotte, MI post office to shut down, move to smaller location within city
No discontinuances, but more post office suspensions and relocations

An Post advises customers not to send mail due to strike


October  2,  2015

Photo: This Post Office in the Galapagos Is Actually Just a Barrel

Hackers access data via Experian of 15 million T-Mobile clients

Retirement Savings in TSP Have a Bad Month, Again

Video: Postal Inspectors investigate racist postcards mailed in Milwaukee


October  1,  2015

OPM Notifying Victims of Recent Cyber Intrusion

USPS: Rural Carrier Guarantee Period

USPS: Equipment Maintenance Allowance Schedule for Rural Routes

Video: Mail Truck Overturns, Causes Traffic Mess in Texas

Blountville, TN postmaster arrested

Alaska: Island post office closed for a week as PM is stranded

Wife says carrier 'stressed' about money before theft of 2,129 pieces of mail


September 30, 2015

Charlie Brown Christmas Forever Stamps Kick-Off National Stamp Collecting Month


USPS Ordered to Reduce $7.5M Southern California Edison Fine
Warning: Another Attack On Our Postal Service

St. Petersburg mail carrier (CCA) found with 2,129 pieces of stolen mail

Tax Court Examines Dueling Postmarks

USPS appeals PRC ruling on First Class Mail Parcel

USPS truck involved in crash near Rock Falls

Amazon Flex will pay you $18-$25 per hour to deliver Prime Now packages

The Postal Service is Still Sloppy About Mass Surveillance


September 29, 2015

OIG : No Driver Needed? USPS could benefit from autonomous vehicle technology - Self-driving vehicles could take on the tasks of loading and unloading goods in warehouses.    Comments (Count)


People Stealing Mail from Postal Service Trucks on Chicago South Side, Police Say - According to a community alert released Tuesday, at least one person has been spotted breaking into parked mail trucks and making off with packages and letters.  Comments (Count)

USPS could save nearly $2 billion by purchasing mixed fleet of off-the-shelf vehicles


USPS OIG FY 2016 Shutdown Plan Per OMB

Penton SmartReach Research shows postal B2B marketers moving to digital marketing solutions


Coming Soon: An open database of every U.S. address


September 28, 2015

SEC Charges Former Officers of SMF Energy With Overbilling USPS, others - The Securities and Exchange Commission announced financial fraud charges against four former SMF Energy Corp. officers   Comments (Count)


Photographer Rachel Boillot documents disappearance of the US Postal Service


Editorial: 6-day delivery gets a reprieve

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the corner mailbox

Despite safety, space and structural issues, lease will be renewed for Forest Grove post office

Idaho PMR to plead guilty to theft


September 27, 2015

Video: Grafton MA postal worker accused of stealing hundreds of pieces of mail


September 26, 2015

Video: Postal Worker Jumps In To Halt Pit Bull Attack on UPS Driver - A U.S. postal worker was being hailed as a hero after coming to the rescue of a UPS driver during a pit bull attack Friday.  


Video: 7-year-old girl allegedly pepper sprayed by Oklahoma postal worker - An investigation is underway in Bristow after a 7-year-old was sprayed with pepper spray by a postal worker.

Post office damaged yet again from driver error


September 25, 2015

Former Massachusetts Postal Employee Sentenced for Mail Theft

Two USPS Contract Employees Sentenced For Mail Thefts

Postmaster General Tours Provo Facility

USPS Hiring 900 People Along Front Range for Holiday Season

Jealous Girlfriend Attacked Mail Carrier She Suspected Of Having Affair With Boyfriend


September 24, 2015

OIG cites lack of supervision, letter carriers wasting, late mail for  $7.2m extra workhours cost in USPS San Francisco District - OIG observed city carriers loading mail into vehicles on office time rather than clocking to street time, talking excessively, making multiple trips away from their case.   Comments (Count)


New Hampshire postal supervisor recipient of Carnegie Medal for rescuing man from burning vehicle - The medal is awarded to those who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others. 


PORTLAND POSTAL PROTESTERS MEET WITH POSTMASTER GENERAL - Postmaster General Megan Brennan met briefly with protesters after giving a speech to a conference of Portland mailers yesterday

Shopify announces Shopify Shipping, partnership with USPS

USPS contract driver involved in deadly South Carolina crash

Ironwood dog, mailman form special relationship

Florida Teen hit by USPS tractor-trailer

Idaho store clerk admits stealing mail from postal contract station
Postal Banking: A Lifesaver for America's Poor

Rural carrier charged with going into homes on route to steal pills
Remains of 92-year-old Holocaust survivor get lost in the mail
Postal Workers barred from seeking council seats

Coppinger put his stamp on post office

China's Postal Savings Bank Said to Near $6.5 Billion Stake Sale

Troutman retires after 20 years with postal service


September 23, 2015

Florida Postal Worker killed after fatally shooting sheriff deputy - A rural carrier associate fatally shot a sheriff's deputy outside a lawyer's office Tuesday and then barricaded himself inside a motel, where he exchanged gunfire with other deputies and was killed, authorities said.   Comments (Count)

Is the Staples-Office Depot deal dead? Shares fall hard and fast - Shares for Office Depot and Staples were falling hard and fast after the New York Post reported that the companies’ deal could fall apart.  Comments (Count)

USPS changing master locks on buildings where mail stolen in Los Angeles area - After a rash of apartment and condo building break-ins and mailbox thefts in Los Angeles, the U.S. Postal Service has begun replacing the master locks to those buildings and mailboxes.    Comments (Count)

Video: Residents of Oregon town say mail delivery stopped without warning

Mail goes missing in San Tan Valley community

Transient charged with assaulting female Hispanic postal worker in California


September 22, 2015

Newspaper group welcomes Senator Carper’s postal reform bill - The National Newspaper Association this week took a big step forward in its decade-long efforts to preserve universal mail service as Sen. Tom Carper, D-DE, introduced the Improving Postal Operations, Service & Transparency Act, iPOST. Dan Blair: New postal bill needs bipartisan support to survive  Comments (Count)

Man shouts 'Hail Isis' at post office

Closure of Settlers Bay PO amid USPS investigation triggers outcry

Murals in downtown St. Louis Post Office offer much value


Video: Missouri family wants answers after father’s remains damaged in the mail


September 21, 2015

Lafayette man admits to shooting at U.S. Postal vehicle

Letter: Curious spending by Postal Service


Pennsylvania school district tries to take post office by legal maneuver of  eminent domain


The Goshen News is switching to postal delivery beginning Monday

Opinion: Your Mail, Your Money or Your Life?


September 20, 2015

OIG: USPS South Florida District officials did not fully comply with Disabled Vets Program - These incidents occurred because the [named redacted] District veterans coordinator worked full time as a safety specialist at the [named redacted] Processing and Distribution Center.  Comments (Count)


USPS: Paul Newman Forever Stamp on Sale

Settlers Bay post office abruptly closes

'Mail kid' idolizes his neighborhood mailman (hand-in-hand, matching outfits)

USPS, EPA Partner for Rain Garden

Postal Views Podcast #10 (The We Control The Brand Edition)


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