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Updated: Friday | August 1, 2014  

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DOL sues USPS on whistleblower retaliation against 35+ years postal worker

"The Postal Service not only disciplined this long-term employee for reporting unsafe working conditions,  NDC managers referred to the more than

35 yrs BEM Maintenance employee variously as a disgruntled, drug user, dangerous, unstable, and “a terrorist." .  Comments (Count) 


Appeals Court upholds firing of Postal Manager with 44 years of service

The proposed removal was based on charges including a failure to report an accident (dog bite) and multiple failures to perform assigned duties.  Comments (Count)  

USPS to resume consolidations next year for up to 82 facilities

The Postal Service will continue the network rationalization of its mail processing operations next year,  Comments (Count)


Editorial: USPS Gearing Up for Contract Talks

management is signaling probable targets for hard bargaining. On the bargaining table will likely be health benefits, pay, leave, holidays and work flexibility . Comments (Count)  

GAO: USPS conversion from door-to- door to less costly delivery could yield large savings  .Comments (Count)


USPS Fights Federal Agency and Foreign Business in latest Trademark cases USPS files petition to protect its brand and files protest against federal agency’s attempt to register “post office”  Comments (Count)

Editorial: Traps in the Pittman vs. USPS EEO Settlement

by Don Cheney - Buried in the Release are some severe consequences to be aware of  


USPS Records FY 2014 Second Quarter Loss of $1.9 Billion

Some comments in recent news reports suggest that all we need from Congress is help with restructuring our retiree health benefit plan,

 Comments (Count)


30 Members of California House Delegation Urge PMG To Reject USPS-Staples Pilot Program -

 Staples Protest is not just about the jobs of postal workers; it’s saving middle-class jobs  Comments (Count)

OIG: USPS does not track sales or know how many historic properties it owns

 Comments (Count)


Two Men Charged in Robbery and Shooting of Postal Truck Driver in Georgia -  Comments (Count)
USPS lost over $1 billion with prefunding for Jan 2014; operations income $122 million without - . Comments (Count)

North Dakota Senator Asks GAO to Conduct Study on USPS Service Standards

 Comments (Count)

USPS Jobs among list of occupations with bleak future

Overall employment of Postal Service workers is projected to decline 28 percent from 2012 to 2022. Automated sorting systems, cluster mailboxes, and tight budgets will adversely affect employment.   Comments (Count)

Appeals Court Upholds Demotion Of Postal Manager Claiming Whistleblower Retaliation   Comments (Count)

DOL Accuses USPS of Destroying Evidence in Whistleblower Case

 Comments (Count)

UPS sued for overcharging customers and Fedex sued for shipping untaxed cigarettes - Comments (Count)
Postal worker catches twin baby boys tossed from a burning third-floor apartment in Bronx  Comments (Count)
PRC Approves USPS Request for Exigent Rate Increase; Rejects Permanent Price Increases -  Comments (Count

Editorial: USPS New Night Rider Policy

Comments (Count)



USPS sets date for implementation of Network Rationalization, Phase II

USPS revises the service standards by identifying the implementation date for the service standards associated with the second phase of Network Rationalization. APWU: Senate Can Help Stop Service Cuts & Plant Closures |  USPS Network Rationalization, Phase II webinar Overview scheduled for August 15th - The Postal Service Network Operations team invites you to a Network Rationalization Phase II webinar to provide more information about the transportation and logistical requirements involved with the 2015 Network Rationalization implementation plans  (7/31/14) Comments (Count)

Hewlett-Packard Company Agrees to Pay $32.5 Million for Alleged Overbilling of USPS - Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) has agreed to pay $32.5 million to resolve allegations under the False Claims Act that HP overcharged the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for products between October 2001 and December 2010. USPS awards HP 10-year managed printer services contract worth up to $275 million (8/1/14) Comments (Count)

Photo: A Tiny Treehouse Post Office in the Woods

The Tiny Tilden Post Office has been quietly going about its business in the hills above Berkeley [Calif.] since we installed it back in December. (8/1/14)

Virginia Lawmakers ask PMG to reconsider proposed closure of Roanoke mail facility - Congressman Bob Goodlatte, joined by Congressmen H. Morgan Griffith and Robert Hurt, sent a letter to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe requesting the United States Postal Service to reconsider the proposed closure of the Roanoke Processing and Distribution Center.  The letter also expressed concerns about the effect of this proposed closure on service for rural constituents. If the Roanoke facility closes, Southwest, Western, and Central Virginia will be without a mail processing center. (8/1/14) Comments (Count)

New Retail Experience for USPS by GrandArmy

USPS sought to modernize its image, and more importantly, streamline the retail experience with clear signage, way-finding and packaging. USPS retail locations manage to be some of the first world’s most depressing “retail” experiences. They are drab, there are long lines, the clerks are rarely in a good mood, and there is too much information posted everywhere that makes little sense. Any small change that improves that experience would be a bonus. Inside the Radical Redesign of the Country’s Largest Retailer: USPS  (7/31/14) Comments (Count)

Missouri Postmaster gets prison for conspiring to rob convenience store

On multiple occasions in March 2012, Stubblefield – who was then employed as the postmaster at the U.S. Postal Service office in Eagle Rock – met with confidential informants, who were cooperating with law enforcement, to coordinate a staged robbery or burglary at Uncle Roy’s Convenience Store. Several of those conversations were recorded  (7/31/14) Comments (Count)

Sailor Shares Successful Mail Center Recovery Experience

The U.S. Postal Service’s Atlanta-based Mail Recovery Center processes nearly 100 million pieces of lost mail a year. As service members learn more about the center’s efforts to return belongings to their owners, success stories such as that of one veteran sailor’s experience in retrieving his mail will, perhaps, become more widespread.   (7/31/14) Comments (Count)

Video: USPS Needs Help Finding People Targeting Mail Carriers in Miami

The U.S. Post Office is offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest of people who they say are targeting mail carriers. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is offering a $15,000 reward. They said, Wednesday, there have been three robberies and one attempted robbery of a carrier in Broward and Miami-Dade County this year.  (7/30/14) Comments (Count)

USPS: Letter missing complete address still arrives at granny’s house

Granny Upchurch of Chattanooga, TN, was amazed when she received a letter from her 8-year-old granddaughter — even though the little girl didn’t include Upchurch’s city, state, ZIP Code or return address.  (7/30/14)

BBB says USPS Priority Mail $50 Insurance ads misleading

When the U.S. Postal Service advertises that its Priority Mail service comes with $50 of insurance included, you might assume that it comes with, well, $50 of insurance. But that’s not always the case, and the National Advertising Division (NAD) has asked the Postal Service to make more clear the limitations and exclusions. (7/29/14) Comments (Count)

Mailing Company Employee Admits To Stealing 2,031 Containers worth over $2.8 Million From USPS - The U.S. Postal Service used and stored mail transport equipment, including large aluminum carts known as over-the-road containers. Muir worked for a private mailer company located in Baltimore, driving a box truck.(7/29/14) Comments (Count)
USPS to assign duties of National Recycling Program to mail handlers, custodians - According to USPS the National Recycling Program involves backhauling recyclables from Associate Offices (AOs) to its servicing Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC). Backhaul recycling is transporting recyclables such as mixed paper to P&DCs in properly placarded empty mail transport equipment (MTE).  (7/28/14) Comments (Count)

USPS employees warned of discount FEGLI policies

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) reports it has received complaints from federal agencies that certain private life insurance companies and sales agents have been marketing products that promise discounts on FEGLI premiums. Some have claimed to be OPM approved. (7/29/14) Comments (Count)

Man not charged for threatening to shoot Georgia postal worker

The man told police that the dog “was like his child” that “no jury in Georgia would convict him for shooting someone who was macing his dog.”Video UPDATE: Indiana man claims self-defense for hitting mailman - homeowner claims he was nearly attacked first and acted in self-defense. Man arrested for battering Indiana mail carrier - The mail carrier then sprayed the dog with mace. That allegedly brought out the dog’s owner, 54-year-old Anthony W. Stevens.  (7/28/14) Comments (Count)

Texas Man Arrested for Sending Hundreds of Hoax White Powder Letters

A Rowlett, Texas, man was arrested this morning by special agents with the FBI and inspectors with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service on a criminal complaint charging an offense stemming from hundreds of white powder hoax letters he allegedly mailed from North Texas,   (7/28/14) Comments (Count)

USPS OIG: What should the postal vehicle of the future look like?

The U.S. Postal Service recently put that question to its carriers and vehicle maintenance personnel and is currently reviewing the feedback. It’s an important question because the delivery fleet is aging and the Postal Service needs to quickly replace it.  (7/28/14) Comments (Count)

USPS seeking Reduction in Force (RIF) Administrator

USPS created news position to develop and implement policies and procedures governing the conduct of all reduction-in-force activities that take place within the Postal Service. Maintains and operates system to implement a RIF and identify employee placements.  (7/27/14) Comments (Count)

Oklahoma postal worker collapses on the job from intense heat exhaustion

Friday morning emergency crews were called after a postal worker collapsed on a route he works every day.  (7/27/14) Comments (Count)

Postal News Briefs for July 27, 2014

West Virginia Postmaster Relief (PMR) pleads guilty to theft...Former West Virginia OIC sentenced for theft - Started as OIC in July 2012..started stealing over $15,000 in Nov. 2012 ..Former Tappen, ND PMR to plead guilty in postal theft - claims financial difficulties.. also failed to disclose she was fired from a previous job for theft. Who is in charge of background checks at #USPS these days?  (7/27/14)
Comments (Count)

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August 1, 2014

Retirement Savings Funds Hit a Slump in July

USPS BlueEarth Federal Recycling Program participation to be discussed at meeting

Slap Game Uses Postal Service Labels to spread graffiti

Clifton residents express postal concerns

Livermore Falls has the first village post office in Maine

First Female 'Mailman' in Greeneville Retires

Video: Criminals target cluster mailboxes around Albuquerque

MD Congresswoman Introduces bill to repeal fed employees increased contributions to pensions


July 31, 2014

Suburban Detroit Post Office tells customers mail is not deliverable to Israel

Florida Man allegedly attacks letter carrier, throws furniture at truck over no mail

Postal worker in Watertown accused of eavesdropping.

A fishy scheme: Woman imprisoned for stealing checks from Postal Service

Romanians will be Deported after serving time for Skimming Scheme on Postal APC kiosks

PRC Dismisses Complaint Concerning Changes to Post Office Retail Hours

Chairman Ruth Goldway Dissents (PRC has 3 of 5 members)  (PDF)

Ralph Nader Calls on Postal Service to Keep Berkeley Post Office Open

For local postal worker, honesty the best policy

USC Graduate Class Project on USPS Branding

USPS seeks new site for La Jolla letter carriers

UPS Invests $175 Million in Holiday Season


July 30, 2014

Postal worker faces DUI charges after flipping truck

USPS probe of possible mail theft may affect 1,000 residents in Spokane, WA

Photo: Leave Postal Workers Alone

Buffalo, NY letter carrier who threw out the mail sentenced to time served

Video: Arkansas post office with 33 customers to stay open

Alabama Man Pleads Guilty to Involvement in ID Theft Scheme Using Corrupt Postal Worker

Postal Service Driver Drunk When She Flipped Truck

Ralph Nader visits Berkeley, urges support of historic post office


July 29, 2014

Mechanic helps bust suspected mail thief

Homeowner attacks mailman over not receiving mail, Ocala police say

FedEx hires Barry Bonds lawyers to defend against drug charges

Former Texas House GOP candidate blames USPS for campaign mailer sent in error

USPS Honors Father of Black Aviation with 70 cent stamp

Mail carrier on unpaid leave, accused of stealing mail from customers


July 28, 2014

Alabama NALC Branch Secretary sentenced to prison for stealing union funds

Social Security Board of Trustees: No Change in Projected Year of Trust Fund Reserve Depletion

Door Slamming on Home Mail Delivery?

USPS Says Click N Ship Technical Issues Are Over


July 27, 2014

USPS changes coming to tiny New Hampshire post office -- a part of town fabric

Former Dallas CEO says he has few regrets after losing verdict

USPS removes 39 collection boxes in Rockford IL

Ralph Nader to Speak at Berkeley Post Office


July 26, 2014

Video: Massachusetts boy with brain tumor receives over 100,000 birthday cards

Friday in Foxborough Danny Nickerson got to celebrate his 6th birthday with more than 100,000 people from across the globe. Danny was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last October and when his mom told a local newspaper the young boy likes to open birthday cards the story went viral.  


July 25, 2014

Letter to the Editor: The Life of A Postal Support Employee (PSE)

I’m a Postal Support Employee at name and postal facility withheld upon request. It seems this position is merely an effective way of underpaying and overworking people unbeknownst to the crooked policies of the USPS  (7/25/14) Comments (Count)


Retired Letter Carrier still working hard at 102 years old

Retired Letter Carrier still working hard at 102 years old. He retired from the postal service on Dec. 31, 1979. Loren Wade attributed his longevity to staying active. Wow! Wade has been retired almost 35 yrs. I don't recall reading about any postal worker with that many years of retirement. 


USPS awards HP 10-year managed printer services contract worth up to $275 million - HP has been awarded a contract by the United States Postal Service for Managed Print Services, unmanaged printers and supplies (except paper) .   Comments (Count)


Former Lawmaker Says USPS has no clout on Hill

The member of Congress who wrote the 2006 law that has been widely blamed for the United States Postal Service’s financial crisis is defending that act but warning that lawmakers are unlikely to come quickly to the agency’s rescue.  Comments (Count)


Postal Worker stole mail, owned business selling bootlegged DVDs while on workers comp - A U.S. Postal Service worker from Bellmawr allegedly stole mail and ran an unincorporated business that sold bootlegged DVDs, authorities say.David Lodi, 55, also failed to report earning income from his business while he collected workers compensation for an alleged injury. Comments (Count)


July 24, 2014

Rep. Richmond Introduces Bill to Expand USPS to Include Basic Financial Services - Today, Rep. Richmond (LA-02) introduced a bill that would expand access to basic financial services to millions of Americans and provide a venerable and struggling American institution an opportunity to generate billions of dollars in revenue.  Comments (Count)


Military Mail Changes Will Save $4 Million Annually, Official Says

Changes to military postal operations will save the Defense Department $4 million annually while providing services comparable to those of any U.S. Postal Service office.  Comments (Count)


Maryland Mailman pleads guilty to stealing and destroying over 20,000 pieces of mail

Mail carrier robbed of mailbox keys in North Miami by 2 men

Mail truck and minivan collide spreading mail across a Duluth, MN roadway

USPS: Retirement readiness

Despite outcry, historic Greenport mailbox is taken down

Youngstown mailman believes a bullet struck his truck

City, state, federal officials will fight plan to send Lexington mail to Louisville, Knoxville

Editorial: Make sure residents aren't left holding mailbag


July 23, 2014

Senate Hearing on USPS Board Of Governors Nominees July 30th

James C. Miller III, Stephen Crawford, David Michael Bennett, Victoria Reggie Kennedy to be a Governor, U.S. Postal Service.   Comments (Count)


APWU Delegates Take It to the Streets: ‘The U.S. Mail Is Not for Sale’

Thousands of convention delegates and postal supporters, including leaders of the Chicago Teachers Union, protested the privatization of the USPS at a Staples store in the Chicago Loop on Tuesday. Mail Handlers President Hegarty Addresses Delegates at the APWU 2014 National Convention  | Hundreds of postal workers protest at Chicago Staples over outsourcing | President Mark Dimondstein: It’s Time to Stand Up and Fight Back Comments (Count)


California Postal Inspector Indicted on Mail Theft also facing drug trafficking charge - A once-renowned U.S. postal inspector has been indicted on charges he rifled through damaged mail and stole valuable items over a two-year span, and also for a separate count of marijuana trafficking, according to federal authorities. The Postal inspector was in the process of allegedly stealing mail when being honored as "Federal Employee of the Year"  Comments (Count)


Customers stood up by USPS at POStPlan meeting in Wausau

The results of that survey were to be discussed at a meeting scheduled by the USPS for Thursday, July 17, at Wausau Town Hall. Comments (Count)


VSE’s Wheeler Bros. Awarded $2.9 Million USPS Shelving Kits Contract for use in LLVs

Elwood residents put up fight about postal hours changing

Shock probation granted for former Kentucky postmaster

Smoke forces hundreds to evacuate hotel hosting NALC Convention

USPS: Election and Political Campaign Mail regulations

Hours at numerous post offices in Bradford County to be reduced

An open letter to the U.S. Postal Service

USPS OIG: Package Services: Ready, Set, Grow!



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